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Found 27 results

  1. Hi, I am looking forward to employ AIVES as my migration agent. The person who head the firm,also a MARA agent, named Rasheed Backer. Could anyone give me positive/negative about them. They have office in Oz,India and UAE. Any feedback will help me a lot. Cheers Mandhani
  2. Our belongings have just arrived from Sydney and I thought I would share our experience as we were looking for similar information when we were planning our move from London. We were hesitating between a number of 'traditional' removal companies (think Anglo Pacific, PSS etc) and Movecube (which seemed like a great; we went with Doree Bonner at the end as the communication was clear, easy (trust me I had LOTS of questions - and was very stressed as we had to organise the pick up 10 days after our booking) and reassuring. The quote was similar to what we had elsewhere. Summary of our experience below: While we read about unexpected costs appearing out of nowhere, the only additional costs were a very small admin fee and insurances. Most of them we didn't need (e.g bad weather - it's worth asking for details) and we ended up booking the only insurance we really needed (marine) with Letton Percival. As soon as the movers came to pick up our belongings we realised we made the right decision vs a Movecube. The Movecube wasn't that much cheaper and would have been a lot more stressful as self packed. The movers were really professional, friendly and quick - and turns out also efficient. As... Our belongings arrived 3 months after we arrived. We knew this was the sort of timeline (2.5 to 3 months) we were looking at - so no big surprise there. Everything made it in one piece (including my extensive collection of glasswear and a big mirror). We still need to test a couple of speakers but in the great realm of things we are extremely happy with the state of our goods. And we didn't have to pay any quarantine fee, which was a great surprise as the Australian borders can be tricky. It's important to keep in mind Doree Bonner (as I am guessing most companies) work with a local company to deliver the goods to the final destination. We found them slightly frustrating to work with but the movers were once again very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend Doree Bonner and use them again in the future.
  3. Guest

    Agent Review

    Hi, Happened to see a couple of threads from folks who are having all manner of troubles with their agent. Got me wondering if we could have a thread on here for each agent we have experience with and what the experience has been like. If the agent is on here, they could respond as well. Kind of like trip advisor but for MARA agents. It would really help in terms of agent selection and maybe even make them more accountable. Not sure about the etiquettes and legalities of this. Perhaps the mods could pitch in there.
  4. Am currently deciding between these two as they were the two companies I found at the recent Expo in London. I am a bit concerned about all the comments on this forum about companies with hugely delayed shipments, lost containers, broken possessions.... but (understandably) no names!! Makes it very hard to separate the good guys from the bad. I'd be really grateful if people could send me feedback on both PSS or Anglo Pacific, if they have any experiences with them, if you've heard whether they are good or bad... if you have negative feedback please feel free to PM me with the info ! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone going through the same choices x
  5. "Hi Bowen Thanks for your assistance in this. So far, the response has been compelling, so we expect to meet with legal counsel early next week to discuss strategy. A number of applicants have raised some valid questions, and we will be discussing these questions with counsel. We hope to respond to these soon after. Please encourage the G4/G5ers to keep sending their scenarios in. Many thanks again David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent P:03 9940 1538 F:03 9940 1456" source:http://g4online.org/legal-action-process-feedback-david-harvey
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking around for agents and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the ASA Group? Would you be interested in your experiences... Thanks Stuart
  7. Dear All, Looking forward for your valuable feedback on Preston or Brunswick suburb, could you please shed some light on house, units, schools, shopping centers and community center in these places. Regards Jaffar
  8. IELTS result L & R: 7.5 , W: 5.5 , S: 8 I was disappointed with the writing score because I am sure I did very well.. Anyway I need minimum 6 Can you please advice me what to do??? Appeal and wait or register again and wait?? in both cases it will take minimum 6 weeks..
  9. Hello all I'm starting this post as I really need help and advice. I sat on this website and another one last night reading horror stories and posts about finance issues in OZ...one whole thread of people saying don't do it, you will be left in financial ruin. Our position - we are 30/31, just married, just sold our house in the Scottish Highlands and are about 25K up after the sale (not something many people can say now eh?). My contract for my job finished in May and my hubby is a self employed Plumber, but still finding it hard. We have state sponsorship from Victoria pending a positive skills test result. We would then be in category 2 and as things are at the moment, would perhaps even get our visa before Christmas. We are at the point now where we have to send off this skills test application as we only have a set time to get this to Victoria to confirm their sponsorship. As some of you know this cost is really high - $2400. So this is the start of our costs and before we fork this out I want to be sure. We travelled the world in 2008/09 and we cannot settle here in Scotland, it's remote, cold and not much going on with employment almost non existent. I'm not sure if we were in the South whether we would feel differently. We are up for a challenge and like doing new things so wanted to emigrate for a better way of life. OZ, Canada and USA were on the cards. Can't get in to USA, Canada annual leave puts me off so we decided on OZ. We worked out that between us we can prob earn 100K - would this really be a struggle? My main concern is that after being there a few years we would want to start a family and so would be reduced to one wage, perhaps 60K then if hubby has got his plumbing licence. I'd want to go back to work but I see child care costs are high also. Do we also really need private medical insurance? I was treated while in OZ when travelling and all seemed okay with their public hospitals? I went online to Cole's to see if I could get a rough estimate for shopping and it didn't seem as bad as some say, especially if you go for own brand rather than the brands we know and love. At such a crucial point in our lives I don't want to make the wrong move and end up back here in a few years, with no money, starting again having not started a family. Any help or breakdown of figures would be helpful xx:arghh:
  10. Good afternoon everyone I understand, according to the Skilled Occupation List, that Veterinarians are in need down under. My girlfriend is a Veterinarian Nurse and I was therefore wondering whether her occupation is needed down under? The Skilled Occupation List strictly says 'Veterinarian' but a 'Veterinarian Nurse' nearly does, and most can do the exact same job as a Veterinarian. If anyone could point me in the right direction or clear this up for me I would be a very happy chappy. Thanks Scott
  11. Hi all, Finally received the golden email from our migration agent this Friday...All done, GOT our PR!!!!!!. Now just need to leave the country & get the PR stamped. Though I have not been posting here frequently but I have been following this Forum & more so CAT 3 thread on a weekly basis & I must admit it helps a lot. I applied on 4th DEC 2008, got CO on 29th OCT 2010, finally PR on 10th March 2011. Also our migration Agent , George Lombard, have been great throughout the visa application process & I would highly recommend him to anyone on the lookout for an immigration agent. Never at all have any communication been delayed from their end & I have always got answers to all my queries almost within hours & sometimes almost instantly, along with their really professional & helpful advice. They have a very thorough process wherein all the required documents both for ACS & PR were added to these applications upfront & never at all CO requested anything other than our VISA medicals. I must say that I 'am very impressed & satisfied. Also I know a lot of my friends who applied their PR through George & all of them were very satisfied by their services. They have a very transparent visa application process & very friendly immigration expert team & guide through from filing the PR to getting Meds, PCC ,IETLS, ACS etc. All the very best to everyone on POMSINOZ...........
  12. Hi All I'm new to PIO and have just introduced myself on the welcome page., so this is officially my second post. In short we have been talking about a move to Oz since 1997 when we lived in Melbourne briefly. We always talked about going back to VIC because we loved it but as we have started the discussions again we seem to be moving away from VIC and looking more a QLD. This is in response to reviewing so many positive posts about the QLD coast and areas. I'm a nurse and my OH is a doctor. We have three children, boy 8yrs, girl 7yrs boy 6mths. In short we had stopped talking about a move after our first born but the changing economic climate in the NHS combined with my maternity leave (idle hands) has refocused us a little. We would be looking at a employer sponsored visa if OH secured a post. We are keen to get him the right job and so have been looking at hospital profiles in and around the Brissie/gold and sunshine area. We noted that Namboura General is a good size (for Oz), and wondered if anyone has any feedback on the hospital and it's services as either a patient or employee? I note its a public hospital and it seems from alot of the threads that many of the hospital workers seem to favour public to private healthcare to work in (though that's just a general observation of the discussions and it seems to be a debateable issue). Any comments, feedback would be greatfully received. Cheers :biggrin:
  13. Any proffesionals / agents / indivuals had any official feedback when they are expecting the QUEENSLAND SMP to go live? Days / Weeks / Months / Years / Decades / Centuries / .... Light Years.:SLEEP: :hug:Lets see if we can piece it together with our collated infomation.:hug:
  14. Hi, I have applied for my brother (who is currently staying in Bangladesh) on 13/01/2009 under subclass 175 (online application). He had 125 points. His ASCO code 2129-13. It seems like they are not processing subclass 175 at this moment. One my friend told me that I made a mistake, if I would apply under subclass 176 (sponsor him), he would get it by this time. I want to know: Is it possible to change from 175 to 176? When I checked the status of the online application, it says "Application received - processing commenced". I have submitted all the scan copies of the required documents. But when I click on "Document checklist" it shows "required" next to all required documents. I don't understand. Nobody contacted me from the department. Do I have to contact them and ask about it? Do you guys have any idea when they will start processing subclass 175? Is there anything I can do to make the process quicker? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all, sorry to confuffled everyone as i just posted about getting negative feedback last nite! But as i typed that Jamie recieved an email from the lady at Gold Coast City Council to say that YES they will consider ENS for outstanding candidates because of the costs involved. But she also stated last nite they are struggling to fill these positions! She said in her email she urges Jamie to apply for the job and that if he gets shortlisted she will then discuss visas!!! Trying right now not to wee myself with excitment!!:jiggy::jiggy:
  16. Hi All, Me, my wife and baby girl are in the process of forcing ourselves to make the scary leap through clouds of fear (in the form of leaving elderly parents behind, steady full time job, part time business, unsold house etc etc) before our residence VISA's expire in January 2010, and we loose the chance of a lifetime. Also, since we have not had time to sell our house in the UK yet we only have a small amount of cash to invest etc. Anyway, this is my strategy at the moment:- 1) First try:- start off renting a place to stay in Melbourne and try to find a regular job there (im a Software Engineer). If I get a pucker job then hey presto, we can apply for a house Mortgage and stay there and see if we can settle ok. 2) Secondly, if I don't get a job, or see no interest or interviews within six/eight weeks and our small amount of money will not last forever, then im thinking that we should buy a small business (I currently also run a part time gym/martial arts academy in the UK), either with attached accommodation via some kind of commercial Mortgage(??), OR buy a very cheap business and continue to rent accommodation until we can prove a regular income to the mortgage people. Also, considering our resources, im thinking that it will be harder to afford a business and rental accom in Melbourne, SO im thinking that it will be an attractive option to head for the regions ie south Gippsland perhaps, where we can hopefully afford a small business easier. Also I quite like the sound of the out of town location, and when we visited Melbourne earlier this year for fact finding I found the Melbourne traffic way worse than expected. What do you reckon ? All comments and ideas would be gratefully received please please please ! Thanks, Darren.
  17. Hi, does anyone know anything about the following Sydney schools? we are applying for these at the moment but have no idea what the local feedback is or other parents feedback is: If you have any feedback or experience with dealing with these schools we would appreciate it if you could share it. Loretto Kirribilli -primary and secondary private- very very hard to get in waiting lists until 2019!! Does anyone know anyone who got in? and how?? Queenwood-Mosman primary and secondary private seems very good they say we might get a place? Kincoppal Rose Bay they say they can offer both kids a place, not confirmed officially yet but it gives us an option,problem is we don't want to live in the Eastern suburbs. Redlands Cremone- primary and secondary private waiting to hear back if they can take us in the years we need. Has reputation for taking ex-pats but? thanks:err:
  18. Guest

    ERP- MBA : Feedback needed

    Hi, I am planning to do MBA -Specilization in ERP from victoria university. My background is BE -Pune University - Printing Engineering (non ICT) -2001 Passout SAP Certification - SAP Sales and Distribution - 2007 Aug Total Experience - 7.4 Yrs Sales and tech Services-Domain / Non IT experience - 5.6Yrs SAP Experience - 1.8Yrs I would like to know - 1. How is this MBA -Specialization ERP from Job prospects pint of view? 2. After completing MBA with my experience will I have an advantage for gettting a Job? 3. If I complete MBA by 2012, i will be 33Yrs, will age become bit problematic for getting PR? My wife has following backgroud- BE -Pune University - Printing Engineering (non ICT)-2000 Passout SAP Certification - SAP Production Planning- 2006 Sept Total Experience - 8.7 Yrs Sales and tech Services-Domain / Non IT experience - 6Yrs SAP Experience - 2.7Yrs If she comes as a dependant on my student visa 1. How many hours she will be eligible to work? 2. Will she get a job in SAP field with her expereince? 3. what are the starting packages in SAP field? Just if any body has idea. Thanks, Prashant
  19. Hi! I've now been here in Melbourne for a whole 10 days and loving it! So Much to sort out though.... My husband's employer is providing some property search assistance from Wridgways, so I've been steered towards the north eastern/eastern suburbs and particularly Templestowe & Heidelberg. Anyone able to offer any thoughts or feedback about the areas. The short couple of visits I've had up there certainly feel good, especially as I have a 3 year old and I think there are plenty of facilities around there to keep her amused. Are there any other members up that way??? Thanks, Lisa
  20. G'day! I am a policeman in the UK and am thinking of applying for a transfer to western Australia. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has transferred and what their views were on the job down under and life in general? I'm a bit concerned about the way things seem to be going in the UK and as I have no ties here am wondering if Perth/western Oz might have a better future and be a better place to raise a family? The only concern I have about leaving the UK is for my parents, if anything was tohappen to them while I was away it would be really hard to deal with the guilt. I'm sure others have faced a similar dilema so some feedback on this issue would be great. Thanks in advance Tony
  21. hi everyone, we been in perth now for 2 years, and are in the process of applying for permenent residency. Luckily his work have agreed to sponsor us on a 856 visa, this makes it much quicker and cheaper for us. His work got a letter yesterday to say the nomination has been received on 6 Nov but most are taking 3-4 months to be completed, arghhh just for the nomination. It has already been sent for initital assessment so im hoping it will be done quickly. As long as its approved by mid jan that should be fine as im pregnant and not due till then, so we cant do our application till then anyway, but the quicker its approved we can at least get our application ready and police checks done. tracy xxxxxx
  22. Guest

    House Selling and EA feedback

    Just wanted to pop this little thread on here as I had such a laugh the other day...we had an Indian family come to see the house last week and they bought the WHOLE family to view, have you ever tried to show your house to buyers when there are 10 people to show round.....its a 3 bedroom house for goodness sake and i had such a laugh trying to even get into the rooms lol lol...and the feedback was........" it was decorated to nicely ":biglaugh: oh well onto the next ones !!!!!
  23. Guest

    Positive Feedback

    Just been having a chat with a real life Australian! Met a woman from daughter's school who's over here from Perth (3yrs now). She's lived in QLD but lives in Perth. She was sssooo friendly. Told me how fab Oz is, how beautiful Perth is. She misses it cos it's such a wonderful place and going home soon. Assured me spiders are not an issue and makes her laugh how much we 'poms' worry about them! I came away more excited and positive than ever. Only negative point was her missing her family back home so much. Made we wonder if after a couple of years I'd be needing to come back...
  24. Hi all Well after what feels like forever we recieved an email from our agent this morning regarding the state of play with our file. NOW before you all get very excited and start jumping around the news we recieved was as clear as MUD!!!! We have been waiting since Nov 07 for a decision about our visa, they in return for this very valuable information wanted us to jump through hoops and obtain MORE info..... SO okey we thought we will do this and sent it off straight away... more hoops jumped.... The news is thus....... our file is now being despatched to a DECISION MAKER!!!!!! AND as there is a very long backlog for these poor Decision makers, bogged down with lots of files from inconsiderate people like ourselves trying to get a better life for one and family, we have another long and painful wait before we get our final answer..................... OH GOODY!!!!!:arghh: SO the good people of PIO I NEED COMFORTING (or a bottle or 2 of wine will do the same job) is anyone else in this situation or been there..... Tracey xx
  25. We are about to apply to Vetassess for TRA. OH is a plumber so was wondering if anyone has any feedback who has already taken the practical exam and what it entailed. If you have any information as to how long it took to get confirmation of the paper based assessment. Any information greatly appreciated. Regards Gillygoodles