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Found 24 results

  1. I have made the application from Australia to bring my girlfriend from Thailand. The visa was logged on 17 / Nov / 2017. On November 23 the biometrics were done and on December 10 the medical exams. Likewise on January 8 police records were logged. Today we are waiting for an officer to locate the file. Of course in the previous application, all the possible information and required formats have been delivered. Based on your experience how long do you think you will have a visa response? and I know Thailand is a country that Australia has a lot of control over visa information, will it influence the timing of the process?
  2. Hi all, I wonder if you guys can help?? I am a 29 yr old English lady and my fiance is Aussie. We have been together for 7 years and lived together for 5 years and have two cats I am due to qualify as a registered Mental Health nurse in Feb 2013 so want to start getting a checklist together ready to move to Aus as soon as i qualify. I dont think I would qualify for the sponsored visa as will have no work experience as a registered nurse as want to go asap. I think the de- facto visa is the one for us...although we dont want to get married for a few years yet! Has anyone any experience as a newly qualified nurse and obtaining a job?? How long roughly would it take to apply and be granted a de-facto visa as will probs need to start after xmas.How and where do you have your medicals and is the police checks the same as a CRB?? Any information or experience will be fantastic. My fiances visa runs out in April 2013 so we have 2 months after i qualify as extra time! Thanks so much Gem xx
  3. Hi, PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA LODGED/ WHAT MAY THE TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS BE?) Madly in love with my aus fiance - we met in Scotland (my land)in March 11 and fell pregnant within that month. We lived together for 3 months until we made the decision to move back to Oz to live and raise a family. My fiance had taken a year career break over here and has now moved back to her excellent job in the Australian Government - i plan to join her in a month. It is now September and we have not yet lodged the prospective marriage visa. But when we do in a week, I am hoping we can get a CO asap and advise them of my intention on heading over early for the arrival of our baby. Q1. Does anyone know if you still need to meet the tourist visa criterion i.e $3000 for 3 months and $6000 for 6 months etc or as she has a job with maternity pay, they may waiver the criterion a little due to her income supporting me? I am a chef but there is no work in scotland so we have found the last 4 months hard trying to save for PMV and flights along with bills being executed over here. Thank you for reading my post. Q2? Can you call up and get a CO immediately for a PMV?
  4. Hope someone can help.I have been in aus now for 6 months,first on a 3 mounth holiday visa,which i renewed online for further 3 months.While i was here i got married to my fiance,and now have responsibilitys with my inherited kids,and we have a baby on the way to.The thing is i went to apply for partner visa 47SP under the impression it would cost 1220 dollars,but infact it costs 2960,didnt help that the website told me different??? And the fact that there was notices up in adelaide immigration offices telling me that applications for this needed to be sent to WA.Nothing on website saying this either??? Thing is we havant got the money for the full fee.My visiter visa run out today,so i went to office to extend my stay only to be told you wont be able to due to me saying on the form that i intended to apply for the 47SP while on visitor visa.So i am now on bridging visa for 5 days,which can be extended a further 5 working days.I have three options as i no? 1: Pay the full fee in ten days with partner application,which is not gonna happen. 2: Fly to new zealand and apply from overseas,which will cost me a smaller fee of 1990,which might happen,but this has to be done in 28 days from today. 3: fly overseas and apply for eta visa,so i can come back in country to stay with wife and family,and then save the money to put in for 47SP.Has anyone had same problems? or can point me in right or any kind of direcrtion with this,as its doing my head right in......:sad:
  5. Guest

    Fiance visa

    Hi I have a bit of a dilemma, my partner had to go back to the UK and want to get him back to Oz!! We have only been together for 6 months, and we arent married so a defacto/married visa is out. I have seen the Fiance visa, wondered if anyone else came in on this visa?? What was involved? was there a lot of evidence required/interviews etc?? Im very nervous about the process as I know the partner visa's are very difficult to get. Also wondering how quick processing times are? If we didnt end up getting married is it possible to switch to another visa before the marriage one runs out?? Not sure what else to do...as a last resort I will go back to the UK but I am tied to visa's myself until mid 2012, I may lose my residency if I return there. I wouldnt normally do this but I dont usually feel like this and sometimes you just know!!!! May try a work visa or something but really not sure on options there as his skill isnt on the skills list so it will be difficult!!! Natalie
  6. ritu

    How to bring my fiance?

    Hi Mates, I am Ritu,I got PR,and now i settled in Victoria,I am going to marry a girl,on June 2011..I want to bring my fiance to Victoria. What is the best visa to bring my girl to Australia? Is visiting visa and then apply PR in Onshore, Otherwise..which way is best.. I am expecting all forum members views... Thanks in advance Balaji Srinivasan
  7. We fount out today that my fiance has been refused entry clearance to marry in the UK. It is a disaster. We have booked our wedding, people are flying from all over the world and I have my dress. We didn't know we needed any sort of visa for him to enter the UK to get married until the priest only told us in September we need to register our intention to marry at the local registry office and it was only after that the entry visa saga unfolded. He completed his biometrics in Brisbane and sent the form to the UK embassy in Canberra, only to have it returned because the fool at the Brisbane office hadn't signed off his paperwork properly. Back to Brisbane to get it signed off properly and sent again to Canberra for processing. Waiting with bated breath for the last week, until we received notice today that it was refused because we didn't submit enough supporting evidence with the application to proove that he is only planning to enter the UK to marry me and then leave again. We are all planning to go and live together in Australia once we are married. Has anyone else had anything like this? I went to an immigration lawyer today who suggested that the UK border agency are refusing lots of visas at the moment and that we may be as unsuccessful even if we reapply with all the correct evidence. How are we meant to be together??? We have a 7 year old daughter together and after a few years apart, we are desperate to all be together again. Can anyone give us a silver lining???? Desperately unhappy in London
  8. No doubt this is the question on everybodys lips... Im not exactly sure the expected wait time at the moment but last i checked it was 3-6months, and I have read a lot of peoples taking about 4 months. Is there any miracle stories where people were granted there front loaded applications quickly? My partner, a british citizen (currently in the UK who i havent seen for over 3mths) is sending application in a week to London has all the medicals and police checks ready. One other question, i am Australian and lived in the UK for probably a total over 12 months but was coming back and forth so it was more like a few long holidays. Would i still need a UK police check for the application?:policeman: I have put in my Australian one.
  9. Guest

    HELP ME marriage visa

    Ok so I my boyfriend is comming from england in 2months for a 3month holiday to australia. I lived in the uk for 3months, got back 1month ago coz i hated it but we want to be together and get married and live here in australia. I dont know which visa to apply for. He asked me to marry him but not offically coz there was no ring..but i guess techiniqually we are engaged. There is a fiance/spouse visa that but i dont know if we should apply for that or just get married while he is here and apply for a married one. but i dont know what one that is. coz the one i read said we can be married but he has to be outside of australia when the visa is approved. that cant be right?? we get married and then he goes back to uk??? also it said something about all applicants who want permanant residency need to pass a health check as well as their immediate family even if they are not migrating to australia. so his mum and dad and siblings all need to pass a health check too? what if he doesnt talk to them anymore or they wont do it coz they are just awful people (long story). also i heard the health check can take like 4months but his visa is only a 3month holiday and if we apply for the fiance one in australia he has to be in australia when it is approved. but what if it takes longer to approve than his 3month visa, then we are screwed! Im so stressed out about all of this. Its so hard and i cant find the answers i need. Someone please help me. What are my options if we get married while he is in australia, what do we apply for???
  10. Hi all I currently hold a Prospective Marriage (Fiance) Visa and have entered Australia and will get married in two and a half weeks. That means firing in an application to get a Spouse visa. My question is whether the DIAC would have all the information available to them that went with my Prospective Marriage visa or whether I need to create a whole new package of evidence/statements. My fiancee and I have bought a house together (in Victoria) and have a joint bank account - and, of course, will have got married and been off on honeymoon together. Will this be enough additional evidence or will I need to get heaps of documentation and sworn statements from people? Thanks in advance for any advice. PP
  11. Hi - does anyone know whether any Australian lenders will do 90% mortgages for couples when the wage earner is on a Section 300 Prospective Marriage visa?
  12. Hello People in PIO, I am planning to apply for 886 visa within two weeks and interested to add my GF in my application who currently lives in UK as a post-study visa valid until 2012. Can I be able to add her in my Family Sponsored PR (886) visa as because we are not married yet but will once she will arrive here? As well I am also not sure, whether I should add her now or later? What are the advantages of adding her when I am applying for 886 visa or later (for example after 2 to 3 months when she will get her IELTS result, which she hasn't done yet)? And when she is likely to come in Australia? Is it only after when I will be granted my "PR" or before that? Please need advice.
  13. Guest

    Fiance Visa.. need help

    Hi! My boyfriend is a Filipino who just became an Australian Citizen. He moved to Australia with his family 3 years ago. We started our relationship more than 2 years ago while he's in Australia. When he came here for my graduation last year, he also proposed to me. The problem now is, we are planning to get the fiance visa but is it possible that we marry in Singapore? rather than Australia? is that okay? :swoon: Thank you so much!:smile:
  14. can a prospective marriage visa - 300 - be applied for onshore or do i have to go back to the UK? I am nearing the end of my ETA and don't know how long it takes to process over there....we don't want to spend that long apart! i have heard up to 9 months - is this true? is there any way of applying onshore or from NZ and rushing it through? if possible onshore will i get a bridging visa in the meantime? many thanks claire
  15. Hi this is my first post. I'm so glad I found this forum! About to apply for a prospective marriage visa. I was just wondering about the statutory declarations that I and my partner have to write. It just says on the form that we need to write about how we met and about our relationship etc but do they need to be signed by anyone else or is it just as simple as writing about us? Also the statutory declarations that we need to get from at least two australian citizens. Is there some kind of official wording that we need to put in the declaration or can they just write what they want? I read that there were official stat declaration forms but I cant find them online. I know these probably seem silly qns but I don't want to get something basic wrong and then get rejected because of it! Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Guest

    bridging visa re: fiance visa?

    Hi all, Can any one give me some info on what i think is termed a bridging visa when applying for a prospective marriage visa. I have heard of cases where some ones fiance can stay with them (in Australia) whilst their application is processed and was wondering what the ins and outs of it were. Grateful for any info. Thanks.
  17. Guest

    fiance visa

    Hi folks, hope some one can give some info or ideas? I am an Aussie citizen and am attempting to bring my girlfriend from the UK so we can get married, i have heard all sorts of worrying tales concerning "evidence" to be given by family and friends towards this visa. The problem is i do not have any family here and although she does they ,well "disapprove" of me and are unlikely to help us and we do not have any "shared" friends here at the moment. We are going to buy a house together and obviously do what married people do but i am just concerned about this , can anyone help? Thanks, bbdog.
  18. Well i think the title says it all really.... LOL All i want to know is it possilbe to apply for a fiance visa, whilst on a works visa within Australia? Thanks
  19. Guest

    Fiance visa

    Hello, I'm new here. New to the joys of the visa application process. :wacko: In response to amazingnewlifeahead's post seeking other fiance visa applicants I thought I'd start a thread to share info about this apparently minority visa classification. This is the fiance visa right? Sorry, my head has been cooked by 3 months of visa info collating. I think I'm in the same boat as you. We're going to send it all at once next week at some point, so I've done the meds and got the police check and just finishing all the forms so it should be a complete pack. How did you get on with the stat decs? Did you use the 888 form? Did you get them certified? This was a majot grey area for us as we had been advised to just get letters from friends and family. Are you using an agent? We are but I'm not too sure why now. They don't seem to actually be doing anything except passing it all on for us. All questions seem to have been met with just a verbatim answer and not really an explanation of why. But hey ho. Anyone else out there using this visa???
  20. Hi, I have just recieved my RRV155 visa... How/what are the options for my fiance (girlfriend) and our 5 month old child? Thanks John
  21. Guest

    Fiance Visa - Stat Decs

    Just a little confused with whats needed for prospective marriage visa... do we need stat decs from 2 Australian citizens verifying our relationship or is that only for the Spouse Visa?? Thanks :smile:
  22. Hi my boyfriend is UK citizen and I am Australian citizen - we're exploring different visa options to get him to Sydney, including the Prospective Marriage visa. I have a few questions regarding showing evidence that we have an ongoing genuine relationship. We never lived together and are doing the long-distance relationship thing at the moment. 1) My legal name in my Australian passport and other official documents is the romanised version of my Chinese name - something something CHAN. But in our correspondences like emails/online chats and so on, my boyfriend addresses me by my English name eg. Mary or Jane etc. - this name is not used in any of my legal documents, only on my business card! Would this cause any problems with the authorities? 2) I understand that phone bills highlighting the calls we made to each other are used as supporting evidence of our relationship. However both my boyfriend and I are very Internet-savvy. We utilise online text chatting and voice over IP ie. Internet phone to talk which means the voice calls are not recorded on a bill because it's made over the Internet broadband connection! We do however archive our online text chat conversation histories. Would the authorities accept printouts of the archived text chat histories as evidence? 3) My boyfriend is originally from the UK but in the last couple of years have been based in Amsterdam, Netherlands for work. For that reason where we do make phone calls to each other over the landline, the calls are to his Netherlands home phone or mobile and would be reflected in my phone bill. Would this be a problem for the authorities because he is supposed to be applying the visa as a UK citizen but he is not physically in England and any calls reflected in our phone bills are between Netherlands and Australia, as opposed to England and Australia. Does he have to show proof that he resided in Netherlands or has a work permit in the Netherlands? Under the Dutch law, being an EU citizen he does not need to register for residence there even though he is working there so he has no residency records in the country. 4) If he lodges the application for prospective marriage visa offshore, can he then visit Australia on tourist ETA while waiting for the prospective visa to be granted? 5) We write emails to each other but sometimes we use different email addresses - office email, yahoo, gmail etc. Would the authorities raise questions when examining printouts of our emails because of different email addresses cited? We have different email accounts which we use interchangeably. 6) In our online chat histories and email exchanges we sometimes "fight" and argue like most couples do! Sometimes we use harsh words or talk about things not working out in the heat of things. Of course after that we always cool down and make up like most couples would anyway! If such emails are shown to the Immigration dept will they question the stability of the relationship and cast doubts? Will these work against us? 7) I understand we have to provide a statement outlining the history and development of our relationship. We met in England - we fell in love and became a couple all within a week! It sounds a bit unbelievable but love at first sight does happen so once again if this is written in our statement will this have enough credibility for the authorities since it's such a short period of time from meeting to becoming boyfriend/girlfriend? Sorry for the lengthy post but any advice on the above would be most appreciated! Thanks.
  23. Hi I joined this site yesterday - so glad I found it and found so many people going thru this same drawn out stressful experience as me! It's nice to be able to speak to people who know what a pain this is! My Fiance and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and are planning on moving there in Sept to Adelaide (his home town). We are applying thru the fiance Visa - we are doing it ourselves and sending it via the London branch. Is anyone else applying for the same visa/ going thru London Embassy? We are planning on sending the Visa in June as it will fall into our time scale if getting married within the 9months of visa being granted (apperently visa take 4 - 12 weeks to decide???). Glad I found this site. Jenn
  24. Guest

    Fiance Visa's

    Hi! Firstly I just wanna say good luck to everyone using this site -especially when I look out the window of my dullard open plan office in the middle of Leeds on July 25th and it's grey and overcast! What's that all about?! Anyway, I travelled Oz for a year on a working holiday visa and ended up falling for a sheep shearer in a little town where I worked as a barmaid. I got back in December 04 and we've kept in touch with phonecalls but we're both Pay As You Go so there's no record we've ever called each other. I've been looking at various web sites and reading up on Fiance Visa's as we are planning on getting engaged when I return to Oz at the end of Sept for a 3 week holiday but everything I read says you have to have joint bank accounts, have lived together for 12 months, and have boxes and boxes of letters and stuff to PROVE that you're in love...is there any hope for us...? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Is there anything I can start doing now to help me in the future -besides us both getting contract phones?! Do you think we should open a joint bank account when i go back for this holiday? Help please?!