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Found 16 results

  1. I have a small problem in that i have job offer in australia, just need my prospective employer to get his sponsorship status to start with. My partner has a 5 year old from her previous relationship and we need his fathers permission to take him out of the country( have not asked him yet we going to get new year out the way first) and it could be fairly simple or it could be expensive and a trip to court. We dont really know yet how he will react. I can get a 457 visa and could come out as soon as its granted and start work or i could hang on until we get everything sorted this end, not much work in uk so i am keen to get out to oz and get started as i been offered a fairly good job. What i am trying to find out is that if i come over on my own to start with, what is the process my other half would have to do to come and join me, I dont think we can apply for a visa for all of us as it would not be granted until we have the clearance from his father or the court so i need to make my own application. Has any one else had a similar experience?
  2. Hi there my partner & I are starting out on looking to move to WA. Looks like we might be able to go out on a 457 visa?? as my partner has the huge possiblity of work with someone not far from Perth. However we got to get past the task of asking the father of my son from a previous relationship for consent to take my son. We have sought legal advice & have decided to go with the option of me asking him first before using solicitors, but I have no idea how to ask him, what to say & what to do All I would appreciate is a little advice from some people who have been in the situation & had to ask & how they dealt with it............. The other thing is do we need his permission before we start the process of getting our Visa's?? I have asked Visa companies & haven't been able to get a straight forward answer And I'm not entirely sure if the 457 visa is the right one someone suggested 176 but don't think that right would really appreciate it if someone could help
  3. ali

    Happy Fathers Day

    To all the dads in Aus - have a very happy Fathers Day, hope your families spoil you a little Ali
  4. I haven't really got anything planned myself, we did take my daughter to pizza hut for her birthday with some friends and doubled it up for fathers day ............... anyone got any plans for the good fathers of PIO?:wink:
  5. Guest

    Absent fathers permission?

    Hi does any one know if i still need an absent fathers permission for me to emigrate? my daughter was born in 2004 and his name is on birth certificate,but hasn't seen her for 6 years and doesn't contribute financially for her. Many thanks
  6. Guest

    Happy Fathers day all

    All you Dads have a great day, Im fortunate enough to have my children with me today, Woohoo big day out for me and my girls starting off with going out for breakfast :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Cheers Matt
  7. Fathers Day is nearly upon us here in Oz so I just thought I would start this thread and hopefully get some good pressie ideas and Fathers Day stories. Dads-What would be your ideal pressie?What's your idea of a good way to spend the day? What's the best pressie you have ever given/received for Fathers Day? What was the best Fathers Day you have had or shared with someone? I'm a bit stumped for pressie ideas this year so all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Why not tell us the worst present you ever got too just so us ladies know what not to get.
  8. theonetruechris

    UK fathers day

    Just in case your dads back in blighty its fathers day next sunday, just enough time to go on moonpig and not have the 'your card didn't seem to get through in the post but it doesn't matter guilt trip'
  9. Hi, we are just filling out my husbands citizenship by descent application. On it it asks if my father in law holds citizenship of another countrym the date it was aquired and by what means. My fil was born an Oz citizen but moved back to the UK with his parents he has lived here ever since. On the 1st of January 1983 (after my husbands birth) he became British Citizen along with everyone else who was in the UK and had the right of Abode. So how did he aquire this citizenship it says Naturalisation/ Birth/ registered/ Grant. We were thinking he was naturalised but was he actually granted it? Searching the Border Agency doesn't help at all as they just have modern applications information. Although I maygive them a call:wacko:
  10. Que Sera Sera

    Calling all Fathers

    Please please give me some faith. If you emigrated to Australia with your new wife........why would you do everthing in your power to prevent your daughter from moving to the same country as yourself??? Would there be any reason that you would try your hardest to stop this happening?:swoon:
  11. Guest

    Mothers & Fathers Day

    Can anyone let me know exact dates for Oz please? Mum-you`re on Oz mummys day time now!! LOL!
  12. Hello everyone I really hope somebody can help me......I have searched the PIO threads and can not find the answer. My sons biological fathers name is NOT on the birth certificate and he has no parental resposibilty.(however DNA test were done at birth and he has and still does pay CSA ) My husband has parental responsibility of him, do we still need to get permission from the biological father to emigrate??? I really hope somebody can help!!! Annette
  13. ali

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers day to all the dads in the UK. I'll be phoning mine later. Our local newsagents were selling fathers day cards, which was lovely being able to send him a 'real' one rather than a blank card. Hope you all have a great day Ali
  14. Guest

    Fathers Ashes

  15. ali

    Fathers Day??

    Hi Peeps still in UK - can someone check their diary and tell me the UK dates please for Fathers day and Mothers day - it's different here in Aus and I'd still like to send some sort of card when it happens there Ta very much Luv u lots for helpin' Ali
  16. ali

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, Have a great Day