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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, We are two (male and female) hardworking and enthusiastic individuals looking for work during our stay in Australia. We have a 12 Month Working/Holiday Visa and are currently residing in Perth, WA. We are keen to travel, so happy to relocate to any other State. We are available to work immediately and have no other upcoming commitments. We are both eager and quick to learn and are keen to be working as soon as possible. We are happy to do anything - Farming, Hospitality, Retail, General Labour, Cleaning, Cooking... Skills and Experience include; Performing Arts (Performance, Teaching, Technician) Events (Preparation, Promotion) Retail Construction / General Labour / Decorating Catering / Hospitality If you are looking for (or no anyone who is) two young, hardworkers with friendly, outgoing personalities, please get in touch! If you would like further information from us then please email helenv91@hotmail.com/j.dobinson@hotmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you, Helen Vandersteen & Jay Dobinson 0420 462 843
  2. Hi, I'm Amy, 18. I am currently on my first working visa but looking to extend my visa for a second year. Preferably around Perth area, if any one has any contacts etc please don't hesitate to pm me.
  3. Guest

    Puppy farming in Australia

    News article about the campaign to ban puppy farming and pet shops selling pups/dogs. http://www.news.com.au/national/where-did-your-puppy-come-from/story-e6frfkvr-1226133457010 It is tragic how many people buy a pup on a whim or from an ad on Gumtree or the paper and have no idea where the dog actually came from. There are many puppy farmers who use front houses for people to go see the pups in. The person pretending to sell them isn't really, they are just a front to give the picture a more favourable appearance. I do hope that the sale of pups and dogs (and cats and kittens) in pet shops is regulated in the future. Or banned. Being a volunteer for a couple of dog rescues I know only too well the sad result of puppy farming and the number of people who fall into the trap of buying a pup from one of them. Most have no clue and some sadly don't care.
  4. Hi, I met an Aussie the other day who said I could apply for another working holiday visa, even though I've already been and done one,. Can anybody say if this is the case or not? Thanks
  5. Hi, We are an English couple looking for some fruit picking or farming work in Aus. We're both very hard working and happy to work long hours. We live in QLD but want to see more of regional Australia. Both non smokers and very clean and tidy! I (Kim) loves to cook and happy to cook for many people and Ryan loves to clean haha! So we are a good couple to have around. If anyone knows of any more info that you can help us with that would be great, even a point in the right direction. We want to try go with a private farmer or a hostel is fine if someone can name one that is clean and treats workers well. We want to start fruit picking in early August, both very happy to work long hours and 7 days a week, we just want to work and save money! Please can anyone help?? Thanks Kim & ryan
  6. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone here knew if dairy farming counts as "specified work" for the second working holiday visa? You guys all seem extremely knowledgeable! I have been trying to get a straight answer from the DIAC and failing miserably! It's not quite clear to me from the website whether what I'm doing (milking cows full-time in regional Australia) counts towards the 3 month specified work requirement. If anyone had any information relating to this or had any advice I would be extremely grateful for your imput! I really need the extra year in Australia so that my partner and I can go for de-facto next year, Many thanks, Rose
  7. k8bug79

    Farming standards

    Hi, I just wanted some opinions on the above subject. I don't wish to start a huge debate but I was a strict veggie for many years due to the farming standards in Britain. I started eating fish about 10 years ago now and moved to add Free Range chicken about 3 years ago now. I am starting to contemplate adding red meat back into my diet. I don't necessarily think the standards in the UK have reached a stage where I am totally happy wth them but I do think as a whole they are better. But there are various reasosns I am considering it , which I won't go into now because they are my issues. One of the many reasons and admittadly quite a minor reason is that Oz seems to be a very meat eating country and I did think it may be easier to eat that too. But with this issue in mind I wante dto find out a bit about the way animlas are farmed over there. I know Australia and New Zealand are known for their lamb but is their meat a better standard? I don't want to start a huge politocal debate on the rights and wrongs of farming, so a simple better/ worse would suffice if you don't wish to divulge your opinions. Thanks for your help Kate