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Found 117 results

  1. Hi there I'm feeling pretty hurt and upset by the parents at my son's school. About ten days ago I gave out party invitations asking them to a birthday party for his birthday next week. The closing date for rsvping was today. So far I've only heard from a few parents saying their kids are coming. As it stands it will not be able to go ahead as we don't have enough people. I know how busy it is when you have young kids but I think at least they could've let me know. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive but he will be gutted if I need to cancel it and how do I explain it to him. I don't give a s*** about presents but I just wanted him to enjoy himself. As I work most days, I've not been at the school to remind them so I've just done it by email (addresses from a contact list one of the parents gave me) but it really pained me to do so. I feel embarassed having to do this and I hope they don't think I'm hassling them. Maybe I'm just being over emotional but I feel like crying over this. He really loves school and is happy there and likes his class so this is disappointing. Maybe yet another reason to go home. Susie :sad:
  2. We drop the dog off at the pet transport place on 22nd Nov, our flights are booked for 11th Dec and 6 weeks temp accom has been booked and paid for... we're nearly all set to go... Mum was up helping me do a car boot sale today and when she was leaving I got a bit tearful when she was saying bye to the dog... it was probably the last time she'll see him in the UK. And since then I've been feeling sick thinking about going and the goodbyes. I've wanted to make the move for years... but this afternoon it really hit me that this is real and we are actually going to the other side of the world. Aaargh! :arghh: Remind me again why I'm putting myself and my family through this!!?
  3. Guest

    how are you feeling

    just wondered how you are feeling with waiting for your visa,and what type of visa you are going for--i believe some can take years to arrive:no:so where are you with it now,and any tips or advice would be welcome--or if you just want 2 blow of steam go for it:wubclub: ive had my PR years now,but remember all the:arghh:i went through
  4. OzzHammer

    Fustrated with feeling torn

    Hi there,Ozzhammer o/h here,have read so many threads about going home - staying here,its been this feeling for so long now,do we stay or do we go - & what the outcome will be if we do go back I think is the one thing holding me here,as we are,or should I say for now all going back together with a whim& a prayer that everything will fall into place. Im not saying it will be easy I know it will be a very rocky road,as there is sooooooo much to do & think about,with jobs,schools,where to live,bank letting us borrow money,the list is endless. You could say that the reasoning for going back is friends & family so Ive answered my own question with why do you want to go back!, however I then have this horrible wave of doubt in my mind on a daily basis saying, is it really that bad & are you sure your ready after 7yrs of being here that this is the right decision. Its driving me crazy:wacko: I just want to make a decision & stick with it,also what does'nt help is the time, as one minuite I could be having a great day & as my husband says "oh so your having an Australia day today then:laugh:,& of course the next I could be having a "Get me on a plane right now day:arghh:. I would like to know other peoples reasoning & how many years here & what helps you stick to a decision & say no going back. Thanks - would be a huge help :cute:
  5. Guest

    Feeling Blue

    I just had my little grandsons to stay for the last time before we make the big move. I took them home at lunchtime and have been feeling a bit down in the dumps since! Im sure that this is normal but could do with a few positive comments from anyone who felt the same when it came to leaving family behind. Im not getting cold feet but i dont think i anticipated just how hard its going to be in less than 5 weeks.....anyone got a pick me up?:unsure:
  6. Finally felt like I was getting some where last week. I've been researching for about a million years now and finally settled on Brisbane as an area to relocate. Sent an expression of interest to the Mater Mothers, they wanted more experience (i'm just a year post reg). I went back to my agent at Geneva Health to move things forward there and she told me all the vacancies in QLD have dried up and are now primarily being advertised through Queensland health not being filtered through agents etc.... I feel back at square 1. Queensland is a very large area, has anyone else got similar information about the job situation in QLD? I've now started looking at NSW but i've never looked here before, can anyone give advice on areas? I'd like coastal ideally (but it seems so do many others) Being a brit I have everything crossed for warmer climates (hence being interested in QLD first and foremost). Any ideas/ suggestions would be great please........ I really don't know where to start :confused: thanks Marie :v_SPIN:
  7. Cinders5055

    How I'm feeling right now..

    ....."and he said Ohhhhh! Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and me plunder.. can you hear the thunder?..you better run..you better take cover..":biglaugh::wink::biglaugh: How you feeling.?
  8. Hi all..a few months ago we decided that my partner and i wanted to move to sydney to live for a better quality of life with more to do on weekends and a nicer healthier life.., i am australian by birth and he is british so i would be sponcering him to go.... i have been in the uk 22 years and am now 32 so dont know what its like to live in australia as an adult so am pretty much clueless here........we work normal jobs..nothing fancy or hugely profitable..i earn around £1100 a month after tax and he earns around £1800 after tax...we want to find in sydney area a 2 bedroom flat , thats is in good clean condition and relativly modern..preferably ground floor with a small terrace area to sit , a balcony or small garden in the sydney region ..nothing massivly fancy and we want unfurnished and clean and modern is important ...i would be looking to do department management and he wants to carry on with the boatbuilding trade/laminating/fiberglassing...i have been reading on here now quiet a few times and it all seems so negative about living costs and what its like once everyone gets out there......im beggining to feel i have made a massive mistake in thinking we could move over there to live as it seems hugely expensive and non affordable for a normal earning couple that dont earn a stupidly high wage! ....im pretty upsett and now quiet worried as i have just sold most of my belongings and re homes my 4 beloved siamese cats ready to free ourselfs up whilest we prepared to go (we wanted to go by april-may 2012)...and am now getting cold feet...i do want to go , as i think it looks lovely there and is from what i can remember...but am so worried we might end up being terribly poor and in a miserable situation...(going by what everyone else has said on here about what its like once you get out there).....im not happy right now as u.k is a dump and going down hill fast due to cost and un employment ect ect...but from the sound of it australia is even worse!!!!!...am i terribly wrong...:confused::sad::wideeyed::arghh:..
  9. Palm trees grow, and rents are low But you know I keep thinkin' about Making my way back Well I'm The Old Dart born and raised But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores Australia's fine, but it ain't home England's home, but it ain't mine no more "I am," I said To no one there An no one heard at all Not even the chair "I am," I cried "I am," said I And I am lost, and I can't even say why Leavin' me lonely still
  10. That's just it! I currently feel completely and uterly consumed ny getting over to Australia. I think about it all of the time! Pretty much 24/7. I love Australia sooo much, but I'm just starting to feel a little bit of resentment, because it's taking over my life!!! The thing is, I still have so much happening before I even start the ball roling. I'm just about to head to Uni and train to be a Podiatrist, and while I am sooo looking forward to this, I just can't stop thinking about getting to Oz! Does anyone else feel like this at all? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about the move to Oz, but it's not going to be for at least another 6 years, and I don't think I can take 6 years of just daydreaming about Australia ALL THE TIME!!! :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh: I hope, once I start Uni, and it all starts to get busy, I will be able to concentrate on my life in the meantime.
  11. Guest

    Feeling blue

    Hi everybody, well it has now been 19 days since our medical's were finalised.............. still no news all our documents online are set to met.......... (after researching on here today I have noticed that the only thing that isn't mentioned online at all is FORM 80, we are with an agent and this has definately been sent should this be under the document checklist and if it's not does anybody know why? we we're hoping our CO just has a big pile of applicants and we got everything in on the 28th June, we're both feeling extremely fed up and just want to receive oour visa so we can step off this rollercoater ride :frown: Thanks xxx
  12. Guest

    Feeling blue

    Hi everybody, well it has now been 19 days since our medical's were finalised.............. still no news all our documents online are set to met.......... (after researching on here today I have noticed that the only thing that isn't mentioned online at all is FORM 80, we are with an agent and this has definately been sent should this be under the document checklist and if it's not does anybody know why? we we're hoping our CO just has a big pile of applicants and we got everything in on the 28th June, we're both feeling extremely fed up and just want to receive oour visa so we can step off this rollercoater ride :frown: Thanks xxx
  13. Lurkio

    Feeling Flat

    You know what? I've just realised that I'm feeling flat!. After all this time of anxiously logging on every morning - waiting for the almightly visa to be granted. We've just finished tarting up the house (why is it that you only fix the leaky taps when you are trying to sell?) we've redecorated, laid new floors, hung new curtains etc.... Tomorrow I intend to phone four agents and get them round for valuations. Then house on the market - sell - move!!!!! I don't know... I've got sooooo much to do - arranging to move two labs, booking a container - booking air freight for Himself's tools ... but can't get on with it until we actually get a buyer on the hook... Chuffing kids are full of attitude (2 boys aged 16 and 14) ........ Families weeping and wailing cos they don't want us to go ....... Still living in Limbo!!!!!!!! Blerghhhh! Sorry folks - just venting!! f
  14. packing our boxes to send this week and this horrible feeling of not wanting to do this is setting in that never had before now. Just selling things and not being able to bring things with us is hard. Hope next week is better for me!
  15. Guest

    Feeling lost still

    last year my husband was offered a job with his company in OZ we decieded that why not we had always thought about it just never did anything about it. Within 8 weeks we were there. We wern't given the chance to settle straight away my husband moved around quit abit so we went with him. After 6 weeks we finally settled in Melbourne. I'm not sure how it ended up this way but after a year we came home to the UK but after only being here 5 months I no longer feel settled in the UK and long to go back. We are stuck and dont know what to do about it, i would appreciate some advice. Thanks Dawn
  16. Guest

    How we are feeling 4 months on

    Hi everyone Now the practical advice is out of the way (see thread called 'Practical advice if you have not set off yet').....how has it been emotionally ? I thought hard about doing this post as where do you begin ? But seeing as the purpose of the Forum is to help other people, I will try and highlight things that others may experience or be feeling instead of making it too personal to my own situation. The decision to come back was easily made - Perth, whilst a beautiful environment if you are a sun and beach person, never touched my soul. I was constantly returning home and having those wrenching goodbyes when returning to Oz= all becomes just too exhausting! We have no kids but we did have good jobs and a great lifestyle that you are all familiar with.....but there was no nipping round to Mums for a cuppa...and all those landmark occasions that I constantly missed - family described it when I got back as 'there was always an empty chair'. Don't understimate how much family n friends miss you all too! Leaving Oz was a teary time saying goodbyes to many special people - that is never easy. Landing back, I did not do cartwheels as I felt very overwhelmed and a bit adrift with it all and I struggled getting my head around 'setting up' a life again after just 'packing one up'!(no house, no car, no job etc) Also I had some quite emotional days when I first got back as family n friends really rallied round and I realised just how much family stuff I had missed out on and you have to somehow get over that and acknowledge that the huge effort it took to pack up that life in Oz and start again here is now more than richly rewarded with the fact that there will be no more empty chairs and that is a priceless feeling. Always keep in mind when it all seems too much that you have done this because you were not completely happy with the life down under. Brill to have experienced it but now time for the next chapter which will be rich and full as we indeed still have the most beautiful country here. Do not entertain the 'why on earth have you come back here' brigade - they will never understand so not worth effort of trying to explain. Remember they have lived through some pretty rough times here and so cannot understand that we are coming back to it but we have not lived through it so are not down by it. Plus we see things much differently as we can appreciate the simple stuff they take for granted - like green hills, running woodland streams and land we can roam on with our dogs! Sadie the springer has discovered rabbits and is fitter than she has ever been! Our lives are so full now even though we are far from fully settled (still renting pending house purchase so not unpacked everything yet ) -but there is so much more choice of places to go and people to keep catching up with We have both found work and although we wont be as well off financially as we were in Oz we are richer in love and life being surrounded by our wonderful families and friends and exploring our homeland again. Yes, the soul is soothed! I could go on and on but I hope this has helped..... I am happy to fill in any gaps for anyone on any topic in particular (yes of course I have had some 'what the' days but not many!)....just ask and I will be honest To all of you who are on your way - good luck , you have been missed by many and get ready to explore!:wink:
  17. PommyPaul

    Australia feeling like home

    When did it start to feel like home to you? i've noticed recently, well it kinda crept up on me, that aus feels totally like home to me now and the uk feels like a foreign country, everything in aus just feels nice, comfy and normal but the motherland really feels like another world, took my around 2 years ai reckon, just over
  18. Guest

    Feeling Terrible

    Hi All, Well, we collected our 3 beautiful dogs this morning (to bring them to airport for their flight to Oz) from the kennels where they have been for the last 3 weeks as we moved out of our house into a rent until we depart this Thursdy, and rental we are in couldnt take dogs. They have been happy there, and very well looked after, guy who owns the kennel kept them in the house with his own dogs so they got to sleep by the fire just like at home :smile: But I got a bit of a shock, Spike, the staffy has lost weight maybe from fretting? and even tho I know he is ok, it really really upset me. We arrived at Dublin airport at 7am this morning and took them for a big long walk to calm them down before the first leg of the flight to Heathrow. Man arrives to put them in crates and the howling was just soul destroying.. but I knew they would do that and they will be ok. However, company we used seems to have given me incorrect times of flights :no: Long story short, they arrived in Heathrow at 2pm today and not flying out to Melbourne til 10pm tonight. I did not know they would be held in Heathrow that long. Im distraught and sick with worry, particularly about Spike. On the up side, I have enquired more about where they will be, and it seems the animal holding area is very nice, staff are nice and they will be let out of crates, walked and fed before there crates are sealed again. Im very disapointed with the company we used.. dont want to say too much about them on here, but exporting animals from Ireland seems to be a whole different ball game than from the UK. I expected things to be different for the price we paid, and now I am sick with worry about such a long long journey being even longer :cry: Has anyone any experience of the holding area in Heathrow, or of sensitive staffys holding up in quarantine? I cant beleieve he lost weight in the last few days (we have been visiting very regular) he has been fine up to last few days, or so I thought.. what if he wont eat in quarantine??? I feel like such a bad dog owner :sad: he is my absolute best friend and I love him so much. Sorry to be so soppy. Steph
  19. Hey everyone A few years ago I had a dream of going to Oz, then a couple of years ago applied for a visa (hairdresser) yet because I'm self employed, that wouldn't count. Bummer. Putting that on the back burner, we decided to start enjoying life in Kent. We have a nice life and we are happy. Yet this "calling" feeling that Oz is our place to be. Like everyone, we work really hard and don't have enough family time yet the money seems to dissapear anyway! Thinking ahead to retirement I quite fancy sitting near my pool with a book, in a nice house with a quality to life which I'm not sure I will find in the UK. My parents sit and watch Countdown, Deal or no deal, all the soaps etc and their bodies are not thanking them for it. We love the outdoor life, hubby especially. He works for BT in Telecomms industry and he is hoping to see if he could get a position with them in Oz, tho I think this will have to be in the east, I have a feeling there is no BT in WA. We have 11 year old twins who are marvellously excited! Doing the initial assesment online was a hit using my husbands job only and we are awaiting a phone call from imiigration to discuss this. I have a real feeling we will go. A nice feeling. Scary tho! We are off to the Expo this sunday to try and find out more! I would appreciate any help or advice, there is so much I don;t know yet despite trawling the net and watching hours of you tube! LOL:biglaugh: When do you actually feel like you have made a decision 100%? I feel like I want that to happen, find where we want to go and research accordingly. Then earn shed loads to pay everything off here and take some with us! Hello, by the way, I'm Bubs x
  20. Guest

    Feeling a bit strange

    We fly on 26 October to Perth (under 2 weeks now!!!) and people keep saying that I/we must be getting excited. Thats the problem - I don't think I am. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to going and starting our new life but can't seem to get "in the mood". My husband works away and is not home until 21 so I have been sorting out all the small things, like hair appointments, leaving presents,etc. All the other things were organised and sorted before he went. I am going between being bored to getting stressed for no reason - feels strange. Close family and friends are quite upset that we are going and I think this is possibly the reason I cant get excited. I dont want to appear to be glad I am leaving. Does this make sense? I/we have had a few get togethers (dinner, lunches etc) with more to come and some tears but I don't think reality has kicked in yet. Will it? We are still trying to find a buyer or tennant for our house but would be alright leaving it empty for a while if necessary. We lost £1000 to Crown Currency when they went bust last week but that will take care of itself - nothing we can really do unfortunately. I have just been "oh well" about it. I am a "get up and get it done " practical person so I am hoping that once everything is sorted and we are sitting in our limo to take us to the airport I can then relax a little and say "horaay lets go and start our new adventure" I am beginning to feel as though I am missing out somehow on this whole experience. Mandy
  21. I am seriously thinking about moving back to Canada, after almost 2 years in Perth. With my OH's job situation (or rather lack of job), it really is starting to have a huge effect on our family. My daughter was in tears this morning, and has a rash all over due to stress (poor thing is not even 17 yet... such alot to bear). Myself, am not only stressed at home but also at work, working for DCP leads me to see the worst of people.. and yesterday I got called a dog C**t, not exactly what I want to hear at work. OH can't even qualify for Newstart Benefits, due to me earning just above the povety level. He can't even go back on the tools here, as he is a sheet metal mechanic, and installed duct work in Canada and is not qualified as an Air Conditioning worker. I have no family here and very few friends and just feel so lonely and at my wits end. I am trying to remain positive for the sake of my OH, however, some days it is harder to keep up the charade than others. Even for work, trying to keep up the charade that you are happy and everything is well is getting harder by the day. One of the reasons for our move to Australia, was that my OH kept getting laid off during the winter back in Canada as he was considered in the construction field. I have spent 18 years dealing with job losses with him, and was looking forward to a fresh start here in Australia, well obviously, that hasn't happened, as he is out of work again. I just feel that if I move back to Canada, at least I will have family and friends around, and I know that I can get a job back there no problem. And before anybody says that we are better off staying here, sunshine does not put food on the table, feeling alone with no family around does not go away. The lucky country might be good for some, but alas for us it has not been. Cheers Karen
  22. Just got back from dropping my eldest off at her boyfriends and a report on the radio was discussing where we 'may' be in around 100 - 200 years time. There are reports that robots will do most of our domestic chores, a flight to New York could take as little as 15 minutes, (that would make Australia around 40 minutes, but I bet your luggage still gets lost, :biglaugh::mad:.) You will be able to transport yourself to any where in history, in a 3D type of way, and it will feel as if you are really there, you will be able to programme super dooper cookers that will get your meal ready before you arrive home from work, (if robots haven't already got your job.) The list was truly endless, really was. Whilst I realise that a lot of these inventions 'could' make our lives a lot easier aren't they taking away what it means to be a 'Human Being' you know interaction, meeting other people, adventure, mistakes, in fact many positives and indeed negatives that make us what we are today. I'm not old fashioned, but I fear the world we 'may' inhabit will become a little too 'easy', and take away a lot of what makes us 'people'. I'm now 47, if it continues in this vein you will find me and the better half sitting in our little seaside bungalow in Palm Cove with the batons well and truly nailed down refusing to acknowledge that the world I once new had changed so radically. I may venture out now and again to do a spot of fishing, (if a bloody robot isn't already doing it for me, :mad:) but I will for all intents and purposes 'hide' myself away.:chatterbox::wink:
  23. Dancingsanta

    Feeling the strain!

    Anyone else feeling the strain! Moved to Sunshine Coast 5 weeks ago and still haven't managed to settle. We can't find jobs and have yet to meet anyone as we're not doing anything, just sitting on the computer applying for jobs. We are very active people but haven't managed to join any clubs/classes of any sort as we are running out of money and it's just getting a bit too heavy! Did anyone have this feeling and can you say whether is will pass. Please someone write something that will cheer me up and give me some hope that it was all worth it :arghh:
  24. Hi All We just moved to Sydney a week ago. Originally from Hungary but the last 5 and half years we lived in Sheffield - UK. My OH is working most of the day, as I dont know anyone here I feel a bit lonely. I already miss Sheffield and my friend over there. Anyone feel the same? I love to meet up for a coffee. I am 29, we are living very close to the city. Many Thanks Em
  25. Hey, I am a backpacker and been in melb for about 9 months. Everyone I have meet has left and I am now living in a house iwth an ausie. Its ok but I have only a small number of friends. I am temping at the moment but have now work but I have another job so its ok. I just dont tend to meet a lot of other people at my job, tend to be asian. Any ideas?