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Found 10 results

  1. Hi How long does it usually take to obtain export/ import permits for shipping a dog from UK to Aus? Thanks Julie
  2. Arees23

    Pet export, DIY or company?

    Hey everyone, I'm already living in Australia and want to bring my two dogs from the Uk over. I've had a look into it and was wondering if people recomend using a company or doing it yourself? And if theres much of a price diference between the two? I have somebody back in the Uk curently looking after the dogs and they will be sorting out all the vaccinations etc, but as far as what I have read about export companies they only seem to offer services which you can do yourself, as far as the applying for permits etc the main thing that concerns me is the booking of the flights and getting the right travel crates etc, what do people think? Thanks:smile:
  3. whichway

    Live Export Ban

    Almost everytime I look at the news I am horrified by the degree of animal cruelty that takes place. This recent thing (although not really recent I know) about how cows and or bulls are being treated when exported to Indonesia. I tend to try and avoid these stories because I find them so upsetting so I must admit I have been kind of ignorant. Then there are the adverts you see on TV about the pigs and how they are treated. It all just makes me feel horrible.:cry: Whatever you believe in, if there is a God or not, whatever you believe we are on this planet for, we are not here to treat these or any animals so cruely. Yes we are the top of the food chain but we are intelligent so should be sympathetic and respectful in our ways of killing animals for food. I am also quite horrified that so many people are thinking it is OK because it is not happening in this country I quoted this from Yahoo7 news "We have got to keep that live export trade at all costs, and I think Australia should butt out and stop demanding what other countries do," he told ABC Radio this week. Charters Towers Mayor Ben Callcott I have looked through the comments that people put on and this is the feeling of so many. I understand that incomes will be effected but I don't believe we should allow animals to be treated this way. Whether they come from Australia or not!!! I think the world should stand together and put an end to this in every country, and I know it's a bit idealistic but how is it ever necessary to be so cruel? Why do people not feel for the animals? Anyway I was wondering what others thoughts were. Also any tips on how to be a good vegetarian if you don't like mushrooms or lentils would be gratefully received??
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had used the VAT Retail Export Scheme prior to their departure. I was thinking of buying a watch locally here in London, and taking it with me to Australia next month. I've looked on HMRC's website and the process seems fairly straightforward and with VAT at 20% it seems a very good deal! Has anyone here used the scheme recently? Do they really just pay out the cash at the airport, even if its say over a grand?! Cheers. Tom
  5. has anyone exported an epileptic animal from uk to oz? My cat is a stable epileptic whose fits are very short and predictable, i am contemplating taking him to oz which i know some would think is unfair but for various reasons i have to consider it. I would love to hear from anyone about experience (good or bad) of a similar animal regarding the flights and also the quarantine kennels once he gets there (he'll be sharing with my other cat).
  6. I was looking through this forum and someone mentioned a DEFRA permit to export dogs. I already have my aqis permit for my dog but have never come across this DEFRA permit anywhere.:confused: We are living in Greece and exporting my little buster (sad eh!) from here so was wondering if it was only required in UK? Does anyone know? We are getting buster his 30 days prior to export vaccinations very soon as are looking to move end of feb. thanks anyone who knows anything!
  7. :arghh:HI We have just been tld by our sponsors that we have to be with them by april. Aswell as this being a ridiculously short time frame we have to sort getting the dogs over there. I have a list of everything i need but i don't know where to get the Defra Export health cert from. I've visited the website and drawn a blank. Will the vets have them?
  8. Guest

    worry about the dog export

    :unsure: we found out last week that the dog failed one of his blood tests for him being exported, he came back positive for leptospirs canicola @ 1/100. he has now got to have another test on tuesday to see if it has got any lower. if not he will have to have a course of antibiotics to clear the problem, which will delay everything i was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with exporting their dog :chatterbox:
  9. Guest

    Dog's blood tests for export

    Well what I dreaded has happened and my little dog has failed her blood tests, she has to go on antibiotics and then be retested. It means she wont be on the flight on 22 October, luckily I havnt bought my ticket yet. Just for the record my vet charged me £280 for the blood tests, I was staggered. Airpets assured me I wont have to pay any cancellation fee to the Airline, but that was when they were certain the dog would pass her Leptospirosis blood test, so I hope they wont change their mind. What price did anybody else have to pay for the blood tests?
  10. Guest

    got visa need to export the dog

    we got the grant letter now so flights booked on the 21 jan 2006 has anyone used airpets? for our alfie. Terry, penny