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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, can an anyone possibly help? $50 to you :-) Dogtainers are shipping my dogs back from perth to Manchester in February but due to EU new law someone has to travel within 5 days. Unfortunatly we are already in the uk. The person would only need to email their details to dogtainers. They would be in no way responsible for the dogs what so ever. You can travel five days before or after not the same flight even please if anyone can help please I am totally stressed I want my babies home!!! Thanks in advance xxx
  2. Hi everyone, Im flying into Melbourne on my own on the 4th of Feb 2015 and getting there on the 5th. I’m now unfortunately travelling on my own because my friend who i was meeting in Australia has let me down and decided to go back to the UK. The basic outline of what i wanted to achieve while over in Australia was to see beautiful things and meet lovely people. starting in Melbourne i wanted to work my way up the east coast like most people do (possibly flying over to tasmania while I’m there for a few days), hitchhiking if possible and living cheaply, staying in hostels or sofa surfing. i want to see as much natural beauty as I possibly can. Im up for near enough anything, camping, hiking, biking, hitchhiking, possible car rentals. I’d like to be able to meet some people in Melbourne or anywhere further along the line to make friends, hopefully travel with, because its starting to sink in that I’m travelling there on my own, and its getting very daunting haha. My budget isn’t massive, so depending on how long i decide to stay (i have a years visa) i will probably just try and travel over a couple of months up the coast. i may spend a couple of weeks working, maybe fruit picking just to get a bit of the culture in me. I hope i can get into contact with a few people in a similar situation! My names Sam Oxley and I’m a 21 year old male. i would really like to get to know some people over there or who are going over there before i get there. Private message me on here. Many thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you. Sam Oxley
  3. Hi, I know there has probably been thousands of these threads started so I apologise for reinventing the wheel :wink: We received our 176 visa in September and are flying out end of January 2012 and will be looking to rent before we decide where to buy and settle. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom as to the best places to rent? Closer to the city or a little further out maybe? We have some friends in Edgewater and was curious as to the proximity of this area to Perth city centre (I will be working in Kings Park and my husband in the Perth CBD probably). We are also coming with my mother who is on her own....wanted to make sure that she can meet up with other ladies of her age (60) so she can settle easier and quicker. Is this a good way to meet up with fellow brits? We would also like to meet other couples too when we arrive :biggrin: Thanks to all and look forward to hearing your advice
  4. Hi Guys My husband and I are emigrating to the Sunshine Coast in February 2011 (flights all booked, just waiting for the precious time to pass!) looking around the Maroochydore, Buderim and Coolum areas. Im 27 and Hubby is 29 (fancies himself as a bit of a surfer!) if anyone else is in the same boat or already living the dream and would like to keep in touch possibly meet up for a drink, coffee, bbq (anything really!) when we arrive, let me know!! :biggrin:
  5. Hi there, PLEASE NOTE: CHANGE OF VENUE TO KALINGA PARK, END OF PARK AVENUE, CLAYFIELD - Time 11am Because Suttons Beach is closed we have done a last minute change of venue. We are moving it to Kalinga Park and suggest that we set up a gazebo on a grassy area near the BBQ's, once you get there you should be able to find us fairly easily, give us a call or send us a message if you can't find us. Kalinga Park Location: end of Park Avenue, Clayfield This park is brilliant! There’s a huge sandpit, a series of Aussie tree houses, a climbing wall and fun with sounds. On weekends and after school it is buzzing with children climbing, sliding and having lots of fun. The large flat area beside the playground is perfect for parents to sit down and set up a picnic, plus there are leaf shaped tables, a few shelters and free electric barbeque facilities. Kalinga Park also has a kid-size practice bikeway, a creek complete with ducks and a nearby dog off-leash area. If you live nearby, ride your bikes along the bike path that stretches from Toombul shopping centre to Grange and beyond. If you need any more info, directions etc then just PM me and I will try to help. If you've been before then you should be able to spot us fairly easily, if not then just listen out for the English accents or a tell tale Tesco shopping bag! I'll try to remember to take ours. Hope to see you there. Sharon x
  6. Hi all We are coming to Perth in mid February 2011 on WHV and just wondered what is the best way to go about finding joinery or carpentry work? We are pretty flexible about which suburb we work and live in. Also, what is the typical hourly rate of pay for this type of work? (Fully trained joiner with 10 years experience). Many thanks
  7. Hi all Just wondering is there anyone else on here heading to Perth for the first time in the next couple of months from Northern Ireland or the Republic? Just wondering who is in the same boat as us lol
  8. Just wondered if there is anyone else who has been affected by the cancellation of the Vetassess practical in February in the UK? We now can't apply as we turn 45 at the end of May and wondered if there is anyone else in the same position? There must be another way this is completely unfair.
  9. HI, My Hubby (Bricklayer) submitted his application for State Sponsorship at the WA State Skilled Unit at SBDC in February 09, this is yet to be approved is there anyone else in the same position.
  10. If someone got approval from State 176 Sponsor visa application after February 13, 2009 and submitted his application to DIAC in March 2009, does his case would be considered on priority or it may still be placed into a queue before being assessed. Second question, Financial Capacity Declaration, does he has to show his money what is mentioned in the declarations on arrival in Australia. Thanks
  11. Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you know about a Family Fun Day being held this Saturday, February 28th, at 43 Sixth Road, Armadale, Perth from 10am-1pm. This is being hosted by 92.9FM together with My New Abode...there will be a Sausage Sizzler BBQ, bouncy castle, face painters, race car track, and the opportunity to own your first home from $1. If you don't already know this, if you have a permanent resident's visa (or are an Oz citizen), then you qualify for your first home with a $21k grant from the government...however, this is only available until June - and for brand new homes. We would love to welcome you and your family to pop in, have a sausage on us, and if you would like to find out more about the grant, and buying a new home, there will be lots of people available to assist you. Have a great day! Alyssa from My New Abode My New Abode - Get $28,000 And Savings Of Up To $4,000, Too!
  12. Can anyone shed any light on this, can any changes effect visa's already submitted ahhhhhh Im really worried my oh job is on the modl if they take it off what happens then?:confused:
  13. Legislation changes will take place on 15th Feb 2009. not sure what will be changed though. i've been looking forward on 13th Feb 2009 where DIAC stated will start to process CSL applicant. now this one pops up.. lets pray...:no: here is the link Legislation Changes for 15 February 2009
  14. My parents and three siblings live in brisbane and i am trying to get out there, I am having to wait another two years before i can apply in my own right as you need 4 yrs exp afer you have qualified, i already had a working visa 8 yrs ago and looking for a company who will sponsor me i have 5 yrs experience and currently am a manager of a salon in leeds ( U.K). I am visiting my parents for 3 weeks on the 9th of feb and would be willing to meet anyone interested in what i have to offer.I would be willing to pay all sponsorship fees etc if anyone would be willing to give me a chance. All responses welcome i know this is a long shot. Thanks
  15. Hi, Thought id share an update of our plans for heading to Brisbane. Booked flights with Singapore Airlines through Opodo - Leave Heathrow on 8th Feb. Short stopover in Changi then onwards and upwards to Brisbane - landing evening of 9th Feb. Have arranged car hire for 3 weeks - we need a large car because there are so many of us, managed to get a Kia Carnival through a company just off site of brisbane airport and saved a whopping $700 on some of the quotes I was getting. They pick us up from airport and shuttle us to car hire office 5 mins away. Have booked a really fab 5 bedroom furnished house initially just 15 mins away from where we are intending to live so at least we have somewhere to live when we arrive. I have been in contact with the longer term realestate agents in the area and they are willing to accept applications for long term rentals before we get there subject to someone looking for us on our behalf. The oh's employer is more than willing to do so, so fingers crossed we will hopefully be able to secure something before we leave, sign on the dotted line a day or so after we arrive and then have a mad dash at shopping for furnishings. So now im making lists of lists of lists of lists. Keeping going over our budgetting, hoping to god we havent missed anything. Still gotta put everything we're selling on ebay. Also got to find someone to take on our cats - very very sad about leaving them, but they are getting on - mum is 12, daughter 10 and it just wouldnt be fair to take them. Thought my mum was going to have them but my dad has flatly refused saying it will make them tied and what happens when they want to visit us in Oz. I know the cats will probably have to be split up, I just want them to go to good homes. :cry: So thats about it - my best friend has organised a get together with all our friends on the 17th Jan. Waking up each day in a panic now - got so much to do...... arrrggghhhh!!!! xTinksx
  16. Guest

    Recce in February any Advice

    HI, We are coming over in February for a recce to the Sunshine coast, Does anybody have any advice for this visit, eg, anything we should register for before the big move in June/July. Also anyone have any ideas of good self contained accommodation during the visit. Kind regards Lee
  17. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on some relatively cheap accommodation in Perth for 2 adults looking to arrive around the first week of February. Have had a look at a few websites but was after a bit of a bargain as don't want to blow loads of money in first couple of weeks on accommodation. Ideally would like an apartment/self catering accommodation but a hotel would do just as well, close to public transport links. Thanks guys B
  18. Hi I have got a fab 4x2 house to rent - long term or short term (min 3 weeks) as from Feb 2009. House located NOR, Woodvale, Perth. Great suburb, great schools, both primary and senior. Within walking distance to local shops and pub (5 mins!!) :biglaugh: Check out the link below - it is currently on the market but now going to put it out for rental- holiday or long term. Open2view - Property ID# 74646
  19. The Pound hit an 11 year low against the Aussie Dollar in February, going below 2.10 for the first time since 1997. The prospect of yet another interest hike from the RBA this week combined with the further softening of the UK economy has maintained the now familiar downward trend in the exchange rate. There was considerable AUD strength across the board throughout February, as the Central Bank warned it may need to raise its interest rates further to ensure significant moderation in domestic demand. The RBA minutes revealed that they considered a 0.5% interest rate hike at its February meeting, before settling for a 0.25% increase, thus reinforcing prior expectations for a further rate hike in March. The UK, on the other hand, cut their rates at the beginning of February in a decision that was backed by all 9 members of the committee, with one member even calling for a half a percent cut. The Bank of England is juggling rising inflation with a slow down in economic growth and slump in the housing market, and as such, faces a tricky predicament. So is it all doom and gloom? No! Granted, over the course of the last year the rates have dropped a considerable amount, but this has happened for a reason. The Australian economy is booming – the housing market has been soaring, unemployment is at a 33 year low, and foreign investment is rife. On the contrary, the UK economy is suffering. The Bank of England has cut their rates to prevent a housing slowdown akin to that in the US, and it seems everything you read in the papers is bad news! This is one of the main reasons that so many of you are leaving the UK and seeking the fantastic opportunities that Australia offers for both yourselves and your children. Would you have decided to move to Aus if the rates had always been 2.10? Most probably, yes. The problem a lot of people now face is coming to terms with these new levels, seeing as when they started the process last year the rates were a lot higher. These were somewhat distorted by the Sub Prime issues in the US, but again you must ask yourselves why it is that you are moving? If it is purely the rates of exchange then the South African Rand at over 15 ZAR to the Pound offers a very attractive return, but does it offer the same lifestyle and job opportunities that Australia does? For those of you moving over in the next few months, however, you obviously want to maximise the amount of Dollars that you take over to start your new life, and there are different options for you to consider. The key is to get a strategy that will best suit your situation; whether it is fixing a rate now for all of your funds, or adopting a hedging option to spread your risk a little by way of a market order or target rate. Some of you will be considering leaving your funds in the UK as you won’t need them immediately, but there is no guarantee the rates will improve. Another benefit of moving your funds across is that Australia’s interest rates are higher than they are in the UK, thus giving you a higher rate of return and complete peace of mind. Whichever strategy you adopt, when you have moved your funds over, don’t look at the exchange rates again!! Save yourself the headache and sleepless nights – it can become a stressful habit and take up a lot of your time!! I hope this helps, and if you have any quesiotns then feel free to PM me or call our migration team on +44 (0) 1753 859159. Alternativey email _migration@hifx.co.uk quoting PomsinOz as a reference. Good luck! Richard, HiFX.
  20. Hiya For those interested the latest copy of our newsletter on Visa issues is here .. www.iscah.com/Iscahnewsletter116.pdf ------------------------------------------------------------ Those who wish to just read a text version, it appears below .. ------------------------------------------------------------ ISCAH Migration Newsletter (Copyright 2008) Edition Number 116 Monday 18th February 2008 Hi everyone and welcome to edition number 116 of our monthly newsletter. (Note: If you want to email us please don’t reply back to the mailing address that you receive this newsletter from. Instead email us at newsletter@iscah.com) This newsletter keeps you up to date with all the changes to Australia’s immigration laws that we know about. If you want backcopies, want to subscribe permanently (it is free) or wish to unsubscribe, please drop us an email to newsletter@iscah.com. So the footy season has finally kicked off and Fremantle started off with a low key win by 7 goals yesterday against our local rivals. It is a good game to get the cobwebs out of the system and winning allows you to avoid some practice games in some obscure parts of the country. I was away for a couple of days and so my absence was obviously the key to the success L. The season proper starts in around 4 weeks and if you are a regular subscriber to this newsletter you will be getting ready for the roller coaster, pleasure and pain of the purple army journey. Come on Freo !! On to the newsletter .. 1) Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and suspension of Pathway D 2) Suspension of the $100,000 in investment for skilled applications 3) Firms may be forced to consult unions on 457 visas 4) ISCAH Services 5) Possible new Procedures for UK police clearances 6) Allocation times for General Skilled Applications 7) Immigration Minister announces increased Migrant intake Australian Migration numbers in the future 1) Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and suspension of Pathway D The MIA is continuing to liaise with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations in relation to Pathway D that, before its suspension, allowed the work experience skills of tradespeople to be assessed for migrant entry purposes. Progress has been slow but TRA has indicated that they have put submissions to Minister Gillard and will be consulting with the MIA about a replacement for "Pathway D". TRA has indicated that it is committed to introduction of the replacement pathway by 1 July at latest and is prepared to discuss possible interim measures with the MIA within the next month or two. In short, progress has been slower than hoped but TRA is still talking to the MIA and all indications are that there will be a replacement pathway made available in coming months even if requirements are likely to be more stringent. (Source : Migration Institute of Australia) 2) Suspension of the $100,000 in investment for skilled applications The last response we had from DIAC on this issue was on the 5th February as follows .. ’….Unfortunately, I have no further news for you at this point in time. As you may appreciate, the Minister is new to the portfolio and it is to be expected that decisions by him may take a reasonable amount of time while he and his staff are familiarising themselves with the subject matter….’ (Source: DIAC) 3) Firms may be forced to consult unions on 457 visas An article in the West Australian newspaper last week stated as follows .. “Businesses including non-unionised workplaces, will be forced to seek approval from unions and other stakeholders before they import skilled workers under the 457 visa program. The West Australian (newspaper) has learnt that under the new protocol, employers applying for a labour agreement must consult a range of stakeholders, including unions, peak employer bodies and professional associations. Any objections would be considered by the Immigration Department when determining the application…” “… Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the new measure would improve the transparency and accountability of the skilled migration program..”. (Source: West Australian Newspaper) Iscah comment – Note this article mentions “labour agreements” only. If it is only restricted to this then many businesses employing small number of skilled people will not be affected. More news as we receive it. 4) ISCAH Services Just a reminder that as well as writing this newsletter once every month for the last 10 years we also provide management of visa applications in any of the 151 possible visa subclasses. See graph here www.iscah.com/index_files/Page427.htm If you want a free assessment of your chances of migrating to Australia you are welcome to email us your details at migration@iscah.com or have a look at our website at www.iscah.com 5) Possible new Procedures for UK police clearances Some information below for UK visa applicants. DIAC are looking at whether they will adopt changes to their police checking procedures and if so form 47P will be updated… Police Certificates The ACPO Criminal Records Office is piloting an initiative to provide Police Certificates for Visa purposes. The four countries involved in the pilot are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America. The attached application form and associated guidance should be used when applying for a Police Certificate, which will provide the results of a criminal record check. Link: http://www.acpo.police.uk/certificates.asp (Source: ACPO – UK) 6) Allocation times for General Skilled Applications As of 12 February the ASPC Admin Section is processing applications as follows: Onshore Applications: receipting and acknowledging applications received on 8 February 2008. Offshore Applications received after 1 September 2007: receipting and acknowledging applications received on 8 February 2008. Offshore Applications received prior to 1 September 2007: All applications with a valid payment have now been receipted. The ASPC is acknowledging offshore applications received on 23 August 2007. Please note that any delay in acknowledging an application does not affect the date on which a valid application is recorded as having been received and does not delay processing of the application. Once an application has been acknowledged it will be allocated to a case officer for further assessment as soon as possible, however, the ASPC receives a large number of applications and you will not be contacted immediately. PROCESSING AND ALLOCATION INFORMATION - For the week of 12 February 2008 Applications lodged on or before the dates shown below have been allocated to case officers for further processing. Onshore Skilled visas (permanent and provisional) Student/Graduate applications - Class DD and DE visas Paper based applications: 26 July 2007 (subclass 880), 28 August 2007 (subclass 881) and 28 August 2007 (subclass 882) E-lodged (on-line) applications: 25 July 2007 (subclass 880) and 29 August 2007 (subclass 881) and 29 August 2007 (subclass 882) Onshore Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR) – Class UX visas All applications: all applications are now allocated to case officers New Zealand Citizen (Residence) - Class DB visas All applications: all applications are now allocated to case officers Skilled Migration visas - All paper based applications for Class BN, BQ, BR, UX and UZ visas (Subclasses 134, 136, 137, 138, 139, 495 and 496): 28 February 2007 e-lodged Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) applications: 17 August 2007 General Skilled Migration visas– Class VE, VF,VB and VC visas (subclasses 175, 176, 475, 476, 885, 886, 887, 485 and 487) E-lodged (on-line) applications: 16 October 2007 Paper based applications: 11 September 2007 (Source: DIAC) 7) Immigration Minister announces increased Migrant intake The following was announced by the new Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, yesterday. He must have been in a happy mood that his beloved Fremantle Dockers (yep, is cursed by the same tragic spell as me) were beating our local rivals yesterday … Immigration package to ease skills shortage Sunday, 17 February 2008 The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, today unveiled a package of migration measures designed to address Australia’s skills and labour shortages. Senator Evans said the package had the potential to provide thousands of additional workers in the short term, especially for the labour-strapped mining and construction industries. An External Reference Group made up of industry experts will also examine how selected temporary skilled migration measures can help ease labour shortages in the medium to long term. Senator Evans said the package would complement the Rudd Government's move to fast-track the establishment of Skills Australia in order to help lift the productive capacity of the Australian economy and fight inflation. The Minister said that concerns had been raised by the states and a number of industries regarding their ability to rapidly start up new and significant projects because of skilled labour shortages. 'Skills and labour shortages are also a major cause of inflationary pressures in the economy,' Senator Evans said. As an immediate measure, the Skilled Migration program will be increased by 6000 places in 2007-08. The increase will be made up of permanent employer sponsored visas and General Skilled Migration visas. 'Employer sponsored visas are the highest priority because they put a migrant worker directly into a skilled job,' Senator Evans said. The General Skilled Migration program selects people with the right skills and qualifications to work in industries where labour is in demand. The additional 6000 places will bring to 108 500 the total number of permanent visas granted under the Skill Stream of the migration program in 2007-08. Senator Evans said that negotiations were also underway with other countries to expand the reciprocal Working Holiday visa program for young people. 'The tourism and primary industry sectors in particular will benefit as the pool of young people coming to Australia on working holidays continues to grow,' Senator Evans said. The number of people on Working Holiday visas has grown from 85 200 in 2001-02 to 126 600 in 2006-07. To specifically assist the construction industry, changes to the Working Holiday visa program will enable people who undertake at least three months work in the construction sector in regional Australia to extend their 12 month working holiday visa by another year. This provision is already available to people who work in primary industry in regional Australia, which includes the agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining industries. Senator Evans said that the number of people who had extended their working holiday visa by another year under the scheme had almost trebled from 2690 in 2005-06 to 7,990 in 2006-07 and was expected to increase by 51 per cent this financial year to more than 10 000. 'It is estimated that extending this working holiday visa concession to work in the construction industry in regional Australia could attract a further 5000 workers to that industry alone,' Senator Evans said. 'Addressing Australia's long-term skills shortages is vital to tackling the inflationary pressures left behind by the Howard-Costello government.' Senator Evans said the construction, major infrastructure, tourism and the resources sectors would be the focus of the External Reference Group. 'The group will provide me with specific advice on ways to ensure the temporary work visa system, also known as the subclass 457 visa program, operates as effectively as possible in contributing to the supply of skilled labour,' Senator Evans said. The Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457) allows businesses to recruit skilled labour from overseas for temporary entry to Australia for between three months and four years. In addition, the reference group will advise the Minister on current and anticipated future employment trends and the need for overseas recruitment in the identified sectors. The reference group will provide an interim report to the Minister by 14 March with a final report due in April. (Source: DIAC) Australian Migration numbers in the future Here is a report from a major Australian Newspaper 2 weeks ago .. Immigration, already at a record high, will need to almost double to 316,000 by 2051 to meet labour market needs, but the country is ill prepared to deal with the increase, according to a new report. 'It is the inevitable story of Australian history,' said Peter McDonald, co-author of Population And Australia's Future Labour Force. 'Migration is driven by labour demand.' The report, published by the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, estimates migration will rise from 160,000 in 2006 (when the population was 20.6 million) to 316,000 in 2051 (when the population is expected to reach 36.2 million). Professor McDonald and his co-author, Professor Glen Withers, are calling for an independent inquiry to determine the best planning and policy to meet the country's future labour needs. 'It needs to be done precisely, not just the total, but the types of skills, and then the capacity of the domestic population to meet that demand,' Professor McDonald said. 'Strong demand for labour will be driven by rising living standards, the growth of the healthy aged population, the resources boom, construction of new infrastructure and changes in the way we live our lives because of environmental and technological demands.' He added: 'We are feeling the impact now, businesses across the country can't find the labour it wants. The current inflationary pressures are driven by labour shortages leading to wage rises.' (Source: Sydney Morning Herald) Okay folks, that is it for another month. See you all on Monday 17th March. Cheers Steven O’Neil Iscah Migration newsletter@iscah.com www.iscah.com _________________ ex-DIMA/DIAC officer Webpage www.iscah.com E-mail steven@iscah.com Iscah Australia Migration Consultants RMA 9687267
  21. Guest

    February - Still no Pathway D ?

    Hello everyone, Just a bit of a sigh really......wondering if anyone else is sighing with me ? Many an agent are probably asking the same question "Is there life after pathway D ?" I really thought there may be some information starting to trickle through by now following September's shock announcement. What will happen to Australia with no locksmiths, Vehicle Trimmers, etc.....there are many trades which have no qualification in this Country. That doesn't mean those people should be thrown on the scrapheap surely ? Stil waiting, still wondering. Barb :skeptical: