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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, we are thinking of using a visa expert to do our application but we dont know which one to use. A friend has said they used them but when we have inquired they have quoted $4026. to do the full service ( which we need they said?) This seems alot but if they do a good job and quickly it would be worth it. We are looking at a permanent visa, my husband will go through as a general plumber all though he does gas, hot water ventilation, tiling, lead roofing, etc. We just want to get there asap!!! I'm soooooo confused as to what to do next and who to use????:confused: Can anyone help?? Thanks guys :wink: xxx
  2. Guest

    Migration expert or DIY????

    Hi poms, We're hoping to start a SS 176 to NSW(northern inland) ... Is it too complicated to do it myself or am I best using an agent???? How long would it take? Tips and recommendations are really appreciated!! :wubclub: Thanks xxx
  3. My partner is Australian and we have been together for a little over a year. I am looking to move back with him when he returns to Australia later next year. Having looked up the Defacto Visa application process on the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship I'm feeling a little more than overwhelmed! It all looks so complicated and I am worried that I may do something wrong or provide insufficient information. Has anyone else applied recently? Do you recommend attempting it without an immigration expert? It already costs so much I don't want to have to pay even more money if it is more straightforward than it looks! Thank you in advance for any advice that you may be able to give! Kelly & Matt
  4. Guest

    Should I use a migration expert

    Hi All My wife and I together with our 2 young children are looking at moving to Australia and based on initial consulations we have had with a migration agent they are confident we will be granted a 176 visa under the new points system. We have been quoted a fee of £3400 for the services of this emigration agent which I feel is pretty expensive. This fee does not include the cost of the visa and skills assessment. Could anyone please advise whether we should actually use a migration agent and if so whether the fee quoted is reasonable. Also recommendations of migration agents are most welcome. I am new to this forum and therefore any other advice will also we much appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Guest

    ?? Migration expert . com

    Hi All, Has anyone used this company to assist their migration? http://www.migrationexpert.com I had filled in the forms online with them before I had discovered the expo in London. A few days after filling in the forms I recieved an email stating I had passed steps 1 + 2, which were: Australian Visa Eligability Assessment for the skilled independant visa, and, Australian Migration Interview. I am now being prompted by emails to move to step 3, which is the Visa Application process, and of course they want paying. :shock: Now I just dont get it?! I have been reading nearly every post on this forum since discovering it, and it seems it just doesnt happen that easily or quickly. Am I being bluffed in some way? Or is it a clever marketing techinique which wants you to assume you are doing quite well, then once they have your money, it turns out you are actually no where in the process. Or are they genuine? They seem very official, and state they are registered. But I am still suspicious before parting with any pennies! :? Any advice great appreciated please! Many Thanks Pea,x
  6. Guest

    Need Expert Advice

    hi all, I am an accountant from HR Country, I have lodged my application in April 2009 and got a CO on Feb 2011 He asked me for form 80 and PCC and Medical and I already forward them all.. now he asked me to forward all Payslips for one year before my lodge of my application.. I am about to forward it My agent told me once he will receive these payslips .. I may got my vise within one month.. My question now that I have a girlfriend in my country..but we didn't got engaged yet... Can I engage it now??It will affect my visa status as I should inform DIAC and also all her relevant papers to them and they should Check all about her?? I think it will take a lot of time and it will delay my Visa grant.. Or I have to wait till I got the Visa then engage her?? Or I have to make the initial Entry to Australia then engage her? I don't know what 's better for us to do?? Please Advice me
  7. Guest

    'Expert' or 'Airhead'.

    Just a quickie, (such is life :embarrassed:). But besides your chose career path etc, would you class yourself as an expert in any subject, well maybe not expert, but very knowledgeable at the very least. Could be anything, train spotting, history, quantum physics, etc. Or is your head full of little facts and anecdotes that are just 'there', you know, absolute tosh in the grand scheme of things, but things that make you laugh , etc. I must admit I am no expert in anything, and my head is full of the biggest load of dros you could ever come across. No real help to anyone, but things that I have picked up over the years like, it would take approximately 2,550 helium filled normal sized balloons to lift the average man of the ground, see, absolute garbage, but hey, you never know it may come in useful at some time.:eek: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Well, that time has finally come! We board the plane in a little over 12 hours. We are taking a 'vacation' for 10 days in Manly then jetting up the coast in a shiny new ride to find a place to live in GC. Are there any locals we can meet up with for a frank and honest chat about neighborhoods, places to live, nightlife, schools etc? We have one 19month old rambunctious little misfit Perhaps someone with young kid(s) might give us some tips? A quick coffee by the ocean or even a tour of nice spots would be greatly appreciated - we've done our reading, but nothing counts as much for us as talking to someone that's living there. Thanks! See you on the flip side! Andrea & Darren & Jonah.
  9. Guest

    Expert advise

    Hi, Just need help of you guys especially the ones who hv applied for 886 family sponsored.I wold b thankful to you guys if you pls advise me about the 886 document checklist n pls suggest shall I apply by my own or with agent ? Your snappy reply would b appreciated as I hv to apply for same
  10. virtual_bajwa

    Australia needs more migrants: Expert

    Australia needs to lift its intake of skilled migrants to continue growing the economy, a leading demographer says. Australian National University (ANU) Professor Peter McDonald says immigration is a factor of labour demand and has a vital connection to economic expansion. "The discussion in Australia is that we can fix population growth and forget about its relationship with the economy," he told a seminar hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) on Tuesday. "If the government is going to say we are going to cut immigration, I think it's incumbent upon the government to point to the projects and economic aspects they are not going to do." Prof McDonald, the director of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at ANU, said the growth of mining and other industries meant Australia needed to fill labour shortages. "You can't say on one hand we are going to ... have rapid (economic) growth but we are not going to let people come into Australia," he said. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said last month she did not believe in a "big Australia" policy targeting a population of 36 million by 2050, while the federal opposition wants to scale back skilled migration in a strategy to manage population growth. Prof McDonald said Australia's intake of 44,000 permanent migrants in the 2008-2009 year was insufficient to meet labour demand because it provided only 30,000 new skilled workers, which was "well below current demand". This took into account the fact that many of the permanent migrants accepted included spouses and children, those already working here and successful offshore applicants who continued to work outside Australia. Prof McDonald said this had led to an increase in employers relying on temporary workers to meet labour shortages. "Employers are turning to other categories to meet their labour demand ... one in every 10 workers in the Australian economy is a temporary worker," he said. Prof McDonald said the five main visa types relied upon to help meet Australia's labour shortages were overseas students, New Zealanders, those with a 457 visa, working holidaymakers and tourists. "The increase in temporary visa holders is a vital component of meeting the needs of the labour force immediately," he said. For this Click on this link.... Australia needs more migrants: expert - Yahoo!7
  11. Hi there. I live in SE Melbourne and moved here lmost a year ago. My husband and I ran a small business in the UK and are strugging to sort out all of the tax liabilities. This company is still in existance but has effectively not traded for 12m so we want to dissolve it. I am working as a full time employee here and my husband is working as a consultant. Our accountant in the UK is not helping so I think we need a tax consultant or accountant here that can sort out UK and Aus tax liabilities for us. Any ideas?
  12. ravensfield

    Martin Lewis MoneySaving Expert

    Has anybody found an australian website similar to this one? i always found it really useful
  13. Hi all - I used this site to gain info before coming out here and so thought I should repay the kindness shown to my inane questions with my initial thoughts. Please bear in my we have only been here a short time so the views expressed may seem immature to those who have been here a while. Also, while calling this a top 10 I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write so it may be a top 6 or 7 - we'll see. 1. Canberra is great (always good to start with a mass generalisation!). It has everything that a family could want and I agree with all the Canberrans I have met that it is 'easy living.' Everywhere appears to be about 12 minutes from everywhere else, it is clean, we feel safe, nice ammenites, shops and restaurants and - and this is the big one - the people are nice. Granted everyone has good and bad days and some folks are nicer than others, but overall the general attitude towards fellow human beings is much more positive. People start conversations much more readily and seem genuinely interested (unlike Americans). 2. The flight over is fine and kids adjust easily (just like everyone told me they would). My only point on the travel is to be aware of the transfer into canberra. The flights up to Sydney were great but then it is a step down from international travel to a much more localised affair. This means checking kids buggies at check-in not handing them over as you board the plane, small hand luggage allowance and far fewer facilities at the domestic terminal. None of this is insurmountable but forewarned is forearmed. 3. Canberra is not Sydney. But would the reality of living in sydney be an apartment overlooking Bondi beach with sun 365 days a year? For the non-millionaires amongst us I would suggest not, so comparing like with like Canberra has lots of positives and doesn't have: a dangerous 'undercurrent', long commutes, and everyone wanting to be seen to be having a good time. Again I go back to my (long standing) Aussie friends - easy living. Yes I would love it to be closer to the coast but I'm told gorgeous coastline is 90mins away - that'll do. 4. So far the weather has been a really pleasant surprise - it is winter and can get cold overnight but the days have been clear, warm (nearly t-shirt temps), with predominantly blue skies and crisp clean air. Dark early-ish (5-5.30) but this is winter! We'll see what the summer brings (I'm sure I'll complain its too hot). 5. Loads to do (aimed at families primarily but I think true for all). It is a national capital (though acknowledged so begrudglingly) after all. Parks everywhere with well maintained play areas (about a milliion percent better then general UK facilities), all types of cafes (coffee shops every three steps), restaurants (and much more kid friendly), healthy fast food joints in the US type malls (not just McDs but loads of healthy options too), Questicon (think science museum aimed at kids from 0 - 14 (& up to about 36 apparently!), Zoo, Pools, Soft play areas, Cinema, Pubs, Clubs - you get the picture. 6. Some things are a little less developed (don't hate mail me!). For example it - it takes ages to get internet, TV and phone installed; mobile deals are hard to come by and overly complicated, and convenience food is non-existant (no microwave meals - a positive negative). So, buy or bring: broadband USB stick, SATNAV and some patience. They still charge for bank current accounts! 7. Childcare (nurseries) - hard to come by, expensive and I would argue not as professional as the UK. Ratios are 1:5 for all age groups compared to 1:3 for littl'uns in the UK. As a result nurseries are somewhere safe to put your kids as opposed to somewhere that will have the time to develop them (accepted generalisation). Individual staff members obviously vary greatly - we're lucky so far! We are paying $80/day for our kids. To secure places we had to pay for Jun even though we didn't arrive till July. 8. Red meat, milkshakes and petrol are much cheaper. Wine and books are more expensive. I've mentioned this before and Quoll queried me; however, I am an avid reader and book prices here are ridiculous. So I just suck on a milkshake loitering in Borders! 9. People are more forthright - and I mean this in a good way. There appears to be little front with people (the second hand car dealers I've met excepted). What you see is what you get. This is coupled with a welcoming, friendly attitude. 10. I'm told - but have yet to experience firsthand - that this being the capital it is full of souless bureaucrats who don't know how to have fun. In my experience like tends towards like. We're having fun. 11. It is not all BBQs. On an inidivudual level people are laid back. At work the Aussies are not shy of putting the hours in (though I would suggest an element of process monkey presenteeism) and you will be expected to do likewise. Fine - they are welcoming you to their country - its not a free ride. And that will probably do - just rambling now and I've got the ironing to do (see point 10!). Very happy with the unique circumstances that have put us here for 2 years. Happy to answer any questions from a newbie perspective, meet for a coffee or milkshake or beer - whatever. Wife also here and not working yet, kids are 3 and 8 months (hence we're permanently tired) play dates also an option! G'Luck you all - be happy with ACT as a choice Jim
  14. I am an IT professional and applying for 'specializing in Oracle" MODL. I fall in category A and have a 4 years IT degree and 6 years of required experience. A month ago, I also gave two paper of SQL and PL/SQL that qualify me as an Oracle certified Associate. I have mentioned being OCA in my resume but I have not yet recieved certificate from Oracle yet (but I do have Prometric certificate that confirms I cleared these two papers). Oracle certificates have the tendency to reach late and I just wanted to check if I should proceed with my ACS application and provide the Prometric certificate (as a proof). Keeping in mind I am applying for category A, and this oracle certification isn't more of a requirement instead its there to make my case stronger, would the prometric certificates suffice? Thanks
  15. Hi, Has Anyone used this company? Thought I'd better ask before I hand over any cash!! They seem very reasonably priced, but i'm new to this and I'm not sure if there are likely to be any " hidden Extra's ! " Any ideas? Cheers Barbie :-)
  16. My wife and I (along with our 4 year old terror) are just starting to look into a "big" vacation later on this year before the lad starts proper school at the end of January 2010. We are seriously considering splurging on "round the world" tickets if these make sense economically. Does anyone here have any experience doing one of these trips and can you recommend a good travel agent (or airline direct?) for putting together an itinerary? FYI, the stops we know we'd like to make are Las Vegas, Victoria BC (not necessarily in that order), New York City, London and Istanbul. Prince George/Edmonton/Calgary/Ottawa are also possibilities though I'm sure some or all might end up being "side trips" We''d probably add a stop or two on the way back round to Brisbane but could tailor those to the routes of whatever alliance we end up booking with. If the alliance we book with could either do business class not at 3 times the economy...or some form of "premium economy" with bigger seats, we could look at that. So...anybody have any suggestions about who to talk to and how to start planning? Bob
  17. Hi All I have a sick washing machine on my hands. To start with I thought it was just the plastic bobble on the bag for the soap tablets hitting the drum when the thing spins but I am now convinced that it is more serious. This machine is Old Faithful. It is a Hotpoint front loader and I've had it for 13 years so if it has reached the end of its natural life, the thing has given me excellent and reliable service and continues to do so despite suddenly sounding desperately ill. When it is just tumbling, it is making a clattering sound which one thinks could be the bobble on the plastic bag but that does not happen with every single wash. This sounds like a mechanical clatter to me as if something involved with suspending or rotating the drum might have broken. When it is doing the final spin at 1,000 rpm it sounds as if the drum really is rumbling and it sounds as if the motor is struggling to cope with whatever is going on with the drum. I suspect that the concrete block in the top of the machine might have cracked. However I'm not convinced that this on its own would cause the rest of the racket? I'm just wondering whether it is worth a trip to the tip to scavenge bits out of other machines etc (and then pressgang a friend who is reasonably good at most types of DIY into having a go at repairing it - I'm female; I don't possess any tools and I do not interfere with machines myself) or whether it makes more sense just to go into town, order a new one and tell them to take Old Faithful away after they have installed the new one, plumbed it in for me etc. It might sound daft but I am deeply reluctant to part with a machine which has never let me down in all these years. If I knew what is wrong with it then it might be easier to decide on its fate. I am now certain though that this is not just the bobble on the soap bag and the button on a pair of jeans hitting the side of the drum. Can anyone explain what could be causing the sudden racket from the thing, please? Many thanks Gill
  18. Guest

    Migration expert australia

    Hi we are new to the fo rum and would just like to know if anyone has used migration expert australia as they say we have been approved for a SKILLED SPONSORED (STATE/TERRITORY) visa and asked me to pay £2078.00 immed. and the process will start in 2 days ANY ADVISE OR WARNINGS ? THANKS
  19. Hello, Is anybody else using Migration Experts as their agent? I ask them a pretty straight forward question and I do not get answer just some sought of blurb that ends up leaving me very frustrated.:arghh:. Even if you are not using the same agent do you have this problem. Lee
  20. Guest

    anyone using Emigrating Expert?

    We have been looking for an agent to start the visa process. Emigrating Expert seems to be alot cheaper than the rest. is anyone else using this agent? How do you rate them? Or should we just avoid them, as the price seems to good to be true? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Emigrating Expert

    Has anyone had any dealings with Emigrating Expert.Com based in Cornwall ? Tracey x
  22. mrogers

    Expert advise on migration help

    Since the new law on migratiion in September changef where ALL tradespeople need formal qualifications i am depressed big time. Myself (30), my wife (32) and our daughter (2) where in early stages of migrating to OZ. This law came in and now gone pearshaped. I, like many tradespeople have time served experience, not a written qualification. I can get a qualification on a fast track for experienced roofers, but this could take upto 6 months. But then, in the eyes of assessors, will probarbly be expected to serve time after this qualification. Is there any other way we can migrate without this burden? We will have just over 100K in the bank, we are a young family and will need to work for sanity as much as anything. My wife was a dental nurse for 5 years prior to giving birth to our daughter, but again, she has no qualifications for this. Please give me some hope, as living in Bolton for the rest of my life is more than I can handle. Regards, Mark and Family
  23. Hi has anyone use migration expert? I asked them a question about a medical condition and they have given a not very straight forward answer. I filled in thier questionaire and recieved this Congratulations Karen! You now qualify to apply for an Australian Visa & Australia is in desperate need of Child Care Co-ordinators!!!! Australia desperately needs skilled migrants, especially Child Care Co-ordinators. To help fill this demand, each state and territory governments are actively participating in the skilled program to assist migrants to enter their state/territory through a range of concessions. There's no time like the present to take advantage of the serious skills shortages throughout Australia and to start your visa application process now! but I asked them a question about a medical condition they said my question had been asnwered and go to the client area and this is what they are now saying Based on the information you have provided in our Eligibility Assessment, we note that you do not meet the basic visa criteria for the Skilled Independent at this stage. However, one of our qualified migration consultants can advise you on increasing your eligibility if possible or suggest alternative visa types which may be more suitable. We encourage you to take the next step. to go any further with them I have to stump up some cash, which is fine if it is going to be of use but if they are just going to turn around and say the medical condition will stop us getting in then I may as well stop now :cry:
  25. Guest

    Migration Expert Wanted!!!

    Hi, We are currently trying to migrate and everytime we think we are getting there we hit a brickwall. Unfortuately like a lot of yours, ours is a complicated case and therefore we are looking for a personal migration expert in the Midlands area of the UK. We feel that personal touch is important i.e.face to face, telephone conversations as opposed to going to and fro on the computer. Has anyone got any suggestions. Thank you Molloys