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Found 94 results

  1. After reading a lot of these posts I've discovered renting seems very hard to do. I am moving to Sydney, Australia on February 23rd for 1 year minimum and I am traveling there on my own knowing no-one! Most of the posts on here say how hard it is for a family to find accommodation but what I am after is a house-share. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on this? I assumed Sydney is a huge place so there must be loads of places available to rent but not like the competition mentioned. I have saved up thousands of English pound to do this trip so I could easily afford to pay 3 months in advance. But I was also now considering a hostel until I get things sorted as it looks impossible to sort it from the UK. I am a qualified Maths teacher so I will start start the search for work from the UK. Ideally long term rent from the date in February but also short term so I have somewhere to sleep upon arrival. Any help would be much appreciated, thanx!
  2. Here are my estimates, any comments would be most welcome... EXPENSES $ PER MONTH Rent $2,166.67 Water rates $70.00 Water usage $20.83 Contents insurance $30.00 Electricity $100.00 Gas $47.92 Phone $120.83 Broadband $100.00 TOTAL $2,656.25 Ancillaries $71.00 Hospital cover $105.00 Other GP expenses $60.00 Flights to europe $833.33 TOTAL $1069.33 Schooling for 2 kids $41.67 Other costs per child $66.00 TOTAL $107.67 Car insurance $37.50 annual license $40.83 Services 6 months $20.83 Repairs $33.33 Fuel $187.50 TOTAL $320.00 Food for family of 5 $1,083.33 Trainfare $208.00 GRAND TOTAL $5444.58 :wub:
  3. Hi, We are moving to Gladstone, Queensland in Feb 2012 and want to know about primary schools for our 6yr old son.....do we organise now or wait till we get to Gladstone??? so much to think about....any help would be greatfully received....any good schools in which areas...? thanks so much
  4. is there is anyone out there who has started to complete their ACS recognition of prior learning with the new PASA form based upon the "Key Areas of Knowledge". ???/
  5. Hi Everyone! Andrea and Andy here! Just thought we would write our first post. We are moving to Melboune in Feb 2012 on Working holiday visas. We are planning on doing a bit of travelling then get some jobs. I hope we will be able to secure a decent job out there and enjoy Aussie life! Is anyone else mvoing out there soon? Andrea and Andy :biggrin:
  6. Hi , i have posted a couple off times on here but thought i would say Hi and find out if there are any other families or couples heading out to Sydney in the new year? We have signed the contract for work, had shipping quotes, trying to tell people we are going but cant seem to admit to anyone or myself that its forever....(I call it our family adventure and only time will tell if its permenant or not.) Going on a 457 visa with hubbys current uk employers so know it is totally safe on that visa. We are getting our (well husbands ) skills assesed now so we can apply for Pr which again the company will pay for. Our eldest son is 9 1/2 and so exited to be going, Middle child is daughter of 7 who really dosent want to go (trying to win her over with pool, koalas and dolphins ...very nearly there) and our yougest of nearly 3 who wont have a clue! I am 32 and husband is 40. I am hoping to get chatting to any others in the same situation . We will know nobody to start with.....Very scary!!! I think we eill be heading for the Shire or the Hills district. :unsure:

    moving to Brisbane feb 2012

    Hi guys, My partner and I are moving to Brisbane in February 2012. He is an engineer and got a great job in Oz and I'll be going to Queenland University. Recently we have been trying to work out the cost of life for a young couple in Brisbane. Can anyone please give us an idea of the cost of petrol, rent, internet, phone, tv cable, groceries, night out, gym, car insurance...etc? Thanks a lot : ):hug:
  8. MamaPesa

    When to head for Canberra....

    Hi All, First of all, on a forum about going to oz I fully expect everyone to just say 'go NOW' but I'm hoping for some thoughts either way as I really cannot decide what to do. I have no visa issues (I'm Australian, husband Kiwi living in London) so am able to choose when to move back to Oz. My decision is basically when to go back (VERY excited about going back at last :jiggy:). Originally, we were going to quit jobs in April and go camping in Scotland as a holiday before heading back to try living in Canberra. However, now the OH really doesn't like the thought of winter although I'm the one that feels the cold. We've also recently done a bit of a budgeting exercise and are not sure we can do any more than about 10 days in Scotland anyway. Choice 1. Leave as we were going to, have a reduced holiday in Scotland and arrive in Canberra for approx MAY, just in time for another winter! Choice 2. Leave in JAN (we've got a holiday booked over Xmas with my sister who also lives here so can't leave before then), straight into Canberra without having much of a break from work or much money so will need job quick smart but have a couple of summermonths. I'm really stuck and cannot decide which to do - put up with winter here or have less money when we get there. I'm also concerned about everyone saying Jan/Feb is really bad timing to arrive in Canberra. How bad is it really though - is it just that its harder to find rentals than other times of year or is it really impossible and we just shouldn't be entertaining the idea?? Thoughts would be gratefully receieved.... :unsure:
  9. Hi all, I'm new here! My family and i ( OH and twin DS 9) will be emigrating to Oz in Feb. Will be working in Lagwarrin initially but will be moving to permanent post in Mornington in 10 months so hope to live in Mornington to avoid a second move!! Have been looking at Mornington or Mt Eliza can't decide cos trying to choose a school first. :unsure:Have looked at Morningtom Primary , Mornington Park and Bentons junior. don't think we could afford private education especially initially with all the setup and move cost . One of my sons is gifted and really want a school that will challenge him .I know down the line we may be looking at private schooling and will look into putting their names down when we get there....just so much to think about....anyone any advice???:confused: thanks
  10. We're booked to arrive in Perth February 2013. I was thinking about looking for jobs 3-4 months before then. Do you think that's reasonable, or will Aussie employers be more interested in those who can work right away?
  11. I have just confirmed quarantine for my four for later this month and saw on their website that from the beginning of Feb the fees will have to be paid upfront at the time of applying for the import permits. That will make the process that but harder to manage financially, I've at least been able to pay for my lot in stages with quarantine being the final thank god. Good luck to all that are going, this time two weeks my furries will be there
  12. Hoping someone can help as i've just completly confused myself looking at the various websites! My husband and i are on a 856ens visa so permanent residents since march 2011. We both hold UK passports and were born in the UK. I am pregnant and due in October :biggrin: We fly back to the UK in february 2012 for a 2 week holiday. I understand that the little one will automatically be an Australian citizen because we are permanent residents?! Therefore i am assuming that we will have to apply for an Australian passport first? I am keen that the little one has dual nationality- is this possible? How do we go about this process? is there something that needs to be done in the hospital or when we register their birth? Do we have to apply for UK citizenship before we apply for a UK passport for them? How does dual nationality work? Sorry to ask a million questions .... I know with only 7 weeks to go before my due date my brain isn't functioning fully and i need help!!:confused:
  13. Hi, Just wanted to put it out there that we are looking for a 2 week holiday let from 2 Feb - 17 Feb for just me and my wife while we check out the suburbs for ideas of where we want to live later on next year. Obviously we dont want to pay through the nose but please get in touch if you can recommend anywhere or put me in touch with anyone who can help! Dont want to be in the city but want to be where we can easily explore north and south of Perth. Thanks in advance Gary & Sue:hug:
  14. Hi Everyone, Me my husband & 3 girls are waiting to apply for 176 visa SS to WA as soon as his vetassess results are back which may be anyday now. We are off to Perth, im feeling excited, nervous, happy, sad and all the other emotions that come with moving to the other side of the world. Anyone else waiting for Vetassess?
  15. Well after 9yrs in Aus and several mishaps with relationships, I finally decided to move back to the UK and to date, I have no regrets with that decision. Not long after I got divorced, I went into another relationship which ended after 3.5yrs, I suddenly found myself quite isolated in Aus and realised the big thing I missed was friends and family around me. I came to Aus with my (now) ex-wife and had no family or friends here to begin with and I think I wanted to have the same life I had in the UK, but in Australia - and it didn't really happen. I seriously enjoyed my time there, it is a great country and so much to offer if you know what you want in life, but I just couldn't settle. In the 9yrs, I have over 8jobs and 2 failed businesses, I had two serious break ups and really struggled to create a life for me there and then finally I decided to come back and I'm loving every minute so far.. I landed a great job within the first month being back, I am reconnecting with friends that I haven't seen for so many years and even with my slightly estranged family - so on a personal level - love it.. What i wanted to say to those thinking of coming back, is a few things I've learnt since being away to be aware of.. If you've been away for more than 2-3yrs - be prepared for a minor shock if you want to do anything that involved credit checks.. My credit rating is worse than someone with bad debt becuase of the time away and the time I've only been back for. This is a bit of a shock to someone who's never had this type of issue.. If you have cash saved, then obviously this won't be an issue, unless you want to rent a place, as they now do credit checks as well and if you haven't been in the country for more than 6 - 12 months (depends on agency), you'll need to have a guarantor. Car insurance - they all do credit checks now even for quotes, but make sure you get your Aus NCD certificate. Not all insurance companies accept it, but there are quite a few that do. Shopping - positive point - it's good to be buying standard food items so much cheaper than in Aus, but I do miss the freshness of the fruit and veg.. I've found that my usual weekly shops are so much cheaper here.. Oh and another point, it's great to be back with Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and M&S.. But I do miss the Westfield shopping centres and David Jones/Myer concepts a bit.. Especially the qty and qlty of the shopping centres as well Petrol - in case you haven't checked recently, it's sitting around £1.33 per litre (roughly $1.98), so it is more expensive, but I do think the overall cost of running a car in the UK is cheaper due to lower car prices, tax etc.. And it's good to be back in MOT land where cars that shouldn't be on the road - aren't (well mostly) Pubs - what can I say - but it's nice to be back home and have a pint in the local, prices are still cheaper than Aus (naturally depending where you live) Beer - I do miss having a bit of variety and some of the aussie beers and I hate the fact so many beers in the UK are still in cans.. It just doesn't taste the same and annoyingly Fosters is still huge over here.. When will they wisen up... Wine - Great selection here of world wines and ALL at reasonable prices as well. Even the Aus wines (usual brands like Lindemans, Jacobs Creek etc), Kiwi Oyster Bay etc are very similarly priced as well.. Actually I think the Oyster Bay SB is cheaper here (BONUS !!) Immigration in the UK seems to be at an all time high and seems really overpopulated - far too many people in areas. Crime rates seem to have risen, which is only natural as the population increases. Interest rates are low, but inflation is at an all time high and the economy isn't as stable as it could be. Quite a few big names going out of business and job losses in the 1000s happening, whilst some industries seem to be picking up.. If you plan to move to an area you don't know, check out www.police.uk as a website that was launched a few years ago to show crime rates in different areas and the level of crime as well - always handy to know.. Well probably a bit of a longer post than I thought it was going to be, but to end. I don't regret going to Aus and I don't regret moving back to the UK, we all do things for different reasons and at the end of the home is where the heart is. So if you are thinking of coming back, good luck and make sure you're coming back for the right reasons..
  16. Guest

    Feb 2011 timeline

    what are your timelines? We had the March email and are now excitedly awaiting a CO
  17. Hi Everyone, all of you that have got their visa will know why you need to shout about it.. and all of you still in the process, dont lose hope it will be here one day, Thanks to everyone for all my silly and frustrating questions you have helped me with over the last two years, Andy :biglaugh:
  18. Who had the email on 18th feb and has been allocated a CO? if you have what is your timeline please xx
  19. hey I am organising a night out on sat (26th feb) for a few of us.. there are couples and singles and people that know each other and people that dont... age group currently is 20-35 (ish) we will start off in the opera bar from 7pm... and then into the city and maybe the cross... please feel free to come along, there is a really good mix of people.. pm me and I will send my mobile number to arrange... hope to see you there :jiggy::biggrin::cute:
  20. Hiya I'm arranging another PIO get together at South Perth Foreshore this Sunday. Hoping for a bigger turn out than last time (which was badly timed with Cyclone Bianca). As a lot of people on here are families with kids, how about meeting at the playground to the east of Mends St Jetty (the one where the ferry comes to) on South Perth foreshore from 4pm onwards on Sun 13th? Like last time, we'll try and find a shaded bench area and put up our colourful fish windsock. Bring any drinks and nibbles you may want. There are also BBQs nearby (I think) if you wish to bring your dinner.... Please let me know if you're interested. I may move this to Saturday pm if more people are available for that timing instead. Thanks, Jo
  21. Hiya I'm arranging another PIO get together at South Perth Foreshore this Sunday. Hoping for a bigger turn out than last time (which was badly timed with Cyclone Bianca). As a lot of people on here are families with kids, how about meeting at the playground to the east of Mends St Jetty (the one where the ferry comes to) on South Perth foreshore from 4pm onwards on Sun 13th? Like last time, we'll try and find a shaded bench area and put up our colourful fish windsock. Bring any drinks and nibbles you may want. There are also BBQs nearby (I think) if you wish to bring your dinner.... Please let me know if you're interested. I may move this to Saturday pm if more people are available for that timing instead. Thanks, Jo
  22. For those interested, there is an event today at Manly, movies in the park. Movies in the Park | Manly Harbour Village Manly Creative Markets, Food & Kids Amusements from 3.00 pm and movie starts at 7pm. All proceeds go to Qld Flood Relief Appeal. We will be there :wink: Cheers B!K3R
  23. furkew

    World superbikes 25th-27th Feb

    Phillip Island Superbikes Just a heads up for anybody that fancies a great day/weekend. The weather is normally great & if you are on a bike, you can ride straight in and park next to the circuit. I'm there from Saturday if anybody wants to catch up for a cold one.
  24. Hi All Anyone fancy going to the NRL All Stars V Indigenous All Stars Saturday 12th February 6:45pm Skilled Park, Robina? Tickets start at $30 if you fancy going drop me a private message
  25. johnborro

    Moving to Melbourne in Feb 2011

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can offer me some assistance? We are moving out to Melbourne soon from the Uk, I have a job and the company I'm going to be working for is sorting out the visas, relocaton flights, etc. I am going to be working out of Spotswood or Abbottsford (?) and I have a few questions (some of you may have seen my question on the transport section about Novated car lease) I don't think that I would mind travelling to work of up to an hour. They'll be myself (32) my partner (28) my son (6) and my daughter (5) So here goes. What are the nice suburbs around the two areas above? (I know it sounds shallow but a pool is a must! we will look to rent first and then make a choice after we have been there for a while) How good (or bad) are the schools nearby? Are there plenty of shops nearby? (supermarkets, clothes shops - most importantly COSTCO's!!) Is there lots of things that we can do as a family together? Does anyone on here play football nearby (:wideeyed:) Do members hold many get togethers near this area? I know this question is very subjective but it will give me a good idea. What standard of living will the following salary package give? $125000 - $150000 $150000 - $175000 $175000 - $200000 I have more and I apologise up front for the bombardment but any assistance will be grarefully accepted.