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Found 33 results

  1. Guest

    175 Visa Fast Processing.

    Hi everyone, Over the past year or so I've explored the forum threads on this website on numerous occasions to find out various pieces of info that have helped me out. So today I've joined up in the hope of giving some info back, and hopefully somebody may be able to enlighten me as to the reason of the fast turnaround of my visa app. I came to Oz with my OH in May 2010 on the 417 working holiday visa, we both have jobs on the SOL so if we liked it we would look into staying long term. We spent until January this year travelling around the country and seeing the sights, having a great time. We decided that we were definitely in no rush to head back to the UK and looked into getting jobs in our respective professions. I am a structural engineer and in March I started with a consultancy in Brisbane, still on my 417 WHV. Whilst we were travelling we completed the WWOOFing scheme which enabled us to extend our 417 by a further 12 months, so the plan was to start work at my new job on the 417 then apply straight away for the 175 permanent residency visa. After been given various pieces of misinformation and through my own naivety and probably lack of research I was under the assumption that my 175 application would be granted before the 6 month rule with the same employer ruled kicked in on the 417. I lodged my online application for the 175 on the 19th March 2011, I found out soon afterwards that the current processing times were in the region of 18 months, and there was no bridging visa for the 175 should things take longer than 6 months, which was the key piece of wrong information I was given. Fortunately after a couple of months in the job I explained the situation to my employers and they had no problem in sponsoring me, so in May I changed to the 457 employer sponsored visa, which would tide me over for a couple of years until the 175 got processed. A fortnight ago on the 10th October I got an email from Dept of Immigration saying I had been assigned a case officer and to go and have my medicals done. We had the medicals last week and today I got the pre-grant letter through saying that our visa has effectively been granted we just need to leave the country and return to have it come into effect as you need to be offshore for it to be granted. So effectively it has only taken 7 months for me to have my 175 visa app processed. Firstly I hope this gives encouraging news to anyone else in a similar situation, and secondly does anyone else know why things moved so quickly? When looking at the priority processing categories I had put myself in category 4, which on the immigration website gives an estimated time of 18 months. Would the fact that I am in Australia, or that I changed to the 457 visa have any bearing on the fast turnaround time? Obviously I am extremely pleased that everything has worked out faster than expected, any reasons as to why would be greatly received. Thanks.
  2. Guest

    Fast Track Citzenship?

    I have been looking through the immi documentation on my scenerio but can't find anything. It's a pretty specific case but thought i'd try here to see if anyone knows... I am here in AU on a GSM175 and have been here for 1.5 years. My wife is now pregnant so our next child will actually be an Aussie! I was wondering if there was any clause where I could fast track my own citzenship being a resident with PR and a child of Aussie descent? We want citzenship as I may get a job transfer in the coming year or 2 but want to be sure we can come back when that's done. Following the usual track I'd have to be here for 4 years before applying. Thanks for any advice! Grant
  3. My visa has been granted and now its all systems go, flights booked for the 14th Nov. But I really need to sort out the shipment of clothes (wife & daughter), bikes and general stuff, we're not taking furniture. Only had 1 quote so far for 100cubic feet and that was around £700 door to door, is that good? Any help greatfully received. :arghh:
  4. JCS

    175 visa...how fast!!

    Cannot believe how fast things have progressed for us!! Our 175 visa non ss on csl was only submitted online on the 3rd Feb. Today i had a call from our agent saying that everything has passed and our meds and police checks have now been requested!!! We were expecting 9-12 months processing times as we are cat 3 in the processing times not 7 weeks!!! Time to celebrate!!:laugh:
  5. Agent applied on 21/9 and visa granted 23/9.:biglaugh: Cannot believe it, so exciting. What a rollercoaster.:shocked: Thanks to everyone on the site for all their posts, reading some of them really helped.:wink: Time to try and find some short term accommodation and flights. Need to write my notice too. So many things, so little time.......
  6. Hi there, We just submitted our skills assessment to ACS (Australian Computer Society) and so we#re anxiously awaiting the results. It says on their website that it can take around 12 weeks. Just wondering if any of you have had experience with them and whether it's usually longer, shorter or about the time they say? 12 weeks seems like a long way off right now! Thanks.
  7. Dear people were flying to Perth via Singapore tomorrow night, as were emigrating we get double baggage allowance, just found out that as were stopping over for 3 days the ticket between Singapore and Perth is not classed as an emigration ticket and we lose the double baggage allowance we were given at London Heathrow help.................
  8. We left freezing cold Manchester airport on 7th feb and arrived in sunny Perth on the 9th. We were staying with friends in Wanneroo until we sorted a rental, we thought it would take us a month to 6 weeks - 1 week later we were accepted for a fab rental on 1/2 acre with a pool in the beautiful Perth hills. OH started work after being here only 3 days- his first day was in 40+ degree temperatures! We bought a Ute in our first week and moved the pitiful amount of stuff we had bought up to our new home on 25th feb. We managed with a gas bbq, 2 sunloungers, a matress on the floor and a borrowed tv until all our worldly goods arrived mid March- i have never been so happy to see a sofa! :wink: I struggled to find a job, sending out heaps of applications and resumes. I applied for my police clearance and our lovely new landlords offered to do me an Oz reference and lo and behold I got 2 interviews the following week! I started work 6 weeks ago so we will soon be able to get a mortgage application in and claim our own little piece of Oz. We are going to buy in Mount Helena as we love it here already- the pub is great and full of really friendly people, we have made some lovely new friends already. The countryside is soooo beautiful around us and the wildlife is fantastic We miss our family and friends in the UK and are so grateful for skype and facebook - it was hard to leave our 3 grown up children and my stepson but we cant wait for our first visitors in january - my stepson is coming with OH's sister, he is only 12 and really looking forward to it. We feel like this is home now, I wasnt sure it would do after feeling like it was still a holiday until I got my job. We have so many plans that we want to do and are so excited about the future - good luck to those still in the process, its well worth all the ups and downs, heartache and setbacks to get here in the end Donna x :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    help needed fast

    i have an issue i need some help on if anyone can point me in the right direction. now a mother to a new 8 week old, english and lived in oz for just under two years, baby was born in oz and father is australian. father has now become violent to mother and she needs to leave to move back with her family in england and bring up her child in a safe environment, however the baby is australian, would this be classed as kidnap taking her back to england? is there anyone who can help in this situation or been in a similar one, a solicitor that would have an idea on the law?? i am keeping this message quite vague for obvious reasons, if anyone could help it would be so much appreciated, do not know were else to turn!!
  10. Guest

    457 Fast Track

    Has anyone on here heard of a fast track service for 457 applicants where the process take around a couple of days? The company that is sponsoring me initially told me the application would take between 2 days and 2 weeks and that was 6 weeks ago. Apparently it now turn out that immigration lost some paperwork that would have meant the application taking a couple of days to approve... According to my contact, they have a signed Commonwealth Work Agreement specially for the on-hire industry (employment agents) which is supposed to give them fast tracking of visas which normally take a couple of days....do I smell something? Cheers, Stu
  11. paulswin

    Its all moving fast!!

    Getting a bit scared now! House has just sold (I really like my house too!!), just waiting for meds to be finalised, seems to have happened all of a sudden! Going to move in with the inlaws for a couple of months! Hoping we can afford to live out there and that the kids will settle! I know everyone must start feeling like this when they get close to leaving! I'm really excited, but really nervous!
  12. Hi I am planning to move and settle in OZ very soon and have few options available. Just need advice on which one will be the best and most simple way to move OZ. Quick facts are: Fact 1 Abt Me: OFFSHORE: ACS assessed ANZSCO 261399 Network Security [sOL4] (July 2010) ||Certified Member: ACS, 5 Year ICT Experience||IELETS 7.5+ Each (May 2010)|| Currently Applied Victoria State Sponsorship and ACS Reassessment in progress ICT Security Specialist ANZSCO 262112[sOL 3&4] Fact 2 Abt my Fiance: ONSHORE: Dentist on Student Visa Sub-class 572 ||IELETS:7.5+ Each (June 2010) ||Studying Dental Hygiene at TAFE ||She will be assessed Dental Hygienist ANZSCO 411211 after passing out in Dec 2011 Fact 3 Abt my real sister: PR living in Melbourne since 2008 Fact 4: We both pass new and old point’s tests system 120+ (old) and 65+(new) Current Situation: I am engaged to a dentist who is pursuing her studies in TAFE Dental Hygiene course and I am offshore working for an ICT Giant. We both are planning to get married in July in OZ and currently I am in a process to wait for my VIC state sponsorship result mail. I am not applying to other state (ACT has my code in SMP) because I don’t want to jeopardize my VIC SMP application. Adding to that I have launched new ACS application for new code ICT Security Specialist which is in SA SMP as well as SOL 3 and 4 Planned: I want to leave Melbourne on a relative sponsored visa in July this year and will get married in OZ. By July I am sure I will have my new assessment as well as some state sponsorship results so that I can apply either ACT or SA. Questions: Apart from relative sponsored visitor's visa is there any way I can stay in OZ with my fiancée and work there immediately after getting married to her? Is there any way I can bridge a relative sponsored Visitor's visa with Partner visa (once I am married:cute:). Can I lodge my 176 offshore if I get my state sponsorship/175 while I am in OZ on a relative sponsored visitor's visa? Can my sister sponsor my fiancée to lodge her 886 once she passes out in Dec and can I become her secondary applicant on her 886 visa (being already a 175/176 applicant) ? I am sorry for the super-complicated situation:idea: but only thing I need is to be there and buy some time. I appreciate the brainstorming and all comments are welcome :smile: regards Big Bob
  13. :sad: I am studying Professional Year Program which will finish before june 2010. I want to apply PR in under current rule. Last month, I had lodged TR visa. I heared, as per rule, We should have TR visa in our hand before lodge the PR. Is is true? If it is true, how to fast track to get TR visa before june end 2010? Nisha
  14. kevin jc

    Wow, moving fast now, CO assigned

    Hello All Just wanted to share the good news and help in the general picture of how things are moving since the VIC Smp's were announced. Today I was informed i have a CO :jiggy: All moving much faster than i ever expected, guess the Smp's have worked in my favour and I hope the same happen's for those of you still waiting. All the best Kev Ps @ VickyMel,,,let the race begin :wink:
  15. Hi there! Got my visa granted, after 3 just month, Diac is working faster.... Details: Secondary School Teacher CSL, 175 independent, cat. 4, nationality : german/swedish Visa Application 19.04.2010 CO: 21.06.2010 Visa granted: 15 July 2010 Visa after 3 months!!!!!! I didnt expect it that fast!!!!! Thanks for all the good information on this side, see you in Australia. Greetings from a wounderful summer in Sweden!!!!!!!!
  16. Guest

    things are moving fast now

    We have our visas, have just sold the house, it was only up for 3weeks, today we had the valuation/survay, and i am now starting to realise that the move is going to happen soon, We are planning to book flights, temp accomadation as soon as the contracts have exchanged and once we have a completion date, so any advice on the above would be great. I think we will be over in 2 /3 months, cant beleive how calm i feel, We have decided to just bring a few bits of furniture and personal things, so are now trying to sell things that we dont want, nothing seems to be being bid for on ebay, so using local papers at min and list in shop windows. Anyway, must get back to it all, Good luck to all Tracey
  17. Guest

    Losing Faith, fast

    Well after weeks of waiting for the police cert it seems that 4 offences in 14 years is classed as substantial, ok so a minor in 2009 down to an arguement but come on. Really looks like there are no options even on a sponsored 457. Ive read about people with 10+ and they hve visas Looks like thats that
  18. Hi all! I'm in a tricky situation and it seems as I have no solution but to go back to the UK I've been in Oz for 3 years with my partner - she as a trainee hairdresser and me as de facto. The papers we lodged for permanent residency in January of this year. Here's the bad bit... our relationship has fallen apart - has been rough for a while. Without the details - she and I have both met other people over the last 6 months and now she is about to remove me from her application, leaving me with 28 days to depart. I don't have the correct points or correct skilled occupation. I cannot apply for a study visa as my bridging visa A which i am currently on has "special conditions" attached which means I have to make an off-shore application as the bridging visa is not a substantive visa. I am set to get married in 15 days to my new partner who also has a young son - I really don't want to leave them for 3-6 months... How long is the spouse visa currently taking to process at the moment? Does anyone have any ideas as my time is ticking away Thanks for reading - have a great day! Steve
  19. Hi, I am a Non CSL with a CO and am wondering how fast the DIAC are getting through the CSL applications. It would be really helpful to us in priority 5 to see how fast they are working through priorities 1-4. Would you please put below your timeline, particularly when you applied and when you got a CO. Thanks in advance. Tracey x
  20. scmercer

    MODL fast track

    Hi this is my first post. Have found this site really helpful so far and just have a question regarding fast tracking. My husband has recently passed the skills assessment and his skill is on the MODL list. We have applied for the 175 visa but have heard that this can be fast tracked if your skills are on MODL list. Is anyone aware of this and what the timescale is? Thanks
  21. Guest

    Meds Finalised SUPER FAST :-)

    Hi all just to let you know that my meds were send on the 20th of Feb to Australia and i have just checked my application tonight bearing in mind i only got a C/O the other day and my Meds have just Been finalised. Cant belive the Speed in which my C/O is working. How much longer do you think i will have to wait before my Visa is Approved? im on a 475
  22. Guest

    Got a C/O who is working fast

    Checked my application this morning and have been allocated a C/O and already they have checked my documents that have been uploaded and changed them to Met. Just got to wait for my medical certificates to arrive in OZ and be checked now. What else will the C/O have to do? How long after getting a C/O on a 475 Visa will it be? Starting to get excited now hehe
  23. hi guys ...hope someone can help me with a massive problem i have stumbled upon !!!. we are set to go on 1st march and my niece is gona be renting our house ...or so i thought ....the bl**dy mortgage compant wont approve it :arghh: ....they have advised that we need to change to buy -to let and if we go ahead we will be breaking mortgage agreement and buildings insurance will become null and void .... this is just what i dont need at this late stage ....cant get a hold of our financial advisor as he is on holiday in the bl**dy highlands of scotland !!! ...so does anyone know how much extra this would cost us per month [roughly] ....i really cant cope with this ... just knew it was going too smoothly ...... please help !!!! :notworthy: mrs keily
  24. hi guys we lodged our sponsored skilled 176 visa on Nov 14 2008 via an agent and today have been informed by phone and e mails that our case has been done in record time. We have a Case officer and is requesting are medicals and police checks, we orginally were desparate to get them done as soon as the visa application was lodged but reading lots of posts regarding time spans we were prepared to hold on until reqested but didnt think would be this quick. so hopefully good news for others hoping to be fast tracked. tracy and john
  25. Hi Everyone, I like many others here have become very obsessed with the BeUpdate website, and have come across someone who applied for their 175 visa on the 4/4/08 and got it on the 22/7/08!!!! I have never known any application to go through so quick. (just over 3 months!!!) Within comments, they said that they had Priority processing due to letter of support from prospective employer along with personal request by e-mail..... I wonder if this is true, or was the visa an employer sponsored one? What does anyone else think??? Ive also noticed that visas seem to be processing faster as the weeks go by, for those applications that frontload anyway....