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Found 57 results

  1. Guest

    Australian Fancy Dress

    Hey All! I'm having an Australian themed party next week to celebrate our visa. Everyone has to come in Aussie fancy dress. I'm struggling with what I should go as, I have the obvious ones in mind, but as Im the host I want a really good outfit. Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks all! Shreen
  2. The Pom Queen

    Pets Fancy Dress Costumes - Halloween

    Let me know which you think is the best.
  3. I'm Jane, an older Mummy who recently moved to Brisbane with my hubby and our 3 kids aged nearly 5, nearly 3 and 1. We are looking to move to the Northern suburbs but will be in the CBD until our container arrives. I would love to meet up with other Mums for playdates and socialising, am happy to drive to different suburbs to get out and about. Get in touch if you fancy catching up, I would also be keen to get out for a glass of vino one evening if any of you other Mummy's are interested . Jane
  4. Guest

    fancy a chat jim (ropey hoff)

    just noticed your on line:wubclub:hows things
  5. Hi, We arrived in Oz on 19th Feb and have just moved into our rental home in Kiama Downs last week, my other half and I are both waiting to start jobs, Stu is waiting for his tiling tools to arrive and i am at the mercy of NSW Health processing my paperwork. I have 2 children aged 4 and 13 months and could so do with meeting up with a friendly face. Anyone in a similar boat in the Wollongong area and fancy meeting up for a coffee or trip to a park? Liz
  6. Hi We are emigrating over from scotland in a few months, my wife Julie is a a singer (very good) and im a guitarist looking to see if there are any expat musicians interested in starting a band. Got a few songs on my youtube page if you want to have a listen its geetarmanbaxter. Cheers steven
  7. Hi, Im hoping to get my application sorted this weekend for sponsorship to Canberra, just wondering if anyone has any jobs available or fancies taking a punt and sponsoring me?!!!! I have 18 years experience and can provide a cv and references if needed Thanks Steph
  8. Hey, Ive been living in Perth for a while now but recently moved to Wellard near Rockingham so now my friends NOR seem really far away in need of some friends this side of the river!! Hope to hear from someone!! xx
  9. Guest

    anyone fancy a chat

    anybody welcome,any subject disscused:wubclub: if youve never posted or are unsure just ask away--older members just jump in
  10. I've been living in Gosford with my Australian boyfriend for about 6 months now but have found it quite difficult to meet new friends as I've had a hard time finding work and don't have children so don't really get to meet many new people. I'd love to meet some people in their 20s to have a drink with or do stuff with occasionally. I miss having a group of friends to do things with like I had in the UK and I'm getting bored of staying in on a Friday night! lol
  11. We live in East Yorkshire and have seen various people on here from areas close to us. We have just started with the visa, having applied for a subclass 163 business visa. We have been told this should take 10 - 12 months. We would love to move to the suburbs around Joondalup, but are unsure as to where we will be heading exactly as yet. Schools are important to us as we have 4 children, so we are still doing our homework on this. (No pun intended!) Anyone else living near to us in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire that are heading off to Perth within the next 12 - 18 months that fancies a local meet-up before taking that life-changing flight? Thought it would be good to see if we can get a few of us to meet up over here and possibly meet up again on the other side! :idea: Tracey & Jon!!
  12. I believe England is moving St George's day this year to May 2nd. Do you think anyone will notice?:wink:
  13. Hi there We arrived this week in Perth from London, living in Rockingham. Would love to meet up, travelling is not a problem as we have our own transport. We are both in our 40's and young at heart, would love to meet up and make some friends here, the more the merrier!! If you fancy meeting, a barbie on the beach, families anything, we are happy just to make new friends. Hope to hear from you soon, Cheers Jane and Nando (Nando65)
  14. Hi, Me and my boyfriend moved here a couple of months ago, and have met lots of lovely people but we're missing the British sense of humour! If in the new year you fancy meeting up for drinks, BBQs, sporty stuff or playing tourist, we'd love to hear from you. We're both 27 and were living in London for 4 years before moving here. We're living in Wembley, Perth but happy to travel to meet up. Get in touch via pm or reply to the thread, Look forward to hearing from you soon Bethan
  15. Hi anyone fancy meeting in Sydney for a drink? myself Emma (32) and Chris (31) my partner have been leaving in Sydney for over 12 months now but have been so busy with work and setting up home we havent had much time to meet people!! We live in Rosebery but are happy to meet in a central location which is good for everyone. Let me know if your interested? Emma
  16. All it will take is patiently waiting in queue at a given date and time... Eric Cantona's call for bank protest sparks online campaign | World news | The Observer I especially like the scaremongering comments from the woman in the French Banking Association...
  17. mr luvpants

    Fancy dress ideas?

    I have to go to my mates stag do next week and the theme is Pop stars. Me and 4 other friends were going to go as the spice girls but one of them has decided that they do not want to now so we are doing our own things now. Any ideas as to what I should go as as I am struggling! JOHN
  18. Hi, I'm living in Bracken Ridge (been in Brisbane 6 months now) and put a post on a couple of weeks ago but not had any replies so thought I would put another one up. My last post asked if any mums in Bracken Ridge fancied meeting up but had no replies so assume no mums in Bracken Ridge :-( so any mums out there fancy meeting up? I have a 9 year old daughter and a 4 year old boy not yet started school. My husband is working so dont get much adult interaction during the day. I'm going to go to a local playgroup (now that I've found out where they are) but if anyone would like to meet as well? I've got a car so can get out and about. Would love to hear from you. Sam
  19. Hi there, I live in Mandurah and I'm looking to meet up with anyone with kids for coffee, chats etc... I have a 2 and a half year old daughter who is desperate to play with other kids. We arrived in January and are loving it, just want to make some new friends... give us a shout if your interested???:wubclub:
  20. Hi to all who are moving to or in Perth! Me and my husband (both 29) are emigrating July 30th- not long now and very excited! We live in Gateshead but I’m originally from North Wales and my husband is from Banbury. We are really keen to meet up with like-minded people. It would be lovely to meet anyone who enjoys keeping fit, enjoys a coffee or a glass of wine, walks along the beach, bbq's, anything really! My husband is a keen climber and mountain biker- he’s added a few threads on his interests! We are starting off in Joondalup and hope to find a long term rental wherever we get our first job. I am a secondary french teacher, my husband works in marketing. If anyone can give some advice on relief/supply teaching work and who to contact that would be great! Looking forward to meeting whoever is interested soon! Can’t wait! Emma
  21. Hi, I am flying out to Sydney on Tues 8th June - get there wed. I am just wondering if anyone is looking for friends to meet up with etc. I am moving out on my own and it would be great to meet up with someone on the Friday night when I get there for a few drinks. I am getting put up in a hotel more than likely close to the CBD. I am a 28 year young female, I work in recruitment and like a good laugh. Will anyone be around ? :jiggy:
  22. Hey all Myself and my partner (both 27) moved over almost 2 months ago now from London. We have a couple of friends locally who are Aussie but I want to spread my social circle a bit. My partner has got a good job and works full time but unfortunately I'm not working as I'm pregnant (due end of june) so am struggling to meet people as i'm at home all day. It's so great being here in the nice weather but as soon as we landed i wanted to suddenly drink all the beer and wine I could see - it's amazing how the sunshine = drinking a glass of wine admiring a lovely sea view.:wink: Is there anyone around locally who is also struggling and fancies meeting up for some drinks (well a diet coke for me:wink:) or a coffee one day to get to know other people? Hope to hear from you soon :biggrin:
  23. Hi, I am new to Melbourne, not many friends yet and wondered if anyone fancied a meet up. I am a teacher and have 2 weeks off for Easter. I suppose it isn't closed to teachers, but if anyone fancies a meet up over the next couple of weeks that would be great. I am in Glen Huntly/South Caufield, enjoy keeping fit, few glasses of wine, shopping and a good chin wag. Hopefully there are others like me out there too, if so let me know Cheers Lindsey:biggrin:
  24. My partner and i have just emmigrated from the UK and have been in Melbourne nearly 3 weeks now and are looking for like minded people. Without wanting to turn this into some sort of lonely hearts ad .. I'm Craig, 32 (celebrated my birthday here on that grim hail stoney long weekend haha) originally from Marton in Middlesbrough, i'm a sonographer/radiographer and working for a company that has clinics all over Melbournes suburbs so can get about quite a bit. Into Family guy, American Dad all those sorts of shows. Steven's 27, from Washington, used to work for the Legal Aid back home and currently on the job hunt here. Into music / gigs and cinema. We're very much normal guys .. pretty much non scene / non camp. We lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne city centre for the past 3 years and always had friends and family over or somethign to do .. and as much as we are loving things down under and the way of life here, it is becoming a bit crap resorting to the telly after a day at work. We're currently living in North Melbourne so only 15 mins on a tram to the CBD. With the comedy festival on the horizon (24th March - 18th April) what better opportunity to get out and about and meet fellow (Brits .. or Aussies .. or whoever ..we really don't care as long as the comedy and company is good). Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010 We're thinking about seeing; Beyond Reasonable Doubt Dave Jory Sarah Millican - Typical woman Julian Clary To name but a fe, haven't booked any tickets yet so we aren't yet limited by the date but gonnas book some soon .. also we are trying to budget ourselves as we have got to furnish out a rental in 2 weeks however could be up for some of the other events if anyone fancies it. Alternatively we're also going to next Sundays F1 Grand Prix and have general admission tickets so will be out and about the track for the race and probably on the lookout for a good viewing spot near a good (but no doubt overpriced) watering hole. Australian Grand Prix Have a good one and maybe see some of you soon. Craig / Steve
  25. Hi, With the footy (soccer - there said it and I will say it only the once) season about to start back in Blighty I was wondering if anyone fancied a kick around in a local park?( I was going to suggest a beach but way too tiring and should be left to the Brazilian masters only) My wife and twins (boy and girl both aged 5 he he) have been here in Sandgate, a northern suburb of Brisbane for 3 months now. A bit of a roller-coaster so far but getting on with it. The rather nice bakers nearby helps. Anyway OH says I'm getting lazy, hence the post. Please drop me a line if anyone is interested, with or without their ankle biters. But please No Pele's or Maradona's as I get shattered simply chasing the nippers around the house to get them in bed. If no one is interested in the football suggestion (can pick another sport except running, gym and tri-athlons etc), I'd be happy to offer any advise that I have picked up en-route. Cheers A