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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I'm on a 457 at the moment and would like to apply for independent PR. As a 32 yo structural engineer, I have enough points under both schemes. Do we think that once the new points scheme is launched, these applications will get priority or faster processing? I'm thinking of uploading everything on the 1st July to get first in the queue. Surely the minister will want to get people onto the new scheme?
  2. No doubt this is the question on everybodys lips... Im not exactly sure the expected wait time at the moment but last i checked it was 3-6months, and I have read a lot of peoples taking about 4 months. Is there any miracle stories where people were granted there front loaded applications quickly? My partner, a british citizen (currently in the UK who i havent seen for over 3mths) is sending application in a week to London has all the medicals and police checks ready. One other question, i am Australian and lived in the UK for probably a total over 12 months but was coming back and forth so it was more like a few long holidays. Would i still need a UK police check for the application?:policeman: I have put in my Australian one.
  3. Hey guys I am a pre 17 Dec 2008 applicant and have obtained an updated skills assessment that falls into CSL categories after one year work. Confirmed with DIAC on 8th this month that my application has qualified for CSL processing and been forwarded to the relevant processing area(which DIAC clarifies the date-of-lodgement-order does not apply to my case), no further contacts were made since then. To add chances I had also applied for SA sponsorship which was granted and filed to DIAC. I phone Adelaide weekly to check progress and in the latest call this morning they said -well your application has been forwarded but still unallocated. you know we are busy a.t.m. - it takes four to six weeks, but since allocation it would be processed really quickly. They have also acknowledged receipt of form 1100. It is known that CSL is going to be pulled down mid this year. I have not seen many 886CSL applicants and hence not so sure of progress of such kind of application. It would be grateful that someone could nicely advise that whether it's necessary to lodge a Post Lodgement Enquiry with DIAC requesting transforming my existing 885 application to 886, and could I expect my application being allocated and processed any faster by doing this transformation? Many Thanks. jtucker
  4. U.K. Exits Recession at Faster Than Estimated Pace (Update2) - BusinessWeek Thats gotta be good news..... unless it keeps new labour in power!!!:shocked:
  5. Hi, Just heard today from someone that went to a seminar on moving to Oz that it will be 2013 to get a visa 176. I thought things had started to move again, with some people on here getting approved in recent weeks No? If this is the case, we are now thinking of just getting a temp visa 457 or ENS 121 (permanent) Are 176 visa processed any faster onshore than offshore? If we were on a 457, we would apply for a 176 straightaway and let it run. Any thoughts? cheers caz
  6. :elvis:Developer predicts 55m Aussies, wants 100m | The Australian
  7. Hi everybody, I have got successful skill assessment and sufficient work experience in both Industrial Engineer (non MODL/non CLS) and Plant Engineer (CLS but not MODL). My current 175 visa application which is now 9 month old is lodged with the Industrial Engineer occupation which no state sponsors it, and my application is at the end of DIAC priority list L :unsure: Now what would be processed faster: - If I keep on waiting for my current non MODL/CLS application to be processed? - Or If I withdraw it and lodge a new application with Plan Engineer which is in CSL? On the other hand I am also afraid if I lodge a new one with Plant Engineer and DIAC take it out after the upcoming changes in the MODL which will phase out the CSL. Thanks a lot for your help
  8. for 176visa ,which would be processed faster? I don't understand why my agent is doing only paper app:swoon:. they believe paper is faster than online. Is it true?:radar:
  9. Guest

    is 176 faster than 175???

    hey people just got a news past my ear........ have heard that 176 subclass is proccessed faster compared to 175??? i have also heard that proccessing of an application depends on the basis of whom one has applied through( i.e an agent) if the agent is a well known one to the immigration dept. who has got a good name there in the immigration dept ...then they proccess it faster knowing that the documents sent to them r upto date.... is this true?? i have read this in an article..... just if anyone knws this!!! regards krish
  10. saunders clan

    176 or 175? Which is faster?

    I have just posted this question on another thread but I thought it better to start a new one. Does anyone know whether 176 visas are processed faster than 175 visas? What is the exact differences? Just interested really, as we are definitely going to Queensland, so provided we have the same basic visa I am just interested to see if there is any benefit in applying for a 176. Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance. Kate