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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    This feels right..

    Hi all.. Just a quick update in our progress of moving back to u.k.. We arrived on 1st of oct.. Couldn't believe the sunshine was still showing face.. Yes actually t-shirt weather in oct.. Loved it. Stayed with family for 6 weeks, while searching for house. This was a little problem. Most agencies want rental history of last 6 months at least. As we lived in oz for 12, we didn't have proof from uk. With a lot of searching and putting our story forward, one took a chance on us. Hubby has job, although with agency ( this was a problem with renting too), he has some prospect in his position. We don't think it's all doom and gloom, that everyone is saying in the media. Hubby has had 3 jobs with different agencies in 6 weeks. It's what you put into it, to what you receive. The only problem we have had is school for our boy. System has changed in the short time we were away. You now have to apply through council for any vacant positions. We were offered 1 space, unfortunately the of stead report for this school was very bad. So we began our own search according to these reports and our own inspections. 6 weeks in, still waiting. We have found an amazing school with excellent reports. But because this lays in another council, the process and line of communication is stretched out more. So long story kinda short, we hope to have him in next week, that's 8 weeks after arriving. I guess we could have looked sooner, but until we found a perm address, no school would temp educate him. On a great high at moment, just been told this morning our container is being delivered to us Friday.... Whoop whoop:biglaugh: It's been a long 8 weeks.. Think I will kiss my stuff and promise to never leave it again... We have camped out in new house with blow up beds and deck chairs.. Not much fun after a while, but well worth it for end result. As for the u.k itself.. I love it.. The greenness.. Countryside.. Pubs for Sunday dinner... Greggs.. And the cheapness of it all compared to oz.. There's to much to mention really.. We don't regret coming back.. It's been a bit of a slow start, but we are surviving .. I love walking around the shops, people watching with a costa coffee.. And just love the Christmas buzz to it all. Christmas here is amazing.. So I guess my short update is not so short.. So much to say, but don't want to bore you all... To all those doing or thinking of coming back.. All the best.. It's not as bad as the media say, but there are changes.
  2. reddebz

    My mind feels like jelly.

    Im not sure if this should be under 'Dilemas' but hey ho I just need to vent. Im 3 weeks away from the biggest move of my life and I feel like I have been on the big dipper roalercoaster for the past year. I thought that the hardest thing for my family would be getting the visa, but it has turned out to be everything afterwards is proving to be the hardest. 2 sales have fallen through on our house and I have had to admit defeat and give up my dog of 9.5 years as its just too much to take her. I accepted a job to start on 20th Oct and I accepted it as the house was going through the first sale process. Because of this I stopped taking on new clients (im a hairdresser) and stopped booking in my regulars. Then I cancelled my sons pre-school (which took a year on a waiting list to get into) and Pickfords are coming to take all our things next week. To make my emotional rollercoaster even harder my mum had become quite sour about the whole thing as she feels like my mother in law is gaining everything from the move and she is jelous. Now me and my husband have agreed that I will go over with my son and live with his family until the house sells here and he can join us. Im not sure how I feel about being away from him for a few months as we have never been apart like that and Im worried my son will be upset. Now I have written it all down it doesnt seem quite as bad, however Im still struggling to sleep at night, and I find that Im really excited in the day but start having doubts in the late hours of the night - is this normal?:unsure:
  3. I love my Pommie 'soccer' but, when your AFL/NRL team is on fire, it's really something. Listening to them sing the team song when they win too - amazing how good it feels! So, get yourself a team to follow, read the back pages as well as the front. Forget about the TAB though, that's a step too far though.
  4. AAARRGGHHH Please tell me i'm not the only one who feels this frustrated!!!!!! I just wish I could do everything myself. I hate waiting. I hate leaving things for others to do. I am better at sorting everything than anyone else (hehe). I WANT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! :arghh:
  5. coming from freezing scotland and very very rarely experiencing 30 degrees....and on days when it did occur ...it felt like an absolute heatwave lol ....no joking i was one of those peeps who would hide indoors and melt !!! ..... well after experiencing the last 3 days of 42 / 43 degrees and barely sleeping through last night ....what a lovely feeling to get up to a cool 30 degrees this morn .....today im gona have to do all the housework .... all the shopping ...and maybe even a bit of gardening .....who would have thought that 12 degrees or so could make that much difference :jiggy: mrs keily
  6. We woke up this morning to find that our status had changed to "applicant approved" when we checked the 'visa entitlement details' it had all the info for our 457 visa!!! It feels like all our Christmases have come at once! I just cant believe it!!:eek:I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all on PIO, we have used this site almost every day to guide us through this challenging process!! (We didnt use an agent)We simply would not have known what to do if it was not for this site so THANK YOU ALL!!!!:notworthy: The big question is, now what do we do???Are we supposed to print the details or wait for an official email or letter? We hope to book our flights today and leave for Melbourne in the next couple of weeks (I'm supposed to be starting work on the 2nd Feb!!) I'm sorry if this sounds like a silly question but we are shell shocked and havent the slightest idea what to do next!! Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!! thanks a million! Love Jade and David.xx P.S. HERES OUR ROUGH TIMELINE: Jan 09-Decided to go for it! Mar 09- Job offer May 09- Skills/qualifications assessed with APS July 09- Submitted Registration with Victoria Reg Board Oct 09- Registration approved Nov 09- Visa Nomination submitted Dec 09- Visa nomination approved 21 Dec 09-457 E-Visa submitted 15 Jan 2010-E-Visa GRANTED!!!
  7. OH MY GOD!!!! Finally my visa has been granted! Just checked now, feel a little light headed - it's actually happening then!!!! Thank you to everyone who has offered kind friendly support through the whole process, and I look forward to sharing the rest of the Journey!!! AHHHHH! BRILLO PADS!! CAN FINALLY START TO PLAN THINGS PROPERL!!! :jiggy: :jiggy:
  8. Hi everyone I am an expat South African staying in sunny Perth. We have emigrated from Pretoria, South Africa 3 years ago and obviously been through some emotional times but I believe that Australia is now our home. I had the privilege to live in New Malden, Surrey many years ago for about 8 months as part of a job contract. We had a fantastic time in the UK. So what am I doing on this forum? Well first I stumbled on it (also britishexpats.com) and picked up on some of the threads. I am not sure if it is the Anglo Saxon blood, but I could see big similarities in the pain that some experience. I hope to pose a few questions across the forum; it is always good to see it from others view points as well. Regards ottg
  9. Hey everyone, This is our first post on the site....YAY. My wife and I have been talking about making the move to Oz for ages now and we finally started to put the wheels in motion this summer. Today we received acknowledgement that our application had been recieved by the DIAC, and it finally feels like the whole thing is actually happening now. We just cant wait till we can get over there, even though it wont be for another 18 months as we are going to fit in 6 months of travelling before we head to Oz. We are heading for Sydney when we get there, where my wife has spent a fair bit of time and i have visited twice. Anybody else already in or intending to go to Sydney? I just had to put a post up to help vent some of my excitement :jiggy:
  10. The Aussies have just lost on penalties to Japan in the Asia Cup - different coloured Jersey but an intense feeling of deja vue ..... anyone for rugby? :arghh: