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Found 22 results

  1. I hope someone can give me some advice. We have our flights booked for January and finally decided on Queensland. Hubbie still working here and kids still at school, house up for rent, packing well under way and everyone knows the plan. BUT...I have such a terrible feeling this is the wrong thing to do, I'm not sure if it's fear or panic or the fact that I will miss my family but I just don't know if I can do this. I can't eat and feel constantly ill. It is going to cost us soooo much money to do this and I am just not sure it is worth it. We have a nice life here, we have had to cut back in recent years but we are not in any sort of dire situation but I am terrified that starting all over again will be very hard on us, especially my husband. I just feel so sad and feel we have gotten ourselves into a mess. I know there are no guarantees but the tears just won't stop coming and I don't know how I am going to get on that plane. If anyone has gone through this can you let me know how it ended up for you. Thanks & sorry for going on, just desperate at the moment.
  2. Guest

    Cold Feet Syndrome!!

    I'm due to take the giant leap over to Brisbane on the 26th November! And now that it's pretty close the thought of it makes me pretty scared at times, then I think of the positives and I'm okay and I keep going back and fourth! Would anyone care to share their experiences of when they were about to leave! I'm 23 and realize that if I don't do this now I will never do it but at the same time I think of all the familiar things I'll leave behind! AHHHHH HELP!
  3. I am just about at the point of accepting a job offer as a nurse with visa sponsorship and am totally torn as to wether it is the right thing to do, probably a good thing I am having these thoughts before starting the process and paying anything out, but I am really stuck on what decsion to make firstly i should probably tell you a bit about my background I am a nurse and live in Scotland with my hubby and 2 kids who are 9 and 7. We have no close family whatsoever, my parents are down in Yorkshire, hubby's parents are over in Cyprus, we have had no family support for the past 6 years since moving to Scotland. We don't own a home and rent a 2 bed flat which isn't ideal by any means with 2 growing kids of opposite sexes, but there is very little else to rent in this area and no prospects of buying anything in the near future. We had a bankruptcy 8 years ago and although it is spent and supposedly off the record it still impacts on our life and means that we have no chance of getting a decent mortgage (not that we have a deposit anyway) Saying that we live in a lovely town, my kids go to an excellent school and honestly I am settled here in many ways and I have lots of close friends here something i never seemed to have in all the other places in the UK we have lived. We moved up to Scotland with hubbys job but he was made redundant 2 years ago and i took over the role of breadwinner going back to working full time as a nurse, hubby has had no luck even securing part time work to bring in extra pennies but he does have his own business doing IT repairs, website design etc. It is by no means a lucrative business bringing in millions but he ticks over and it helps. I have done well in my career since going back to nursing after having 4 years working just casual bank shifts and a year ago i pretty much got my dream job and I love my work and I have aspirations of where i would like to take it in the future. Of all the slagging off the NHS gets I have to say that NHS Scotland is not a bad company to work for at all. So I would say that in no way are we living an excelent life here in the UK, don't own a home, we manage to get by every month and do have occasional treats, but generally we are happy, I have a great job and I hope that eventually we could get a break and start to have a bit more of a comforatble life. We have thought about moving to Oz on and off for a few years now, we are not expecting to suddenyl be rich or wealthy and have everything one could dream of but we would like to have an adventure, experience life in another country etc and it seems sensible to do it whilst the kids are young and we have no real ties here in the UK, but i still can't help having that feeling that it could all go terribly wrong. One of main worries is financial. We don't have a lot of money, we can scrape together the costs of moving over there but we would be going with practially no money behind us, just enough to survive really until the first pay check comes in. Hubby would try to establish his business again over in Oz i think as it would be most practical from a childcare point of view (as it is in the UK) but we would cross the bridge with him working/childcare etc once over there. I wold be working full time as a nurse and with my level of experience i would be on the top of the RN pay so i estimate approx 80K per year with shift allowances etc. I haven't been converting it to it's equivalent in GBP because i don't feel that appropriate as we will be earning and spending $. What i have been doing is trying to omapre percentage of wages for living costs eg. % of my wage we pay currently to rent here in the UK vs % of my wage to rent in Oz and for a less percentage we can get a bigger house, with a garden adn wher the kids can have a room of their own, nothing flash but that is all we require. As for food etc we will have to budget but we are used to that anyway, we already make meal lists, buy specials etc. My other worry is my job, as i said before i love the job i do at the moment, however i hav been through some pretty roughtimes in my career to get where i am now and have thought of packing it in on many occasions, due to bullying etc. I have finally managed to get a promotion to a band 6 on a fantastic ward, and I'm worried that I might hate nursing in Oz, might hate my new workplace and might never get back to the level i am at now and then i will regret the move. My hubby has suprised me a little in all of this. He has always been very laid back about it saying whatever he will go along with, he's happy to move if i am as he feels we have no prospects here in the UK, but I always had a bit of feeling he was not 100% behind the move and if it all went wrong then it would be my fault and could cause problems, however since telling him I am not sure i want to go through with it, he has come across as quite dissapointed. As you ca tell I am really torn here and there is no major pros or cons as to why i can se but something just hit me the other day and made me panic. Thanks for reading if you have got this far and i welcome any kind of advice or reassurance you can give me
  4. my OH has started to get cold feet, we started the prosses in feb, got agent,sent TRA skills assesment passed, then applied to SA waiting they got doc on 18th april so should get news soon, agent has just sent us visa doc to check and fees request. i think he got a reality check, dont know what to do, dont want to spend all this money and not go. he realy wants to go but is worried that i will not likeit and our son will not like it, he pulled out of going about a year ago he had a company sponser on 457 but could not go through with it. so this is round 2 for me. why is it so hard for him:arghh: any advice would be great. pauline 37,david 38,callum 8
  5. Lakaal

    Serious cold feet

    Hi there. I have received sponsorship from Melbourne and am just about to click apply on 176 visa application but am having serious cold feet. I have a feeling this is the wrong decision but at the same time afraid it's just nerves and don't want to not submit my application as will lose sponsorship(only valid for four months which is up nxt week) There is myself and my husband and two daughters 5 and nine months. We have both been talking about going back to oz when we met there 15yrs ago but more seriously in last four yrs. We have mire or less put our lives on hold for last four yrs planning. However I am seriously worried. I am a social worker and the salary in oz is alot less than I earn here. Here I can work parttime whereas over there I will be fulltime. I am very close to family, my did lives across the road and generally we have a good life. My husband runs his own business very successful but works way too much - the cause of alot of arguments. We are hoping that he will work less in oz when he gets set up again . But even writing it I am thinking are we fooling ourselves. Obviously if I earning less he will have to work more. I guess we are chasing the dream of more family time, more outdoor life but I am afraid we wIill be living in poverty and kids will be in childcare do much, is that a better quality if life whereas here I can mind them. We have had a tough few years in our marriage and several times have talked about separating. We are putting this down to not being happy here. Any advice from anyone before I click apply and possibly waste two grand or before I don't cluck apply and lose sponorship and maybe live with regret
  6. Guest

    I've got itchy feet...

    In October we were considering moving to Brisbane that feeling has gone but I have this feeling that I won't be in Adelaide forever and can't seem to shake that feeling as much as I love it here! Not even sure we could afford to live anywhere else! It's not homesickness as I would never return to UK (I don't think so) so whats my problem!! All I know is that long term as the kids get older don't want them to be the snub of the rest of Australia. Every other major city has better reputation even tough this is one of the most desirable cities to live in! Am I just one of those people who is never happy? Is the grass greener? :confused: The people here are very friendly and easy to get along with but some are very ignorant and backward. I want the best for us as a whole family long term and not sure I have found that yet! Can't believe I am even considering moving again, seems to come round every six months or so. Is it just because I have not visited these places to see how different and busy they would be! My husband is already at the top of his field here in Adelaide and he is not finding it challenging in the way he would have liked. He should be in Melbourne, Sydney or even Perth. I am sure once I have had a sleep everything will be alright in the morning! but how long before this nagging feeling returns! Don't want to upset anyone or start a debate about the neg or pos about where you live... just need to to write it out and clear my head! Thanks for reading...
  7. rahrah

    Cold (no ICY) feet???

    Hi all, I am feeling very confused about our impending move in Nov - I was expecting to feel some doubts - uprooting everything that was familiar, resigning from good jobs etc - but until now have been very happy to counter any of thesse with many, many positive reasons to be taking the plunge! But have just returned from a Fabulous week in Cornwall, with my family and my best bud & her lot. Feeling very melancholy and basically - sh**ting myself!! I am really panicking about can I actually do this - hated saying goodbye to her, and know there are loads more farewells to come! When I am sensible and rational, I know that 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' but when I add 'emotions' it completely scuppers my 'sensible' mindset and I am beginning to feel - 'what the hell am I doing!!!'. I suppose if I didn't have an element of this, then I would be being unrealistic, but just worried that I am ignoring warning signals? Did anyone else have these last minute crisis of confidence, in all that you have aspired and thrived for for over 18 months, or should I be reading more into these 'doubts'?? Opinions - greatly appreciated!! :wideeyed:
  8. PommyPaul

    itchy feet again

    am i the only one that has the urge to try out lots of areas in aus?
  9. Guest

    is it just cold feet

    Hi PIO, me my husband and daughter are emigrating to brisbane in less than 4 weeks, i'm seriously thinking of canceling the whole thing iv'e never been so nervous in my whole life, i keep thinking of my age (45) am i too old, i have a job to go to but OH has'nt, im a doing the right thing for my 13yr old daughter, iv'e alredy booked flights and iv'e also contacted cal for accommodation but i can't bring myself to book it with her (sorry cal) you hear of so many people coming back posting bad experiences all this makes me wake up in a cold sweat i can't even decide on which area to live in, i would love to hear some good news from anyone either going or better still there in brisbane even if it's just calling me a stupid bitch pull yourself together and go, thanks for letting me rant.:unsure::arghh::cry: Maryxx
  10. I registered with RSPCA Qld to adopt a dog rescued from one of those heart breaking puppy farms. They rescued over 200 dogs from a farm in Wondai and I am going to meet and greet one of them, Lily who is a 3 and a half year old Yorkie/Maltese. I can't wait to meet her and hopefully she likes us and we can adopt her and give her the love she deserves. Our landlord has told us we can have a small dog so fingers crossed all goes well with our meet. Monica x
  11. Guest

    we got cold feet in 2008

    feel a bit sick when i read your threads .O.H pulled out half way into visa.:wacko:i can understand as his mum is not well. but we do have two girls to think about.are we to late to start again as he is a joiner but has not done it for 2yr.:arghh:
  12. Guest

    getting cold feet, need help

    Cold feet are appearing as I suddenly think, do I take the sofa or not (ikea variety)! Strange how small things suddenly bring it all too life. Spending money isnt my strong point. We are a family of four, young kids and thinking about moving out in december. 175 csl lodged april, wife has a job there and a 457 sponsor who wants to push ahead with that visa (I assume we can get it fairly quickly if necessary so hence waiting on 175 first). Moving to perth. I have to give up a well paid job in an insurance company (engineering background mind), but I reckon the uk financials will disappear over the next years (and my job) and so am taking the decision to go. If we stayed, i could get made redundant the next week and that wouldnt be good would it! I don’t expect to earn the same in oz, but see some more opps there to have a better life and maybe my own business. Wife is better paid in oz to offset a little. We don’t need to sell any homes or anything which is good. But the fact is, its an upheaval and costly excerise to get there (in the heat of summer), find a place to live, get a car, get kids in schools (so far all kindergardens in west perth seem full), get settled to a new job, fill out countless more forms no doubt, worry about tax and pensions, and start to worry about burning skin for the kids (counting on hats and long sleeves to be useful). And of course, should we take the sofa or get a new one, urgggh. What are we in for. Please, tell me its worth it folks and why...need some inspiration. Sure, in the depths of the uk winter when the traffic is clogged and the trains not working, its easy to feel inspired. But it is summer here now. If all feels a little self inflicted, since we could stay where we are. When you chat to people about oz they say "nice, but not my cup of tea" and you start to wonder why. The spiders, hot dusty weather..urgh, doubts start to appear from nowhere. Fact is we are easy going professional family folks who like to explore, try new stuff, (for example am I realistic in thinking we'll get to do stuff like sailing, or cycling? Or if we didn’t do it in the UK, we'll probably not do it in oz). The kids will hopefully have a better life, thats what its all about.
  13. Hi All Many posts on this site have expressed isolation particularly where one partner is working and the other is not. Volunteering may be a way to feel productive and meet new people who can help with the adjustment of finding your way around how things are done in WA. Volunteering WA - Home Volunteering Western Australia opportunities is a website that can help you locate, by interest and by geographical area volunteering positions that may be of interest. You can learn/refresh skills that may be useful in finding work (plus get referees) and build a social support network through volunteering. Just an idea - if you give it a go, post back and let us know how you went and if it helped. Cheers Julia
  14. Guest

    Climate,Cold Feet and Culture!

    Hello! I am brand new to forums today so hope I'm doing it right!. I have been researching moving to OZ for 1 year but was looking at Perth simply because we have freinds there. I have just been advised that my job has gone on the skills in demand list for ACT and have been advised to appy for a 176 visa. Subsequently my attention has been focused on this area but I'm very confused by some advice. The area looks fantastic to me but some have said it is boring and very cold which has kind of upset my motivation and given me some concerns about the area. My family were looking for a great lifestyle (which I remain in agreement that ACT has) but concerned about the weather - (we were hoping for a much better climate and much warmer winters than the UK) and plenty to do for us and our young children. One of the selling points to the kids was that we could go to the beach all the time but it seems this is quite far away. Others say the area is full of politicians and public service workers (of which I am one) and little else. I am looking for honest and balanced advice - can anyone help? :smile:
  15. dave and ange

    Cold feet!

    We are moving to Newcastle NSW in 7 weeks. I have been so looking forward to starting a new life in Oz for the past 2 years but now we are almost there I am really unsure and think i may have changed my mind. Did anyone else have this last minute panic? OMG please tell me it's normal.
  16. Guest

    got cold feet

    hi past r TRA form in oct 07 and it was good :jiggy:but then we thought we were makeing a big mistake and gave up.but we have still been reading all your notes.wich have been a great help .we are now going for are visa.we no were going to have are ups & downs.but feeling more positive now. thanks to you all:wubclub:
  17. Guest

    11 month old with club feet

    hi all, just wondering about the medicals. My son was born with club feet he has gone through casting and a op and is now in special shoes at night to keep his feet in the correct position does anyone out there think this will affect his medical. thanks all Julie, Dave, Jake, Chloe and Tyler x:err:
  18. Guest

    Cold feet xxx

    We started this whole journey and thoughts of moving to Oz nearly 3 years ago. Then last June, we finally made the agonising decision to take the plunge and go for it....the migration process ball started to roll and we have been sooooooooo excited ever since. I have good days where I just can't wait to go. Our house has been on the market since last July, and as yet still no joy. We embarked on this journey in the hope that as a family, we would have a better life. Why is it today, I feel like we are making a big mistake? If we move to Perth, my husband may end up working longer hours? possibly for less money? And for what? We have no family there. I love the life that we have here so am now getting confused. I'm only human and know that we all from time to time must question as to wether we are doing the right thing. On the sale of our house( all our money is tied up in it) we are hoping to start our new life with £150k ($300k..ish) and am now wondering if this is realistic for us to continue having a nice life in Oz............ can anyone set my mind at ease. Sorry for moaning. I am female after all .!.!.!.! xxx
  19. Guest

    OH getting cold feet

    Just wanted to get this off my chest. My OH has been getting negative about Oz ever since his parents pulled a guilt trip on him. Wonders why we are going and if they are the right reasons. I tried to tell him that if we don't go because of them we will resent them for it, and besides, upsetting him is something they've always been good at and it's not just because we plan to leave them. Anyway, he has been in a new job since January which he wasn't keen on, but stayed as we are planning to move. Then he got a promotion and has started saying he felt that he shouldn't just leave now, it didn't seem right. I mentioned that if the money was particularly good then we could always validate the visa with a holiday and now he's latched onto that and is saying that we could leave the move for a couple of years yet. If truth be told, the money isn't really going to be good enough for a holiday and besides, I would rather have that money to help us start a new life. But he is now misleading his parents, telling them eagerly about the promotion and telling the children that we will have a holiday first and not go for a few years yet (probably hoping they'll pass it on to the grandparents). Not that he will even be happy for long in the promotion as it has none of the hands on work that he so loves. I've been saying that it will be about a year for over a year now so as you can imagine further delays aren't really what I'm looking forward to. When I say I want to just get on with the move he says he doesn't want to rush things (something we definately haven't done) and wants to make sure he gets a job first and training for the certification he needs as en electrician, something I had of course planned to do anyway. Now I'm at the point where I just want to :arghh::arghh:
  20. Guest

    Cold feet

    Have finally decided to give OZ a try - my husband is from Brisbane but has been in UK for 14 years and has been trying to get me to live there for 12 years! Booked fights to Brisbane 2 weeks ago on spur of the moment but having major doubts about going there now. Husbands whole family there but I hate the heat and humidity and have a major phobia about all the different creatures in the area. Visited Melbourne last year and loved it but we don't have family there so we'd be starting from scratch if we went there. We have 2 kids - 7 and 1. I suppose what I really want to know from anyone already out in Brisbane is how bad is the heat/humidity and how often do you see snakes, spiders, cane toads, cockroaches etc. My husband is totally fed up with the fact I'm now changing my mind (understandably) and I'm going to have to decide between Brisbane and Melbourne asap so the family don't waste any time sorting out a place in Brisbane for us etc. I know if I choose Melbourne I'll totally upset the whole of his family but by the same token I don't want to live in a place which makes me miserable and a nervous wreck! I have had several 2 week holidays in Brisbane but that's so different to living somewhere. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  21. Is it A: Revolting. B: Better than having manky smelling feet. C: Cheaper than feeding the animal. D: A form of fetish (not too sure about that one) Yours questioningly, and time-wastingly, LC
  22. ali

    My Feet have grown

    My old comfortable shoes are on their last legs so I decided to buy some new ones which just happen to be the first pair I've bought in Aus. In the UK I'm a size 5 but here I'm a 6 - 7. Expected big things from Oz but didn't think it'd be my feet:biglaugh: