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Found 16 results

  1. rockola57

    It's all arrse about face!

    Here in OZ apparently the water goes down the plug hole anti clockwise(i think)There's many other things that are different here though i've found,like staircases and escalators going off to the left to the next level,or the Good Guys slogan"pay less pay cash"as opposed to the other way round!:confused:Some of it is good common sense though,like one single yellow line equals illegal parking,whereas in the UK it's 2 yellow lines?Think of the cost to the country for this !Dont even start on corruptions of the English language!:shocked:Colors,or is it Colours?ETC.Yup,it's certainly different here!:swoon::wink:
  2. Guest

    Gillard to face the axe?

    Long before Rudd felt the noose I predicted Gillard would be next to be PM Now no matter what some are saying the noose is closing round her neck and the gallows are ready!!!! Penny 'frightening pussycat' Wong is my hot tip (within 12 weeks) as Wayne 'Swanny' Swan won't in my opinion step up or should I say be allowed to by the union controlled labor power brokers! Gillards appointment had so much promise but I feel that her original plans were completely scuppered or watered down by those really pulling the strings in the Labor party Both sides in AU politics to be honest are absolutely unelectable they are such a useless bunch they are a joke what with a greed driven slightly watered down right wing party in the Liberals Then there are the very dubious 'Unions' lending support to Labor and lobbying over certain policies There is no representation of the people by the 2 parties as the policies put forward are so unpopular that the politicians make it up as they go along with a who cares what the public think attitude!!!! Anyway take a look at the big pre election manifesto policies from labor and look what has been implemented you will laugh! But unfortunately in reply the opposition just sling mud and nothing else a party without policy is the Liberals here! Rant over!
  3. Nothing will Help Me Mum!
  4. stevie ellis

    face pack?

    I like to keep ma hands nice an soft for Mrs E , with a nice hand cream , for intament moments:wubclub: but thought about a face pack ? can anyone recommend one?am no allergic to anything so am easy, thanks lovely soft and smooth stevie:cool:
  5. Morning All. Tis the time of year again folks where happy, miserable, selfish, moronic, cheerful, unselfish, etc, types of people forget all their troubles and think about the common man, yeah right it is, :goofy::goofy::mad:. Anyway, besides my own particular skew on Christmas, are you of a 'Flash Bomb' mentality kind of person, or a 'Subtle and Discreet' type of person. Christmas decos' love em or hate em they are here to stay. So with that said do you go for the 'Shock and Awe' kind of tactics where your local electricity plant is drained of its power and your neighbors get 'light blindness' when they look at your house. Do people come from miles around to see the wonderment before them, and then go home and realise that you must be deficient in some way because you have to make up for your inadequencies by once a year making your house look like Santas 'Schizophrenic' half bothers house. Or are you of the 'subtle' variety, where 'taste and 'decorum' are apparently your watch words. A bit of tinsel here, a bit of tinsel there, but all in all, your house resembles a very small grotto that even an elf would be ashamed of. I admit that if I had the money I would festoon not only my house but the whole neighborhood with every conceivable decoration. We would be able to be seen from outer space, my house would indeed melt under the combined wattage of the decos. So which do you prefer, 'Full On, or 'Subtle'. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. :huh: Australians face Christmas washout - NEWS.COM.AU
  7. First of all, I thank beforehand everyone that reads this topic with good intentions and even more those who help me in my decision! Now to my issue... For some time I've been flirting with the idea of moving to Australia - for about 1 year actually. I'm Italian-Brazilian, 23 and to this day I live in Brazil. I started to think about Australia because here there are lots of shows made there showing quite a promising country with nice weather, nice people, good organization and respect. And there is quite a bit of good sense and taste that they put in those shows, which got me even more interested. So I started doing some research about it and fell in love with it. Through the internet there are lots of people and articles saying that it's indeed an amazing place with clean and beautiful cities, nice people, safe, full of opportunities and - most importantly - serious and sensible inspite the so called "laid back" style. Some of the contact I had with the local people has been positive as well, in fact one of the Australians I got to observe in a forum that I take part in seemed very good in his character, respect and achievements. The pictures of Sidney and Melbourne and the intense European immigration got me thinking if this wasn't the best place on earth for what I look for. European-like food, people and manners (not saying no other culture is good or even better but it's my favourite so far) in somewhere with lots of space, less cold and a will to go ahead. Heck, I even started to cheer for Mark Webber in F1! Now I have finished my graduation and I'm on a kind off trip-year and got the opportunity to visit Europe and Italy for the first time. I loved it! The food is amazing and cheaper than in Brazil for the quality it has, things are way more organized and serious, the overall quality of services and products is better for cheaper prices as well and actually I coped with the cold and the weather much better than I do here. The sun in Europe doesn't burn my skin and the cold, even in sub-zero forms, is for me much more pleasant than the Brazilian cold at 12 to 14 ºC. I always wanted to move to Europe and got triggered after the trip. The thing is that I never liked Brazil since I was a kid. One can classify me as quite an "uptight" and that is not only given little value here as it is even undesirable. There are many good people here, but a huge chunk of the society like to do things the wrong way and think it is clever to fool people. They ruin it for everybody, specially since most of the other part doesn't do anything to change that because of fear or lack of will. Along with that, my preferences regarding food and lifestyle here are not attended as well. When I started making the plans to move to Europe after this visit I remembered two things: Europe does seem to be a bit on a halt in therms of economy and people in some places and my crush on Australia. Then, finally, I decided to use the rest of this year to know it before deciding where to move. With that I began to make more serious researching about the Down Under and found this forum and many others about people that actually did what I'm thinking about doing and things are getting pretty disappointing. Not only here but in other places I heard about migrants that are having loads of complaints regarding Australia. Many are having issues with overt and even violent racism, many say that only a part of the people is receptive and most is only about the laying back, the nice weather has been reported like a oven by some, the quality of the products and services is being put to question and so on. There are also those who say that the people are thick in general and the cleanness and safe is only hype. I know that inside a country there are many countries and that you can never generalize, because it's wrong and a form of prejudice, but in the end of the day when you are in a society you have to deal and live with all aspects of it and important bad points about it will be very annoying and will create trouble if there is a considerable part of it behind this bad characteristics - let alone if that is the case with the majority. So I'm really worried about going to the other side of the planet to find just the many of things I dislike about Brazil and others like thick people. I'm thinking how a country so beautiful and that is one of the few colonized ones that actually worked out can be so disappointing. I'm even reading about drug problems there, which I thought before that was a very controlled issue in Australia. Now I got this huge doubt: Do I take the risk to know the place or I'm better off using the money to move to Europe straight away? I know that there is nothing like seeing for your self - I couldn't believe how wrong people where about French people being rude to tourists for instance - but the flight alone for my family and I to Australia costs 6k US dollars here. I don't want to convince my family to burn 10k or more in a trip only to find out - like many - that the dream was a nightmare and I could have used the money to live and start my career on the lovely Spain or Austria or even in some breathtaking parts of Italy. So, fellow Europeans, can you help me with this choice? Any Australians contributing would be awesome - in fact, anyone with something concrete to say about Australia would. Thanks again for those with good will and sorry for the long text! PS - In case I didn't leave it clear enough, here are things that I value in a country or society and/or in people: seriousness, respect, politeness, gentleness, cleanness, will to move forward, separation of religion and ideology from the practical issues, passion, quest/focus for quality and discreteness. A fine living - but not run down or arrogant - lifestyle is also valued by me.
  8. Australian Federal Government gets tough on foreign ownership rules | News.com.au People here in Aus will be very pleased to see that they are doing this. My friends and I could never understand why they made it easier for foreigners to buy here in the first place. I have been told by two completely unrelated friends in the last week that every auction they have been to lately has been swamped with foreign ic2 buyers. Both my friends children are trying to buy.
  9. Thousands of police officers face being axed and replaced by civilian staff to save money, a report for the Home Office has signalled Thousands of police could face axe - Telegraph Would you feel safe?:policeman:
  10. A bottle of Bells whisky could rise from £14.79 to £23.73 while Gordon's gin, another favourite of middle-class drinkers, would increase from £12.79 to £21.17. Budget 2010: Drinkers face rise in spirits duty - Telegraph MPs called for a return to the level in 1983 when the duty on a litre of pure alcohol was 11 per cent of the average male weekly manual wage, compared with 5 per cent in 2002. Such a move would send Britain to the top of the European league table for spirits tax. :arghh:
  11. BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australian fans face booze limit Australian police are gearing up for an annual crackdown on motor-racing fans - limiting race-goers to 24 cans of beer a day. Spectators at the Bathurst 1000 - a three-day race meeting staged this week - will be told to stick to just the one "slab" of beer while at the racetrack. Wine-drinkers must also show restraint, facing a four litres per day limit. Thats what Aussies drink mate:laugh: real drinkers unlike you Poms on alco-pops.
  12. OMG had to price a job at a rendering plant today and the smell and sights were horrific, had a chat to the foreman and he said most of it went to well known cosmetic firms. Had to smile as my girlfriend is a vegatarian and I cannot wait till she gets home to tell her what she spreads all over the body every night. A dressing table or bathroom contains perfumes, moisturizers, rouge, lipstick, antiaging skin products, face powder, oils, nail polish, sunscreen, hair conditioning, coloring products and deodorants. A miniscule percentage read the ingredient list on any of these products, preferring to go by the glamour of their advertisements. Lets take some of the ingredients. The main ingredient in all cosmetics is oil/grease. Unless it specifically says plant oils , where does it come from ? A rendering plant is a collection centre for all kinds of dead animals. At the plant, the bodies are all put together into a huge cooking pot. After a period of cooking, the bodies are subjected to extreme pressure in order to extract the fat from bones, skins, etc. Fat is the final product of the plant. A majority of this fat is sold for cosmetics, especially to manufacturers of lipstick and eye makeup. Some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the country are the chief customers of rendering plants.
  13. We are in the process of getting the dogs sorted for their big adventure, and wondered if any one can give me honest answers as to the dangers they may face, once arriving in S/A, (snakes, spiders, heat etc). The heat doesn't seem a problem for them as they are sun worshippers! But the youngest one is very nosey, poking around!! We couldn't bare any thing happening to them once we arrive! The kids would be heart broken either way, If we left them behind in the uk or something bad happens once There, We are looking at living in rural property if this helps,
  14. Woman raped for seven hours after being dragged into 'den' - Times Online
  15. Rob and i have just heard the news from our agent that we have been granted the visa!!!! I am currently sat in work trying my best to act normal (ish) as nobody has a clue and i dont intend on them finding out until i hand in my notice (new job you see, dont want to be given the boot!) We'll be celebrating with one or two (or three........) glassed of champers tonight!!! For those in the early stages believe me all the effort put into the application is well worth it in the end!!
  16. Guest

    Face ,page thing ?

    Sorry bit thick ,cant find this new face,page thing ? eddie:no: