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Found 19 results

  1. hi there, I was on a working holiday visa and met this amazing guy (as the story usually goes ) and we were living together in a sharehouse but sharing a room with another guy (we paid rent cash in hand... think there was something going on there but oh well). We lived together for 2 months and then my visa ended so I flew back home 2 weeks ago. We desperately want to be together, and he proposed unofficially several times (I said yes each time )We've kept our relationship and he's coming out to visit me in 6 weeks for a month and then he has to go back to work (Well doesn't HAVE to, but it's easier for him to go back to his job in oz than try find a new one here for only a few months). I've been thinking about going on a one year student visa to study near where he is so we can live together properly but it's expensive... what are the chances of getting a parter visa (we want to get married in September) while living with him on a tourist visa? p.s I have pictures, texts, phone calls, ect. but no proof of living together in the same room except pics and written receipts from our landlord.
  2. Population growth goes off the boil. The three-year trend of slowing population growth from the 2008 peak continued in 2010 as more of us died and net overseas migration dived..... ....Thus while various politicians were jumping on the anti-migration band wagon during last year’s election, we were already stepping back from a brief surge to a more normal growth rate.... .....The big swing factor in our population story, though, remains net overseas migration. As the one-off factors in 2009 wash out and the international student industry crumbles, NOM dived by 35 per cent to 171,000.....
  3. virtual_bajwa

    Net overseas migration is now falling

    Key Issues in Skilled Migration to Australia Kruno Kukoc First Assistant Secretary Migration and Visa Policy Division Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia-Canada Rountable on Foreign Qualification Recognition 13 April 2011 The new points test that will be released on 1 July 2011, will recognise a range of skills and attributes from applicants both offshore and in Australia, including: •better English language levels, •more extensive skilled work experience, and •higher level qualifications obtained in Australia and overseas. One thing the government is hoping from the new points test is that, through the recognition of overseas skills and qualifications, it will improve both domestic and international skilled labour mobility. To achieve this, the Department will draw on the expert advice of assessing authorities on the applicant’s overseas work and qualifications in order to maintain a high level of program integrity and to ensure that there are no legitimate concerns about potential Occupational Health and Safety issues that may arise due to doubts about someone’s academic and professional background. Those candidates whose qualifications and experience are recognised will potentially provide employers and the Australian economy with a wider set of skills and candidates from which to choose from. Of course, for potential applicants, their learning and skills will be recognised internationally, and we hope Australia will be seen as a favoured destination. for more information, please refer http://www.immi.gov.au/about/speeches-pres/_pdf/2011/2011-04-13-foreign-qualifications.pdf
  4. Falling between the cracks of skilled migration reform - The National Interest - 3 December 2010 I'm sure some will be interested in this article from The National Interest on ABC Radio National, presented by Peter Mares. Best regards.
  5. a song to a film--which film--if you guess right,its your go--i will give some rep as a prize to who gives the right answer:wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Son falling behind at school?

    Hi guys, Im hopeing someone might have some words of advice? Over the last few months my sons teacher has been complaining to me that my son isnt reaching his full potential and is very "dreamy". she says he is only writing 4 sentences when he should be doing 6-8.. she says he is fidgety and she is constantly having to push him and nag him to get on with his work. Im obviously very concerned, as he is such a bright little boy.. hes only 6 but has a reading age of 8.2years, he comes home from school and tells me things that i dont even know! He is very much into Dinosaurs and the plannets, loves jigsaws (can do them face down).. im not saying hes a genius or anythign but i have a feeling im missing something? His teacher is lovely and used to sing his praises, but lately he doesnt seem to be able to do anythig right.. Some times when I speak to her I get the impression she is implying he has a touch of ADD/ADHD or something.. Im not sure whether he needs to go see a doctor or somethign? His teacher has suggested that she speak to a colleague who used to be a paediatrician.. has anyone else had any similar experiences? Thanks in advance! Lindsey x
  7. Hi guys, We have been in Perth 3 weeks now and i have to say im loving it alot! It has been hard work getting everthing set up but can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leon started work yesterday with Western power and he really enjoyed his first day and i went to sign for our house(cant wait to get out of this apartment!). We are moving to Tapping near Joondalup, the area looks really nice so cant wait, and to top it off Brandon my 11yr old will start at Tapping primary on monday!!!! Not all good though as i cant get Brett my 5 yr old in as there are no pre primary places so looks like i will have him home till January :chatterbox:. Just wanted to say hi to everyone in the area and hopefully we will meet up with some of you soon . ang,leon, brandon(10) and brett(5) xx
  8. Hi Guys, If you were told by DIAC to go and get you healthchecks and PCs done and now having done that have fallen off the CSL post your story here. We did just this - had ours done in Feb, everything turned to met a week before the new CSL was published and now we are told we won't be processed any further. What happens when our meds and PCs expire ?? Have we by following DIACs instructions/advice wasted our £1000 + ?? We can't be the only ones who have fallen into this black hole. (It actually feels like a black hole). Do you have a similar tale to tell ?
  9. Guest

    Falling Pregnant in Aus.

    Hi Again, Since i last posted i have had some news, We are pregnant! now on the 10th week, i am due to leave Aus on the 24th of May which will be 18 weeks in to the pregnancy, plus a possible 10 week stay in the UK will bring it to 28 weeks, so at this stage i will be unable to fly (some airlines will not allow travel). therefore i will have to remain in the UK alone without my partner for the birth as work commitments cannot alow him to be away for months at a time. My question is will immigration allow me to extend my visa untill baby is born then leave, and then apply for the visa, or now have the 8503 waived, has anyone been successfull in this when falling pregnant. Any information of where to call/write would be gratefully recieved. Many thanks Tina
  10. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin Gold Coast hot spots for job losses - Realestate News - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
  11. AAP February 25, 2009 11:17am Text size + - [*] Print [*]Email [*] Share Add to MySpace Add to Digg Add to del.icio.us Add to Fark Post to Facebook Add to Kwoff What are these? Hard to find ... the number of job vacancies in 17 of the 18 professions monitored by the Government fell in February / File Job vacancies fall 11pc in February Printing, trade jobs hardest hit Job loss fear: Making redundancy work Skilled vacancies slump 11pc in February | News.com.au Top stories | News.com.au story on Newscom
  12. Why is the exchange rate so poo? Yes I am very naive re global currency markets and all that boring stuff...I'm gutted as we go in 6 weeks and was hoping for a better rate. Can any financial whizkids give me some hope..does it usually dip at this time of year and can we hope it will rise a bit after New Year?? I would be happy with 2.40...any chance?? Thanks and :emoticon-signxmas:
  13. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my good news with you all. Today we got the long awaited confirmation that the adoption order (for my oh to adopt my daughter) has been approved. We have been together since she was 2 and he's always been her 'Dad'. Her birth father does not want any contact, (long, long, story and won't bore you with the details) We have been invited to a hearing in 2 weeks time. The letter says family and friends welcome and cameras too! Sounds like they make it a real event. Can't wait to tell Courtney when she gets in from school. This means that we can now reapply for her passport, then the 457 visa application is good to go! We are now on track for getting to Oz in January. I'm so relieved. xx
  14. Well, 3 more weeks until we fly to Perth. Everything was going along smoothly until today. Our house was supposed to close on Friday Oct 3rd, infact we were due to go the lawyers on Wednesday with a key and sign off on all documents. Well the guy that was going to buy the house called us directly today and asked if we would do a vendor take back 2nd mortgage. He doesn't have his financing in place and yet firmed up on the deal. So now it looks like we won't be closing the house deal on Friday. I already told him he is in breech of contract, however, due to the fact that we are leaving Canada and will be non residents of Canada, to sue him would not be in my best interest. So the only thing I can hope for is that I get his $2000.00 deposit. The bad news is that we have sold our furniture the house is empty and we have missed out the summer market. So basically we are up a creek with out a paddle. To say I am stressed is an understatement, we both quit our jobs on Friday, due to the fact that the house would have been sold and we were going to spend some quality time with family and friends. So now we have no jobs and have to continue with the mortgage payments. Not the best scenerio to be in 3 weeks before we fly out. Oh well enough of my dribble, just needed to let off some steam after a very frustrating day. Karen
  15. TheBrammies

    House prices falling in oz

    found these 2 articles in News | Courier Mail, newspaper, Brisbane, Queensland | The Courier-Mail HOUSE and unit sales have fallen to their lowest level in nine years as the impact of interest rate rises and high fuel and grocery prices hit. National residential sales volumes data from RP Data shows sales slipped below 40,000 for the three months to March. Unit sales were below 20,000 during the same period. RP Data national research director Tim Lawless said the slowdown was no surprise considering the US sub-prime meltdown, sharemarket collapse and local inflationary pressures. During the boom times of early 2001, almost 100,000 properties were changing hands every quarter. In the second quarter of last year, 86,241 houses and units changed hands. Mr Lawless said buyers had been slow to capitalise on what he described as prime buying conditions in the residential market. And he does not expect to see a rush of buyers entering the market any time soon. "There would need to be a dramatic improvement in market confidence and economic conditions," Mr Lawless said. "Most importantly, we need to see a levelling in inflation which will offer some certainty as to the direction interest rates will take." However recent moves by banks to raise interest rates independently of a Reserve Bank increase is likely to bring even more nervousness to the housing sector. Commonwealth Bank of Australia chief executive Ralph Norris said yesterday there was still a risk of future "out of sequence" increases. Brisbane agents say the local property market has subdued demand with last weekend's auction clearance rate at 24 per cent. Premium residential specialist Mikki Finlay said prices at the prestige end of the market had dropped 10 to 20 per cent from last year. And with up to three times as many properties on the market than a year ago, many were being shopped from agent to agent in a bid to find a buyer. "There are a number of top-end properties languishing in the market," Ms Finlay said. and this one: PLUMMETING property values have prompted warnings Australia is heading for a one in a 100 year slump. New figures from property analyst Residex showed house and unit prices in nearly every city and rural centre fell in June, News Ltd reports. The last time all states fell at the same time was just before the Great Depression. The slump is affecting the top end of the market as well as the lower end. Residex chief executive John Edwards has warned of tough times ahead. "It looks like we're moving into a one-in-100-year event," Mr Edwards is quoted as saying. "It points to a situation where unless the Government and Reserve Bank take action Australia could move into a recession. "The only other times this has ever occurred are before we have moved into severe recessions." The Residex statistics come at the end of a gloomy week for the Australian economy. Official figures released last week showed housing construction fell for a fourth consecutive month and demand for loans declined by a quarter in the four months to the end of May. Higher petrol prices and interest rates, and the share market slump also saw consumer confidence drop 51 per cent to its lowest level since 1992, when the economy was recovering from recession. Mr Edwards said housing markets in different states usually rose and fell at different times. "To see an adjustment going on a wholesale basis across the whole of the nation is incredibly unusual," he said. "Never in my lifetime have I seen so many converging negative events." Residex reports the current median house value in Sydney is $573,000, down 1.05 per cent in June compared with 1.81 per cent for the three months to the end of June. The falls are happening all over Sydney. While property values in Sydney's battler suburbs in the west and southwest have been dropping for some time, homeowners in well-off areas are now being hit. Among the 20 worst-performing suburbs for houses are the wealthy northern enclaves of Whale Beach, Clontarf, Palm Beach, Elanora Heights, Clareville and Mona Vale. While Plumpton, near Mount Druitt, was the worst-performing suburb, with negative capital growth of 5.74 per cent in the three months to June and 1.96 per cent in June, Whale Beach came in as the third-worst performer, with negative growth of 3.73 per cent and 1.14 per cent, respectively. Maria Cassarino, from Richardson and Wrench Seaforth, which covers the Clontarf area, reported fewer people had attended open houses in recent months. "This time last year we were getting 30 people though a property and now we are getting five," she said. While Seaforth usually had low turnover, Ms Cassarino said the types of properties that had sold after four to six weeks were taking much longer. John Gavagna, principal of Residential Real Estate at Mona Vale, said there had been a slowdown in sales of properties over $1 million, as buyers were more cautious. RP Data's director of property research Tim Lawless said what happened in the coming months would depend on inflation. He showed some optimism, although he said values would probably fall further in Sydney this year. "Coming into 2009, it's likely - and it depends on what happens with interest rates - we will start to see some value improvements return to the market, albeit relatively small," he said. It's the same story for units, with Casula the worst-performing suburb with negative growth of 1.8 per cent in the three months to June, and 0.55 per cent in June. Suburbs such as Milsons Point, Double Bay and Greenwich are also among the poor performers. And Sydney rents rose 15.29 per cent in the year to June, the biggest jump in the country. The average Sydney rent is $490 a week, a jump of $65 from last year.
  16. Hi Guys Feeling really sad, buyer has withdrawn saying she has heard that there are plans to build houses next door. These plans have been ongoing and rejected for the 13 years we have lived here and will as long as there is a BIG garden to be seen from a plane :arghh:. AE said the other buyers are still interested but have not sold their house. We are still going to OZ as soon as that visa arrives i would rather be missarable in the sun than sat here WAITING in the cold and storms (in July).:cry: FATE and some fresh lillies will have to work there wonders XX
  17. Guest

    Its all falling into place:)

    Hi guys, just wanted to up date you all . SOLD the house today finally agreed on a price, i had to drop 30K but compared to others and this credit cruch c--p thats a good price and it helps us with our next step to OZ. Its all falling into place BUT the madness is about to begin:) LOL PS my Lilies are still smelling nice:wubclub: XX Keep thinking positive thoughts and your dreams will come true:wubclub: XX
  18. Thought all of you coming over might like this thread as they announced on the news today that house prices over here have fallen due to the current interest rate hikes that we've had. From reading all your threads guess its the same back in the UK, so at least you know that things are slowing down here as well. Not good for us who are already here but good for those of you coming over as it should balance things a bit more for you all. Not sure if its going to drop as much as back in the UK but prices are defo starting to fall and what you see on the internet will not be what you end up paying in a lot of circumstances. I know that selling our house and having enough money to buy one here was one of our biggest worries. Sarah
  19. Hi Guys, We have been planning this for a long time and I know we are truly blessed to be on this life changing journey. Yes, you feel a BUT coming ........... I am an emotional puddle right now. Our "stuff" has gone and we are living in an empty shell of a house. Thats not bad however. Its the thought of leaving this wonderful country and these wonderful people (Cyprus - not UK). We didn't have a choice as its about work (however, if we had - we would have still probably made the decision to leave as I KNOW that Aus is the right choice for our family). Its just that I am so so sad about leaving and going so far away. There are so many people and places that I will miss. I wonder if anyone else is going through this? We leave here in 3 weeks and return to the UK for a week before flying out in just over 4!! Anyone else going around this time? Feeling a little blue?? For those of you who have been through this, did you get out of it soon? I know it will work out but is this feeling normal? I try and enjoy every moment I have left here but still feel sad about going - and we haven't even gone through the saying goodbye to parents thing yet!!!!!! Sorry for sounding like I'm moaning- I really am happy and grateful - just a little scared!! Thanks.:unsure: