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Found 33 results

  1. We were awarded a 489 visa in Nov 19. We intended to use the full year to get to Oz then borders were closed in March. We're aware the initial entry requirements have been relaxed but even if we make it to Oz now we cannot meet the requirements for a 887 visa. Queensland migration have said that we can apply for a 12 month extension which may help if we can get to Oz soon. But they won't tell us how to do this. They gave us links to our 489 visa webpage which clearly states the there can be no extension and refer us to an agent. We have applied for a travel exemption but had no reply. Anyone know how to apply for an extension? The bridging visa option doesn't help us as we won't be in a position to apply for a 887.
  2. Laura MacDonald

    1445 Application

    Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had a 1445 application approved/denied and if so, how long it took for a decision? I can only find information online about people applying, but nothing around timelines, successes etc. Effectively, I came on a WHV whilst my partner's 457 application was being approved. His bridging visa came with no working rights, so we thought it best that at least one of us was working. Now with the 457 changes, we should be ok, but my 6 months with one employer is nearly up and we are still pending a decision. I have a bridging visa that doesn't kick in until November... So have applied for a 1445 on the basis of the 457 (or whatever it's new form may be called) being approved/denied. I'm in a pretty good job and obviously was employed on the basis of the 457 being approved. Obviously don't want to lose this job to then try and find another one with technically only 6 months to offer. I sent off my form with 4 weeks notice, so just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar position and what your outcome was? Thanks!
  3. My family and I live in Australia ( QLD ) and we are having my wife's Mum come to visit and stay with us. She is 71 yrs old and in very good health. It appears she can get a 3 month visa with no real problems, but to apply for a 6 month visa, she is expected to meets lots of criteria; provide a medical cert, have private health insurance & be able to demonstrate £5000 in an English account. We know that you can apply for a visa extension, so our dilemma is ....do we jump through hoops and try to get the 6month visa or get the simple 3month visa and attempt the extension once she is here.???!! The DIAC have advised that visa extensions are usually granted, but we didn't really want to blatantly cheat the system..!?! Any advice is most welcome..!!. Stephen...
  4. PityTheFool

    Anyone get a Vic SS extension email???

    I received a slightly confusing email this morning from VIC government regarding my state sponsorship application which I believe is saying we now have until 31st August to provide them with our DIAC number (prior to this our deadline was the 30th April). The email says it is being sent in light of the EOI changes, with the email stating that they are providing applicants with the choice of applying uder the current system or the new EOI system, is it just me or does this seem a little strange?? I have replied asking for confirmation of the extension and have also followed up with a call but cant get an answer now as they will be closed. The thing is in light of our pending deadline (30th April) we had planned to submit our visa app today - now we dont know what to do! :confused::err::confused:
  5. Hiya, Does anyone know how I would go about getting the 28 days extended so I have extra time to upload documents to my case officer? I've still to apply for a 'subject access request' for my husband for Northern Ireland and only got next week to do it! Thanks for any help! :-) Alison x
  6. I and my partner will be visiting Australia in the beginning of 2012 and found classic 12 days itinerary and we have 7 days more in Australia, what you would suggest to visit for post tour extension. Thank you in advance! Day 1. Arrive Sydney. G'day! Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure. Day 2. Sydney sightseeing. This morning during your guided walking tour of the historic Rocks area, you will enjoy views of the harbour and see historic buildings and sandstone stairs whilst wandering through the many alleyways. Your guide will tell you the story of the settlement of New South Wales. An afternoon city tour past the Opera House, Botanical Gardens and the southern beaches including Bondi. Day 3. Sydney. Your cruise of Sydney Harbour today includes stops at the Rocks, Opera House, Watson's Bay and Taronga Zoo. Your ticket is flexible enabling you to take any of the 8 daily departures, spending as long as you wish at each stop before rejoining the cruise. Entrance to the Taronga Zoo, where you can see many native animals including kangaroos and koalas, is included in your ticket. This evening is free to enjoy Sydney. (Alternatively you can take the overnight train to Melbourne – please ask for details). Day 4. Sydney to Melbourne. Transfer to the airport today for your short flight from Sydney to Melbourne (airfare not included). An early morning arrival gives you a full day at leisure to enjoy this cosmopolitan city. Melbourne is a great place for shopping! Go for a tram ride or visit the casino. Tonight try one of Melbourne's BYOB restaurants or the Tramcar Restaurant. Day 5. Melbourne sightseeing and Penguin Parade. This morning's sightseeing tour takes you to cathedrals, parks, gardens and historic landmarks. An afternoon tour to Phillip Island to see the world renowned "Little Penguin Parade". Day 6. Melbourne to Ayers Rock. This morning you are transferred to the airport for your flight to Ayers Rock. This afternoon tour the nearby Olgas and afterwards watch the spectacular sunset over "The Rock". Day 7. Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon. This morning is spent visiting the area with time to climb the Rock if you wish. You'll hear some of the Aboriginal mythology and legends which surround this region. In the afternoon depart for Kings Canyon. Day 8. Kings Canyon to Alice Springs. This morning you have the chance to explore Kings Canyon, one of the most spectacular gorges in the Northern Territory. In the afternoon travel to the legendary "A town like Alice". Day 9. Alice Springs to Cairns. Today is at leisure until you are transferred to the airport for your flight to Cairns. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Day 10. Great Barrier Reef. Today visit the Outer Barrier Reef. There will be time for a swim (snorkel or dive) and to view the abundant sea life from the underwater observatory and see the beautiful coral from a glass bottom boat. L Day 11. Kuranda & Aboriginal Experience. Board the Kuranda train for a scenic ride to Kuranda, famous for its markets. Travel into the towering rainforest on an amphibious army duck. Enjoy an Aussie barbecue lunch and an authentic Aboriginal cultural performance under the canopy of the rainforest. Experience a "Dreamtime" walk with an Aboriginal guide. Throw a boomerang and see Australian native animals including koalas and kangaroos and enjoy a ride on Skyrail. Day 12. Depart Cairns. At leisure until you are transferred to the airport.
  7. leswan21

    WHV extension

    Hi I'm a male youth working that has just entered Australia on my Working Holiday Visa. I'm currently residing in Brisbane with family and looking for work as a youth worker. I've just reread the conditions of my visa and noticed that I can only work for one employer for no longer than 6 months. however should I get written confirmation from the secretary I can continue working in this post. I was wondering if anyone has done this and could give me a clue of how difficult it is to get hold of this written permission. Also would this permission also allow me to remain in a job instead of working in a farm for 3 months in order to extend my visa. Naturally I want to extend my Visa and am hoping that I wont have to work in farms for three months. Ideally I would like an employer to sponsor me and eventually get residency in Australia. If anyone could advise me on this I would be really grateful. Even if you feel what I want to do would be really difficult please tell me as I just need to get an idea of how realistic it is. It's really difficult to get a firm answer as some websites are saying that youth workers are on the desired trade list but others they are not on the list. Thanks guys! Leswan
  8. guinness1986

    Emplyment Extension

    Hello I am currently working for a company for 5 months now and have heard I can get an extra 3 months extension onto the 6 months allowed to work for one employer. My employer is understaffed at the minute and would like to keep me until christmas. Is there any way that this can happen or am did I get the wrong information? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Guest

    Employer nomination extension

    THis is my first time on here and I'm not sure if anyone can help me but the forum seems good. I was offered a job at a university in Sept 2010. My employer nomination was approved in Feb. After 2 different agents giving mixed messages I managed to pull together the masses of paperwork to support my application. My VETASSES went in April and was approved in late May. I then pulled together the other paperwork in order to meet a 6 month deadline from nomination. At the last moment I was informed by the agent that my visa application was not decision ready and my visa application would not be submitted. Apparently I was just missing the 10 year travel history which for me was huge. I'm now in limbo nit knowing if the nomination form can be extended and I can resubmit my visa. It has now been over 1 yer since my interview and I'm obviously worried that I will lose the job. Can anyone help or advise me on how to progress. At times I have been frustrated by the agents. I'm obviously desperate to get out to Oz as soon as possible. I'm amazed when I see people with a 2 month turn round time from offer to landing in Oz. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  10. Guest

    ausaid contract waiver

    I need some advise about my situation. I have received Australian Development Scholarship (ADS). In this scholarship there is a contract that upon the completion of my degree I have to return to my home country immediately and stay there for 2 years and contribute towards the development of the country. I want to get married to my boy friend who has Australian PR right after my degree or in my last semester. I dont want to stay away from him for 2 years in my home country. I dont know if there any possibility to waive off this contract or extend my stay by requesting for a grace period of 2-3 years after the degree completion?Kindly let me know the different ways I can extend my stay or ideally waive off this contract. I really don’t want to drop the scholarship as it is a life changing for me and my family, I’m afraid that if I have to leave Australia right after the degree I might have to drop the scholarship now and instead get married to him. Kindly guide me and help me take the most important decision of my life!
  11. Guest

    Visit Visa Extension Help!

    Hello everyone. Im facing a very serious dilemna. My husband is a PR holder. I have applied for a spouse visa on 28th of March 2011, but have been asked to wait for around 10 months max. Recently my husband got into an accident and is having severe pain in his neck and back. So i applied for a visit visa. I told them my reason and circumstances, but was only given a visit for 3 months. Can anyone please please tell me if it is possible to extend my visit once im there, when i have a *No further Stay* condition? I would want to be with him till my spouse visa has been granted. And i find it difficult to get it within these 3 months. Please any suggestions for me? By the end of 3 months, he would be better, so i wont be able to request extention because of his bad health. P.S. I have been married for 4 years, and have a daughter of 2 years, 3 months.
  12. the hutchies

    visa extension??

    this may seem like a stupid question....is there any way you can get a slight extension on a visa once the five years is up:sad: Thanks Lisa x :wubclub:
  13. Guest

    Extension on 457 visa

    Hi Do you know if its possible to get a two year extension on your 457 visa?
  14. Hi Hope someone can offer me some advice, Myself and partner are moving to Perth in November but are unable to take our daughter (23) due to her not having enough points. If she comes on a 12 month working visa what are her options re: extending her visa possibly (hopefully) to a permanent? Does anyone have any advice? Karen
  15. Hi, I hope somebody can help or give us advice as we have just had a bit of a shock! My wife and I were granted our 475 regional sponsored visa for SA on July 16th 2009 (it has conditions that we live in Oz for 2 years and work for 12 months before applying for PR). We activated the visa in Jan 2010 on a 2 week reccie, we then returned to the UK and started a faimily with view to coming back to Australia 2 years into our visa (Jan 2012) and then applying for a one year extension to the visa so that we could meet the working/living criteria.. I checked these plans with our immigration agent when the visa was granted and was told that they were fine and that the 1 year extension was a formality. I have just been checking that this 1 year extension is still valid but what I find is that for an extension you are granted a 487 visa which is valid for 4 years from the 'grant' date (which in our case is July 16th 2009) so if this is the case we would actually have to enter Australia before July 16th 2011 (3 months time) so that we could fulfil the criteria.. The problem is that my wife is due to give birth to our 2nd child in mid September and we had been working towards the Jan 2012 date for moving so it has really thrown us! Has anyone got any experience of this? Is it possible to get a one year extension or is it the case that we actually have to go before July 16th this year?? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  16. Pallen

    RRV (I require extension)

    Hi all I currently have Skilled Migration residency Visa (Sub/Class 139) and I hav to be in Australia for March 2011 BUT my father has recently had 2 strokes and is now recovering. He is not allowed to drive for the short term and I would like to stay another few months to help with his rehabilitation Is this possible and how will I undertake this? I have been in Australia, to activate my visa, in 2007 and was there for about 2 months and again in 2009 for about a month. I know that if I had been there for 2 years then I would be granted an RRV easier.. but I believe it is possible to have one granted on compassionate grounds. Best regards and thanks Antony
  17. Hi new to the boards and wondering, (though it might seem obvious to some) which application to go with. I am English, marrying an Australian girl at the end of January. We are in love - legit relationship met over eighteen months ago. I spent one month in Sydney a year ago and she came to visit me in Ireland for 3 months. Now I'm here again from November until Tourist visa runs out in early February. Question is this: We'll have about four days before my visa runs out from the time we marry and we're wondering do I apply as her now Spouse/Husband for the 820 and 801 Visa or, in those four days (because it's so short in the leadup to when I'm supposed to leave) or apply for Extension to Tourist Visa 601 - then do the Spouse Visa later???? Just not sure if we have enough time to collate all our correspondence/evidence of legit loving relationship in the four days gap - do we get time to do that? Would I be granted an interim visa? Anybody know. Also, is the Certificate of Marriage which will be given to us on the day of our marriage the only thing we need, first off? We will be marrying in a Registry Office first off then plan to have another small gathering of family and friends later. Any advice appreciated. Hugh
  18. Is there any way to extend your working holiday visa or get a second one if you have not done the 3 month regional requirement??
  19. Hi My long term partner and I moved from the UK to Oz in January 2010, we submiited the spouse visa application in June, I have PR from a previous visit and he came on the WHV. We have not yet been allocated a case officer and his 6 months with an employer is up next week. Can we get an extension in any circumstance as he was hoping to stay with the employer and get a permanent post once his spouse visa was granted. Any advice gratefully received.
  20. Guest

    UK extension leads on offer!

    Hi If you're moving back to the UK and fancy some free UK extension leads then we might be able to help. There's one heavy duty cable reel for use in DIY and five multi-plug extension leads. We've also got a few double adaptor plugs. We're in East Perth. We'd rather give them to someone who could use them than send them to landfill so if you are interested ring Scott on 0468 818 153. If have any Aussie ones that you are looking to get rid of prior to your move back that we could swap them for, that would be greatly appreciated, but essentially we just want to give these to a good home! Cheers! Down under, out west
  21. Guest

    De-Facto Visa - Extension

    Just some help if any one has had to get extra information for their defacto visa application. I am an Australian and my partner is from Africa. My partner is currently on a 457 and we are trying to get his PR, we rang Immigration several times to confirm the following: My partner has not left the country since arriving in Oz and at the time of application he handed in his original police clearence. We asked if we would be required to obtain another one and were advised it should be okay as they have his original and he hasn't left the country since arriving. We have now been asked to obtain this Police Check which could set us back a few months but due to dead lines I am worried we will need to do the application again. I know we can ask for an extension but I am worried they may not give us one, and we really can not afford to do this again?:sad: Has anyone ever asked for an extension and been refused?
  22. has any1 got any UK 4 way mains extension leads they dont want/need? really need a few asap. im in dianella, perth. u can contact me by sending a private message.
  23. nahla

    urgent - medical extension

    Dear all I need a proof that DIAC can extend medical validity by six month , i already have Mr. Speldewinde letter , i was wondering if there is any other trustable link , preferably related to DIAC Thank you Nahla
  24. Guest

    UK Extension Leads

    has any1 got any UK 4 way mains extension leads they dont want/need? really need a few asap. im in dianella, perth. u can contact me via private message.
  25. Hi All, My Australian partner and I are having trouble on which visa to apply for because he is on a touring job - that is he lives in Oz for 6 weeks, and then goes overseas in Malaysia for 6 weeks to work. I live and work in the Philippines and we see each other via sporadic visits which is getting extremely difficult to sustain. This repeats itself indefinitely. Until recently, we have both decided that it is time to move in together in Oz but we do not qualify for the De Facto/Provisional Partner visa and are therefore "forced" to apply for a Prospective Spouse visa - this is not a very comfortable option for us because he has not "popped the question" yet and I haven't said yes but we are sure that marriage is in the horizon. Will it be possible to apply for an extension of my Prospective Spouse visa if by the time it expires we have not firmed up on our wedding date yet? I am an engineer as well and could possibly apply for General Skilled migration but I'm not comfortable because this is not the reason for my move to Oz. Cheers, Simone