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Found 18 results

  1. Hi we are back and forth with the idea where to live when we apply/arrive next year...... Other half is a nusrse, i will be house husband (dreaming of course - will end up doing anything around school hours) and we had first set our sights on sunshine coast. comparsion came with rainy season, humidity, and then the need for kids ( 3&5 ) and wife to have it bearable to live in. I am not bothered where we live as long as its QLD, or Tweed heads. Can anyone give advice on where its bearable for fair skin family Coolganta or sunshine coast, or further in ipswich or coofs harbour ? Could we survive in townsville, We will be going on a RSMS. Helpful advice any one ?
  2. Funny but, UK or OZ, between 3 and 4, at least in spring/summer as far as UK goes, I get ready to go out. In UK, if it's raining - hard - I might change my mind about the bike ride and get my wet weather gear on for a walk. I don't mind walking in the rain but cycling not as pleasant. Why hasn't anyone invented windscreen wipers for glasses? Grey, damp, mild - could be spring in Hants! I miss those cycle rides/walks on a Saturday and Sunday arvo but I like going to the beach here too. Neilsen Park today - Shark Bay. 'Neither better nor worse, just different.' I LIKE it! In fact I like it so much I might use it as a separate thread title, not that it matters, noone cares about my life, stranded like a Pommie ET, lost, afraid, two thousand light years from home!
  3. cartertucker

    Is this fair?

    Have been quoted approx £450 for 15 boxes (tea chest size) to be shipped ~ Is this a good/fair price? I have no idea how much shipping costs? :unsure:
  4. Hi Guys, I am in the process of transferring my money to my Australian account. I have been looking at the various options such as Moneycorp that is advertised on this forum but the one that is the most interesting (because it seems to offer the best rates) is http://www.currencyfair.com. I just wanted to know if anyone else here had used it and how they found it? P.S. I wish I transferred my money a few months ago! The pound's value is shocking!
  5. Guest

    Is this fair?

    Cameron has launched a scathing attack on absent fathers this morning claiming that they should be treated the same as drink drivers :shocked:is that fair? It seems a sweeping statement as each case surly is different, for instance i am sure there are plenty of cases where the mother is stopping the child seeing the father out of selfish interests rather than anything that the dad may have done. My oldest son lives with his mother and has never lived with me and we have a very up and down relationship, for the first few years of Luke's life me and my wife had him every Sunday and then when he got a bit older we started having him at weekends, when he reached the age of 11 - 12 things started going a bit pear shaped as Luke and my wife did not really see eye to eye and this has caused some issues as well as other issues with Luke and my other 3 children, we now see Luke probably once a month and that is on his terms but things do seem to be getting better. Through the last 16 years i have never missed a maintenence payment and have always provided to the best of my ability, however i still feel very guilty as Luke has probably not had all that the other 3 have had but i guess that is just circumstance. What i am trying to say is that it is very easy to castigate fathers that do not live with there off springs but sometimes and i would guess in a lot of case's the dads are certainly not all to blame imo, Cameron needs to tread very carefully on this issue:unsure:
  6. Jimm

    Fair Or Unfair ?

    Would it be fair or unfair with those already sponsored by states if their occupation is not in the coming smp list? States sponsored them cause at the time of sponsorship there occupations were in demand even though at this time they may or may not be on the new SMP list. I think that it will be very unfair on part of states if they left them out on the new SMP list.
  7. I completely understand the frustration of many of PIO members in regards to immigration difficulty in the past few years. Sure, Senator Evans's series of 'solutions' have been light-years away from ideal. However, calling him evil or bastard and those sort of swear words is a little far-fetched. It's NOT like all of a sudden he thought "Hey, let's just mess up the immigration system and make life tough for people." The system he inherited at the time badly needed an overhaul itself. The number of GSM applications had trebled; applications from certain regions (e.g. the sub-continent) had sky-rocketted many-folds. Then there were also tens of thousands of 'back door' entries using hairdressing/cookery loopholes. To me, what he inherited was clearly unsustainable. If there weren't so many people, I doubt if he would want to touch the GSM program. I'm not defending his solutions - there are certainly many better solutions out there. But I want to remind you of the motives; he has been doing it for the sake of a better Australia, the country to which many of you want to move, and NOT to intentionally enjoy torturing would-be migrants. Can I assure you that every change would have given them as much headache as it would give you guys. Again, I'm only defending his motive and the preceding necessity for changes (The latter seems to be largely overlooked.), but certainly not defending the execution of the solutions - as we already know it. Let's be critical yet fair!
  8. Thousands of east Europeans are making use of budget airlines to study in Britain. More than 250,000 British applicants are expected to be left without degree places this year. In addition, because EU students are entitled to the same state funding as Britons, they are a strain on the Treasury, which will spend £211m next year on teaching them. Easystudents jet in to UK universities - Times Online
  9. I received this in my mail box today and thought it would be a great day out for some of you.:wubclub: If you're interested, the Lauriston Summer Fair is in 2 weeks. Come along if you can, as there's plenty for everyone to enjoy. The Fair will occur on Sunday 28 February between 11am and 4pm. This is a huge event on the school's social calendar and everyone is encouraged to come along and enjoy a fantastic day. The nearest train station is Armadale and there are trams on High Street, Malvern Rd & Glenferrie Rd. There is also unrestricted street parking all around the school. In addition to an amazing selection of food and beverage (wine bar included), stalls (secondhand books & toys, cake) and entertainment on offer (fashion shows), there will also be approximately 20+ rides for the children to enjoy - everything from pony rides, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bungy Jumping trampolines, flower arranging, a ferris wheel and even an ice skating rink! This is a great way to entertain the children for the day and support the school in this wonderful event.
  10. Has anyone ever wondered (?) why an adult Australian with a British parent or Grandparent, can automatically get a British passport and go off on their travels with dual citizenship, yet an adult British son or daughter of an Australian citizen cannot automatically get an Australian passport. My workmate's 24 year old step-son has just set off for a year travelling UK and Europe and because his real father is British he automatically gets a passport. The 24 year old has never been out of Australia before, his British father hasn't been to UK for 30 years. It's the result of some arrangement of many years standing - no wonder it's so easy for the young Aussies to take over London for a couple of years when they leave Uni. Why, though, does the Aussie Govt not reciprocate?:arghh:
  11. Guest

    Fair Weather Friends,

    One thing that really pee's me off is the fact that I find friends, introduce them to other friends, then other friends THEN thay all do stuff together and leave me out:arghh: Is it me or are Pom's in Oz the worst kind of friends? I know someone else who has had the same experience as me but I'll let her tell her story if she wishes. "You Know who you are". A True saying is Don't S**t on people on the way up as you never know who your gonna pass on the way down. I could name names but I am not feeling that nasty lol BUT any so called friends of mine.............................................................................. off the bloody lot of you! April
  12. stacybird123

    fair skin

    hi, we are almost there now and are just waiting for the visa to come through at any time now as we have done state sponsorship to speed things up a bit, and our agent says we could have it within 4 months. Its funny after all the worries we have had with money, moving costs, schools, missing family etc......the biggest worry i have is my son's very fair skin. He is blue eyed and basically has white hair, this really worries me, more so than any other thing about immigrating due to the very high rates of skin cancer in australia especially the fair skinned. I was reading somewhere that 1/3 australians develope some kind of skin cancer in their lifetime, this is probably higher in fair skinned id say. Am i being too paranoid or is this a big enough reason to actually re-consider the move? any opinions?
  13. I keep reading new threads & posts from PIO'ers who seem quickly & suddenly deflated after arrival. Please give Australia a fair go. If you search this site you can see that lots of people go through a range of complex and often contradictorary emotions on arrival and in the early days. It takes guts to put your (adult) selves under scrutiny to become migrants. It takes guts & humility to enter the job market, after years working as a qualified tradie or other professional in the UK - a lot of people can't take this 'challenge' to their view of themselves. Get over it nobody here gives flying f*** what you did in the UK.---- (But I had a team of 25 in Waltham Forest in charge of investigating weevils, doesn't this count for something here? ....Actually.... No ......nobody understands or cares, get over yourself & find something you can do here) Give it a fair go, make an effort, and you might find it pretty ok here......
  14. Guest

    Fair assumption?

    Hi All, We are a family of 4 moving to Blackburn,Melb in Feb. Would these estimates be a fair assumption of running costs as an average. I'm just trying to get an idea of what the weekly costs are for living in Melb. Any info or help would be deeply grateful? Many thanks Chris Lawry. car reg/tax - $ 42 per month Car insurance - $ 50 per month ( 2 litre,4 door) Electricity - $ 100 per month Gas - $ 60 per month Broadband - $ 100 per month Home phone - $ 30 per month Mobile phone - $ 60 per month RAC breakdown - $ 20 per month Ambulance cover - $ 12 per month Food/booze/misc - $ 1200 per month Total - $ 1674.00 per month
  15. Hi Everyone, Would be interested in hearing your opinion on what makes a 'whinging pom' and is it a fair title? Do people bring it on themselves or are the Aussies/Kiwi's being a bit harsh? The following story is from my childhood in NZ and to me sums up why I think my parents were the classic 'whinging poms': One weekend when I was about 10 we drove to a beach. About 5 miles of unspoilt white sand backed by pine forests. Water so clear you could see right down to the bottom. We were the the only people on there apart from another family who were to far away to make out properly. My parents spent the day sunbathing and me and my brother swimming and exploring the forest and some caves. Mid afternoon we were swimming and literally out of nowhere all these fish appeared, leaping out of the water all around us. Very odd. Then, the man from the family further up the beach came running down waving his arms around shouting. Couldn't hear what he saying so we got out of the water. Turns out he was shouting 'get the kids out of the water!' 2 massive 'basking' sharks had decided to come to the Bay for a visit and had unintentionally herded all the fish toward the shallows and that's why they were leaping all around us! Anyway, basking sharks are harmless as they only eat plankton but better to be safe than sorry! Me and my brother climbed up the cliffs to look down at them - amazing, they were the size of those bendy buses! So, after a fantastic day we went home and put the barby on. The neighbour had been out diving that day and stuck his head over the fence and gave us some scallops, yum yum. We're eating our tea in the garden and my father says "these sausages are bloody tasteless. whats wrong with this bloody country, why can't they make a decent sausage....." So, in a long winded way I'm trying to say that in my opinion a 'whinging pom' is someone who takes the best out of their adopted country but still moans about the trifling things (sausages, cadbury's etc) and constantly compares them to the equivalent items in the UK. Is that a fair judgement do you think and if not why? Cheers
  16. Guest

    So not fair !!!!!!

    Hi all just poped out at dinner to take kids mac donalds as been raining none stop, pulling out of my close the house a few doors away has bloody sold on it :arghh: it has only been up 4 weeks is smaller than ours and more money plus on a main cut through on the estate WHY just does not seem fair it is just like a little box ours is twice the size ....................... anyway moan over julie :wubclub:
  17. shazney64

    Its not fair grrrr

    Still waiting for OH reference from current employer. We have chased this dream for over two years now and driving me nuts, hate relying on other people. We got permission to take son out of UK in May, after two years battling through solicitors mediators and courts. Since then done nothing!!!! Waitied for his two employers to send ref, We have the one from Spain but not his current one. We have been promised for over four weeks now would arrive with his payslip. Payslip arrived today with no ref!!!! Can't start the TRA process without it!!! I have even started the visa application in gathering the evidence but again will need to copy the ref!!!!I have wasted my whole summer holiday waiting on the damn thing. I have sorted loft out, started packing packing up bits and bobs, sorted paperwork out all out of boredom waiting for the post man. If he let me ring the boss i would surely have had it by now lol. We are never going to get there!!! In the meantime hubby has aged and lost points since starting the court process, i want more kiddies and aging lol. Think this is a sign. Rant over sorry does help to type it out lol. Know lot of you are living in limbo during the process, i want to be there too!!!!
  18. HI everyone i thought i would just put this on here for those heading to central coast and want to know what its like for shopping well if your going to the gosford area then check out Erina fair or u can do it on line its huge and all under cover and air conditiond Erina Fair