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Found 26 results

  1. can anyone explain what cat 5 etc mean and how they work, we are applying for a 176 visa, how does the catagories effect this visa?
  2. Hello I've been offered a job in Sydney with a not-for-profit employer (government and charity funded). I would love to accept but the salary is too low ($50,800), but they offer salary packaging ("It simply involves using your pre-tax income to pay for your day to day expenses thereby reducing your income tax which increases your disposable income.'') My brain is the size of a pea and I'm struggling to understand. I'm trying to work out what difference this would make to my take home pay should I claim the max amount possible, in the hope that'll it'll be enough for me to accept the job. I'm informed that, "You can package up to a maximum grossed-up amount of $30,000 which is $16,050 net. This is the maximum fringe benefit exemption limit. The remainder of your salary will be paid as cash on the usual fortnightly basis...An employee must not exceed the $30,000 ($16,050) cap within the packaging year (1st April – 31st March). If an employee does exceed the capped amount they will be required to pay back the difference to the employer...The number and range of items available varies according to your personal circumstances but examples of expense items that can be packaged include: · Credit card payments · Mortgage Repayments · Motor vehicle leases and expenses · Health Insurance · Income protection insurance · Household Expenses · Entertainment...Employees who have cars as part of their package will have a reduced amount to package due to the FBT liability on their cars. FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) is payable on your vehicle. This tax is calculated using an ATO formula based on the cost of your vehicle and the number of kilometres you travel in a year. HR will calculate how much tax is payable based on your car information and deduct this from your $16,050 salary packaging amount. You will be provided with information detailing your FBT liability on an annual basis or as frequently as you change your vehicle." I'll need to rent accomodation (with my partner) and buy a car. Can anyone advise? Much appreciated. (I'm meant to be interviewing for a much better paid job on Thursday, but I'm not sure I can stall my decision on this job that long, as I don't think I'd know the outcome of Thursday's interview for a while). Dilemma! :unsure:
  3. Hi there I know the new SOL comes into effect on July 1. However there are a few different schedules of the SOL now, can someone explain why? Also, I am studying I.T, I have already done 1 year in 2010 and am going back next july to do my 2nd year (Diploma) in I.T. Have all the I.T occupations been taken off the SOL and the MODL, because I keep hearing about other lists of occupations in demand for the State Migration Plans? Can anyone kind of put it simply, I've read loads of info on immi.gov and its just bouncing around not making any sense! :err: Thank you Take Care :cute:
  4. Hi, My visa is a bit of a mess to put it bluntly. I received an email that it was cat4 last week and then re emailed and they told me they had updated it and highlighted it for schedule 3. I have just seen that i can get state sponsorship with victoria for pre-primary school techer. My application was primary school teacher originally, but as that is no longer on the SOL i was able to change it to pre-primary school teacher using form 1023. Basically what I want to know is can I apply for state sponsorship whilst my 175 visa is in the system. What will it change? Will it make any difference? Does it cost anything? My application date was the 18.09.09 so do you think that I should just hold out for a CO based that they now know that my visa is schedule 3? I am so confused.
  5. Hi I'm applying for a few jobs... Some of the salaries are given as a basic + superannuation Others give a figure which includes superannuation I can easily get my calculator out and compare these but I have just seen one which seems to include all sorts "includes base salary, annual leave loading, superannuation and maximum additional benefit of salary packaging" How do I compare this?? Can anyone explain what annual leave loading is? It seems to be something to do with giving extra monies when you are taking holiday? I'm just wondering if including all these things is just a cover up for what is a much lower basic salary and whether I need to be careful about these things? Cheers Vicky
  6. 2and3

    can anyone explain 121 visa??

    Struggling to find all the info. I know its an employer sponsored one. But do they have to be of a certain size - the company ? And am I correct in thinking school fees are free - except the usual books etc. And, as an electrician, do you have to be on a list for whatever state - and if so which list ?? Sorry but really having trouble over the list bit with this one. Any info most appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! I have been away on holiday and have been trying my best to catch up! I know I may of missed a post or two so please excuse me if this had been discussed! I have been searching, as always for ANY info on the SMP etc etc.......... I have come across this:- General Skilled Migration Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL) Applicants must have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL applicable to their circumstances at the time they apply: the SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ASCO code (schedule 1) – applies only to General Skilled Migration (GSM) applicants who lodged their application prior to 1 July 2010. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 1 (197KB PDF file) the SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ANZSCO code (schedule 2) – applies to GSM applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangements and who lodge their application before 1 January 2013. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 2 (169KB PDF file) the current SOL (schedule 3) – applies to all new GSM applications, including applicants eligible for transitional arrangements if they prefer to use it. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 (122KB PDF file) the State and Territory SOL (schedule 4 ) – relevant only for GSM applicants who are nominated by a State or Territory government agency under a State Migration Plan. See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 4 (236KB PDF file) I have seen talk about cat 3 and cat 4 and don't know if this is what you are all refering to? As the schedule 4 talks about the smp list and the occupations on it????? This to me seems very different!! The others talk about the old sol and the new. This to me does not seem to be the processing priority list, but 4 different senarios! If anyone could shed some light it would be appreciated! As we are all waiting for the SMP list this seems very close to that info??? Thanks!:notworthy:
  8. Hi All. I hate many aspects of the class system, too many to mention, and I also realise that it is something that has been with us for many, many years and is not likely to change in the future to any great degree, BUT. That is not to say that I agree with certain assumptions about certain people. I am fairly fortunate in the fact that I have friends who 'could' be termed, 'Working Class, 'middle class' and 'upper class', however I like to think that I base my opinion of them on how they act not only around me but in general. I have seen behaviour from the so called upper class that beggars belief, as I have seen such behaviour fro the other two classes. My opinions of these 'individuals' are based on these experiences, BUT. The one thing that has ALWAYS confused me is this. When does someone become a 'PROFESSIONAL'. You see the term used in all manner of ways. From adds for rental properties, ie, Professionals Only, to adds on TV where they say that Professional people are their client base. So when does someone become a professional. Is it when they wear a suit and jacket. Is it when they are earning a specific amount of money. Is it when they have been to uni. Is it when they drive a big car. or is it simply the fact that you became a professional because your job 'seems' to be professional in its outlook. I am no class warrior, far from it, but I do believe that this country at times gets so worked up about pigeon holing certain people/professions that it is difficult at times to see the woods for the trees. I know a dustman, he has been a dustman for many years. He is polite, well mannered, and does his job with extreme pride in the knowledge that he is doing a worthwhile service to the community. A nicer bloke you couldn't meet, BUT. Because of his job he will NEVER be classed as a Professional, WHY. Just because he empties bins for a living does NOT mean he is any less professional than a solicitor, doctor, nurse etc. OK, so he has several Tattoos and speaks in a cockney accent, but nonetheless the service he provides is one of nessacity and as I said he takes GREAT pride in the fact that he is a dustman. I also have an aquantince who works in the city, a bigger arse you could not meet. Treats people with utter distain and will not do anything to help anyone else, BUT. He is still classed as a professional, what's all this about. I have never understood the word professional, surely if ANYONE does their job to the best of their ability and treats people with respect then surely they are professional. It just seems that certain jobs, etc will always be called professional when in reality some of these people are the most unprofessional I have ever met. Like I said, I am no way a class warrior, I just find it a bit worrying when the word professional is used without any thought going into the sentiment. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Hi Can someone please explain to me in simpleton language about rego and insurance for cars?:swoon: We are buying a new car as soon as we get there so what do we need to get it legal? JOHN
  10. Hi folks. Though it has been a looonnnggg time since I was granted PR and then citizenship I still try and take an interest in the latest goings on with DIAC etc. I guess I could trawl the net again, BUT. Could some kind soul please explain (slowly, as a bit thick) what certain letters mean, i.e., SMP, (I think this means state migration plans:chatterbox:). There are a whole heap of new categories since I first applied twenty years ago, or maybe someone could point to a simple link that says what the letters mean. I often read a post/thread and am TOTALLY confused as to the letters involved. Would be nice to have a basic grasp so I can understand better the whole post/thread. I know I'm being lazy, but it is often the people who are living and breathing the experience that have a far better grasp of the situation. Many thank Tony.:wink:
  11. Guest

    Help,can anyone explain

    Can anyone advise how long it will be before we have our visas granted! Our visa application was lodged in september 2009 [just missed the important date by two days] We have been granted state sponsorship for WA which was granted on 26th Febuary this year. We understand that we fall in what all you helpful lot call catogery 5. This site has given us so much imformation and the imfo is normally there without asking any questions.But im afraid we or definatly me needs someone to explain it in what i call simple terms We were under the impression that we were waiting for carpenters to go back on the list. And after checking the DIAC website before going to bed last nite and seeing carpenters on the new SOL we went to bed very happy. But before hitting the sack i sent a email to our agent with the title "IS IT TRUE" And i woke up to a email saying "As your skilled visa is lodged the new sol list does not have any bearing on your application at all" So i contacted my agent by telephone today and they confimed that from when the visa was lodged it would take 18-24 months. If anyone can explain this situation we would really appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Hello to all my fellow PIO and those (like me) who want to be PIO! Not wanting to sound stupid but can someone please explain the process/steps of when a case officer is appointed? I've now had all my 457 (employer sponsored_ application (meds/police checks/refs/all documents etc) sent to DIAC by my wonderful migration agent who I can't recommend enough who submitted them at the end of April. As its now been approx 3 weeks with DIAC I'm I wrong to assume that the next email I get will be to confirm 'visa approval' or 'case officer only appointed'? I know I should put this to my agent but just wanted some other third party views etc? Oh, and I'm hoping to be heading to Perth? The suspense is killing me!!! Thanks, The Irish Sheikh!
  13. hi i know that you can front load the midicals and police check however i am confused. i know with appluing for spouse and prospective marriage visas, that if u front load , ur visa will start from whatever was done first the police check or medical, how would the police check work as i am appluing for uk and oz police check, and oz police check takes like 30 days or more. would the date of visa first be the date i signed the form, or the date it was recieved or the date it was sent back etc etc. or does it simply mean the date diac recieves it? please help beacuse i am trying top time when is best to hand in my aplpicationa nd do not want to lose like a month of visa. please please please could someone clarrify for me, and any ideas on how to time my medical, uk police check, and oz police check and application i would really really appreciate it!!!! or should i just send off apllication then wait, till asked for. i also wear glasses so should take contacs and lenses with me, and the prescription? i have a slight slight hearing loss, have a hearing aid haven't worn it in years and haven't had a hearing test in years or seen a specialist. should i bring my hearing aid a long to medical, and also maybe go see a specialist and get a letter explaing my hearing loss and that it doesn't appear to effect me etc etc. or just the percent i'm deaf anyway. also haha the list goes on, ive been having recent bllod test for my liver, and they are picking up a slight abnormality, think it could be gilbert's syndromw, to do with billy ruben or sumat im not sure. it's not a danger but can make you jaundice. would i also need to declare this with a letter from my gp if it is this syndrome, otherwise i'd be worried they would pick up on it for a blood test for somthing else and investigate more. sorry for going on just want to make sure i am doing everything the correct way. as nearlly time to send off my forms. :rolleyes: Nadine
  14. hi can you explain what state sponsorship is? Is it suitable for someone skilled but over 45 years old?
  15. kernow43

    Please explain

    If the UK is in recession and some here say Australia is why are the Aussie banks still making profits, and the Brit banks losing billions. Just had a look at LLoyds and they lost 10 billion ponds for the year. Is it due to bad management or what?
  16. Hi evryone, would someone if they dont mind please fill us in on the exact process of obtaining state sponsorship plz? what things you have to write? are we expected to research the state we are applying to? should we be contacting potential employers etc etc? any advice would bre wonderful, cheers all
  17. Just do not understand it...:GEEK: BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Girl starved to death after op
  18. Hello Everyone First post so please, I'm fragile and very confused!!!!:wacko: I want to get an honest answer to a question before we start spending or getting hopes up of moving to Australia. Can anyone tell me what a Construction worker/Foreman/360 Excavator Driver and other plant machinery would come under in list for visa if it does at all some sites say they are rally needed but not on lists. Worked in industry for twenty some years but no paper qualifications so to speak of. Also diabetic although well controlled. Do you suggest we forget it as a winsome dream or anyone got any suggestions on how to proceed. How do you go about finding Sponsors?
  19. Sorry, I'm probably being really thick but I'm confused by the pre-ack/full ack terms I keep reading. When do you get each of these and what does it mean? Also, when do they take the money for the visa? :goofy: Tracey.
  20. Im a little confused by the order of process for emigrating. My hb is electrician and hopefully will be doing the skills assessment course in Aug, think the april one is fully booked. Once he's done this and passed (fingers crossed) will we get our visa fairly soon after? When do we have our meds done as I was told theres an 8 month baglog for these. Can we have these done before we get our visa? Im not sure when to put the house on market too.Its all sooo confusing, can someone please explain it to me?? Thanks
  21. We got our receipt from ASPC yesterday. Said could be 12 weeks before we get acknowledgement. They said someting about validity checking. This may sound stupid, but what exactly doest that mean and what are they checking for? Any advice please. Claire:err:
  22. Hi Everyone, I probably seem a bit dim and behind the times but as I have been frantically filling in forms and getting my medicals done and selling the house there seem to have been some trouble with the processing of medicals at the Dept of Immigration Local Clearance Unit:wideeyed:. Mine is to be sent to Sydney as part of a RSMS visa application. Will I be effected and to what extent? I would appreciate being brought up to date :notworthy:
  23. I am filling some in forms for opening a oz bank account here is one question on the form: ''IF NON RESIDENT, DEDUCT WITHHOLDING TAX? (TICK NO IF NO EXEMPTION CERTIFCATE HELD) can anyone explain what this is and how it applies we are on a skilled 136 visa.
  24. Hi there, My husband has just had his final interview for a transfer to WA police and we are in for a nail biting weekend as he doesn't find out until Monday morning whether we will be in or out and as i can think of nothing else, thought I would make some sort of preparation. I was wondering if there was a sort of picture book about Australia that kids of preschool age can use to help to explain to them what is going to happen (hopefully). I have looked at the usual sites and can't find anything like this. Anyone got any ideas other than constant talk of sandcastles and seaside which after a whole won;t appease him anymore when all he talks about are dinosaurs and steam trains. Speaking of which are there any steam train museums or dinosaur museums in Perth????? Thanks all, Caroline
  25. Hi there, My husband has just had his final interview for a transfer to WA police and we are in for a nail biting weekend as he doesn't find out until Monday morning whether we will be in or out and as i can think of nothing else, thought I would make some sort of preparation. I was wondering if there was a sort of picture book about Australia that kids of preschool age can use to help to explain to them what is going to happen (hopefully). I have looked at the usual sites and can't find anything like this. Anyone got any ideas other than constant talk of sandcastles and seaside which after a whole won;t appease him anymore when all he talks about are dinosaurs and steam trains. Speaking of which are there any steam train museums or dinosaur museums in Perth????? Thanks all, Caroline