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Found 30 results

  1. Hi there I am hoping that as there are lots of people on here all with different experiences together you can help answer some of my questions. Next week when ive finished my week of night shifts I am going to really get the ball rolling and in order to do so i was hoping if i posted my questions now that leaves some time for you all to answer before i start doing it all, so basically if anyone can help on the following: 1.Nursing registration - can the copies be certified by a JP and can you take your own copies and just get them stamped, I thought they had to photocopy them as well. 2. Satement of service from employer - I am getting this from HR and they have given me a letter to fill in to request it but is only for my current job, do you need a statement for each job you have done? 3. I am hoping to go on 457 and bring the OH along on it, who decides whether he can come on it? is it the empoyer sonsoring me or DIAC? On a 457 am i right in thinking you dont need a skills assessment doing by ANMC 4. On a 457 do you still need to get the NMC to send veification to the WA nursing board, i thought you did but then a post i read on here earlier got me questionning it? I will have a lot more questions but thats all i can think of for now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello! I am a registered nurse with 6 months work experience and would like to apply for a 175 visa as soon as I have the required 12 months work experience! I Sat my IELTs test last week and just awaiting the results :nah: and am now thinking about the next step! Would a reference from a junior sister be acceptable? As it just says 'your manager' on the anmac website?! Also, the transcript that is required, does this have to come direct from the university? I have my degree transcript but this does not state practice hours undertaken throughout the course or any details of modules etc just simply the module name and what marks I achieved, therefore would a letter from a tutor suffice along with this official degree transcript?? Just wondered what others have done!! Could I please also just have any general advice any of you can offer on the anmac assessment! Thanks in advance!! :smile: xx
  3. Hi all I have recently moved to Perth to continue my career and would love to find fellow Baggie fans to interact/share stories with especially follwing the 2-0 win over the dingles. If anyone has any information regarding WBA fans in Perth and if there are any events planned please feel free to drop me a line. Kind regards Rich
  4. Guest

    Need Advice fellow ex-pats:)

    Hi There Fellow Ex-Pats, I hope you are all living the life out here in Oz. Summer is knocking on the door So here's my dilemma; I've been living in Sydney for three years. I'm from the UK originally. When I first came out to Oz it was in the middle of the GFC. So I count myself extremely lucky that I've gotten the opportunity to come to Sydney to progress in my career. Most other companies in the UK were letting people go! Over the last three years I've taken some really positive steps in my life. I've managed to get P.R, made some great friends, gotten promotions and most importantly I've met someone very important to me. My partner is Australian. My OH has given me the strength and courage to go for what I really want. And I'm very thankful to have OH in my life. OH comes from a very loving family. I also get on very well with them, I count myself lucky:) This will probably not come as a surprise but seeing OH with their family has made me feel extremely guilty about my family that I've left behind in the UK. They have never had the opportunity to come to Australia. First and foremost I put this down to financial problems. But deep down I don't think my Mother is overly keen on me staying here long-term anyway. Sometimes I can't help but think about my long-term future and if I ever have kids. I'm at that age where I'm ready to put down some roots. Will my folks make the effort or will it be one way traffic? I have suggested to my parents that they should come out for a visit. And maybe then they will understand why I've made the move. I can look after them here better than I ever could in the UK. It's always something we collectively talk about. I've offered to buy one of their tickets but there seems to be a barrier and it's making me resentful. I have a partner who see's there family consistently and I think it's great. But I'm concerned I'm becoming bitter at how one-sided it is at the moment. It's not OH's fault I came here for work. OH has mentioned they will travel but will eventually want to settle in Oz. We go back at xmas for a visit and I can't wait to see everyone. I don't miss the UK, I miss the people I've left behind. I'm wondering will there ever be a possibility of sharing some of the most important parts of my life, kids, marriage, house etc... with family and good friends I've left behind. I know I can do well for myself here but there's nothing like family to share that with. Is anyone on this forum suffering from a similar experience? Maybe you have an Ozzie partner too? Maybe you are considering moving home? Am I just looking at life through rose tinted glasses? What have you done to cope with homesickness? Am I putting off the inevitable? What solutions would you have to this situation? It's so difficult when you know your life is progressing positively but without the added bonus of having family to share it with. I look forward to your responses and really hope your living the dream Best regards,
  5. Hey guys I hope some of the girlies out there can help with this, I am moving to melbourne perm in december this year with my partner. He is aussie and has loads of mates in the area, however I dont know anyone out there and am nervous about making friends cause when I last came out I found the aussie girls hard to connect with. I am leaving a large network of friends behind which has taken most of my 28 years to gather lol, not wishing to sound wet am a tad nervous lol. Any advise from a fellow pom would be awesome cheers newbie x:wubclub:
  6. gaz n family

    Fellow DIYers

    Tried to make a start on down sizing the garage today. But i dont know what i can/should take or ditch. How clean is clean on your tools? I mean, if your metal tools are slightly corroded but scrubbed clean, or corrosion removed and lightly oiled is this suitable? The boss seems to think that you have to clean, decorroed and paint. I really dont want to be painting a screw driver, hammer, etc. Likewise with screws/nails/washers/bolts, etc. What is the story with taking these items, is it a no no or an yes yes? I seem to have thousands of the things in various draws/boxes etc. Most are loose or opened packs, but a lot are still sealed. Whats the policy please?
  7. Hi guys, Just wondering if there are any fellow tradies on here waiting on their Vetassess result? Reading some of the messages on here, some people have been waiting forever. My OH did his Bricklaying skills assessment 3 weeks ago and we are waiting on tender hooks to hear as we need to lodge out application before July. Why do they put us through this pain of waiting so long for everything. Good luck Jules and Woody. xx
  8. Guest

    Fellow Cornishmen and Women!

    Any fellow Cornish In Perth or Moving to Perth, would love to hear from you
  9. ARGGGGHhhhhhhhhh Just been through the check list for the Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) and came across the last check list box (and prob on any visa requirement!!!) Military discharge papers!!!!! One slight issue, while I was in for 4 years, I was a good boy, however, when you join at 16 your told 'never fall in love or it will be the end of your career' 4 years later I meet my misses and the rest is history....basicaly my papers say 'SNR' (services no longer required, long story:wink:, it should say 'honourable discharge' but things happend, like they said 'never fall in love'!!!) 7 years on I am now thinking this will ruin my chances of getting a visa. Its a long shot but anyone been in a similar boat stressed, major stress!!!:confused: any sort of advice will do
  10. Hi, We are moving out to Perth in Feb 2011 and would be great to know if there are any groups of fellow Poms that meet up up for Barbie or beers? I am moving out with my husband Paul and although we know a few friends already that live in Perth it would be great to make some new friends as well. Paul is Derby County Fan so is especially interested if there is a group of fellow Ram supporters out there?:biggrin: Cheers Angie & Paul
  11. lismith25

    Merry Christmas fellow PIO

    Its that time again folks, whether you are in blistering fire prone areas or paddling around in flooded gardens some vital decisions remain the same...should I spray fake snow on the windows? Should I look completely insane at the supermarket by being the only person in the queue with a turkey? And most importantly should I bust out the extremely tacky bejewelled thongs in an attempt to "make an effort" over the holiday period:biggrin: I both love and hate this time, this will be the first Christmas my North Queensland babies will know what is going on. We have just but the big fake pine tree up in the living room and decorated it will snowflakes and snowmen. We have sorted out Father Christmas' key for access to the house as we have no chimney, he was Santa for a few hours until daddy announced we were not American!!! :eek: Its all very exciting, but deep down there is an ache, i always get incredibly homesick this time of year. Family get togethers; proper parties that involve getting dressed up for and being welcomed into someones home; dark cold nights; at the moment snow!! Christmas shopping in coats and hats; Tescos big shop; mulled wine; even christmas pud (we have trifle or icecream xmas pud cos its so hot)....i love it all:wub: Anyway I just wanted to say whether you are loving it; hating it; going home; staying forever etc Christmas is always hard being away from loved ones but you are not alone......SO MERRY CHRISTMAS :hug:
  12. Hi everyone! We are Gareth & Ruth from Liverpool England! We are both 28 and have come out here looking to start a new life. We have been in Australia for 2 months now. We originally went to Melbourne for a month to stay with friends but didn't really like it there as it didn't feel enough like Australia so we moved to Sydney. We have both found good jobs here. Ruth works as a social worker and I work as a survey draftsman and have been offered sponsorship already so things are looking great for us. We are currently looking for somewhere to rent, preferably near the beaches as I really want to take up surfing. If anyone has any tips as to nice reasonable places to live that would be great! Also we don't know anyone here so it would be great to meet up for drinks with anyone and have a laugh and make new friends. Thanks for reading. Gaz & Ruth
  13. Guest

    Any fellow Archers on here

    Hey All, Just heading out the door to my Archery club for a shoot, Just wondering if any of you guys on here part take in the flinging of arrows, I love it been doing it around 20 years, Anyway have a good weekend. Cheers Matt :wink:
  14. Hi, I thought I would post a thread to those who, if like me, are starting to become slightly weary and insane from constant job searching/temping and would like a bit of a break and get together perhaps to share experiences, knowledge or even just to to have a chat to someone! I have recently become unemployed partly due to the company I worked for going into administration and that I would like a career change. I used PIO for social networking previously so I thought I would give it a go again. I've been in Sydney for nearly two years now and came over with my boyfriend who was sponsored. Im 31 and live on the lower north shore and am loving the lifestyle. All i need now is a job I enjoy. Please feel free respond to the thread or private message me and we can arrange to meet up. Sophie
  15. Hey Gday mates arrived in Newcastle a few weeks ago and the whole experience so far is not what I expected. I thought I was going to love Newcastle and the Aussies. Have been out and about with hubbie shaol bay etc and currently living in Merewether (rental) and love the beaches. But there does not seem to be many jobs the main high street is run down and it seems like im living in 70's aussies are way behind the uk with banking fashion etc.... Hubbie has started a job in Maitland which he is plodding on with at mo, and I have had a few trials for jobs but not what I wanted. one being telesales (had to escape after 1 1/2 hours and the other being a coffee shop but was thrown in the deep end on a busy day and told I would be paid on day but wasnt, all fun and games!! Ideally I want day shifts during the week (admin role) I could maybe have a coffee shop job but want more. I worked for a local council in my previous job- business support officer. If anyone in Newcastle knows of any jobs going please let me know. Also if any of you guys fancy meeting up for a toohies please let me know my hubbie and I would love to meet some likeminded people. :huh: Sorry to rabbit on.... bye for now-Kirstie x
  16. hi im tom, orriginally from sheffield, ive been living in perth going on 4 years now and just moved to the mount lawley area. Although i have some good mates it would be nice to meet new people from the old country. anyone else around the same area?
  17. Hi Everyone, I am very new to this site and just trying to find my way around but I need some advice. I am a Registered nurse in the UK but am trying to move across to Australia to live with my partner in the next year or so. I have no idea on where to start with visas and transfering my English Pin across etc. .I am not even sure which band would be a band 5 equivalant either. Any advice people can give me will be much appriciated look forward to hearing from you Claire:biggrin:
  18. :unsure: Hello there I'm new to the forum and it looks like there is plenty of help out there so I'd love to hear from you. My dream is to nurse in Brisbane QLD but I'm not too sure how to start the whole migration process. I've submitted an "Expression of Interest" to Queensland Health which included my CV and Personal Statement and have since been contacted to say my details will be forwarded to relevant health authorities. However, they recommend I register with Queensland Nursing Council but before I can register, I need to complete and pass the academic IELTS. So, I'm after some advice from people who have managed to complete the process and those of you who are in the middle of it all: * Can you recommend an order in which to tackle the process? Is it too early to contact employers direct when I'm not registered with QNC? * What can I do in the meantime i.e. is there anything else I can start doing so early in the process? * IELTS - I've read on the forum that most people really struggle with the academic test so I'm a bit worried (despite receiving a 1st class honours degree on qualifying last September!). How long do people think is needed to prepare before the test (I've not applied or booked a test date yet). Any advice from people about how to tackle the process (and what you might have done differently with hindsight) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Kelly
  19. TheOptimist

    Hey fellow sunseekers...

    Hi all, Am new to PIO, though have spent so much time here since Monday I feel like a veteran! I am going to be applying for a spouse visa, hopefully in late June/early July. Me and my OH (who is aussie) are currently gathering evidence together - it feels a bit like a covert operation but we are focussing on the goal - which is all being well I'd like to join him in Melbourne in late 2010, early 2011 and say goodbye forever to miserable winters and start to look ahead after what feels like forever in limbo. Good luck to you all in whatever your goal, hopefully catch some of you around here again... :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Hello fellow pomsinoz

    Hi im Tasha and myself and family are migrating next year to Melbourne. My husband is a skilled Technical engineer and i work through agencies as school supprt teasching assistant. My 3 children are 5 11 and 14. Hello and good luck to all
  21. hi i live in the south east suburbs of melbourne...recently seperated...most of my old friends have returned to uk ....seeking some kindred spirits to chat and socialise with...also can give help advise etc to anyone moving this way....i live in a beautiful part of melbourne by the way dandenong ranges....:wub:
  22. Guest

    Hi fellow poms!

    New to this site so thought I would say a big hello to everybody!! I'm Kerry and counting down the days until I move to Melbourne in May! Sooooooo excited and I can't think of anything else! I'm a nurse and moving back with my husband Nick (who's a Ozzie). This site looks great and I'm looking forward to meeting new people down under!
  23. Hi, My husband and I are interested in moving to Australia, probably Tasmania, I am a Midwife Lecturer and he is an Architectural technician. we have looked at the LDS.org website and have located the churches in Tasmania. We are also interested in Adelaide and brsibane. Please can any fellow LDS members give us any advice on jobs? Housing? Where is nearest temple? Thanks so much :laugh:
  24. Guest

    fellow poms in albany wa

    looking to meet or catch up with fellow poms in albany wa or surrounding areas ive been over here for 7 years and was married to an australian which ended a year ago. have some gret aussie mates but no pommie mates and get homesick for the uk or having somebody i can chat to about the uk and they under stand what im going on about! hope to hear from you soon.
  25. Hello Coming over 15th Sept! Cannot wait! My girlfriend & I (19 & 25) Would love to meet up with some fellow Pom's for a beer & a natter, just to get a general feel for the place & some much needed advice! Im from Blackpool but willing to meet up with any1! Cheers, An excited Scott :biglaugh: