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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm British and live in the UK. My girlfriend is Australian born and bred and lives in Melbourne. We want to start a life together in Oz, initially living together, but the criteria for the de facto visa seems to exclude us. So we're looking at a fiancee/marriage visa. We've been going through the visa info together (online of course!) and although lengthy and involved, we think we can handle it ourselves. I know down the line we'll have to provide paperwork of various sorts and have an interview. I'm 55 and she's in her late 40s. I'm a technical author working in IT/software. Does anyone have any general advice about taking the DIY approach or what might happen in an interview. We're keen to be as prepared as possible, so want to avoid falling down holes we could have avoided had we been better informed. You know what it's like, everything's easier once you've made the mistakes! It's going to cost an arm and a leg to do this and take a lot of time, so we want to avoid wasting either. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all I got offered a job starting in October as a Mechanic in Brisbane. I was offered the job on the condition that I would go out to OZ on my 417 working holiday visa and, assuming everything goes ok, get transfered onto a sponsored visa after my three month trial period. I am leaving my fiancee in the UK until I get sponsored because she used her working holiday visa a few years ago and I couldn't afford to support her financially as she would initially be unable to work on a standard holiday visa so..... What problems, hurdles etc will I encounter when I am transfered onto the sponsored visa and want to get my fiancee over from the UK to be with me? Will us being apart for three or four months cause a problem? How long does the visa swithover take? Any help or info would be much apreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, It's a relief to find this forum! :biggrin: I have called Australian immigration three times and received conflicting information on whether or not I can apply for a fiancee visa (Pros. marriage, form 47SP) while in Australia on a tourist visa. One person said "yes," another said no then spoke with a supervisor and said yes, a third person said "no." Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? My preference would be to remain with my partner (an Aussie citizen), rather than leaving the country. Thank you so much! Lara
  4. Hi, i would appreciate your help greatly. Our story goes like this. My finacee entered Australia on a Last Remaining Relative visa in April. Now we are trying to make a Prospective Marriage Application for me. On his visa it was stated that he can not marry before first entry, code 8515, therefor we didn't do anything before he left. After he arrived there he proposed to me via skype and we are officially now engaged. My question is, will there be any problems because of his type of visa? We can prove that at the time he had applied for his visa we were not dating. But he got his visa last October and had to stay here for 6 months, during what we decided to be together. Thank you in advance.
  5. I am needing help with writing my letter for my fiancee visa to Australia, my fiancee writing his letter for me and others to write letters vouching for our relationship. Does anyone have letters that they are willing to share so that I might get an idea where to start? We are really at a loss of what to write. Any letters for us to read or links to examples would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Tami and Ty
  6. Guest

    Student or Fiancée?

    Hey everyone, I've been having a few problems visa wise. My partner lives in Sydney at the moment and I'd wanted to go over to live with him. I'd been planning on studying over there at some point as I do want to live there permanently so I want a good job so I can contribute equally.. I know I'd be bored as hell if I don't get a decent job over there too, it'd drive me crazy not to be doing something worthwhile. So anyway, we'd been looking at me going over to study on a student visa and then either getting married or trying for a partner visa. We haven't lived together at all yet, though we have met in person and we are a legitimate couple, just to make this clear. That was one of the things that was a plus about the student visa, that we'd be able to live together for a while first and make sure it all works as well as we expect it all to. While I was researching I couldn't find anything about whether I'd actually be able to marry him or stay as his partner, one or two pages even implied that I wouldn't be able to apply for any visas past the student one except another student visa or skilled migrant visa (which I won't have enough points for). Anyway, I thought we had a little while to go through all this, decide what we were doing but my partner has been offered a premotion and will be relocating to Newcastle. This has kind of thrown everything (though I guess I'm lucky we were indecisive or I'd have applied for the wrong place if I had gone as a student :err:) and I don't want him living over there alone (he lives with a few friends at the moment but will obviously be relocating alone). I guess I just want to see if anyone else has studied there for a year+ and been able to stay as a partner/spouse of someone or if we'll need to do it as a fiancée from the very beginning. Any information you guys have would be fantastic, I want to be able to sort this out as soon as possible. Thanks so much for any help you can give, we would appreciate it immensely.
  7. Hi All, I am just looking for some advice really. Im sorry this is long but i need to get a few things of my chest!!!! I have met the man of my dreams and are hoping to get married next year. I live in England and he lives in Australia. To cut a long story short, I went travelling in Australia and ended up meeting him, and then living with him. My parents came over to meet him and the children and since having to return to england as my gap visa ran out i then decided to go back this year to see him, this is when he proposed. We will get married here in england and the plan is to live out there with him. Now he has previously been married and has 2 children to his ex wife. None of this is a bother to me because at the end of the day thats his past. I get on great with his children aged 5 and 8, and im happy to become part of their family, knowing and accepting his children are always his 1st priority. Now his ex wife has started causing problems.... saying that i am only with him to be able to get residency in australia (which we both know that is not true) she is upset because after having 2 children he told her that he did not want any more and got the snip. Yet we are looking into having children together. she has also told him that the children will not be allowed to come over to england for the wedding, which i would be devastated if that ends up being the case and so would my partner. Without sounding bitchy she has no interest in her children only when it suits her. she does not work and sits on her computer all day, and just claims her benefits. (no insults intended to others that are jobless and claiming benefits) she moans she does not get enough child maintenance money from him yet legally he is paying more than what he should anyway, as he is like that. but we know full well the kids hardly see the money. when the children are with my partner and me we give them the attention they should have and the loving and care. And this is one thing that my OH loves about me. I do not act as their mother and i have told them that i am just a really good friend and daddys girlfriend. They understand their dad will be marrying me and they are very happy and excited. (but at the end of the day i know they are only children and do not understand everything) I am very careful with my words that i use when explaining issues to the children if they ask me questions. and i am always considerate that they do have a mum and not to say things about her to the children. Ive never been that way inclined and its not my nature to cause any problems. i do adore the children and do treat them as if they were mine knowing full well the limits and the fact they arent. On the other hand i do understand their mothers worries for them, as any mother would. but im not there to try and take her place, or try and upset her. she saw some picture of me and my partner and the kids and apparently she cried seeing that her children were so happy! I am trying to do whats best and in the correct manor but she still has to pick holes in me. I know this may always be the way things are and my partner tell me not to let it bother me, but sometimes it really does. I know you cant have everything perfect but sometimes there is no need for the dramas she causes! This situation can work if she tries as much as we do. I would be greatful if anybody can share their stories or advice, if you in the same situation as me or if you are the mother of your ex partners children. I always try and see it from both sides. Thank you and sorry for the long rant! xxx
  8. Hi all, I have a dilemma - I have had my visa issued (permanent residency), but, due to all the time it has taken to be issued, I have now met someone and we are planning on getting married next year..... I have not yet emigrated. My visa expires in Dec 2013 (if I haven't already emigrated by then), so I have 3 years more or less. The question is am I able to 'tag' my fiancee onto my visa, or will she have to apply for a visa in her own right (not sure that she'd get one due to her age), or is it a case of I have to give up on my dream, which has now become our dream.... or is there another way round this problem? I am now 44, she is 48. Advice would be very welcome! Sean
  9. Hi all, This may seem a stupid question to some but, as I wil be applying for skilled migrant visa, how does my fiancee and little girl get over there?? Are they automaticly put onto my visa or do they have to apply a different way? And does having a fiancee rather than a wife make things more difficult? I know that you have to pprove that you are in a long term relationship whoever if you are not married how can you prove anything? From what I have read from other posts even marriage doesn't seem to prove that you are committed. Any help as always would be great wade&lara
  10. Guest

    missing fiancee

    hi guys ,just been reading "sad pom in perth" . my other half has been away from us for nearly 12 months now and we (our daughters and myself) are missing him terribly, cant wait to join him and be a family again. i hope i dont suffer homesickness like other people have,(no doubt that we will) i feel like i am stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, i am constantly upset on the phone to him. on the other side i feel bad on my parents and family as i keep on about leaving the country. just waiting for the house sale going through at the moment ,but this is taking for ever. sorry for whining guys but you people with partners working and waiting for you in Oz seem to be the only ones who understand . bye for now people and thanks..