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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, just a quick question went for medicals today for 175 visa me and youngest son who is 10 weeks passed with flying colours but my husband james who is the main visa applicant as he is in IT has been asked to see our gp when they did the urine sample they discovered quite a lot of sugar and traces of blood they think it may be the start of diabetes (his mum has it) he has been tested before and there was no sign they also asked for our nearly 4yr old son to see our gp aswell they said he seemed a little immature for his age and he was wearing a nappy we had to drive from leeds to manchester for our medical so it seemed practical also in the last couple of months i have had a baby and we have been involved in a car crash where the car was written off so we have had a lot going on since the start of dec both he and hubby are booked in with our gp for monday, my question is could any of these things make us fail our medicals, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated could you pm any responses to me Many Thanks Lorna
  2. Ok, so there are three of us, me, my wife and my 3 year old son, and I have a few questions 1) Does my son need to be tested? 2) Is asthma a reason to fail? 3) How obese is too obese? my wife and are are both overweight, but otherwise healthy (as far as we know anyway). Any ideas?
  3. PommyPaul

    a whole junes worth of fail

    no matter how bad you think things are, by gawd someomes doing it worse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7qLJwiWDls u7qLJwiWDls
  4. Guest

    medical- wll i fail?

    if i'm on antidepressants? my partner just passes on the points? will this cause a problem?
  5. Guest

    Sponsorship fail

    Hi guys/gals, After recently visiting Australia on a holiday,I was offered a 3 year sponsorship deal with a Melbourne company.They nominated me and i filled out my side of the application e457. Then about a week ago the diac sent me a letter asking for some Refs,copy of passport i was delighted. :biggrin: I then got an email from the company saying that DIAC had turned the company nomination. :dull: I really don't know what to do now....Do i still submit the documents within the 28 days...Or call them...Didnt really sleep much thinking about it last night... Would love some free advice. Hope someone on here can help...
  6. My husband is not really overweight and now is panicking, Crash diet!!
  7. We've recently carried out our Medicals at the beginning of January 2010 and the DIAC received these on 23/12/2010. However, whilst carrying out the Medicals my OH advised the Panel Doctor that our Daughter was currently awaiting an appointment to diagnose whether she has Aspergers or not. Possibility that she has. She has some learning difficulties at school and hence why we went to the Doctors. I have now seen that the DIAC have requested further Medicals but I do not know what they are yet as our Migration Agent is currently on holiday and no one can view his email!!! Does anyone know if Visa's have been rejected because of Aspergers/Autism? If this is the case, then this has been a complete waste of time and money!!!! :arghh: Claire
  8. Hi, My ACS assesment fro 2231-79 was not successfull, following the result: "The applicant BSc has been assessed as comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree with less than a minor in Computing, therefore does not meet the requirement for a qualification as prescribed in the PIM2" ACS calculated my total experience in IT for 10 yrs 6 month, however not suitable for migration under 2231-79. My degree is in Math & Science with some IT course subjects. Question: 1. should I appeal with risk lost AUD 305 or ask for Review? 2. what does it means with "Minor in Computing" ? Yes, I am not IT graduate but took some IT subject as my elective during my undergrad. Thank you. Marc
  9. Guest

    Fail Balance of Family test

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me? I am an Australian Citizen and my wife is a UK citizen with permanent residency in Australia. We are trying to get my mother and father in law over here permanently but my wife has 2 brothers back in the UK, so my in laws do not pass the balance of family test. I was wondering whether anyone knows if a child who is in prison is excluded from the balance of family test and if not, whether there is any other option for my in laws to migrate out here? They don't have a lot of money. Selling their house would probably give them $500,000 but I've read that they need double that for the investment visa. My father in law is 63 and mother in law is 60. Both are retired. Thanks in advance, Kieron
  10. Hi guys i know this might be a bit of a lame question, but if ive got pretty bad eyesight (like half blind) but wear contact lenses will I be ok to pass the medical to get residency. How do they test your eyes in the medical. Thanks :goofy:
  11. Our agent tells us that if you fail a practical assessment you can take two re-assessments before you have to re-take and pay for the full practical - Does anyone know if this is right?
  12. Hi All I am another newy needing advice, and you all sound like you know what you're talking about! I have applied for a 121 ENS visa, they recieved it yesterday. I had a brain Haemorrhage due to an aneurysm in April this year, so, very recent. Thankfully I was left with no disabilities, i had an Op, but there is a small area of the aneurysm that they could not successfully operate on and so needs to be monitored by MRI's and angiograms, until, if ever something changes. My questions are:- does anyone know how many $$ are considered to be a significant cost to the australian health service? And is this per person or as a family unit. (My OH has well controlled diabetes). I probably will need MRI's each year if i go, and i'm now on epilepsy meds. (no fits since Op!) I have another Angiogram and MRI next month, with my consultant here in England. How long do you have to get medicals done when requested, as I'm hoping I'll have long enough to fit in seeing my consultant and getting tests first. Also is there anyone else that has medical conditions that does not affect their daily life, or ability to work, but needs to stay under observation? Its all very confusing :arghh:and I cant seem to find any answers, hope someone can help out there! I'm really concerned that now this has happened our oz dream is over:sad: I know i have my health and i'm very greatfull for that, but still makes me sad. Hope you're all well, thanks Ang x
  13. Hi, Hopefully in the next few weeks i will be having my medical for a 457 visa. The thing is, i'm due for an operation on my knee in a couple weeks which will leave me with a limp for a good few months. Will i fail the medical as i'm not 100% fit? Any opinions/experiences will be greatfully received. Andy
  14. TheBrammies

    Who's liver will fail first

    Just a bit of fun but on the york meet up whos liver do you think will pack up first:biglaugh: Keily Steve Karen Neil (TheBrammies) Birthday boy someone else's
  15. aussietool

    if you fail points test

    hi all if you take and fail the points test is that it?or can you apply again cheers