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Found 180 results

  1. Ardita13

    Down Under Live Expo - Help!!

    I am planning a move to Australia with my family in the next 2 years so I thought it might be helpful to go to the 'Down Under Live' migration expo in Birmingham this weekend. I just had a rather bizarre experience! I phoned the Down Under Live 'hotline' to ask which exhibitors will be there this weekend as I wanted to know if any will relate to us. That seems a fairly reasonable enquiry to me! The guy on the phone was really evasive/defensive and wouldn't give me any information at all. He said he thought I was from a "rival exhibition company trying to find out what was going on at their expo". When I said I just wanted to know what was going on at the exhibition before spending £15 per ticket and travelling a long distance he said "I don't really understand why you want to know" and got quite assertive. Eventually he said there would be 25 stands, but refused to say what any of them would be. I was only asking for an exhibitors list to decide whether a visit would be worthwhile, I wasn't asking for the guys personal bank details for god's sake!! It rang a bit of an alarm bell that it might be an utter waste of our time - potentially a 2hr drive to visit a few people behind folding tables trying to sell removal services etc. Hrm, strange! Can anybody help with advice: Are you going? have you been before and was it worthwhile? Is this unhelpful turd in customer services a reflection of a Mickey Mouse expo/event? Thanks, all advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the Down Under Live Expo is any good? I can't decide between this one and the Working In Expo. Neither one posts what employers they have attending. Can anyone tell me if they have been to either? Thanks
  3. [TABLE] [TR] [TH][/TH] [TH=align: left] Date: [/TH] [TD=width: 480]Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2012[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Time:[/TD] [TD]10.00am to 4.00pm[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Admission:[/TD] [TD]Register Online for Free Entry otherwise tickets are $10 per person payable at the door. Click here to register online.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Venue:[/TD] [TD]Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Perth. Click Here for full directions and map[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD]Features:[/TD] [TD]IELTS Masterclass[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] The Down Under Expo, now in its third year, is Australia’s only dedicated employment and education exhibition that exclusively targets the combined career and immigration needs of overseas professionals currently living in Australia. What you’ll find at the exhibition: Government Officials (Immigration) Government Agencies Migration (Visa) Agents and Lawyers Employers and recruiters Education providers Health and/or travel insurance providers Services dedicated to overseas nationals in Australia FREE VISA ASSESSMENTS and SEMINARS covering a wide range of topics including Citizenship, Permanent Residency, Employer and State Sponsorship (457’s) and Student Visas, will take place over the course of the exhibition. Attend a free IELTS Masterclass™ at Down Under Expo Are you preparing to take the IELTS test? Join the IDP: IELTS Australia team at Down Under Expo for a free 90 minute session designed to support those of you aiming for a high IELTS score. The IELTS Masterclass will be especially helpful for those of you that have sat the IELTS test before and are now preparing to sit the test again be it for further study, professional registration or permanent residency purposes. The IELTS Masterclass will provide: insights into how to enhance your English, interactive tasks to help you understand how IELTS is scored, advice about the common mistakes you should avoid. When Down Under Expo – Perth Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September, 12 noon – 1:30pm How to register Places are limited. Select your preferred date on the registration page when booking your Down Under Expo tickets. Click here to register online Watch a preview To date, over 5000 students across Australia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and Philippines have benefitted from this class. See what test takers thought of the class held in Sydney at www.youtube.com/user/IELTSessentials
  4. hi all just been researching this and seems to be a waste of time??? i am a hgv mechanic looking for deisel fitter work in the mines in w.a has anyone been to one etc etc mal
  5. Engineer

    Job Expo?

    http://www.expo-australia.com/uk.aspx Anybody planning to go to one of these? Anybody been before? Are they any good or a bit of a scam? Cheers
  6. The Pom Queen

    Mining and Gas Expo in Cairns

    For anyone interested there is a mining and jobs expo in Cairns on Wednesday 2nd November at Cairns Convention Centre between 10am - 4pm. More info can be found here: http://www.skills.qld.gov.au/
  7. Is anyone off to the Expo on the 29th-30th October at Sydney Town Hall? Find out...where to go...what to do...where to stay...where the jobs are...and more. 2011 Sydney expo highlights: Free BBQ outside the venue each day from 1pm (get in while stocks last!) Free Barista-made coffee (inside the venue...from 1pm - again while stocks last) Main door prize - a return flight to the UK Great free Travel Talks (popular talks repeated daily...I have attached the list) Fantastic exhibitors...have a look at the attachment for the current exhibitor list Plus a heap of other prizes and specials deals, free wine/beer samples and more...
  8. vixxy666

    OZ Expo's in UK

    Hi All does anyone have a list of all the expo's that come to the UK, I have been to live down under, a bit disapointing but want to try another. Anyone recommend any for sponsorships for trades-boilermakers? or Chemists? Thanks Vicky
  9. Janie101

    Down Under Live Expo

    Hi there Has anyone been to the London Expo this weekend? We are contemplating going to the Birmingham one next weekend but don't need visa, removals, bank account advice etc. Only reason we would be going to see employers about work (OH is a Mechanical Fitter). Any thoughts/experiences would be much appreciated Thanks Jane :biggrin:
  10. Hey guys, So sorry if this has been brought up already, couldn't see it on any recent threads but there is a Visa Expo on this weekend in Sydney http://australianvisaexpo.com.au/ Some of you applying or thinking of applying for a visa onshore may be interested :smile:
  11. Hi all thought i would post this i am sure it will help. COMING TO UK IN NOVEMBER manchester london and aberdeen www.expo-australia.com opportunities australia is coming to the uk, it is an expordition where loads of employers come to recruit it is a mine of information and generally a great help all sorts will be there, employers, visa agents, removal companies, all sorts. We went to one last year gave out cv's talked to employers ect, we had an offer within 2 weeks, we fly out next month, of course it depends on what sectors go but from what i can remember quite a few good luck all :wink:
  12. J&T

    Expo - sept 2011

    Just thought I would let you know in case you didn't know already details of the next expo. Down Under Live is being held on 17th & 18th Sept at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London and 25th & 26th Sept at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. For tickets, Tel. 01179 323586 www.downunderlive.co.uk PS If you are a reader of the Australia and New Zealand Magazine, tickets are £10.00 per person. (Normally £15.00 each). Tracey
  13. Guest

    Down under live expo

    Anyone going or been before? I'm in Glasgow and expo in London wonder if it's worth my while???
  14. mia7

    Glasgow Expo

    Anyone going to the expo in Glasgow tomorrow?? Am i being typically Scottish by starting to think, "whats the catch"?. Everything at it seems to be free. Entry, visa assessment, chat with agent etc :wacko:
  15. Guest

    FREE moving to Australia Expo

    Hi SkilledMigrantJobs.com are holding a FREE moving to Australia expo in Glasgow on 23 July. At the expo you'll be able to: · Find a job, · Get a FREE visa assessment, · And hear from and talk to migration experts. To register visit SkilledMigrantJobs.com Cheers Nigel
  16. J&T

    London Expo

    Hi all, We have toyed with the idea of going to an expo for years and have welcomed people's opinions of them. Some people say they are worth going to, some people disagree. I can honestly say that the expo that we went to in London on Saturday was well worth the expensive train ride and the tickets to get in. We were unsure of the best visa for us and although we were disappointed with the help we received regarding student visas and midwifery, we felt that the advice we were given regarding business visas was fantastic. We have therefore decided to go down this route and feel like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We know that we still have a long road ahead of us in obtaining a visa and sorting out our future business but at least we can now start moving on with our plans with more knowledge. I would advise to people that if you are going under the skilled visa route and you do your homework well, then yeah, maybe the expo would be a waste of money for you, but if your visa plans deviate slightly from the norm, it may be a good idea to visit an expo to get the answers you need. Tracey :biggrin:
  17. theskeers

    Manchester Expo?

    Hi all Does anyone know when there is a seminar or expo in or near Manchester please? cheers
  18. Guest

    Opportunities Australia Expo

    Hi All, Oppertunities Australia are holding a Expo in Leeds in July and was considering going however as Leeds is over a 4 hour drive from where I live I was wondering if anyone has attended this expo or a similar version before and could let me know if it was worth it? The advert seems promising but I wouldnt want to go all the way there and find it a waste of time? Thanks G
  19. Guest51810

    leeds expo

    hey guys, We're off to the oz expo in leeds this weekend. Not sure if its gonna be any help but we saw a advert for digger drivers so thought we'd go see if theres any employers who can give us advice :biggrin: its a bit of a long drive but dave doesnt seem to mind. suppose its a road trip for us, ive never been to leeds before! :jiggy:
  20. wendox

    Expo exhibitions??

    Hi all! I'm new on here and wondered if anyone can enlighten on the expo exhibitions... I'm thinking of attending the UK one in July 2011 however not sure whether to buy a standard or VIP ticket...the VIP ticket cost £79!! Is the VIP ticket worth it?? Your help/contributions will be much appreciated!
  21. Hi SkilledMigrantJobs.com are holding a FREE moving to Australia expo in Glasgow on 23 July. At the expo you'll be able to: · Find a job, · Get a FREE visa assessment, · And hear from and talk to migration experts. To register visit SkilledMigrantJobs.com Cheers Nigel
  22. Guest

    Australia Expo's

    Hey Everyone, Theres a couple of those Australian Immigration/Jobs expo's coming up and was wondering if they were worth going to? Has anyone ever been to them? Thanks xx
  23. Hi all Was just wondering if anyone has been invited the to Australian Expo in Birminham on 4th June. We got an invite this afternoon and booked our session. I was just wondering if may were planning on going - and if you've been to one before what to expect.
  24. Guest

    London Skills Need Expo

    Has anyone registered for this invite only event next week (6 - 8 June) and if so have you had any word on whether you've been invited or not?
  25. simos

    Manchester expo!

    Hi, Just returned from the "working in" expo in Manchester and thought I would share my thoughts about my visit. Before I went along I had done alot of reading and research on the web and on PIO etc about migrating and to be honest the expo did not provide me with any new information. The exhibitors were varied but I was disappointed with what was on offer. There were around 40 exhibitors in total, to say the focus of the expo was 'health jobs' there was only a few ( around 10) exhibitors relating directly to health professionals, most were regarding removals, banking, immigration services, and engineering! The seminar program was limited and as I said before if you have already done your homework they won't be telling you anything you didnt know already. The tickets are £15each. I got a voucher to get my OH in free from a newspaper ad and I still feel ripped off especially counting in the cost of travel and parking. My opinion is that the Expo is probably good for people with limited knowledge of the immigration process, otherwise I would save your money!