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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Work Experiance

    Hello! Currently just in the 'thinking about moving stage'. My wife is currently studing to be a primary school teacher, specializing in early years. Once qualified would she need to complete 12 months work before she could apply for a visa (175/176)? I think i read this somewhere that this was the case:err:? Can't find it again now! I know you get points for working 3 of the previous 4 years. Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone Brand new to this so question may been a little silly. My OH and I hope to move to OZ on the 176 State sponsored visa. We don’t really mind were we start out, we just want out of Britain. My OH is a Vehicle Spray painter (on SOL of many states) with 16 year experience and has just passed his Automotive Technician Accreditation certificate (ATA pass 125) He doesn’t however have any trade papers. At the end off his apprenticship the Garage he worked in went bust so things were never completed so to speak. I have spoken to an agent who says TRA wont even look at him as he has no papers. They no longer take experience in to consideration. They recommended he look in to an Australian qualification AQS level 3. With this passed the TRA would accept him. Has anyone been in the same boat?? It seams silly to me that they would look more favourably on some one with papers and only 3 years experience than someone with 16 years experience but no papers. My OH can have his work checked with his current and former employers. Would it be worth chancing it with TRA. We would like to try and do the process ourselves to save some money so want to check we are going the right direction. Thanks Peeps
  3. hi guys, im currently looking for the best way to find sponsered work to acquire a visa for me and my family. just wondered if anyone could tell me the names of any gas/plumbing companies that have sponsered tradesmen from england before. i also have competency certs in joinery, plastering, brickwork, paint and decorating. im also looking to my solar hot water and air con tickets but just wondered if i would be better doing them over here or when i can finally get to aus. Any help would be fantastic Many thanks
  4. Hi all, Guys this is my first post but I have followed this forum for months and this is a great forum for all. I have some doubt regarding how will the points offer for specific work experience. "60 point occupation and three years work experience in the last four years in a closely related occupation. " If the work experiance is mix of schedule 3 & 4 jobs. Let say last 24 months in schedule 3 and before that 24 months in schedule 4 job. How many points will I get ? Thnks guys .... :wideeyed::eek:
  5. Hi all, My story is that I'm looking to retrain and then migrate. i have read many posts trying to find out what experience you need, not just on this site, and have found varied answers so i emailed VETASSESS I said: I have looked through the site and faqs and cannot find if there is a minimum number of years experiance as an electrician needed They said: Dear Steve, The assessment process is based on a competency framework. This means, we are assessing the skills and knowledge that applicants possess, not on qualifications they have acquired throughout their working life or on how long they have worked in the industry. It is often the case that applicants will acquire competencies in their trade outside a formal educational context, such as through work experience. All applicants will be assessed to see whether they meet Australian standards. General information about the Trade Skills Assessment can be found on our website and by downloading a Trade Assessment Guide. The specific standards applicable to your occupation can be accessed by downloading a Trade Fact Sheet. It is also highly advisable that you complete the Self-Assessment Tool (also available on our website). This will provide an applicant with idea of the competencies they need to possess. It is worth noting that if you do not hold a formal qualification, you will need to provide evidence to VETASSESS that you can meet the standards for your nominated occupation. This can be done through work references, position descriptions, work logs/journals etc. All applicants will be assessed in the Competency Profile stage to determine if you broadly meet the requirements for a Practical Skills Assessment. One of the benefits of this assessment process is that people who are successful will be awarded an Offshore Technical Skills Record (for licensed trades). This will enable applicants to have their skills recognised in Australia more readily after they have gone through the migration process. In terms of the number of years work experience, VETASSESS does not have any formal requirements. It may very well be that work experience will give an applicant broader skills and knowledge in their trade and this will help them in the assessment process. If you do not hold a formal qualification you will need a minimum of two years work experience. They may, however, have further requirements with the Department of Immigration. Anyway thats the response i got if anyones experience differs or if you've got any advice on retraining as an electrician (I'm looking at doing a fast track course then working for someone for a couple of years to gain experience) please let me know. Steve
  6. Hi to all on PIO All advice will be very appreciate ! We are moving to Perth in October 09 , I am a nurse and I have the 457 visa. If all goes well I would hope to apply for PR on the subclass visa 121/856 in 6 months time. ( The hospital have said this will be considered once I have served my 3 months probation period) The problem we have is that my husband has a 15 year old daughter who lives with her mother(England) and will not under any circumstance attend a medical and her mother would never allow her to have one either.And once we are in Australia this will even be more unattainable. She has no underlying medical conditions. I understand that for all PR Visa applications all dependants whether migrating or not require a medical. Are there ever any mitigating circumstance when this rule can be side lined? As the visa is in my name would she still be classed as a dependant of mine? Also am I right in understanding I will have to be under the age of 45 to apply for PR , and I will be 46, 4 months after she reaches 18.Does this mean we will never be able to apply for PR? I have delayed in asking these questions as I am really worried this is going to be as big a problem as I think it is!:sad: Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and look forward to hearing from any one who can advise. Dawn:confused:
  7. just thought I'd share this one with you. When my folks emigrated back in the 1980's we actually got out on my mum's hairdressing skills and not my dad's roofing / rendering (roughcasting) skills. Anyway my mum started up her own salon and was doing a roaring trade. then some civil servant showed up and insisted that my mum needed to pass some practical test etc. My mum failed this (even though she had been working as a hairdresser in UK for 15+ years and had her city and guilds) and had to close her shop. this civil servant had obviously been notified by some other hairdresser probably pissed that my mum was stealing all her custom. Seems that despite all the skill shortages in Oz there are still many hurdles and perhaps resentment to incomers who are perfectly good at their jobs and the Aussies don't like it?
  8. hi all just had an email from our agent friend in QL she said that the TRA are bringing in a new experiance pathway and it should be in place by Dec, :jiggy::jiggy::yes:all is not lost guys.