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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I am currently applying for a 801 permanent partner visa with my Aus citizen wife. After it grants, we want to move back to my home country (UK) for the foreseeable future and then potentially move back to Aus one day. In order to make this feasible, I need to maintain my Aus PR as we will be moving back to the UK before I am eligible for citizenship. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any potential issues with the following plan: Although I would meet the criteria outlined in red in the image below, the blue criteria also applies to me (I'll have had PR less than 10 years) and so I imagine this supercedes the red? I really think this could be a lot better explained on the website as it really isn't clear. Anyway, I simply plan on returning to Aus at least once every 5 years, initially on my 801, and then on multiple RRVs (each one for 12 months from my understandign) in the future once my initial 5 year travel facility on the 801 has expired. From my reading of the criteria below, everytime I re-visit Aus on an RRV, I am entering as a PR and so must also be leaving as a PR. Therefore, these visits will surely "reset"' the date that I "left Australia as a permanent resident"? Or does this date actually refer to the very first time that I left Australia as a PR? Surely, if the date does reset/update each time then there is no difference between the red and blue criteria as 'not absent for periods that equate to 5 years' (blue critieria) would be identical to 'not absent for 5 continuous years' (red criteria)? I should have no trouble demonstrating substantial ties as my wife is a citizen and has family here. If/when the time comes to fully move back to Aus, I would just get another RRV and then remain here until I'm eligible for citizenship. If I needed to travel abroad during that time, I could apply for an RRV on the criteria outlined in green. Many thanks in advance for any help/guidance!
  2. HB2

    Baby on tourist visa

    Hi, Please can somebody help us. I am a Brit (with PR) and my partner is aussie. Our baby girl was born outside aus but has a british passport. I was advised to bring her into aus on a tourist visa then apply for citizenship by descent once we got here. We have submitted the citizenship application but apparently it can take up to 4-5months which takes us into december or beyond. Meanwhile, she is on a evisitor (subclass 651) which states on it that the length of stay is "3months from the date of entry". It was granted on the 5th of July but we entered aus on the 20th July so technically she needs to leave and re-enter by the 20th of October. Is this right? Because on the immigration website i am told the visa is 12months in total. Is there any way around this situation or must we seriously fly out and re-enter the country with our 8month old baby by the 20th oct? There is no email address where we can ask such questions to immigration, the office in perth does not allow enquiries and the phone line was 132 people in the queue when i called, so I am really lost as to what to do next. I don't want to get a fine or compromise the citizenship application due to breaking the rules but it seems absurd that a baby must leave and re-enter the country while we wait for her citizenship. Any advice or words of wisdom from people experiencing similar issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hi folks, I was just wondering whether the citizenship can be expired or canceled under certain conditions? For example if you've been granted a citizenship and the day after you decide to leave OZ for indefinite time period, will the citizenship be active\valid forever? Thanks, Eugene
  4. llessur

    Do stat decs "expire"?

    Might be a stupid question but I'm just finishing putting the evidence together for our 309/100 partner visa application and am aware that it's taken us sooo long to get all of the evidence together that some of the first stat decs we had done are now dated the end of May which makes them about 3.5 months old. At this stage I'm just going to submit everything on the assumption that the CO will ask for new ones if needed but does anyone know if this is likely to be a problem? I would get them re-done now but a couple of them were posted over from Oz so getting replacements could take a couple of weeks. We also have much newer stat decs dated within the last week or so - it's just taken an age to get them all back to us, countersigned etc...
  5. I need some advice and would really appreciate any helpful feedback> I am a permanent resident of Australia and am currently living and working in WA. I'm from the UK originally. My daughter is living with me and is settled in day care here. We are both happy. She was born in the UK and is 18 months old. We have been here for four months in total under this visa (skilled worker - independent). I also spent six months living in Sydney under a working holiday visa. I'm an employed teacher in a Catholic school here in WA. My permanent visa is due to expire in August this year. I have not spent two years in Australia. If I want to leave Australia after the expiry date, I am not legally allowed to re-enter and continue working and living here, as I haven't fulfilled the conditions of the visa. I need to leave Australia after 2011 because: 1. My husband (who I'm happily married to) is living and working in the UK and is unable to leave his current work due to a contract which runs until 2015. He wants to live in Australia with us, but we won't be able to do that until 2015. 2. My daughter's grandad has cancer and is dying. They need to see each other and spend some quality time together. I do not want to give up my permanent residency visa. There is no guarantee that I'll get another one if I have to apply from scratch again (especially as teaching is not on the job shortage list any longer and I'm now 35 years old). My husband and my visa run out this year, but my daughter's visa runs out 2015. If I spend two years in Australia, my marriage may not survive and my father-in-law won't be bale to see his precious grandaughter before he dies. My boss would be happy to write to the immigration department to support my case if this would help. Is there any way I can get an extension?
  6. Hi everyone, We are just starting the process of IELTS and skills assesments, so for us this is a long term plan! However we still want to make some plans that may involve time commitments in the interim, so I am hoping to get some clarification please! Okay, they way I understand it, we get all our tests, documents and assesments together, then submit the 175 application. We are assigned a case number, and then we wait, optimistically, 18 months to be assigned to a case officer, who will then request medicals/refernces/clearances etc, It should take a couple of months from that point to get the visa issued. We then have to enter Australia to validate the visa within 12 months of the earliest date of our police clearance or medical. If we miss that deadline we have to get new clearance/medicals, but not too serious, we won't lose the visa? We then have 5 years from validation date (or is it issue date?) to settle permanently. after 4 years you can apply for citizenship. But what happens if you only settle in the 5th year? Do you need to re-qualify under points to get a new PR visa to last until you meet citizenship requirements, or as long as you have settled is your visa then valid indefinately? I just want to make sure I understand all our options! Thank you Nats
  7. I am still waiting for the assesment in Engineers Australia. Maybe at the end of December.. I am Industrial Engineer, 8 years of oversea work experience but it will expire on January. I have 115 points. Wich are my options? The SS take long time..and in that stage, my experience will be already expire... Please, I need helpp!
  8. k8bug79

    do stat decs expire?

    Hello, we have started to collate bits and pieces for my spouses visa. A few friends have done us declerations regarding our relationship and my ex is in the process of signing a stat dec to say my daughter can come with me. But we are now looking at delaying a few years becasue of work commitments and finances. Will the declarations expire? Obviously I would provide some for the interim period between what they cover and when we apply. My best friend from childhood is yet to do one for us so we can leave hers, but two friends local to where we live and who see us in our day to day lives have already written and had them countersigned. WIll this be an issue? Thanks
  9. Hi Friends, I have a valid assesment with ASCO 2231-79 (.NET) from ACS which is going to expire on Nov 13, 2010 and due to some personal reasons I didn't lodge my visa application. Now I want a new ANZCO code with Developer Programmer /Analyst Programmer to lodge 175 visa under category-3. Can I go for a review process with ACS for new ANZCO code [or] re-assesment will do in my case. Note: I read somewhere that, review should apply within 60days but my result letter doesn't say anything about the timeline to review. Any suggestions (other than new application to ACS) on my situation would be great helpful in deciding my future step. -missionPR
  10. I had some documents certified for my skills assessment, which were returned to me. Can I re-use them for my visa application and professional registration if they were signed and dated in june or is there a time limit on them? Cheers
  11. Hello all, i have been trawling the net looking for the answer to my husbands passport problem. We live in Sydney (have been here for over a year) and my husbands passport will need renewing by the end of this year. We have permanent residency and i am trying to work out how the visa gets moved from one passport to the next. I have established that he needs to make an appointment with the australia post office to apply for the new passport but am not sure how he will get his visa moved. Has anyone had the same situation? Thanks! Mandy
  12. Myself and my partner have both got permanent residency visas which we validated 3 years ago. Due to family circumstances we were unable to make the big move shortly after receiving the visas but things hopefully will change soon as we are putting the house on the market etc as we are dying to make the big move and the house is the only thing holding us back at the moment. We have 2 years left to migrate (settle permanently ) to Australia before our visas expire (eek). I was wondering if anybody ended up moving out very close to the end of the 5 years or are worried in case they cant sell their house in time?? Fingers crossed we can sell within the next 2 years otherwise i dont know what we will do as there is no way we are going to let this opportunity pass us by. Just interested in hearing if anybody else is in the same boat ...thanks. :cute:
  13. Hi there :smile: I am wondering if an online 175 application expires after sometime if not finalized. Basically, I have filled everything except pressing the last few buttons. Wish I could press it, but I need to settle a few things before applying since planning to be in Sydney mid 2011. Planning to press the button at around April/May 2010 and app been online since October 2009. Does anyone know if it would expire or not? I know, its no biggy, just that I need to enter all that data again Cheers :wink: B1K3R
  14. Hi all, My OH is a Chippy and we are not going to oz just yet, but I was wondering if he did the vetassess assessment how long is the certificate valid for? I understand the police checks and medicals are only valid for 1 year but I am not sure about the skills test certificate. Thanks for your help, Sam
  15. We e lodged our application 9th May 2008 - front loaded meds & Pc' s 15th Sept 2008 - all finalised then Bricklayer taken off CSL March :sad:quickly applied WA State Sponsorship 17th March - still waiting !! It is really looking like we may not have our visa before meds expire and even if we get it - its gonna be really short notice to book flights to validate and not cheap for 5 of us. Will DIAC ever extend the time you have to validate ?? Is anyone else in same position. When will this worrying ever end :arghh:
  16. Hi - we have submitted all docs for 457 visa and 2 out of the four of us in the family's passports expire Summer 2010 when we will still be there!! What happens, how do we get them renewed whilst still in Oz?? Help! I can't believe I missed this and didn't realise sooner!
  17. Guest

    Do skills assessments expire ?

    Hi All, I know PCs only last 6 months and the healthchecks 12 months but I didn't realise the TRA assessments etc only had a finite life too. Please tell me this isn't true :arghh:
  18. Hi, could anyone please let me know if Vetassess qualification can expire? This is the situation. My hubby will be taking his Mechanical vetassess practical in April (fingers crossed all please). We will not strat to apply for our Visa until out house is sold. Therefore, should he pass and gain his Australian qualification and we do not sell our house for a couple of years, would it still be valid? Please help. Many thanks Ley x:spinny:
  19. Guest

    Do employment ref's expire?

    Having been on the immigration road for a while now I noticed I'd got an employment reference from a couple of years ago. This got me to thinking if they had an expiry date and I'd have to get another. Does anyone know?
  20. :wacko: Hi We are awaiting our Case Officer (ack rec 7th Sep 07) for 138 sponsored visa and my teach australia skills assessment expires 13th Dec 07. If we are allocated a CO after this date will they advise me to get the skills assessment done again?:err: Thanks Dugong
  21. Guest

    expire date

    Hi everyone, wondering if someone can clarify this for me, we have been asked by our case officer to carry out the police checks, my husband has to forward an australian one aswell as he had a year out there some time ago(we are waiting for the reply's), we also have to carry out our families meds which are booked on the 25th Oct. From what I understand once our meds are passed (fingers crossed) we have a year to move over there, is that correct or do we need to move before this date once our visa's are granted(again fingers crossed) thanks :notworthy: