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Found 28 results

  1. xd00x

    457 Visa nomination expired

    Hello all I was nominated and applied for 457 visa and got an email that company nomination has been expired. So, I didn't get any approve/reject for a visa, just sentence that they can't future process my request coz it made more than 12 months ago and the nomination has been expired and my request can't be applied to another nomination. How it's possible? What can I do in this case?
  2. ShaunR6883

    Passport now expired

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone can help? When I submitted our 186 visa application my sons passport had 8 months remaining, in the terms it said it had to have atleast 6 months. His passport has now expired and I'm wondering if this will cause any problems with the visa decision. What I mean is does the passport need to be valid get the visa? We are currently on 457 visas and we have been here almost 3 years. Our application for 186 is still in recieved status and we haven't had a nomination decision yet either. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Shaun
  3. RavenBlue

    Expired passport details?

    Hi All, We're trying to fill out the 'my health declarations' section on the immiaccount website so that we can get medicals booked. One of the questions is have we ever travelled to Aus before on an old passport and if so give the passport details. Both myself and my husband have, but several years ago and on passports which we renewed 5 years ago - and neither of us can find the old passports!! Has anybody else come across this issue? And if so what did you do please? Many Thanks!
  4. I've heard of a few people going onto a 28 day bridging visa when visa expires while they make arrangements to leave Australia and wondered if anyone knows anything about this? thanks, Sean
  5. WTF??????? Long story guys, but, moved to Brisbane 2006 on a 136 Skilled Migration Permanent Residency Visa - think this is now the 175 visa - anyway, stayed for nearly a year, went back to the UK for 18 months, then moved out here to Perth. Have been here 3yrs. Our visa's were originally issued November 2006. We were planning a 3 week holiday back to the UK to visit family for Christmas, cut a long story short, I've been very ill, so have not been able to go. Husband and son have gone by themselves! My husband has just landed in Dubai to change planes to Gatwick and has rung me saying that our visa's have expired!!!! :err: What's that all about??? He has been told that the visa only lasts 5yrs! He will have to go to the Australian Consulate in London to renew before he can return to Australia!!! I was always under the impression that Permanent Residency meant you could stay 'forever'! I've had a quick look at the visa and it actually states 'holder permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely'. So how come we have to renew?? And does this now mean that I am living here illegally??? Because technically my visa should have been renewed in November 2011. Can anyone help with this, as I am really confused? :confused: I've searched the internet and don't seem to be able to find anything!!! :mad: Helpppppppppppp Lynn
  6. Hi all, I was assessed under the dreaded 2231-79 NEC code back in May 2010. I'm now looking to get an assessment I can use in a new visa application so I need an assessment under an ANZSCO code. Am I still able to get a re-assessment based on the docs I previously submitted, even though my original assessment has now expired? I've sent a revalidation app to the ACS but I think this is a mistake as it would have the old ASCO code. I've emailed the ACS for guidance and am waiting for a reply, but was wondering if anyone else found themselves in the same boat and had any advice? Cheers :biggrin:
  7. Jamz

    Vetesses expired

    Hi, I passed my vetesses carpentry test 3 years ago now and obtained the relevant Australian qualification. How long does it stay valid for? Thks
  8. Has anyone done this ?? A country can NOT deny access to one of its own citizens ! So if you are a dual citizen, say Australian and British, with a valid Australian passport, but your UK passport has expired. You shouldn't need to just travel as a tourist on your Australian passport. Exit Australia on your valid Australian passport, and show your expired UK passport to UK border staff. They will let you in. If moving back to UK and don't want to renew UK passport overseas due to the cost, this should work fine. I haven't actually done it, but I repeat "A country will not deny access to its own citizen, even if their passport is expired"
  9. Dear everyone, i change my bridging visa A to B before travel to india and when i come down to india to attend my brother marriage my visa is expired and cant go back to australia. what i can do now? is it a big issue? what is the reason for expired my visa. i still got valid Bridging visa stamp on my passport. Rinkesh
  10. Hi, I applied for 485 (graduation skill visa) in January. I'm on bridging visa right now. I applied on position as VET teacher, which was on old skill list. I can not apply for 885, because of this position (is not on the new skill list). Do you have any recommendation what can I do for my PR? :daydreaming:
  11. Morning all I have just been having a spring clean and noticed that my children's passports are about to expire. Cash flow is a little tight at the moment so wanted to check if I did not renew them for a while (we have no plans to go anywhere) is the Visa still valid? We are on a business owners visa 163. If anyone could shed any light on this I would be very grateful because I do not want to get in trouble for the children not having valid passports/visas. Thank you in advance Zoe :-)
  12. the situation..so i spent the last year in australia, living and working and travelling, it ended up me spending my last part of the year in sydney, where i met my current boyfriend, who happens to be australian. we start living together after a month of knowing eachother, and we lived together for 4 months, meeting family and friends, until my visa ran out. my boyfriend then flew over to see me 2 weeks later and stayed for a further 3 months with me and my family, until his visa expired. so now e are left with two expired visas, and both wanting to be togther long term but dont know how to go about it.. we have seen the options as - i study over there as an international student, but expenses are so high? - apply for de facto, but then that would mean us both leave our resident countries to somewhere we can both live and work. - or engagement, but we dont think we should just get married just so i can be in the country.. all the options cost a hell of a lot, but we dont want to have to keep saying goodbyes after holiday amounts of time, eg every few months. is there any advice or help please? thanks
  13. My partners residency stamp is in his old passport that has now expired. For our de facto application, will we need to have certified copies of both his old passport, and new passport ID pages? Thanks in advance
  14. Guest

    Visa Expired.

    I probably know the answer to this question but am hoping that a miracle might be in the offering. Our Australian visa expired on 8th November 2010, we are still in the UK and do not have the 2 years residency in Australia to have enabled it being renewed. No excuses but family bereavement have made things very difficult and given this is now over my wife and I regret missing the expiry and are gutted. We both were headed out there and had to return back on the 4th Novemeber due to the above situation. My question is - will it be futile to try and explore getting anything done to enable us to go to Australia or is it lost forever. Any advice really appreciated.
  15. Guest

    State Sponsorship Expired!?

    Can anyone please shed some light on the following: Is it true that once you have SS that it is only valid for say 2 months? We got state sponsorship for WA back in January 2010 and I'm hearing that it could now have expired? Many thanks Gemma
  16. Guest

    Expired Visa - What happens?

    Hi, A friend of mine is in his last month of his 3 month tourist visa and come the end of September, it looks like he will have to go back to the UK. The problem he has is that 1. He hasn't got a return ticket back to the UK and 2. He doesn't have the money the buy a ticket before his visa runs out. My question is - what will happen if he turns himself into immigration when his visa expires? Thanks.
  17. Guest

    Expired Visa

    Hi there, really need some urgent advice!! My father and I obtained a PR Visa in 2004, which expired last July (2009). I moved out to Australia, when I was 16, and for whatever reason didn't enjoy it, so I returned home, leaving my father there. Basically what I'm wondering, is if there is anyway an expired visa can be extended, or renewed after the expiry date? I did not obtain a residents return visa, or any other visas for that matter, on my way home. Due to a change in circumstances in my life, I would very much like to give it another go. Is there a way I can do this, or would I have to apply for a new visa from scratch? Hopefully this won't have to be done, as my dad was the skilled person, who applied for the visa, I got one as well as I was a minor. Thank you very much in advance for any advice, hopefully it's good news!!
  18. Hi - hoping someone might have been in a similar situation. I am scottish, my partner is australian, we applied and were granted a prospective marraige visa (pmv)- then sadly due to family illness and complications we could not get married and so after 9 months it expired and i had to leave the country. We travelled for two years through other countries together, and are now about to submit our defacto visa application, with the plan to marry in the coming years when it is possible for everyone to get here. Sooooooo - how much should we be paying for this visa, the website ranges from $825 for someone who has a pmv and got married, to the steep $2525 :eek: for 'any other visa' or the inbetween $1040 for a fiancee (which i am) ANY ADVISE much appriciated Thank you :biggrin:
  19. tonyman

    Expired Vehicle Licence

    ive just had a notice/letter from the department of transport saying that i have not renewed my car licence ,do i have to renew it from the date it ran out or can i renew it from today online (like we use to do in the uk with the tax disc)....was a genuine mistake .................
  20. Guest

    IELTS Expired

    I am GSM applicant, under 885 subclass. I applied in november 2008, and my IELTS expired in febuary 2010. So do I have to give it again? My lawyer told me, that as I'm onshore and 885 applicant, I don't need to give it again. It is only needed again if you're offshore applicant. An expert opinion would be great. Thank you.
  21. Guest

    Expired passport!!!!

    Wonder if anyone can help me. My daughter's passport ran out in July (never checked it) and my sons runs out in August this year. hopefully we are close to getting our visa granted but would i need to get my daughters new passport now? When visa's are granted, do all family passports get stamped or just the adults? How long must be left on the current passports? Thanks in advance Helen x
  22. Guest

    Expired passports

    Hi, just been checking that I've got all my documents uploaded (renewed excitement after category 5 announcement!) and realised that I need to get new passports for two of my kids. Can anyone tell me how I update the passport numbers on our visa application, so that when I upload the new passports, the numbers will tally? Cheers, Helen
  23. Hi My sons english passport is about to expire and his Aus visa is in it. Would anyone know if this will be transfered into a new one.
  24. Hi, if anyone know appreciate the assistence, if I apply for SS and the IELTS test date is over two years old, should I sit IELTS again. Thanks.
  25. Guest

    Anyone with expired meds??

    Hi, my meds and PCC will be expired in April. I was wondering if there is anyone who has redone his meds?? If DIMA asks you to redo the meds, do they require the new x-rays as well?? or just the tests?? thanks....