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Found 21 results

  1. Hozza_mh


    Hello, So i am heading out to Australia from the UK in September however as i turn 31 in January i have been told by a visa company that i need to do my agricultural work before i turn 31 if i want to stay for 2 years. This means i will need to do this as soon as i get out there! is there anywhere best to start to be able to get the correct work for the 2nd year sign off? any area that is best? i would like to be in the gold coast area (as i know people there ) however i will start where the work is. Thank you for your help in advance
  2. EBall123

    Second year visa wait

    Hey Everyone, I applied for my second year visa on the 19th of Dec and haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I worked on the same farms for the same time and he got his visa approval back straight away. The only question we answered differently was that I had been outside of the UK for more than 6months. Is it because I out this that it is taking longer? We wanted to fly back out on the 23rd of Jan bit worried it will take ages as some people have said they are still waiting 2/3months later? My mum is flying out in the 4th of Feb so I hope I get it! Please help with any other similar stories or why you think it is taking so long? I am really stressing!
  3. I'm moving out of my houseshare in a week and want to find casual farm work (Farm hand? 1 month approx) in Victoria just to try it out. I've heard there's supposed to be good work up in Mildura and Shipperton but ideally I'd want a place in east gippsland, close to the coast. Does anyone know of any farms there with good work? also a few other things :smile: I'm thinking of renting a camper van as accommodation. Have people had good experiences with this - is the typical cost $40 per day or higher? whats the best way to find out about work on a particular farm - just call them up and ask? Any keywords to use to increase your chances? :wink: any other tips for securing farm work? Thanks a ton! :smile:
  4. We need several backpackers to come and work on a mostly citrus farm in exchange for food, accomodation and 2nd year sign off! Work will consist of picking, packing and other general tasks. No experience is necessary, just a good attitude and willingness to work. We currently have four friendly people staying here and are looking to replace several people who have recently finished their 88 days. It’s an easy place to slot right in and feel at home. The farm is based a couple of hours outside of Adelaide. Immediate start is available, please contact me ASAP by email, phone or txt and I can provide more information. Please leave a message if I don't answer the phone. sebfarmwork@gmail.com 0424 719127 Look forward to hearing from you soon, Seb
  5. Hi, We need help on our farm in SA. Small fruit farm, work in exchange for all food and accommodation. No fees. Live on farm with around 8 other backpackers. Need immediate starters Email me your phone numbers and where you are lucyharris567@yahoo.co.uk Please share with anybody you know looking for farm work thank you!
  6. Hi All, Me and my girlfriend are looking to do our farm work/ Fruit picking and was hoping someone would have some details of people we could get in contact with to get in touch with to start our 3 months work for our 2nd year visas. We are both 22 and from England, we would prefer paid work within the Western Australia, New South Wales or Queensland regions but are willing to travel anywhere to do it. Thanks for any help anyone can give us. Tom
  7. Hi there, Landed in Perth yesterday & whilst I'd love to sightsee all the places I want to visit right now, I'd rather get my regional work out of the way to hopefully secure a 2nd year visa! I know there are tonnes of threads offering advice but not all of it is relevant! If anyone could advise of regional work going (paid) anywhere in Australia as I am willing to travel it would be a great help. Also, any advice on what websites to visit to look for jobs would be good! Thanks Charlie
  8. I'm working at a fairly big farm in QLD, the owner /farmer has offered me a sponsorship if I can find out how I'm going to fit the visa requirements. The job is mainly driving a tractor in season and labour in the off season. Problem is the 457 visa has skills requirements, whats the go from here? Has anyone had any experience attaining a 457 visa through this kind of unskilled vacancy? "No worries" :happy_face_outlaw_s Aaron
  9. is there anyone who has any info or inside knowledge about seasonal or full time farming jobs in Victoria such as the wheat and oilseed rape harvest to begin in mid October? i am a skilled tractor driver and any help would be great.
  10. My parents moved to Oz a number of years ago and bought their dream home, a stunning rural property in Tamworth NSW. Now they need to sell up, here is a link to their information.... maybe someone out there will take it over and love it like they do!!! http://pinterest.com/twoboos/amberwood/ http://www.facebook.com/amberwood766
  11. The Pom Queen

    Farm Hand Accommodation Provided

    Leading Hand and Farmhands wanted for irrigated and dryland farming property. Leading Hands must have prior irrigation experience and work as a team with staff and management. Farmhands would require some machinery or irrigation experience. Modern house or single accommodation provided.
  12. Went to New Farm Park in Brisbane with the family Sunday week and thought I would share some photos of this lovely park. Blurry iPhone photos all my responsibility New Farm Park Picnic under the trees Kids love it Fort twists through the figs Lovely spot Not too bad!! Swings are more fun BBQ by the river Love those trees
  13. The Pom Queen

    Farm Workers SA

    TRACTOR DRIVERS - FARM WORKERS - ref: Job Description Potato Farm seeking- Casual or permanent ongoing work! Will suit experienced tractor drivers or experienced farm operator looking for a permanent position, and willing to take on long term training. Dynamic, professional and growing business. An Opportunity To Join A Leading Potato And Onion Grower This is a great opportunity for a hard working, highly reliable person who is looking to join our team at Pinnaroo/Yarrahville Farm. For over 35 years our group has been growing and packaging potatoes, onions and olive oil for sale in major Australian supermarket chains and produce markets nationally. We also supply our produce to the international market. We are a dynamic and progressive company with state-of-the-art facilities. We are an organisation that understands the importance of people and quality within it's business and provides a unique opportunity for the right person to work in a cutting edge and versatile team environment. You will be well rewarded for your reliability, dedication, pro-active attitude, and motivation to do a good job. As Tractor Driver you will report directly to the Farm Manager. You will assist with land preparation, the growing and harvesting of potatoes and onions. You be skilled and experienced in tractor drivin Qualifications Current drivers licence Experience & Knowledge Tractor Driving Farm Machinery Operation Profile Location of Job: Pinnaroo - South Australia Lenght of Employment ONGOING or TEMPORARY Date of Job Posting: 05/08/2011 Contact Name: Paula Hentschke Contact Email: paula.hentschke@mitologroup.com.au Contact Phone: 08 8282 9000
  14. Evening all :policeman: Just seen on the news the travellers who live at Dale Farm in Essex have had a reprieve from eviction until Friday, so what do you reckon, should they be allowed to stay or should they be booted off? My own personel opinion is that they should be evicted as i dont think it should be one law for a minority and one law for the rest of us. :unsure:
  15. Hi All, Hubbie may be getting a job in Eagle Farm, Brisbane and I have looked via google maps at the area & it looks like an Industrial Estate near the airport. My queries relate to the finding suitable renting accomadation nearby but want the following: 1 - We are looking for a newish 4 bed detached house to rent, arnd the $400-500 pw mark ,somewhere where its not too busy and there are families arnd but its fairly quiet/country life but there are things to do with kids etc. We currently live in Ireland on 1 acre in the country but know that we will have to live in the suburbs for work and to get to know families etc but we will want a nice sized back garden etc as boys used to so much space, wouldwill there be parks,activities nearby 2 - We will prob only have 1 car for a while so hubby would need access to trains/bus stations to get to Eagle Farm as I will prob need the car for dropping kids and probably look for a part time job once we get the kids settled (aged 3 & 5) or he takes the car & I walk the kids to school etc. Would you be able to tell us the time it would take to get to Eagle Farm from all the area's you suggest as he would not want to be over 40-50mins away really. 3 - Somewhere where there are good schools and creches as 5 yr old would be starting pre-sch, 4 - We intend to rent out our house as we have not ruled out comming back in a few years time and from looking at rental sites, most houses come empty and furniture seems quite exp, on average what money would you need to set aside to kit out a 4 bed house or am I better bringing most off my good furniture and buy cheaper stuff for my house to rent here in Ireland ?? I did look on a discount warehouse website yest and to replace my own bed alone cost about $ 2,500, never mind the other 2 bedrms and sitting room, kitchen equipment and so on See the list of questions are endless!!! :confused: I'll stop now and take a breath and see what ye advise, thanks in advance for all your replies. AM
  16. Guest

    Bri Vegas with a 457!

    After crashing and burning (to the sum of $2300) on a Vic state sponsored visa two weeks ago we thought we'd never be free of Indonesia or the UK (actually the UK was looking to be a better bet), but last week I got approached by a coal seam gas company with a job offer that included a 457. To good to be true? Well, kind of. They decided initial job offer was below spec so they suggested I take a better position, based in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Wow. Just as I'm on the verge of accepting they call again with an even better offer, this time based in Brisbane. So I've already spent a week researching rural Newcastle and because we come from a semi-rural area in the UK I know what to look for, but I'm clueless about cities. I do know that I'll be working in Eagle Farm, just next to the airport so what I'm looking for is a suburb near there (preferably no more than 5ks so I can cycle), that is family friendly with open spaces for a 3 year old boy, shops for a 3x year old wife and transport links into the CBD for fun. Can anyone make any justifiable suggestions please? I'm giving out thanks as a reward.
  17. Hi all... We are looking for a good place to live in Adelaide. What about Andrews Farm and Munno Para West Considering style of life, parks,commute, primary schools, distance from Universities, shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals (family of 3 nowadays with a boy age of 6, also planning a new baby soon) We lived 2years ago in Tarneit VIC, around Melbourne and we loved. Thanks all in advance
  18. Guest

    Train access to Eagle Farm

    Hi Just wondering if anyone commutes to Eagle Farm by train...it looks like the nearest station is Ascot. Does anyone make this journey from any northern suburbs? Thanks Louise
  19. Guest

    chicken farm or care work?

    hi all, im usually a care suppor worker, however if granted my prrospective marriage visa, will work at a chicken farm that i used to work at in oz just to get us started then would like to get a job again as a support wokrer a few months later. i have a letter from chicken farm to say they would take me on permantly if granted this visa however as you know on the forms asks what my usual occupations is well thats fine put care support worker, but is it going to seem odd to immigration, also what do i do about the medicals, declare that i plan to work in care or not? if i declare then immigration might think well why is she going to work at her chicken farm. etc etc and if i am already in care why aren't i staying in it etc etc any ideas plllllllllleeaasssssseeeeeee
  20. Hey guys.. I'm finally in australia....but im despreat for a farm job so i can get my second year visa as i dont want to go home and have already spent a month of my visa back in the uk due to my Mum passing away =( So here i am, asking for all or your help! Im a 21 female for the UK, and i will be picking up my car in 2 weeks time so i have more options to travel. Im in fairfield in Sydney and wanting farm work in the right postcode so i can apply for my second year visa. PLEASE PLEASE, im begging you, has anyone got any advise, contact numbers that they could share with me at all?? I have already signed up to Gumtree.com.au and have had a few emails through that, but a lot of them seem to ask for "adult fun" which is not very pleasent and makes me a little worried. Please again would you be able to help me. Thanks Fiona.x xxx