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Found 16 results

  1. pete2011

    Australian Federal Police check

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to get an Australian Federal Police Check from the UK ?:jiggy:
  2. Hi, I am aware there are a few topics on this subject but none of them actually contain an actual answer. I am currently in the UK but have been in Oz for a few years previous and a new job requires me to have a Police Check from my time overseas. I'm applying for an National Police Check (NPC) from then Australian Federal Police. I have just had my fingerprints taken by my local police station. Now I need to send them off but the issue I'm facing is payment, it has to be a cheque or money order but... "Any cheques must be from an Australian Bank or a bank that is affiliated with an Australian bank" "Payment must be in $AUD" This is causing me a lot of problems. I've been down my high street and basically no banks seem to be affiliated with aussie banks or have any idea how to do it. (I haven't tired HSBC yet they shut early but will in the morning) Surely someone has done this before and how did they go about it? Thanks, Si
  3. Hi Our only outstanding "Required" bit on ur Visas with the exception of our Medical results (uploaded this week hopefully) is the "Australian Federal Police (AFP) certificate" now we have not lived in oz at all so believe they are not required, is it safe to ignore this requirement and do we have to inform our CO that we havent lived in Oz ? Cheers Jess and Matt
  4. cat4er

    Federal Budget 2011

    Do you know any information regarding immigration intake in 2011-12? Any numbers with references will be appreciated!
  5. What is the process for getting Federal Police Clearance? I have read of some people just going to their local cop shop who sorted it all but after discussing it with a friend they said they had to download forms from the internet, go through some process at the local cop shop and then send the whole lot off to Canberra. I am now totally confused and dont want to apply for the wrong certificate etc. So any advice as to what the correct process is for the 887 visa? and what exactly is it that one is applying for - seems there is a National Police Clearance and Federal Police Clearance (or are these the same??).
  6. Hi all, I just got this message from VIC (my emphasis): Due to the forthcoming federal election in Australia, the Victorian Government State Migration Plan will be implemented no earlier than 1 September 2010. Once the plan is implemented, the new sponsorship eligibility list for skilled migrants and full details will be made available on our website: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au. Only occupations included on Victoria’s skilled sponsorship eligibility list will be considered for nomination. Note that applications for business visa sponsorship are still being accepted. Regards Peter
  7. Hello All, If anyone has had the same experience please advise: When I lodged the application for 885 (onshore PR), I was supposed to have applied for the AFP from Canberra but instead I got a 'national police check' from South Australia. I heard from someone about the 'Schedule 1' documents which must be lodged by the time of the PR application. I wonder if using a 'national police certificate' issued by South Australian police will invalidate the whole PR application? Thank you, Charlee:shocked:
  8. Caretaker period leading up to the Federal election On 17 July 2010, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, announced that a federal election would be conducted on 21 August 2010 and as such the Australian Government has assumed a caretaker role. Guidance on caretaker conventions is available from Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website. See: Guidelines and Procedures
  9. Australia will have a federal election on August 21.
  10. Hi can anyone tell me how long does it take aus federal police verification i did it 2 weeks ago and sent forms to canberra and havent recieved yet,,, applying for 885 visa on 14th june just before implementation of new sol..can i apply without afp verification replies will be appreciated k.sandhu
  11. Hi Was wondering if the AFP will accept demand drafts from overseas? National Police Checks - AFP In the above website, they mentioned this, Make the cheque or money order payable to the Australian Federal Police.
  12. Hi, I am applying for my AFP check and notice you need payment by cheque from an Aussie bank or a bank affiliated with Aussie. How did others out there make their payment? We have a commonwealth bank account in Australia, but wawiting their reply on whether they will issue a cheque for us. Any help and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Rache
  13. This is an update from the MIA: Form 1101 is no longer to be used, and the new form - available at: http://www.afp.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/90643/NPC-Application_form.pdf - is to be used from now on. Apparently the AFP will accept the old Form 1101 for a while longer, but this is only so that any old forms that have been signed already and/or posted already can be processed. As for completing the forms, when completing the new National Police Check Application Form you should ensure that for Question 4 (Purpose of NPC) on page 2 you enter the number 33. Code 33 is the correct code for Immigration/Citizenship. Applications will not be processed without that code number. Fingerprints are not required. More information can be found here: National Police Checks - AFP Cheers, Veronika
  14. This has been around before but its so funny I had to post it
  15. Guest

    Federal Police Checks!!!!!!!

    :wacko: Please can anyone help with this question regarding permanent residency!!!!!!!!!!. How detailed is the Australian Police check for permanent migration. How does it differ from standard police checks? Does it go back more than ten years? Do they also do detailed checks on persons status, financial details, work history. How detailed is it? Do they use Big brother computer links etc. There is an application form I know but any additional information about where they source their information would be greatly appreciated I dont have a police record but need to know the information Regards November
  16. THE MIGRANT WHO CHANGED THE TIDE OF THE FEDERAL ELECTION Mr. Bob Burgess, the would-be politician whose racist remarks have embarrassingly turned the tide against his own party in the Federal Election, is the same man who once came up with a radical answer to coconuts falling on the heads of picnickers in the parks of Cairns, where he is a city alderman. He suggested - seriously - that the Cairns City Council should employ trained monkeys to shin up the coconut trees and toss the nuts down to waiting council workers. Having had that idea ignored, bearded, British-born Bob has now handed thousands of potential votes to his delighted opposition Labor Party, calling Australian citizenship ceremonies ‘de-wogging’ events. In one stroke he introduced racism as an issue, hard on the heels of another British migrant, Labor’s own Graeme Campbell. Campbell’s outspoken views on multiculturalism earned him the sack by Labor’s Prime Minister Keating and now he is standing as an Independent. The National Party’s Burgess should - urges Keating - have the same fate, but so far he has had only a mild rebuke from his rather angry Leader. Burgess, who speaks in a cowboy drawl peppered with laughter, made things even worse by giving his opinions on handouts to Aboriginal and Islander communities. If funding was reduced, he said, the only organisations to suffer would be hotels, betting shops and Toyota. It earned him a public snub from Opposition Leader John Howard, who arrived in Burgess’s home-town, Cairns, and refused Bob Burgess’s outstretched hand. Howard went on to say: "He is not my candidate and won’t win the seat." Burgess was unfazed. (He claimed Coalition Leader Howard realised there was a "silent majority" of Australians who shared his views). As the National’s candidate for the sprawling seat of Leichhardt, Bob Burgess had gone on to talk to the travelling media caravan about women. He said he thought it was "rubbish" that women should have an equal share of seats in parliament just because they added up to 50% of the population. ‘What a load of absolute BS that is - the real men of Australia care about their women, they care about their issues and worries, they share their pain.’ I knew Bob Burgess as a young radio disc-jockey who worked hard for 13 years on tropical Cairns’ radio station 4CA, ("for twopence halfpenny" as he now says), peppering his shifts at the microphone with talk-back, his own sometimes zany opinions, studio interviews, poetry-reading and music, much of it country. He also plays the guitar, but not well, delights in passing on his homespun philosophy and often bemuses fellow city aldermen with his somewhat eccentric ideas to improve life in the city. If he gets into Parliament and has to quit the Cairns City Council, a dozen aspiring alderpersons are queuing for the required election in his Division. Bob says he is a deeply concerned Christian, but abhors the concept "born again". ‘I have been a committed Christian since the age of seven,’ he said to me. I wondered what it felt like to have turned the campaign - almost-single-handedly - against his own party? ‘Well of course it is a responsibility. But I don’t want to add any further fuel to the fire. I am happy to talk to you about the future of the Cape York Peninsula, its possibilities; and about the real issues in Australia. But any kind of profile about me is likely to have pieces taken out of it by other people and twisted to their own political agenda; that’s the way it is; that is part of the game." As if Burgess’s "de-wogging" jibe hadn’t done enough damage to the Opposition parties pushing to defeat Prime Minister Keating, a politician from their own camp then weighed in to defend him - and talked about "slanty-eyed ideologues" in the Green Movement. Bob Katter, National MP for Kennedy tried to explain later that his remark was a reference to zealots "whose eyes narrow and lips tighten", but even though he apologised, the double-whammy damage had been done. Bob Katter has also been dubbed as eccentric by his opponents, as a "loon" by others, and most commonly, a maverick. When he was in trouble with his leadership on another occasion he said "maverick" actually hurt him. ‘Most certainly. The leadership of the Liberal Party and the National Party have done their level best to paint me into that corner. They have used the term continuously to write me off. But I have very strong ideas on how the country needs to be - and must be - changed in direction.’ Racism is the last issue Opposition Leader Howard wanted to be raised in the campaign. He is still deeply sensitive about the damage caused when it exploded around his head once before; he has spent a decade trying to live down his comments on Asian migration; he had suggested it might need reducing.