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Found 14 results

  1. I am 31 year old Indian software engineer working in java/j2ee development field. I have good job and better salary in dubai, but dubai is for short term stay so i plan to move to Australia and started skilled migration. The big thing coming to my mind is, is it safe to work there as Indian? or which area is safe. I heard that some cities are not fully family oriented, we have to avoid such cities and Most of the cities are not safe after 8:00 PM. All this thing i picked up from Indian media, i didn't experience it in real. In Dubai me and wife can travel even at midnight nobody will bother us, as a strict country our family have security, all will respect rules and low because of heavy punishment if found violated. I am not expecting same in other Country, But i need anybodies advice about what mind set i have to follow if i reach Australia? or commonly if Indians are not welcomed there "not like exceptional case i mean commonly:err:", i have to decide my future with other plan.
  2. foy465

    Fear of Flying....

    I know it is totally irrational, but I just can't help it :sad: We fly from Manchester on 27th Feb via Munich, then onto Singapore & finally landing in Brisbane. We are flying Singapore Airlines. It is myself, hubby & our 2 children aged 7 and 4. We are doing a day at Singapore to break the journey up a bit. The longest flight I have ever done is a 4 hour to Greece, and as the leaving date gets closer & closer the more worried I get. Then someone told me the other day that the flight from Singapore to Brisbane is really turbulent because of the atmosphere?! Please can you tell me your flight experiences flying to Oz?, good & bad as it may help me get my head around it a bit better. Thanks very much.
  3. Honest question folks. Do you fear death itself, the manner of your death, or do you just live in denial? Many of us often look at our lives and wonder when, how, etc, our deaths will come. Some of us don't think about it, maybe their just not interested, or they refuse to talk about it, fair play to all thoughts I reckon. But my question is this. In which way do you VIEW death. It is after all an undeniable truth that comes to us all, but do you fear the 'time' 'method' , etc. I think a lot of people look upon death as something that leaves those who we love far behind, and in as much we feel fear at the fact that we are going to leave those we most love and care about behind and we will no longer be part of their lives. Some of us think that death is something to be feared full stop, that to think of us dying is beyond comprehension, and it fills us with dread. Some view death with absolute fear because we don't want to be in pain and discomfort when we finally draw our last breath. Some see death as 'Well, that's it. There is nothing after death'. Some acknowledge this fact and others believe in an afterlife, that is a question that I imagine can only be answered at the point of death. There are many emotions inexplicably linked with death, the above examples are just a few I imagine. Speaking from a very 'personal' level I don't fear death itself, at all. I know those that I leave behind will carry on and in their own way 'deal' with my death. I am a little concerned about the manner in which I die, I would rather it was a 'comfortable' death, and if at all possible I will ensure that this is the way I want to go,:eek:. But fear of death is one emotion that I don't have at the present time. You never know, when the actual time comes I may well go down kicking and screaming, I don't know, but all I can talk about is the present and what I feel right now. I truly am not sure what happens after death, I hope there is more, I really do, I hope I am proved right in the long run.:wubclub:.:wubclub:. I have come fairly close to death on one or two occasions and all I can say is that I still didn't fear it, just accepted that this was the time and onwards and upwards. So, how do view your death, I know this could be viewed as a very depressing thread, sorry folks, but thought I would ask anyway. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. hi everyone, well this is my 1st post as myself, husband and 1year old little boy will be moving out to melbourne mid november. Im so so excited as my sister lives in south yarra so were hoping to move to the bentleigh area or around there. my one fear is spiders ( prob stupid to some i know!!), ive tried gettin myself use to spiders looking at huntsmanns, redbacks u name it, but it just terrifies me and i end up just having nightmares after ive looked, the sheer size of theses creatures just scares me. Im ok when there outside but on the ceiling or just generally anywhere in the house jusr freaks me out, how common are they in suburbs ?? is it worse in the summer ? i need to get over it , coz other then spiders im so so excited !!
  5. melbournegirlinny

    Asylum seekers and fear

    Here's an excellent article from The Age, Melbourne's newspaper, retelling what happened with some boat people back in 2001 just prior to an election and drawing parallels with today's situation and how Gillard and Abbott are handling it. Birds of different feathers, but what is so scary?
  6. I've lived out in Australia for thirty odd years. Brought out as a child with my mother. An assisted package through the Fairbridge Foundation. I hated it from day one, terribly unfamiliar and there didn't seem to be the right shaped hole in the world for me over there. Hit quite a bit of racism, where it was made abundantly clear that I was an immigrant and unwelcome. In my 20's I married, a good match If i do say so myself, and I thought I had it all. Kiddiwinks came along, two bundles of delight and joy, then my Father in the UK died. I wasn't exactly happy in Perth before that, but going back for the funeral crystallised the matter for me. I hit Heathrow airport and felt like I was home. It was that immediate, I just seemed to click with the place. Yes the UK has its problems but after being there going back to Perth was utter hell. I stuck it out for a few years and then my wife, sick of my moaning and depression, got a job in the UK and we moved over to the UK. Bad mistake. The oldest child wants to go home, My Wife wants to go home. I don't want to split the family, but I don't want to go back to Australia. Long story short, it looks like they will be going back, and if I want to be a part of the family I will go too. Anyway, sorry to post all this, I suppose I just need to get it out. I think I will become somebody who goes from one holiday to the next (in the UK) trying to stay sane. I suppose this is just a cautionary tale of travelling with children.
  7. Guest

    Fear of spiders 'workshop'

    Hi, I have found this page whilst trawling through the internet. It may be of help to anyone who has a fear of spiders. Its Based at Dudley Zoo, West Midlands. Dudley Zoo Online Shop Arachnophobia Workshop There is also an online course to help with these fears http://www.feardrop.com/index.php
  8. kellyjamie

    over coming my fear of snakes

    Happy new year everyone:jiggy: So my biggest fear is the old snake, wont bore you with the full extent, but its bad, cant even watch them on tv. Anyhow decided that if im going to hopefully eventually make it to oz i really need to do something to become less scared, as it can be dibilitating at times, (see my old post aboout trip to sydney wildlife park), so yesterday we took the kids to the butterfly and insect world, and they have snakes there, big big snakes. And lots of big big snakes. We purposely went yesterday as we knew it would be quiet we arrived in time for the handling session. so i told the young lad doing the session how petrified i was, he was fab. We started with the tarantulas, piece of cake spiders dont bother me at all, then held an american cockroach, disgusting, then a millipede, weird feeling all those legs, all the above i was fine. THEN out comes "stripes" the female royal python!! apparently she was rather large for this species as she was a unwanted pet that was over fed or something. Anyhow all the kids touched it and Jamie has a shot of holding it, everyone wanders off to see the beautiful pretty harmless butterflies and im left with the guy and the snake! Now i have to admit for a snake she had a beautiful head and she looked if this makes sense totally friendly and that defo helped. I started by immediately crying like a ****, but eventually just touching for a milli second or more like a jab as opposed to a touch. Anyhow over the next hour with much tears and encouragement i eventually held the end of her tail for 2 seconds and that was it, over enough thankyou very much. This for me is a HUGE step to dealing with my fear, although i declined the option of seeing the others, a carpet python, a red tailed boa called frank, and a 18foot fat as a mans thigh burmese python, called suu-see. I kindly said thankyou so much but i,ll pass this time. The guy said i was welcome to go as often as i liked to help me become more rational with my fear, we shall see:nah:
  9. Hi all! this may seem totally over the top to most people but i'm sure there are some people out there who must share my fear of SHARKS! :cry: i am absolutely terrified of being in water other than swimming pools! pathetic i know. i used to live in Australia when i was little and i can remember watching the 'jaws' films when i was little (under six) and being terrified, and after watching them only going in the water with my three siblings..... well, one in four chance of being eaten!!!! so, although you wont catch me in the sea in Oz i know my hubbie and kids will be in there all the time, surfing, jet ski-ing etc we're planning to go to Adelaide - great white territory!!! where i dont think they have shark nets round beaches!!! anyway after doing a bit of parinoid research i found this on the net- That is why an Australian company has created an electronic device to make sharks stay away from humans in the water. The electronic shark repellent unit is a miniature version of cumbersome anti-shark pods used to protect triathletes in Sydney Harbor during the 2000 Olympics and worn by abalone divers. Weighing in at just a pound, the device attaches to a swimmer's ankle and emits an electronic field to ward-off sharks. It has a battery life of two hours. A slightly larger unit for scuba divers weighs 590 grams (1.3 lb) with a battery life of four hours. The unit, developed by SeaChange Technology Pty Ltd., does anyone know anything about these products? do they work and how much???? i know theres not much chance of being attacked if you swim at certain hours etc etc but it is my personal nightmare! if anyone has heard off this product please reply!!! B x
  10. What is going on in the world:no:first the dollar gains against the pound....then I read this.....can anyone explain? THE Australian dollar yesterday collapsed to a 2 1/2-year low, suffering one of the worst falls since it was floated on international currency markets in the early 1980s, as fears grew that a global recession would end the commodities boom. The Reserve Bank's surprising move to slash the official interest rate by one percentage point did little to reverse the negative sentiment towards the currency. The rate cut spurred short-term momentum in the stock market, leaving the S&P/ASX200 78.3 points higher at 4618.6. Fear of recession forces down Australian dollar | The Australian
  11. Hi, Our family are presently in the process of migrating to south Brisbane. We are aiming to live in a place called Heritage Park, just south of logan and my main concern about the big move is loneliness. I have a great network of friends here in the UK and with 4 kids I shouldnt be lonely but without back up from friends and especially MY MUM not being round the corner im scared im going to feel lonely. The kids will be at school all day, hubby at work. And theres only so much house work someone can do. Im in my late 30's and feel that the majority of people in Australia would have already formed their solid friendships so my question is how how you found making friends? Was it difficult, do the Oz's welcome you in to their network etc etc. Experiences would be appreciated greatly.
  12. sykestykes

    Queensland jobs fear?

    Mr Tyke here. I have been looking at the following article in the courier mail today. Employment cuts loom as Qld&squo;s boom starts to slow | The Courier-Mail This seems to imply that job cuts may be likely in the near future. Although the article goes on to say that there in no need to panic, I was wondering if anyone has experienced a down turn in job availabilty and in employer confidence? In other words will I still get my 6 bedroom home with pool and a paddock for the children's ponies? LOL DON'T PANIC!!!
  13. Guest

    Biggest fear about move

    Just thought i'd try and start a thread to see what response i get. Biggest fears about the move. Personally, for myself and family i think my biggest fear is going to be how i cope actually working for somebody as i've been self-employed, been my own boss for a long time. Closely followed by getting our 12 year old settled, because at that age i'm sure it cant be easy for them. :jiggy: :jiggy:
  14. What was your biggest fear for those of you already in oz & what is you biggest fear for those of you about to move to oz ???