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Found 43 results

  1. laurajanette

    Fed up

    Hi Everybody Am just feeling a little bit fed up with whole oz application process. I have just resat my ielts exam for the second time, and have no idea how i have done. To be honest i am pretty deflated about the whole thing and am finding it hard to find the enthusiasm to carry on. Please could someone give me some nice words of encouragement?? The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away.:sad::sad:
  2. You know satire is on it's way out when our sleaze-ridden MPS can keep a straight face while lambasting this phone hacking scandal. Hello Mr Pot, have you met Mr Kettle? Perhaps we could take the self-righteous posturing of the supposed joke of honourable members a little more seriously if they were not – to a man and woman – snout deep in the turgid trough of parliamentary expenses.....pathetic bunch of _
  3. I used to come on this site all the time every day all day x before during and after x moving to oz and wanted to post more !!!! but made some amazing friends on the way !! to have to send out 45 invites for my birthday party to people i have met and people that i have met throu pio and even people that i couldnt invite as a bit to far !!! lol kate, sue,wendy and many more xxxx xxxxxx and given my experiences, welcome new poeple , WE are all in the same boat !!!! have a laugh on chewing the fat x BUT why is it everytime i log on someone is actually being attacked for wot they think !!! ITS your life !!! we are on a roller coaster make your life great SO STOP X just cause people think oz is great x some dont x or rather its the area they live in or county they live in ! oz is huge and for people to comment on other peoples experiences is just plain dumb !!! i could say omg its hot in brisbane !!!! or cold in hobart or adeliade but roasting in perth !!!! the uk fits into victoria on the map !!!!! so stop having a go at the whole of europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeh i am not where i want to be x but ! hopefully we dont go back ! yet ! but not easy when we are paying mortgage on family house in uk ! and melbourne isnt us !!!
  4. Guest

    fed up!

    Don't no why i'm posting really- just fed up! Haven't even started the 175 application yet but it just seems like an unbelievable hill to climb- neither of us are on the SOL, so I'm guessing from other peoples timelines we will be waiting a few years. We are trying to look for sponsorship for my OH for IT but that seems like a bit of a myth! To stumble across an IT company with a job to suit him that also want to sponsor us?! Could that really happen? The general advice seems to be that IT has alot of contracts and often seem to use agencies and dont need to look overseas for applicants. Don't know if its worth continuing with sponsorship- maybe go to Oz and try the hidden market? We cant seems to find any contacts to get us started. Or just apply for 175 and try to continue with life in UK ??:daydreaming:
  5. Guest

    Feeling fed up with oz!

    Really need to get some things off my chest as i am starting to really dislike being in oz and hope that this will make me feel better!? We (myself, husband and 3 children aged 2, 7 and 9) have been in perth now for 5 months. I know that in the grand scheme of things that is 'no time at all' but i am starting to get concerned that there is so much i dislike in that short space of time that i am never going to settle?! Hubby feels similar to me over certain things and to say we have 'up and down days' would be an understatement. It is not even that i miss family and friends so much that that's what would push me back to the uk, but i am defo finding it very hard adjust to the way things are here. One of those things is meeting people. I was thinking that i would meet people because of the children but that just dosnt seem to be happening. While i go out of my way to speak to other parents at school etc i just feel i am not getting anywhere! The schooling (in my opinion) is poor and the amount of money i have spent just to send them to state school, i may aswell have sent them to private school. I have looked round several schools and found them all to be the same. When you call into school unannouced first thing in the morning to drop something off that your 7 year old has forgotten, you dont expect to see them sat on the table in the classroom sucking a lolly (yes she was horrified when she saw me)! What is it with sweets in school here? And knowing that in the uk my two year old little lad would be going to playgroup a couple of mornings a week really gets to me, as here it's private nursery or nothing until they get to 4 (his birthday is end of december so he misses the cut off date to start kindy next year). I dont feel inclined to pay for a full day at nursery when i feel he is only ready to go for a couple of hours a day! I could rant on forever about a number of different things from the healthcare system which is a joke (and to think we slated the nhs!!) to the astronomical price of everything over here but that will only make you all think that i am just a miserable b***h, and i'm really not! We worked sooo hard to get here and the process in all took 3 years and a LOT of money so i feel that we have to make it work but at the moment it is sooo hard! Anyway thats it, rant over, thanks for reading!!:chatterbox:
  6. Hi to you all i have read this forum for many years now , and this will be the second post i have ever put on. :cute: My dilemma is my husband is now in his last two years of serving in the british army and so now we can or thought of trying to get a visa to live a new life in australia. I have read on here who were the recommended migration experts and ian harrop was one of them. My OH had a telephone conversation with ian and is now totally confused and not sure where we stand. My oh deals with telecommunications and has nvq ,s from civvie street but where we are having trouble as my oh dosen't stay within that job long as with each promotion you move on. Thus where the problem lies even though he has qualifications but where do we fit in, and as ststed you have to be in that rolle for 12 months prior to applying for avisa. Feel really fed up now :sad:not sure if our dreams are going to be squashed before we even start any paperwork., ian has said he will contact us in a week and he will spk to other people who might have other ideas.. ANY BODY HAVE ANY ADVICE :chatterbox: Am i worrying about nounthing dont want the dream to end sorry about rambling on cheers suzy :wub:
  7. twinkletoes35

    Fed up nurse job hunting

    Hi all Just need to have a five minute rant! Been looking for about two months now for an employer to sponsor me in a nursing post, having absolutely no luck. We are open to area, and having worked in various nursing roles I am not aiming for one type of post. But no luck, just got into a rut and am feeling really demotivated. Going independantly is just not an option for us. If any one has any ideas or tips would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading TT xx
  8. Guest

    Fed up electrician

    Hi , i have been in Brisbane for 3 weeks on holiday. I have a visa application lodged with the Queensland goverment ,but as we all know at the moment that could take years.I am looking for work and possible company sponsorship ,there seems to be quite alot about but soon as i mension i am from the uk, they do not seem interested. I have applied for my license and waiting for that.I have contacted alot of agencies , companies and have applied for alot of jobs online explaining my situation.I have a meeting at the Tafe college today to sort out my gap training. Is it easy for a uk electrician to get work out here? Has anyone got any suggestions ?
  9. hey Dont know if any of you other 'poms' are finding this, but i am getting increasingly frustrated with the Sydney nightlife, for a number of reasons. 'Dress codes' 'id' 'awful music' ' pretentious crowds' 'security guards fill with dellusion of grandeur' to name just a few! I have been here for around 5 years and have seldom felt satisfied the way i did in the UK with a good night out, a night that typically doesnt involve any of the above. I have been dj'ing over here for 5 years now and can hand on heart say I have found the place. So if any of you are interested in getting to know where you can have fun like back in the motherland let me know. I didnt want to use this as an opportunity to offer unsolicited ads about the night I am part but wanted to see if anyone else felt the same and wanted to know what else is out there. all the best Sean
  10. Guest

    feeling a bit fed up

    we arrrived here in october after the long sruggle and waiting four years for our daughters to finish their education. The job my husband was promised over her for two years never materialised so now on his third temp job. feeling fed up as wages are poor compared with standards of living. We though autralia was not inrecession but no overtime so things are really hard. we are poorer than in the uk. sold our four bed detached for a big loss due to recession and now find we prob wont be able to afford our own property due to increase in prices and poor wages. My husband is a skill cnc turner/ miller. So at the moment we feel a bit sad, not got any friends over here as yet, our daughter is enjoying herself so that is good. but even she is findind geting a part time job really hard even though she has years of retail experience. i am sure its because we are british. so now we have not much money to live off over here, and not enough to go back even if we wanted to. dont get me wrong we love the sun, the outdoor living, the walks along the beach, but are feeling a bit lonly and stressed, is this normal when you first get here? they tell you the skils are required as there is a shortage but when you get here there is not that many jobs? sorry for maoning
  11. Smirfyduo

    Fed up with goodbyes

    Hi everyone, I immigrated to the UK in 2003, and then to Melbourne in Feb 2009. Nearly a year in, and everything is actually going really well. We like Aus, work is.... well - another story, but it could be worse. In fact, it certainly would have been worse if we had stayed in the UK. Weather is great, and life is generally good! So why am I miserable - well my dad flew out for Christmas, and then my brother came out for a holiday in early Jan. They both left last weekend. :cry: I have immigrated twice now - and have said good bye more times than I care to remember. Why does it not seem to get any easier - in fact, this time seemed harder than ever before?? Dad is noticeably getting older - not helped by the fact that he was admitted into hospital in November, and nobody bothered to tell me?? (Didn't want to worry me.... fine, but I would rather know and make that call myself):mad: Little bro was so impressed by Aus that he wants to move out here pronto . Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be that easy, so he was just as miserable about him leaving as I was!! Anyway!! 6 weeks of dad was pretty full on - he drives me nuts - "helping" in the kitchen (looks like a war zone even if he just makes toast) "tidying" the spare room (hangs clothes on the floor and under the bed??) When I get in from a full days work, and he is jumping up ready to go out...... but now the house is just that bit too quiet. HATE good byes! When will it get easier?!?! It's almost getting to the point where I don't want anyone to visit so I don't have to say goodbye!!! Oh well - I am off to find a bottle of white and some more tissues!! Jules
  12. We are lucky I guess that we can do this, but it's now the only option for us. Hitting Oz end of Nov on a tourist visa. We'll have 3 months to secure some kind of sponsorship for one of us. I'll update as we go on this thread all the details. So far we've just emailed a bunch of agents in Oz explaining how our 176 is frozen and asked them for advice....most have asked for us to pop in for a chat (some want to charge for this 'chat') we will be keen to have a face to face agent (someone to hassle so they will want our case over and done with!!) even if it means more costs by not doing it on our own. We will probably have to go down the route of offering the potential employer that we pay for the fees involved. I'm a qualified spark (it was my job that was on the 176). OH is a hairdresser. I may have trouble due to the fact that my crappy Vetassess cert still means bugger all in the eyes of the Aus licensing departments......who'd wanna sponsor a 33yr old apprentice!! Oh well, at least we'll have an Australian Christmas! Watch this space! Woody
  13. Guest

    SO fed up.....

    Sorry guys...just wanting to vent... We came her almost 3 yrs ago.....have decided to make the move back....just struggling with the time it will take to actually get back (ie..getting jobs, accomodation bla bla bla)...Anyway, I went out on a girls night out in Brisbane on friday night and wish i'd never gone....A couple of the girls (school mums) got drunk and turned nasty...we were chatting away within the group and they started saying things like 'ignore the snobby poms opinion' (and other similar nasty comments) I got really fed up and came home.. Want to leave more than ever...I'm not stupid enough to think this this sort of thing doesn't happen everywhere...but just adds to my woes....espec when i had to face those parents yesterday morning ! YUCK My Aussie hubby just laughed it off but......:no:
  14. I daily check 'pomsinoz' and am getting more and more annoyed about the comments re us POMS.... 'Rose tinted glasses' , 'make sure you do alot of reaserch', 'poms not wanted'. For a country that is ment to be in great need of skilled workers, they are not making it appealing at all... Not only is the whole Visa process stressful and never ending, but then you hear all these comments and you really do think 'why am I putting myself and my family through it'. What the hell have they got to complain about.... We are all planning to work and not sponge, we will then pay taxes which all inturn help them and there country. Do they realize what we have all given up to be there, it's not just a whim.... Do they realize how much time, money, effort, hurt we all have to pay to get there..... And they still want us to beg on our kness to be excepted.... This is the first time I have logged a email like this, I have been so excited about my move but when I read honest questions getting ratty answers I can't help but get mad... WHY, I ask you? WHY what have we done?
  15. The wife is really miffed off and im losing faith... We applied Aug 07 on the skill path D, submitted etc and waited for the good news! 3 - 4 weeks later and £3200 in agent fee's with an absolute rip off Migration company (pm me i will tell you) the application was returned, Skill path D removed. This meant starting again from scratch and re instructing new agents because they where crap.. Waited and waited for a place on Vetassess Spent a fortune on the Vetassess and thankfully passed and resubmitted Sept 08.. New CSL introduced Jan, whoo hoo.. Sparks are on it, 176 family sponsor should be allocated case offer by end of may.. Meds and police checks done upfront Jan thinking cant be long now then BAM! All up n the air again and the CSL changed... Quickly applied State sponsor and change from 176 FS to 176 SS (No cost and its easy, need help pm me) and now waiting... Also got company applying to DIAC to sponsor me on an ENS... In the mean time thinking from the beginning that it would be minimum 12 months, we rehomed our 2 dogs which litterally ripped our hearts out, Sold the house and now renting in a different town.. Commuting to school every day and night, Wife fed up with renting and fed up with me saying " not be long now" Please please please let us be soon... Im beginning to think there is only me from Sept 07 who is still left! Good luck to everyone who is waiting to.. Pulling hair out!:arghh: Chris ps.. rant over.. Feel better now General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House sold 14.04.08 Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 – Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Medicals 12.01.09 – Frontloaded Waiting C/O and waiting, and waiting… CSL changed again ARGHHHHHHHHHHH
  16. I only applied for my visa a couple of weeks ago and I am already fed up waiting. not got S/S yet either so I could be in for a long wait. Need to take up a new hobby to take my mind off things. Any one got any suggestions.......:arghh:
  17. Hi everyone, bit of a moan really...our meds were recieved 30 March, and one of my sons had to be sent to moc, i thought it might, but that seems like ages ago and havent heard anything since, does anyone know how far they are in assessing as i'm getting no joy from them.Am starting to think something is wrong.:cry: We are paper based 175, on the csl list. Thanks. Beckyx
  18. Well, we have been here for 10 weeks tomorrow, and to be honest, I am feeling completely run down and a bit fed up. Over the past four weeks or so I have had cold after cold, after tummy bug after cold. I have a huge crop of mouth ulcers and feel pretty yuk most of the time. Our eldest daughter has been having a few toddler tantrums and our youngest has teeth coming through and now has a cold, so I have been finding it hard to cope with them, especially since oh is working long hours and occasional six day weeks. I haven't really been out much recently, partly because I feel so yuk, partly because our eldests behaviour has been awful at times, and partly because I am not sleeping properly (disturbed nights with the girls mostly) so don't feel I can concentrate to drive properly. When we first got here I threw myself in to going out and doing things, but I feel that this may have been the wrong thing to do. The kids went from having daddy home all day every day (he finished work a few weeks before we moved) to having him gone in the mornings and not home until bed time. I feel that our toddlers tantrums may be in part due to this. My mum in law went on at me every time I spoke to her about going out and meeting new people etc, but with hindsight I feel that I would have done better just getting the children in to a routine that they felt comfortable with, and just taking it easy whilst we all adjusted to life before then going out to meet people. Now I feel like I have run out of steam, and I am not sure what to do for the best. I feel so run down and under the weather, and every time I start to feel a little bit better, I get stricken with another bug. I have started to take multivits in the vain hope that they might help, but other than that I have no idea. I don't feel homesick or anything and I am happy here, but I do feel a bit isolated I suppose, but only because I haven't felt well enough to go out. I presume that I am just catching these bugs because they are new ones. No idea why no one else has been unwell though. Perhaps it is something to do with the stress involved over the past few months. Any ideas how I can make myself feel better?
  19. Guest

    fed up tradesman

    just wondering how many of us tradies on PIO have been hit by the latest application changes and how much the australian government/ vetasse / medicals etc rollercoaster have made from us so far. myself Bricklayer spent £ 4000 approx mood stressed- thinking will we ever get there, without spending more money.
  20. Hi All After waiting since 28th aug 07 for our visa & having so many false dawns; each time things seem to be picking up momentum with aug people it quickly grinds to a halt & you hear of the next reason for another delay. (last one being end of the year and visa quota possibly or not being reached!!??) Although l have seen 5 grants for Aug peeps today - l just can't find it in myself to actually believe that l might get my visa soon (ie by the end of the month) ONLY 11 MONTHS WORTH OF WAITING BY THEN!! I seem to have put up a protective barrier against getting my hopes up again (another one was while waiting for a CO - we secretly hoped we might go straight to visa granted - as they already has PCs and meds) This time rather than thinking l might get my visa, l am convinced that our CO is just going to come back and request another load of stuff, (had last lot 30.05.08)... What makes it worse (and l know how many of you are stuck trying to sell) our buyer is having their survey done in 2 days time and they will be pushing to exchange soon, which l don't know if l can make myself do before we get the s*dding visa, which l just don't even see on the horizon... And work is just pants at the moment in a big way... AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH:arghh: Had enough, do honestly sometimes wish we had never started this... AND if one more person tells me how Oz is crying out for tradesmen I WILL THUMP THEM... My rellies in Oz are incredulous that it is taking so long... Going to shut up and open a bottle now...Just had to have a bit of a rant! Mel x
  21. Well say i`m easily swayed or not but i dont know what to do! My wife has been offered a job in Townsville with a good relocation package. I have yet to find work there (gulp) but 90% of ppl are telling not to go there as its unfreindly and to far away to hot and humid, racist not a pretty place and is a bit hum drum. They are saying get to the sunshine coast like redcliffe and such where its a paradise and is part of civilisation. I thought no matter where you go in Australia its gonna be ok. I know Townsville is well up North in the tropicsbut its not that remote surely and there must be work there for me in the mining sector! There has to lots for the kids to do just the same as on the Sunshine coast as well. So why do i now feel is this the right place for us al of a sudden? I have to think of the 4 young kids i have also and will they accepted? AAhhhhh!:arghh: wish i could swing a magic wand and everything would be ok! Ahwell cheers for reading this burst of whinging
  22. We are off to Perth in Jan and this month has been a real financial strain for us with all the expenses adding up. We're in a right pickle now and are totally skint till next payday. Most of the major expenses for the move have now been paid but I'm left feeling that we may have been foolish rushing into this big move with limited financial resources. We did discuss putting it off for 6 months at the outset to allow us to save a bit more but both agreed that we didn't want to wait and just to go for it. Not feeling as positive at the minute though and wondering if I should have been more cautious. To top it off OH has gone to do a car boot today hoping to raise some much needed funds and it got rained off, he made 2 quid, lol. I am generally upbeat and positive and feel that where there's a will there's a way but should I be applying that principle to this?? Don't know what to do for the best now:cry:
  23. shazney64

    Bored, Frustrated and Fed Up!!!

    I wish we never started this chasing Oz dream. Past two years have none stop been talking about OZ OZ OZ starting to get to me now!!! Hubby has passed his paper based assessment but we just missed out the Oct date for pratical now waiting until Feb. After nearly two years waiting for permission to apply for visas feel like we have missed the boat and as a result had no life. Repairs are needed in the house, major ones eg kitchen and bathroom but we just keep saying no point as we are moving!! No point having a holiday we need the money incase we move! No point replacing Tvs incase we move, washing machines beds etc... List goes on. I read PIO daily ( Fantastic site by the way have no quarrals here) But i want to feel part of it. Getting so down with the fact by the time we can actually apply the skill list may change, ( hopefully just scaremongoring happening at the mo)then wont be bale too and its not the watsed money but the wasted years on the dream.Then it is the house prices we would have lost a lot that is if we can sell. If only the judge pulled his socks up and granted us permission a year earlier we would of been fine! Grrrrrrr Whats more is so broody just want a family but guess what there is no point if we are moving!! Why are the assessments months in between?Grrrr Im sorry rant over i want my life back! So i will have to go and start dinner lol thanks for listening. Good luck to those who have their praticals same day as hubby Feb 16th. Will keep reading your intersting posts daily looking forward to being part of some process sharon x
  24. Hello my name is Hali and I am a new member on here, although have been viewing various threads as a guest for a few weeks now. I'm 39, husband is 41, we have two gorgeous children, son of 13 and daughter of 11. Almost two years ago, purely by chance, I was at work, and my husband was off sick from work and happened to watch 'wanted down under'. When i returned from work that day, he said that he wanted to emigrate to Australia, or rather, he thought we should look into it. Well research is my middle name, so for the next couple of months, I looked into everything to do with all things OZ. Neither of our occupations are on skilled list, well my husband's is, but he needs a degree as well, which he doesn't have. To cut a long story short, he works for a major record company and applied to their Sydney office. He was offered a job there, but they wasn't prepared to transfer internally or sponsor him, so there was no way we could follow that option. Fortunately we sold our house at the right time, last October and have been renting since then, although we don't really have much equity. We have contacted many visa agencies, all of whom seem to say a different thing. At the moment we are liasing with Darrell at Thinking Australia, who seems like a great bloke, and has us in fits of laughter all the time. He seems to think our best option is to go out on a 457 and get a sponsor. It is all I think about the whole time, we so want to go, especially the way this country is going down hill, with knife crime, and the economy etc, but there are two things stopping me and I don't know what to do. The first thing is my parent, my mum had cancer last year, but has recovered well and although they live a long way from us at the moment in the west country/dorset, are trying to move nearer us in Kent, so I am now really torn! If I go to Oz I think I would feel guilty especially if my Mum got ill again.?? Secondly, although my daughter has only just started year 7, my son is in year 9 at a very good grammar school and is doing so well and is so happy there that I would be worried to move him, as they don't seem to have any comparable schools in Oz, especially in respect to grammar schools, unless you pay private. I would feel so terrible if I mucked up his education. So I am in two minds whether to wait until he has finished year 11 here, and then he could repeat yr 11 and do yr 12 in oz, or wait until he finished year 13 and did his a levels and then went when he could go to Uni in Oz, (even though he wants to go to Oxford and cambridge). At first the kids were really up to it, as they are addicted to neighbours and home and away, but now our older one, isn't so sure, as he doesn't want to start all over again!! Is there anyone, who i s in a similar position to me , or who has been or could just offer some advice please?? would really appreciate it. Thanks for listening to my very long first thread!! love halixxxx
  25. Guest

    Fed up!!!

    Hi, I must apologise before hand!!! I haven't posted in months but just feel really fed up as house been on market a year and only 1 viewer:arghh: We decided 2 years ago to start the process of applying to emmigrate to Oz. We were granted our visa in Feb this year and thought we would have been long on our way by now!!! My brother and family emmigrated in March this year and love it. My brother joined SA police, my sister in law a Private Investigator and the children asked to go to school within 3 weeks of being there!!! They originally rented and now they have bought their own house and the children are settled and today they skype'd us and I said would you come back and they said straight NO's!!!! We are so so desperate to start our new ives in Australia and have now had to book a holiday (like hundreds of others) to activate our visas. Our friends keep saying ah fantastic a holiday to Oz but to me I feel sad as I thought we would be living the dream now. I know I should be positive in thinking a holiday will be an opportunity to have a look at places we may be able to live and to meet a coulple of my brothers friends( who are electricians like my husband) who will be able to give advice etc but I can't help thinking about when we have to return to the UK knowing we could be living out there!!! Sorry to moan and I am sure lots of other people feeling this way!!!:notworthy: Chelle xxx