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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, My 309 offshore partner visa came through in March 2019 (finally), the entry before date is Sunday, 7th July 2019. I had planned to move back to Australia before the entry date but unfortunately unexpectedly my parents have given me and my brother money to get onto the property ladder and asked us to place this towards a house, to either renovate and sell or rent. I'm currently going through the mortgage process and cannot leave my job or really the country. I expected it to be completed by now and was waiting for the completion to book a flight. Is there any way I can extend the initial entry date? Do you know who I would contact? What reasoning I would have to give? Any help is much appreciated.
  2. HB2

    Baby on tourist visa

    Hi, Please can somebody help us. I am a Brit (with PR) and my partner is aussie. Our baby girl was born outside aus but has a british passport. I was advised to bring her into aus on a tourist visa then apply for citizenship by descent once we got here. We have submitted the citizenship application but apparently it can take up to 4-5months which takes us into december or beyond. Meanwhile, she is on a evisitor (subclass 651) which states on it that the length of stay is "3months from the date of entry". It was granted on the 5th of July but we entered aus on the 20th July so technically she needs to leave and re-enter by the 20th of October. Is this right? Because on the immigration website i am told the visa is 12months in total. Is there any way around this situation or must we seriously fly out and re-enter the country with our 8month old baby by the 20th oct? There is no email address where we can ask such questions to immigration, the office in perth does not allow enquiries and the phone line was 132 people in the queue when i called, so I am really lost as to what to do next. I don't want to get a fine or compromise the citizenship application due to breaking the rules but it seems absurd that a baby must leave and re-enter the country while we wait for her citizenship. Any advice or words of wisdom from people experiencing similar issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. gingernut

    Extending last entry date

    I have had my PR visa for nearly 5 years so it is about to expire in 6 weeks. I applied for it before I met my partner. Now we have decided to emigrate to Australia together so he has applied for a de facto visa but hasn't received it yet. There's no real reason why he shouldn't be granted it but anything's possible. Is there any way I can extend my last date of entry until his visa comes through? We are selling the house and this hasn't gone through yet so could this be reason for department to extend visa entry date? I know they're pretty strict about these things but if anyone's got any advice I would be grateful to hear it. Thank you.
  4. Artisam

    Carer Visa

    Hi my partner and I have recently lodged an application for a medibank medical examination, a requirment of the carer visa, I am the carer and my partner the caree. Her condition is undiagnosed auto immune, the application was sent a few months ago and due to the complexity of her condition has taken until now to be processed. The doctor has requested a current, Australian nurological report and we have been adviced that no appoints are available until June. My current visa expires in 5 weeks, if we are lucky we may be able to get the application in for processing in 6 or 7. Esther's condition is greatly effected by climate, if I have to leave the country I can not leave her in Australia and brings her back to England could cause Esther's condition to become fatal, due to pass in her windpipe exasipated by the cold. Does anyone know if there is potential for an extension of my current working holiday visa due to extenuating circumstances, or compelling or compassionate circumstances. Once medibank confirm her medical condition I beleive the process will be relatively quick and once the results are received by immigration I will be placed on a bridging visa. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks, sam
  5. Hi , I m currently holding 485 skilled graduate visa, it expires in september 2010, can any one please let me knoe is it possible to extend it to next 18 months?? with out applying for PR, can any one please let me know how can we extend TR visa, thanks in advance..................
  6. The company I worked for for 6 months at the beginning of my WHV has now got back to me saying they want to sponsor me, and Ive lodged the 457 application etc. Im wanting to go back to work with them right now, and found I can lodge an application for an extension to the 6 month limit on the grounds that I have a 457 application in process.. My question is basiically, will it jeapordise my 457 application of I lodge tihs extension request, or will it have no bearing.. ?
  7. My teenage kids were granted permanent residency in 2006 under my visa. Whilst I emigrated, they stayed in the UK to finish their studies and I am now concerned that under the new regulations as of 1st July 2010, they will not meet citizenship criteria due to lack of time spent in Australia As their visas expire next year, will DIAC give them an extension on their PR visas or will they lose their entitlement ? Thanks in advance for your input...
  8. Guest

    Can I extend my Visa

    I hold a STNI visa which will expire in November 2010. I have not spent a great deal of time in Australia due to economic downturn and having to sort stuff in the UK (about 4mths) My questions were: 1) Is there any way I can get my visa extended past November. 2) If I entered Australia before November would I then have to remain resident and not leave until I had accumulated enough time to get the visa renewed. 3) What is the amount of time I must have resided in Australia to get my visa renewed. Any help would be very appreciated as I don't want to loose the visa but am panicking thta time is going and it will be November soon. Thanks for any help :biggrin:
  9. Hello, I am currently living in Karratha, WA with my girlfriend. Our Working Holiday visas will be expiring in September and we are desperately looking for a way to stay in Karratha. We have had a look at the DIAC website for visa options but they appear to be few and far between. The only one that we can see that may be suitable would be some sort of regional visa such as a SIR, SRS 495, 475 but this is a complicated area. Neither of us have employers who will sponsor us and we know that the general skilled migration is closed. I have also approached a migration agent for advice and submitted all of our details but I haven’t received a reply yet. The panic has started to set in now as we only have 3 months to find a way to stay. We can’t afford and don’t want to go down the student visa route and both of our Working holiday visas have been used. Can anyone offer us any advice or point us in the right direction for some help? Many Thanks Mark (originally from Sheffield)
  10. hi, i am hoping for abit of advice really. i am a nurse who will be moving over to oz in aug on a 175 visa with my little one. my qustion is - my boyfriend ( who lives with his parents) is coming over on a whv as we dont have enough months of living together to go on the defacto visa? what is the best option for him once he arrives? he is a slightly short of the work experience needed for a skilled visa- he i a tranied plumbing engineeer which is on the skills list but they want over 6 yrs experience i think he was told? would h be able to apply for the defacto after living a year wth me in oz? slightly confused- please help em :confused: just dont want to put him on the wrong visa
  11. I have been here since the 28th of June last year. I flew here with my partner. I am in the middle of a divorce and have stayed here since then. I was only meant to be here for 3 months but I got an extension until the 28th of june. I am here as a tourist and did not know that i should have put de facto on my form as well as separated.. I have my bank account so have enough to keep me. but what is worrying me ..is.. will they send me back when the 28th comes? Is there any way I can extend my visa if my divorce is not through/ I will be 60 on the 20th of June .. no idea if that makes any odds or not.. I do not want to go back as nothing there for me know and i love my partner and he loves me too.. we do not want to part...
  12. Having only recently discovered PIO we were unaware of the link between our PCC and Medical checks and the date by which we have to get our Visa validated (12 months from the earliest date). Thinking we were being pro-active we received our police checks back in January, whilst waiting for our skills assessment. We were allocated a Case Officer in early May, having submitted our application at the end of February. We sent in our PCC checks immediately which have been acknowledged. Our medicals were deliverd on 18th June and we are now awaiting the finalisation of our medicals. Presumably when we get our letter through (hopefully soon) we will have until next January to get to Australia, which whilst we would love to may be a bit tight if our house sale is slow. Can anyone help us with the following possible options we have come up with or suggest any others: 1. re-apply for and re-submit our pcc's whilst we are waiting for the meds to be finalised, although we may run out of time. 2. can we extend our visa validation date after we receive the letter by re-submitting new pccs or do we have to go through the whole process again? 3. is there any way we can validate our visa other than all going to oz, ie Australian embassy, only the main applicant take a trip rather than the whole family? Any help would be appreciated. Whilst this is our first post we have been reading your other posts for a few weeks and they have been very helpful and entertaining. The Nichol Family, Jonathan, Lisa, Finley (6) and Joe (3)