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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am just wondering wheather the case officer always ask for the medical and police clearence report if those expires. I would appreciate if you guys can share your experiences, ideas & information on this issue. Thanks. Princemp
  2. stevevw975

    Passport expires before visa ends

    Hi All ok big over site, my wifes passport runs out in Oct 12 , and she is due to fly out within the month, only problem is, her passport details on my 457 visa has her maiden name sooo if she changes her passport we need to fill out a 929 form, the question i have is if she decides to fly out on her existing passport will she be let in the country as her visa lasts longer than the passport should we try and change it now before she flys to join me, being christmas just around the corner things may get delayed help please????
  3. My 457 visa application has been granted, that is a good news. It however expires on 31 Oct 2013 which is my last working day. I called the immigration office and they said that they just granted the visa based on the nomination of my employer, but my previous 457 visa sponsored by the same employer was given 1 month extra after employment. They also said that they cannot undo a visa decision once it has been made, and suggested me to applying for a tourist visa toward the end of my employment to get an extra few weeks to arrange my travel. I understand that any thing can happen in the next 2 years, but is it a common practice that they give a visa that expires on the end date of working which leave the person merely 6 hours to leave the country or the employer have to put in a reasonable period in the visa nomination? Do any of you have the same issue?
  4. Thank you soo much with all your information. my visa was granted , but my passport will expire how can i transfer to my new passport? any idea pls i leave in Norway
  5. Can anyone offer some advise as to what we need to do when our Sons passport expires in August 2011 but we are not going to validate visa until October 2011? We have since applied for and received his new passport. His old passport number is on the grant notification letter so not sure how to go about getting new passport number onto notification. Many thanks
  6. I hope some knowledgable soul on here can help me... In 2006 I applied for a PR visa, as my mother/brother/grandparents live over there (though are british by birth). I then met my partner, and shortly after was granted the PR visa. For various reasons we have not moved over there, and later this year my visa will expire (I am able to enter Australia on a permanent basis until then, and can stay indefinately). If this happens, does anyone know if I'll ever be able to apply again? Or will the fact that I let a 5 year visa lapse without use count against me? Any advice gratefully received. S
  7. Hi, I am currently in the process of getting a working holiday visa . I am coming over in September . I have got family in Perth , 2 uncles ,2 aunties and 3 cousins . I am going to work the 3 months to gain my second year of my working visa . After the second year runs out will I be able to apply to stay in Australia or will I have to return to the uk ? I am 23 years old and have just qualified as an electrician . I would be grateful for any help , Lee
  8. Guest

    passport expires in 6 months

    hi, I am currently on a 457 living in Australia and I am going back to the UK for a holiday, when I re-enter Australia do I have to have more than 6 months valid on my passport, my passport expires 5/2/2011 and I am re-entering Australia 22/8/2010 (which is less than 6 months). Also I have a connection through Dubai on my way back, is there any check of my passport on such a connection?, if so any idea if I need to have more than 6 months on my passport. And finally...what's the cost and lead time for getting my passport renewed I could look into this while I am home (for 4 weeks). cheers, Dan
  9. Rubab

    IELTS expires ...Need help

    If IELTS validity expires having the application being processed, Shall I be needing to sit for IELTS again?
  10. Many raises concern that DIAC may refuse to grant the visa if skill assessment expires when CO is processing the application. But it seems to me "a suitable and valid skill assessment" should be compulsory criteria while lodging the application rather than a criteria for decision. Can anyone confirms it? :rolleyes:Since Aussie government has lost its credibility among applicants, some are thinking gov may drag applicants and let their sa expire and then refuse them to realize its cut if it needs. By the way, congratulations, aussie, finally becomes a gov of conspiracy in people's mind!!! Review your "people, our business" :no:
  11. Morning all, does anyone have any experience of applying for residency after 2 years on a 457 visa? I've looked at the IMMI website and it mentions every visa but the 457... Any thoughts / advice appreciated! thanks Kate
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me what happens when your visa expires? Can i just apply for an extension or do i have to apply for a new visa all over again? I'm here on a 175 permanent resident visa & it's valid until 2013, but what happens then as i will not be eligable to apply for citizenship at that time? Cheers
  13. Hello, graduated in June(Computer Science bachelor then postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from Melbourne University), and applied for TR, I got my skill assessment from ACS to be a recent graduate. Now I got enough IELTS marks for applying PR, but my question is, as my case will be looked at at the end of 2011, my ACS skill assessment will definitely expire then, so does it mean I cannot get a PR in this way?
  14. Hi there, my 2nd year holiday visa expires in July, I applied for the Skilled Migration Visa in January, at the time my skill, a plumber was on the critical skills list but it is no longer on that list. I have heard that it may take up to another year to come through. Anyone know what my options are? Is it possible to obtain a bridging visa or can I leave Australia & come back in on a holiday visa?? Is anyone in this situation? Please advise.
  15. Hi, I moved to Oz in 2000 to get married, leaving two young adult sons behind in England. One son came to Oz nearly two years ago on a holiday/work visa but this unfortunately expires in 4 weeks (21 April). We would both dearly like him to remain in Australia but it's looking very unlikely. We've contacted immigration to discuss the various visa options but have been told he doesn't 'quite fit' the necessary criteria of any one visa. He has a degree in electronic graphic design & illustration but has yet to find someone prepared to employ him where he can use his degree. Instead, he's spent much of the last two years working for some of Australia's major banks and insurance companies as a claims manager. I am divorced and don't have any living relatives in Australia, if my son has to leave I will be here on my own. Can anyone advise as to how we can legally obtain a visa so that my son can stay in Australia and ultimately apply for permanent residency? All helpful responses would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hi All, Can some body tell me what happens when your passport expires when you have already migrated to Australia? Im sure theres a simple procedure, but im having a blonde day!! Thank you :rolleyes: