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Found 48 results

  1. Guest

    Failed Vetassess :(

    We are absolutely gutted. My husband did the Vetassess practical (Electricians) in October. We waited 6 weeks for the results which was the most awful wait, only to check online one morning to find he'd FAILED. He passed on all the practical parts, including the parts that everyone had said were a nightmare, but failed on the Health and Safety part because of not documenting it fully. He actually asked the assessor if he was doing it right just covering the H&S of the work he had just done and was told yes he's doing it right. It turns out he wasn't and he failed. Basically because he'd failed to document it on the first bit, the rest was going to be a fail no matter what. This is such a low point for us. He has now re-booked at great expense to re-sit the test in the other side of the country. Well, there goes Christmas then! I'm really losing hope now. The person who had previously offered him a sponsorship is now not returning our calls/emails and it just seems we've wasted thousands of pounds and over a year to have still not got anywhere near an answer. Sigh. I really need some glimmer of hope right now. Time is ticking. He turns 40 in April and we desperately need the points for state sponsorship now Ok, done. Perhaps I'll feel better now I've written it all down? Thanks for reading, if you have! :cry:
  2. My parents are hoping to emigrate to Oz on the aged contributory parent visa. Today they went to see a Sydney based immigration lawyer (they're here on an extended holiday) and were advised that they would probably have problems with my Dad (aged 67) passing the health aspect of the application. This hasn't really suprised us: Dad found out he has prostate cancer a few months ago and on his return to the UK will have an operation to have the prostate removed. To make matters worse, he had a very, very mild heart attack (otherwise known as an acute angina attack) a few weeks ago. On the up side, prostate cancer, from what we've learnt, is very treatable. The tumour is small and has been found very early so the prognosis is excellent once the prostate is whipped out. No need for chemo, radiotheraphy etc. The heart issue is worrying of course, but Dad has never had any problems before and is already so much fitter than before having started exercising daily and making other lifestyle changes (weight loss etc) so we're not as worried as we'd been initially. The lawyer said, even if the prognosis is good and Dad gets supported evidence from his drs here and back home that he's in the clear, the panel doctors tend to take a very pessimistic view of 'big' health issues like cancer and often use quite old research to calculate a visa applicants risk of costing medicare lots of money. My parents have private Australian health insurance which is specifically for overseas visitors (they're here every year for up to 6 months at a time) but apparently that makes no difference. So, I was wondering - has anyone else been in a similar position of having serious health issues while applying for the contributory aged parent visa? Or is anyone a cancer survivor who has successfully passed the medical? Do you have to be in remission for a certain length of time before passing the medical? Mum and Dad were thinking that in a year or so, presuming Dad's on the mend, he could start the application process but have the medical first so they don't waste any money on other parts of the application. But then the lawyer said that failing the medical might have repurcussions for them getting future 6 or even 3 month visas. Sorry this is such a long winded post. I have so many questions and so many worries! If anyone out there has a comment, I'd really welcome it. Thank you so much. Emma
  3. Hi All, I have unfortunately failed my skills assesment with the ICAA :em4600: They asked for additional information on my university syllabus which I could not supply and so failure was due to lack of information. I have now managed to get further information from my university which I think will be sufficient to pass. I was wondering if I should apply for a review of the assesment with the ICAA or go with a different body - the IPA instead. I hear that the ICAA are mor strict with the assesment criteria than the IPA so should I go for a review with the ICAA or a new assesment under the IPA? :confused: The choice is pay $100 for a review under the same body ICAA as they have most my info already and I can just submit the additional info but risk failing again as they are strict... OR Pay $400 with new body IPA and submit all info again but with the chances that they will be more linient..... :angel_happy_face_ha Any Ideas????
  4. Interesting article in The Australian full of quality ammunition with which to gloat from down under! The British (with Gordon Brown chief among them) were unable to distinguish between drinking champagne because you are rich and thinking you are rich because you drink champagne. Britain is bankrupt and will possibly become a failed state into the bargain. Expect to see the queues lengthening outside Australia House again!
  5. Addison05

    Failed 2nd IELTS

    :sad:Hi guys, Does anyone know with the IELTS if all the scores of say 8 have to be on one test please? Husband failed listening by .5 last time and passed others. Now he's passed his listening and dropped a point on his reading. We are gutted as most of the centres are full now and our visa is all ready to go off to our agent. Any advice please? Thank you
  6. <TABLE style="BORDER-SPACING: 0px; WIDTH: 50%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; VERTICAL-ALIGN: top">Don't you Remember, The Fifth of November, 'Twas Gunpowder Treason Day, I let off my gun, And made'em all run. And Stole all their Bonfire away. (1742)<SUP id=cite_ref-48 class=reference>[48]</SUP> </TD><TD width=30></TD><TD>The fifth of November, since I can remember, Was Guy Faux, Poke him in the eye, Shove him up the chimney-pot, and there let him die. A stick and a stake, for King George's sake, If you don't give me one, I'll take two, The better for me, and the worse for you, Ricket-a-racket your hedges shall go. (1903)<SUP id=cite_ref-Huttonp43_47-1 class=reference>[47</SUP> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  7. pongobongo

    Help dog has failed blood tests!

    Hi, following our celebrations of getting out visa and booking flights we received the results of our dogs blood tests. He has had a positive result for ehrlichia and we are devastated. We are flying out on 6th September and the thought of getting this far and having to leave him behind is awful. He is a rescue dog and when we decided to make the move we took him to the vet to make sure that he would cope with travelling and resettling and so on, just to make sure. The thought that he would not be able to come never entered our heads as he is a fit and healthy jack russell. We have been advised by Airpets to have him re-tested as sometimes the first test comes back with a wrong result. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance Kat x
  8. Guest

    Failed medicals - where to now?

    Hi, I am new to this forum but have been active on SAAustralia and have been advised to come here looking for some advise. We applied for a 457 visa in April 2007 and walked a very long road in getting the approval because our son has Williams Syndrome and he failed his meds on our 457. My husbands company then signed surity for x amount $ that they thought our son would cost the Au gov in the 4 years that we would be here. In the end our visa was approved and we have been in Sydney since Dec 2007 In Dec 2009 we applied for our ENS 856 visa through my husbands company and they have and immigration agent as part of their HR department that we work with. We have had very little to almost no help from the agent and very frustrated with the feedback we get from her. Weeks ago she eventually came back to us and said that the DIAC had some questions regarding our sons condition and they will send through and she will let us know. We have received nothing. Yesterday I decided to phone our Case Officer (only knowing who he is because he phone my husband on 2 occasions looking for our agent :confused:) I was then informed by the case officer that our son actually failed his medicals which was news to us since we throught we were still waiting for questions. As part of our supporting documentation with our application we submitted a letter from our pediatrician here in Aus - he commented on our sons excellent healty (he has no health issues at all) and also that he has seen many Williams Syndrome kids before and how well Lourens was doing and that Lourens would easily fall in the top 3 WS kids he has seen. When we did our medicals the dr there also confirmed our sons excellent health and that he would not foresee any real problems. Why did that not have a positive affect on our application? We feel strongly that our agent did not do what she was supposed to do and that we were not given the correct options and all information. We still do not know what the decision was based on, what the cost calculation was and if there ever was any questions that never reached us. At this stage we are at a total loss for words and do not know where to start and even if we have any case to go forward with? Any help, advise would be highly appreciated? Estelle
  9. Gwnkta

    Failed balance of family test?

    Help and advice please! My parents desparately want to come live in Australia...I have lived here for 5 years and married to Australian...I have permanent residency. the issue is I am my mum's only child BUT my dad has three other children from a pervious marriage who he rarely has contact with... ( all grown up with families and moved on) They are aged 73 yrs and 63 years....is there any advice on how if possible can they come to Australia?? ( as they seem to fail balance of family test) thank you in advance!! :err:??
  10. popnjeb

    Failed first blood test

    Hi All Just got the first blood test results back for my little doggie-daughter and she failed her lepto and has to be retested next monday. I am so distraught been in tears all afternoon. :cry::cry::cry: Has anyone else out there had a fail first time around on the lepto? Do the levels normally stay the same? I am in a proper panic!!! xx
  11. Hi all, its been a while but have a real dilemma. Whilst completing our visa application this afternoon after I payed and got our TRA reference the power surged and I lost internet connection before attaching all the required supporting documents! I tried to log on to the saved online application but it said it was no longer available as its been logged. I then tried using out TRN but it just says its being processed no further information at this time as the service is temporarily unavailable!:arghh: I emailed the DIAC straight away but haven't heard back and I also emailed a Migration Consultant at the WA office in London but again haven't had a reply as yet. Everything was going so well till now and I don't want to have this mishap botch everything up at this point! So any suggestions, advice or secret phone numbers anybody has I'd really appreciate them! Thanks in advance!!! :smile:
  12. Hi all, I have just got my letter from ACS regarding my skills assessment for 2231-11 and it was no good. I applied mid February. I have the work experience 6 years+ in server/network admin, but the reason for failure was unsuitable Microsoft qualifications. I have a non IT degree and was under the impression that if I had 6+ years experience in a suitable role and a MCSE then I would qualify in band B, so am a bit perplexed by the reason of failure. I completed my MCSE 2003 at the end of 2005 and had confirmation by various agents that i shoud be abe to pass with these in place. Is my MCSE too 'out of date', and what should be my next step with regards to review/appeal or should I apply under a different code? Thanks in advance for any replies, Richard
  13. WeegieDave

    Think I've failed IELTS!!

    I sat the IELTS general Training at the weekend which I didn't find difficult at all although I made a bad mistake in not writing 250 words for section 2 of the writing task. I only wrote around 190. I didnt realise until the end when I counted up my words and I didn't have time to fix it. I'm thinking of booking up for the London IELTS exam that is on the 16th April and driving down as time if tight and there isn't another IELTS being held in Scotland until 7th May. AAAAARGH!! What would you do? David:arghh:
  14. joescan

    Failed my IELTS - Gutted!

    Oh I've just got my results and I've failed in the reading category getting "6", I passed all the others overall getting a score of 8. Anyone got any idea how I can improve my reading skills? I beleive I was ok with the first bit of the reading test but the last bit putting the headers on paragraphs was really difficult . Help very depressed! Rebecca
  15. Hey, we are very stressed now! He passed the other three tests (Brucellosis, Leptospirosis and Leishmaniosis) but the lab said they have tested twice so far and he has failed the Ehrlichiosis test but they said it could be the testing kit. They are re-testing this afternoon. Has this happened to anyone else? Feel like crying now:sad: Does anyone know what will happen if he fails again??
  16. Hello everyone, this is my first time on this forum and I was hoping someone might have some information that would help us. I migrated 27 years ago to Adelaide, followed by 3 of my 5 siblings and their families. My parents applied for an aged parent visa 804 class in 2000 (while onshore). They have been on a bridging visa ever since while in the queue. Their number came up a couple of months ago, so 9 years later they had to undergo medicals again. Unfortunately Dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and as a result has failed the medical. We are all freaking out as you can imagine as they are terrified of being deported after all these years. Does anyone know what happens in these cases? Can they be sent back to UK with no home to go to? I would welcome any information or if any one has experienced this. :sad: Anniep
  17. Guest

    Failed Medical - PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi All, I applied for an ENS-856 visa nearly 10 months ago and have just been told the following: Your case has been transferred to xxxxxxxxxx, who deals with cases where there are outstanding issues such as health. I will like to inform you that you have failed health for a permanent visa. xxxxxxxxx will be in contact with you to provide the necessary information to move your case forward. xxxxxxxxx is on leave and is expected to be back at work by end of January, she will be in contact with you on her arrival. My outstanding issues with health are the following: Chrohns - I am in remission for this Polycystic Kidneys - I have a letter from my specialist in Australia stating that I will not have any issues for at least the next 20 years. Does this mean I am going to be refused PR? Why would they give it to someone else if I was going to be refused? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Richard
  18. Guest

    Failed skills assessment

    HI, Does anyone know what the following areas relate to you have failed your skills assessment:confused: UEENEEE001B - Apply OHS practices in the work place UEENEEE033B - Docuemnt occupational haxards and risks in electrical work UEENEEG005B - Verify compliance and functionality of general electric installations UEENEEC010B - Deliver a service to customers Thanks for any help.
  19. Hi, every one here My question is whether I can apply student visa onshore to finish my education after my marriage is over? I am now on temporary spouse visa sub class 820, but after 1 years unhappy marriage, my Husband and I are now divide and decide to devoice on the February 2011, by that time my temporary spouse visa is supposedly be cancelled. But before I got marriage on February 2009, I was holding the international student visa on full time basics. Since my marriage, my visa changed to 820 temporary spouse visa and no attending school any more. Now I decide to continue my education after my marriage is over. But I don't know how to make me stay legally in Australia while I am trying to finish my education? Can anybody give me some advice? Wishes all the best
  20. Hi guys, I recently lodged a 1023 form to change my new IT occupation title for the 885 visa application. Heard some rumors that they are not taking that anymore. Does anyone know what would happen if this attempt failed? Would they cancel my whole application or I will still be in cat 4? Thanks a lot!
  21. Guest

    Failed Lepto test !

    Just hoping for some reassurance here :eek: One of our 2 dogs has failed her lepto blood test. I have found some old threads on this but nothing recent. She has to be retested on Tuesday and then its a week wait for the result .... leaving us just 7 days before they are due to fly. I have spoken to the vet who says she tested positive at 1:100 and negative at 1:800 and the new test has to be the same or lower than the first for her to pass! I am a bit confused as I asked what the level was and the vet said it is between 1:100 and 1:800, those are the only figures they are given ... so how do they know if its gone up or down ! She last had a lepto injection 11 months ago. I spoke to the pet shipper who said it was 1:400, how he knows that I have no idea! Any advice or shared stories would be really appreicated ... its going to be a long 11 days :confused: Jen x
  22. Hi all, my in-laws have a CPV application in and my father in-law has just been told that he does not meet the health requirement. In 2007 he had lung cancer and had a portion of one lung removed. Unfortunately they missed a secondary tumour in his adrenal gland which also has been successfully removed in May 2010. He is now clear, and has been all along. (He's much fitter than I am!) Its a great shame that they did not spot the secondary on the original scan as he would now of been clear for 3 years. They will be the last members of my wife's family to go to Oz, we leave in 3 weeks and she has 2 brothers down under and one back here, although he has his Aussie citizenship. Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Guest

    WA Failed Sponsorship

    WA have refused our sponsorship as they are stating we have not had 12 months employment even though we have sent in employers references and cv. With the current situation is this the end of the road we have been waiting for an answer since Oct 2009. Any ideas where we can go next? :mad:
  24. Proview220

    Lodged & failed

    Question for the forum, has it been known for anyone to start any type of visa from the start, jump through all the hoops etc,etc, lodge their visa, then before a case officer comes along, a new rule comes into play and you fail, my point is once you lodge a visa this should give you the golden ticket ok you may have to wait a long time for it, but unless you got bad health etc etc, you should get there in the end.????????
  25. Found out today I failed the electrical practical assessment, I'm gutted!! Currently weighing up my options; next test I can get on is January but don't want to wait till then! Considering going out to Oz on a 417 one year working/holiday visa and attempting the assessment there and work on finding sponsorship! what do you think? How easy would it be to that? Any other possibilities anyone can think off? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks