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Found 21 results

  1. Guest

    medical handover files

    We are heading to Perth Mid January, and are at present getting everything together what we need but one thing we have come up against is our Doctors are saying that they cannot give us the original files and say that they can give us summary's of our medical notes or photo copies of our medical notes of which there understandably be a charge for. But the thing is does anyone know if a summary will be ok or a photo copy of our notes? The cost of the notes is somewhat more expensive.
  2. This is one of the most famous murder cases of all time. There have been Endless theories, Books, Documentries, Films & Dramas made concerning the Jack the Ripper murders & currently Scotland yard are trying not to publish their "secret files" The case is 123 years old should it be discussed openly now as part of criminal history or aught the files remain secret ? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8514000/Scotland-Yard-fights-to-keep-Jack-the-Ripper-files-secret.html
  3. AA have confirmed that they have filed for bankruptcy, their parent company confirmed this morning. I don't know the in's and out's of the legal ramifications but apparently they will still try and 'maintain' a presence, (whatever that means) and they hope to stay around. Just goes to show, even a company as HUGE as AA are feeling the pinch somewhat. Cheers Tony.
  4. cartertucker

    Hand over files ~ Prior to emigration

    Who did you get 'hand-over files' from? :wideeyed: So far, I have asked for my Sons school records :yes: What about Doctors, dentists etc....& do they charge? :unsure: Thankyou in advance :wubclub:
  5. Is there a way to convert a PDF, regardless of source, into a PowerPoint presentation that just looks like the original PDF?
  6. Guest

    Getting your UK medical files

    Hi there, I just went into my GP's to inform them that we're emigrating and to request copies of our medical files. Apparently this will cost us £50 per family member. Is this normal? I was just wondering...I think I definitely need the whole file for myself as I am currently under the hospital for 2 things. I suppose my husbands file has little in it but we should get a full copy. However, do you think it would be OK to just get a free of charge 'summary sheet' for the children who have just had the usual coughs sniffles etc to save us £100?
  7. redditchcouple

    handover files

    hi, just wondering as regards handover files from doctor,dentist,schools. Did anyone have any trouble obtaining these and what were the timelines like??? redditch couple
  8. Hello to Everybody!! Please, please, give me some help. I have already lodged an online application for a 175 GSM VISA however reaching the limit of 60 files per application!! Now I want to add a letter from my offshore University saying that I studied all the lessons in a Australian Community Language, claiming 5 crucial points. What do you suggest me to do: 1. Should I send it by post? 2. ...Or should I wait for the case officer asking me to do so? Please somebody give me a hand....
  9. Hi, not sure which forum is best to put this but I had to get my child health records updated. (bad, forgetful mother who forgot to take books with her) Anyway, picked them up from GP today who said I could get a copy of our medical records to take with us at a cost of £10 each. Is it worth getting? Son has well managed asthma, daughter 1 has a medical condition but awaiting a covering letter from her paediatrician to take with us and daughter 2 is a healthy wee person! I have a medical condition and have a letter from my consultant to take with me. Husband has well managed asthma too. What would you advise? Spend £50 and get them ordered or just do without? Thanks in advance, Mhags
  10. Guest

    175: time to upload files

    Hi guys, Any help/reply/advise/suggestion/idea/information/? are appreciated HIGHLY. Questions : I am about to apply for 175 independent visa application. Just wondering how may days system would give us to upload all relavent documents.:unsure: Reason I am asking is, Want to apply because I am turning 30 + on 9th october. (will be short of 5 points then All document are ready apart from skill assessment. I applied for my skill assessment at ACS on 21st July. Total time on my hand is 11 weeks and 2 days. Timelines of ACS is roughly around 12 weeks. Many of my friends got in 2 months, many in 3 months. If it would have more than 15 days or so, I would have give up. However, I just need one week more or atleast 3 days to lodge my file before 9th oct. When I applied for TR 485 class- I attached my document after 15 days and still have not attached many of them. Can I play by same way? There must be some other way to save me from 2 days mystery. I wish I would have born 3 days later It take time to acknowledge from DIAC that file is recieved and processing commenced. Now this is what I thought,:eek: I would apply on 9th oct (Friday)- even if I dont receive my skill assessment I might get it next week and then I would upload ASAP. Summary to avoid confusions for dates: Skill Assessment at ACS : 21 st July 2010 TR 485 Application : 24th July 2010 Birthday : 9th october 2010 21 July- 9th October (Days on hand) :11 weeks 2 days Assumed ACS timelines :12 Weeks Short of :3 days Thanks tons for reading :hug:
  11. Guest

    Hand over files??

    Hi I read in the back of the Australia & New Zealand Mag that you have to take over hand over files from schools, doctors, dentists & opticians! When i spoke to the childrens schools primary & secondary the heads told me that when the children secure a school, the school is to email the ones back in the uk & send over any relevant info....is this the case? as not heard it before! Also my doctors receptionist said " oh we dont do that in this country:confused:! so do we just start a fresh? how are they going to know our medical history:wacko: not approached dentist yet & opticians was fine!:biggrin: can anyone please shed any light on this? Thanks Lou xx
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me what i will need for definate to bring with me to Melbourne? i mean, how many copies of each will i need of birth certs, passport page, the letter stating we got our visa? Can anyone tell me so im prepared for the move what i need to bring with me, thanks. Gillian:wubclub:
  13. I have been scanning my certificates/paperwork for the state sponsorship online application on the 'Move to Victoria' site. The problem is it wont let me upload a folder - it want's a single file. The problem I have is there's about 20 certificates and as it stands I can only upload 1. Any ideas???
  14. I have been reading another thread which details what needs to be done before you go. One of the things was that you need to ask your doctor for hand over files. I assumed that your files stayed in the UK and if anyone needs them then they have to send a letter. So what does happen? JOHN
  15. Guest

    School Handover Files

    I asked my sons school for handover files this week. We are hoping to leave for Brisbane as soon as we have a firm job offer - which could be in the next couple of weeks or a couple of months if things take longer. Until we get over there we do not know what school he will be attending. The school are refusing to let us have hand over files to take with us, saying that he could end up 'off the radar' if they did (not quite sure how that differs from us removing him from the school and moving to Oz without handover files..) They are insisting that we wait until we have enrolled him at a school and then give the new school contact details. I am concerned that as my son is currently in year 10 any delay in getting the files to the new school (once we have selected one) will mean that he will not be in the correct set for his subjects whilst the school waits for his handover files, which could of course take a couple of months because of the school holidays in the UK... Has anyone else had problems getting handover files? :frown:
  16. I have 3 children of school age, all going to different schools, infants, juniors & seniors. I have informed each school that the kids will be leaving the schools and requested to have their file so I can pass on to their news schools in Brisbane. My eldest daughter's teacher (senior school) has said that they will not pass on our file but will post it to the relevant school when it is requested by them?? I thought this was normal practise in the UK but is it so when transferring overseas. Anyone have any experience of this situation? xTinksx
  17. Just wondering how do you guys named the scanned documents that should be email to ASPC? is there any specific abbreviation/name that we need to give the the respective document? i've just found out this problem after i've email my scanned docs to ASPC in Generic naming, such as "xxx_passport" for my passport details, "xxx_IELTS" for my IELTS result, "xxx_birth_certificate" for my birth certificate and so on. i did received the confirmation email from ASPC that i've attached my docs and they have received them successfully. should i worry about this?
  18. Guest

    medical hand over files

    why is nothing ever strait foward ????? can anyone help or shread some light on this for me. i have just got off the phone to our doctor to give plenty of notice that we require hand over medical files for ourselfs and the kids, they have told me they cant/wont do this as they are property of the NHS and all they can give me is a breif summery letter, (although they will give me a certificate to show the kids are up to date with their immunisations) WTF ? i have explained why we need them but they are sticking to their guns and have said they are not obligated to give hand over letters...... so what do i do now, i have been told i need these, if only for the private medical insurance. one of my sons has a complex medical condition which will be for life and how will the docs and dieticians in Oz know whats what without the notes, surely if the are notes about us we are intitled to have copy,s ? the doc has said they only have to give copys of written notes not computer notes, which of course , as everything is now computerised we need, so anyone any idea how this will effect us and any idea what we can do to rectify the situation. thanks in advance for any help or info
  19. Guest

    pdf files

    hi hope someone can help me. I am trying to send supporting documents for my sons student visa application but it says the file size is to big so i need to reduce a pdf file from about 987kb to under 500kb as this is the maximum file size .Have spent all morning scanning everything in and i am now getting so frustated as i can't work out how to reduce them. Not great on computer but learning . as i have sent the application i need to send supporting docs as soon as, so probably panicking and hopefully it is eay enough to do. thanks hazel
  20. Guest

    do we need doctors files?

    Hello Wondering if anyone can shed light on whether you need to take your doctors notes from your surgery to australia to register over there. I have just phoned up doctors who have said they can only give me copies of my notes to take with me. this may take 2-3 weeks me and my partner are leaving in a couple of weeks so I am wondering if its worth taking them with me. We both are fit and healthy and have no re:jiggy:al problems I am just thinking about leaving them here. Also is there anyone worth contacting before you leave to inform them your not in the country any more i think i will phone the tax office etc anybody else i should inform? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Vicky....
  21. Guest

    hand over files

    can anyone give us some advice as regards to doctor hand over files? phoned the doc today and they said we would be charged per page, could cost a max of £50! is it really necessary to take with you? thanks guys x