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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Has anyone felt like this

    We have been in Aus just over 6 years moved over for better life and to give the kids better life. I have got a good job on fantastic money but i hate (can not think of another word to describe how i feel) being here and have done for the last 5 1/2 years, problem is my wife and kids love it here and are settled, its just me. My wife knows how i feel buts says i will get over it. I feel empty inside cannot be bothered to do anything and feel like leaving and going back to the UK with or without the family and the urge to do this is getting stronger all the time
  2. ...shamefully, in the afternoon, after a 'night shift' watching Spurs. I was brought up in one village - Blackfield - but then 'emigrated' to another - Marchwood - when I went back to England. It's only seven miles but in some ways it's as far away as Sydney. Come to think of it, it was EXACTLY like emigrating! I went through the phases of wanting to be in Blackfield, not Marchwood, then gradually realizing there was very little left in Blackfield, before finally 'growing' into Marchwood. It's a weird feeling going back to a place where you grew up with all its childhood memories & rituals of school, games, football, bike rides, Cubs & Scouts, paper rounds, Easter eggs, picking bluebells, lopping the tops of new-grown bracken, summer hols, blackberries, conkers, Bonfire Night, Xmas. There's no going back now, not with Mum and Dad gone and so many others. I got a shock this year when I heard that a guy I went to school with had died. In the pub last night, standing next to 'Steve', this Pommie 'girl' asked me if he was my son? I shaved my beard off and had been making jokes about being ten years younger and the bouncer asking me for ID too. Sad isn't it, even maudlin!
  3. The evening started agreeably enough, walking from Surry Hills via Redfern, Waterloo, Alexandria, Erskineville to Newtown which I'd never done before. I bought a loaf of brown bread for $1.80 at an Asian bakery near the IGA in Regent St (or is Botany Rd?) & treated myself to a slice of banana bread. I was feeling noble for avoiding any of the pubs I passed but by the time I reached The Bank at Newtown Station I was parched and I popped in for two schooies of Coopers Green. The Bank is an uber-cool place and although I was dressed OK (I hope) the white plastic bag with my bread in was definitely not cool. Then I knocked my second schooner glass off the bar. Was it my imagination or did the sound of the smash still the pub? Then I started babbling to the bloke next to me - Pommie too - 'how did that happen?' 'did you see it?' (you were DRUNK you old fool, now stop bothering me!?) More humilation followed in the station when I had to ask these young people if I was on the right train to the City. 'Are you sure? I thought it said 'Lidcombe' on the front? (City via Lidcombe!) Then I started babbling to them on the train. Then I got off at Redfern thinking it was Central and had to jump back on and renew my babbling. Just another drunken old fool with his belongings in a plastic bag.
  4. Hi guys firstly thank you all for all the info and support I have found on this site, its invaluable. I would never have thought about moving to oz until I went to visit my brother in nov - then I fell in love! (With australia) I am separated and have two girls so my initial thoughts were no, what abt their dad however, he was very supportive and thinks it is a fantastic op for all of us. Then I found out that if I am going to do something I needed to do it before I was 45 (i am in nov) so here we are... decision made, visa docs and all forms in post today omg! (457 visa, my co sponsoring me to set up a branch in oz) Like you all, one day I want to go now today and the next I am terrified but I have been married for 20 years and now ~I want to live - have an adverture and who knows!
  5. had a couple of evenings with the hoodie on and most nights are needing an extra blanket now.
  6. Guest

    felt the need to vent sorry!!

    Hi Sorry to moan but why do some people in life (my sister) have to make you feel like crap about everything she call this morning to tell me she had 2 viewings on her house and they all really loved it and one of the couples want it, she is moving to a big big house as her husband has inherited a lot of money, we have had 2 viewings but not much else and have dropped the asking price £10k she knows we are finding it difficult at the moment but still feels the need to boast and then starts telling me how to sell my house and have asked the ea this and have i done that this is the first house she has ever had to sell as she has always landed on her feet and found a man with money and house etc... this however is my 3rd house and i know what to bloody well do, then she says ive got more bad news for me she was going to sell me her old car for £1000 to help me out so i can get rid of mine and not have to pay monthly payments on it, her husband has now told her it is worth £2500 so i cant afford to pay that and im sure she took great pleasure in telling me aswell, then she tells me to have the dog put down because she says he costs to much money!i said he is on two lots of tablets and may have to have an xray on his lungs next week yes he is old (13) and i know i cant take him with me to oz and will probably have to have him put down but he is still my baby and i will be a mess when that time comes. god i cant wait to get away from the people who drag me down and ruin my weekend, sorry to go on i know some of you have much more to worry about but i felt the need to vent and my oh is still at work ill bash his ears later!!
  7. Guest

    Never felt like this before

    Hi All I've just read from another forum - I won't quote the site's name, but certain people are posting messages with the belief that using an agent whilst applying for visa can create longer waiting times. Please someone give us reassurance with their experiences. We feel like we're going through one of the worst waiting periods of our lives. Waking up every morning 5am :roll: to check our emails. We sent off our requested medicals by courier right at the beggining of December (136 applied for early June 05 - job on MODL), is anybody else at a similar stage to us. Are we a bit premature hoping for a decision before Chrimbo. Just wanna live the dream. :?: :?: