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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter's new YouTube channel for kids. We're new to Perth, and based in the Northern suburbs. We're hoping the channel will entertain and educate kids as well as us showcasing our new life in Perth from Amelie's perspective. Here's the link Amélie - Crafts and Fashion If you like it, please give it a thumbs up/subscribe and share. Also any constructive feedback would be appreciated. More content will appear over the coming weeks. Best Regards James
  2. Totsy

    Doc Martens?

    Is it too warm to wear doc martens in Australia? And do many people wear them? Just wondering cos I'm moving over in a few months and thought I might buy a pair before I go! Thanks x
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first ever post on here and on any forum for that matter! I've been in Melbourne for 15 months and had a job for most of that but not a very good one at all….in fact it was so depressing i finally left it last month. Ever since i got that job i have been on the look out for another better suited job, i've applied for so many roles and either had no response or a 'thank you but no' reply. These are roles that i am more than qualified to do and had i applied to them in London I would at least have had an interview. I'm a graphic designer for fashion by the way, the industry is small in London but it seems smaller and more behind here. I'm feeling really useless and fed up plus I am starting to wonder if it's because I am not Australian? I have a defaco Visa and so do not require any sponsorship, I put this info on my cover letters plus it is on my CV. Starting to wish i'd stayed in my old job now even though it was soul destroying. What am I doing wrong eh?!
  4. Hi All, One of my friends had applied for the temporarry visa (TR) under the occupation of Fashion designer last year.But there hasnt been any positive feed back.. Please let me know normally how long does it take to process the visa for a fashion designer. Thanks.
  5. Guest

    Graphic design jobs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to move to Australia in September on a working holiday visa, while also potentially applying for a skilled sponsored visa. I'm a graphic designer with experience with mainly fashion/beauty brands here in the UK, working for the likes of Asos.com and Chanel. Fashion is a huge thing to me when it comes to graphic design, so I’m hoping to move into the same field in Australia, though i am aware that its a step back from the scene here in London, that’s not a problem. I'm just wondering where the best place is for such work - Melbourne or Sydney? I've been speaking to so many people and they give mixed reviews, so some help would be much appreciated. My current job lies with a fashion magazine, so it would be great to jump into the same thing out there, so any ideas on where the magazines are based? where the fashion hub is? which is the most fashionable of the two? I know Australian Fashion Week is in Sydney, but then I’ve also been told that the creative jobs/people are all in Melbourne? Share the light...pleeeeeeease. Thanks so much :cool:
  6. Hi, I recently arrived in Melbourne after 2 months of travel and my wardrobe is a little 'worn'! I'm looking for work here and could do with some recommendatins of decent brands to shop at. In the UK I'd go to Zara, French Connection (I've seen FC here so that's great!) H&M, Topshop, etc I'm basically looking for a black shift dress for interviews. Info about other great places to shop would be appreciated too as I'm in retail (Assist Man / Vis Merch Roles) and if a place is great to shop at it's often great to work for! Any help info GREATLY apreciated, as it takes it out of you walking around the shops in this (delightful) heat. Thanks :rolleyes: Bella
  7. rockola57

    Oz fashion sense.

    Cor Blimey O'Reilly. All those years i wasted buying Armani Suits,Bally shoes,silk ties et all,then i get's to Oz and realises the folly of my ways!The Aussies have "the look" i was striving for.For the sporty there is a vast selection from the famous fashion houses of Champion,Lonsdale,Asics and Admiral,lots of multi coloured selections there for even the most discerning followers of fashion.But where it really falls into it's own on the World stage is that "Man" look that is certain to set any woman's heart a flutter.The stylish designer beard that reaches down to the waistline,the greyer and more dishevelled the better.Tobacco stains are de rigeur here,and add that certain mystique.A roll up hanging gracefully from the corner of the mouth gives a sense of daring.The checked and padded Lumberjack shirts here are perfection and can only be complimented by the various stylish braces on offer.Add a Straw rimmed hat with the "stressed" look,half mast dungarees and you are at the cutting edge of high fashion OZ Style.Those still in the UK,please keep it to yourself,it's our little secret here.
  8. I think one thing that shocked me when I came to Perth was the rather strange and decidedly outdated sense of fashion here, and the serious lack of good shops. Here are some of the major crimes against good taste currently being committed in WA ... Rachel :biggrin:
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a Fashion designer desperately wanting to move to Australia but I do not score enough points to be able to live and work in Melbourne and Sydney where most of the fashion jobs are. I am only eligible for Adelaide on the skilled Regional visa 475, but I can't find any jobs at all and I have looked everywhere, contacted recruitment agencies and spoke to migration officers! Can anyone help me please? Many Thanks, Karen
  10. Guest

    Fashion designer jobs

    Hi Everyone, My partner and i have been desperate to move to Oz, ever since we came back from travelling there. The problem we have is we only reach 110 points and that would include doing the IELTS test. Then i saw that fashion designer is on a the regional state sponsorship list for SA. But when i look for design jobs in SA, cant find one. I would be grateful if anyone has any advice, or any ideas where i can magically find 10 points thank you Nicola :wacko:
  11. Guest

    Schools , Shops and Fashion

    :err:Please would someone help me with the topics of Schools , Shops and Fashion please I'm moving to Perth in january 08, My 12 year old son and myself like our fashionable clothing ,are we out of luck moving to Perth? Also I would like to know of good Catholic schools in the Canningvale area.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!