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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Can anyone let me know what the average salary would be for a construction manager/site manager? I am an experienced project manager but because I do not have a degree I need to apply as a Building Associate! There I am expecting that I will need to drop down to site manager level but need to know how much that will pay to determine if it will be worth going. Also are there plenty of opportunities in WA for site managers?:wacko:
  2. Ok ladies, important question, how much can i expect to pay for: a) a cut and blow dry b) a wash and blow dry. I've been told to expect a shock when I first visit a hairdresser as they are much more expensive than back home.
  3. When we put in our visa application at the end of May we resigned ourselves to the fact that it coud take 18 months to 2 years to see any progress. So we got a bit of a scare last Tuesday when we got an e-mail asking for our medicals and police checks in the next 28 days. Lots of OMG and SH**, this is all getting a bit real and scary and a lot sooner that we had anticipated or planned for. So Police check applications have been sent off and we had our medicals last night - very impressed with the process and service at Spire Hospital in Manchester who only started doing these medicals in October. So now we are waiting again, but with the realisation that if there are no problems we could be taking a trip to Oz by the end of next year to validate our visas - so now for some frantic saving to pay for the flights and accommodation so we can at least make it feel like a holiday/chance to see places when we get there. Aileen
  4. Well the satellite we chatted about before is moving towards Earth faster than they expected and reports say it could be as early as tomorrow. http://www.space.com/12982-dead-nasa-satellite-falling-earth-sept-24.html Hope it misses land and hits the ocean. What I don't understand is why they couldn't have blown it up before it enters the earths atmosphere or is that only in movies:wub:
  5. Hi, We are about to lodge my partners spouse visa 309/100 and wondered if anyone knew what the current time frame we should expect to wait is. I've spent the morning googling but are coming up with answers from 4 weeks to 12 months! I know it's going to be a rough idea but any would be good! Thanks Cara
  6. Does anyone know if Victoria will put paint trades worker back on skills list? Am I right in saying new smp skills list will be released on 1st July?
  7. gaz n family

    Whats the expected cost

    As we decide upon who we wish to use to fly our dog over to Aus, (god why is it so hard to decide?) We are looking at if there is any value on using ones gold service who do everything for us, over another who do most things with the exception of the blood test and injections. Has anyone recently sent their dogs from the UK to Aus, if so would you be so kind and post how much the blood tests cost you? Thanks in advance
  8. We have approached one company so far and are waiting for a little more information back from them. We were given two options, a gold which included everything, then a silver which included the following; · Airline ticket for dog with BA/Qantas from Heathrow · Airline surcharges (Handling / Security / War Insurance / Fuel / Airway Bill / Transit Fees) · Booking of quarantine space (30 days required) with Australian authorities (NB quarantine fees not included as payable in Australia) We think this cost will be about $1,300 · Custom made PetAir UK, IATA approved, wooden travel containers with comfortable bedding and watering facility (please see notes below about the crates) · Meet at Heathrow airport visit on day of departure, completion of Part B of DEFRA paperwork · Official sealing of the travel container at the airport · Assisted check-in to make sure dog is comfortably and safely away Other than that if we were to choose the silver package and possibly save money, what do we need to do exactly before she can fly? I know we will need an export certificate, but not 100% sure, plus with all the import and export forms, subsequent fees, plus vet checks and their cheap fees (RIGHT!!!) would we really save any money? If anyone can help i would really appreciate it, we have sent an email the the Carlise office but are waiting for a reply and need to know the following 1 What do we need to do to Export her? 2 What injections does she need and by when? 3 What medical checks does she need and by when 4 What is the overall medical requirements she needs to be fit to export? 5 If we do not export her before we leave, can our mother do it on our behalf? 6 Can our local Vet certify all the required documents and forms? 7 Typically how much would a vet cost that signs the EHC (I assume this is sign are the airport, please correct me if this is wrong)? 8 We are going to employ an agent to arrange the flights, but to save money we intend on arranging all the export requirements our self – is this foolish?
  9. hope someone throws light on issue I have I have given oppurtunity by my employer to work in Perth on 457 visa. I have filled out forms and visa application will be submitted early next week. Issue is, we are expecting new born in two to three weeks time and week more to arrange birth certificate and passport. How I am going to handle this situation i.e. in case if visa decision is still pending and what if visa is granted
  10. I Have a slight problem - but its a good one I guess - my Visa came through earlier than expected and I've been offered a job earlier than expected (in Brisbane, on Queens St) ... so whats my problem? Well having traveled across Oz in the past 3 years and decided upon Queensland/Brisbane (it was always our first choice but the additional location searching helped prove it was the right choice) I had planned on at least 2 proper visits to Brisbane to search for housing, schools etc ... that now has to be done in one trip at the end of this month so I'm ready for work in January!! So can any one help me: if you had a lovely wife, two kids aged 6 and 3, a cat, and had 10 days in Brisbane to look for a house to rent for 6-9 months while you sort the rest of your life out - which Brisbane suburbs would you start with? and which one's would you avoid? and is there an estate agent you would recommend as a "tour guide"? ... I'm not looking for perfect, just good reasons to spend 10 days of my life have a good hard look later this month. (P.S. with thanks to the previous posters on Brisbane locations elsewhere on this site, they're proving helpful as well)
  11. No doubt this is the question on everybodys lips... Im not exactly sure the expected wait time at the moment but last i checked it was 3-6months, and I have read a lot of peoples taking about 4 months. Is there any miracle stories where people were granted there front loaded applications quickly? My partner, a british citizen (currently in the UK who i havent seen for over 3mths) is sending application in a week to London has all the medicals and police checks ready. One other question, i am Australian and lived in the UK for probably a total over 12 months but was coming back and forth so it was more like a few long holidays. Would i still need a UK police check for the application?:policeman: I have put in my Australian one.
  12. Here is the detailed changes in forms from November 2010 in all kinds of forms in DIMMIA website. I had noticed one thing here that they have removed all kinds of papers based forms from website and replaced them with Electronically forums. It shows they have completely ripped off old visa processes. Please click here for detailed changes in forms... http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/form-changes-nov-2010.pdf
  13. Hi, Just wondering if those who have recently migrated here have found it easier,harder or about what they expected?Was there anything major that surprised you?Was/is the upheaval more daunting than you had prepared for? Unexpected issues have become the norm for me and my family,however we soldier on as we feel it can get a lot better.Housing,Family,Homesickness, and Work are just a few things that are clear and present in our lives at the moment.Ain't doing bad really,but still.What about you?:confused:
  14. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can tell me what is the sponsors role if they are approached by the agent to sponsor us. I have aunt, uncle & cousins in Melbourne I know they are happy to sponsor us, I would like to know what is expected of them as sponsor with regard time, paperwork etc etc. THANKs
  15. Budget 2010: first-time buyers expected to escape stamp duty That is great news if their parents can afford to lend them the deposit! Budget 2010: first-time buyers expected to escape stamp duty - Telegraph
  16. Sorry as i am sure this has been asked numerous times, but i cannot seem to be able to find the answer anywhere. I am looking into emigrating (with wife, 2 kids and a doggie) to Western Australia under the state sponsor programme. I have had several migration agents contact me but only one has given me a rough quote on the expected costs. Now i am sure someone can give me the actual costs incurred through the state sponsorship for a family of 4. Please. Also if you could recommend one from experience please. Having not gone through this process i also dont have a clue on how long it will take. some agents are claiming it can be done in 3 months once the skills have been assessed, is this true or just dream land. as the family and me we would mopve tomorrow if we could so any time will be to much for us. Please help. Gaz
  17. Guest

    How long is expected?

    We sent our Visa Application off before Christmas and have discovered that the payment has been taken but we have still not heard anything!! We are going on a Subclass 120 Visa. Has anyone got any idea how long after the payment has been taken, to when we should get a Case Officer? We have been told that as soon as we get a Case Officer, the process is quite quick. Any feedback well accepted. We are in a tricky situation, as we are due to sign the initial contract to sell our house (we live in France so many different rules). Feeling very apprehensive about the whole thing.:huh:
  18. This is for anyone in Melbourne who would like to attend the memorial service for fire victims at Rod Laver Arena on Sunday. More information at Together for Victoria - Premier of Victoria, Australia and Large crowds expected for fire memorial | Herald Sun. Thank You. THOUSANDS of people will gather in Melbourne and a string of bushfire scorched townships as part of a national day of mourning for the 200 or more people who died in the February 7 infernos. A National Day of Mourning - Together for Victoria - will be held at Rod Laver Arena and surrounds at 11am (AEDT) on Sunday to honour the victims of Victoria's bushfires and to recognise the courage and efforts of emergency service workers. It will be hosted by ABC journalist Ian Henderson and televised live on the three commercial networks as well as the ABC. Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl will open from 10am to view the memorial service live. It will also be screened at Waterfront City, Docklands. To date, nine locations have been confirmed in regional and rural Victoria where events will coincide with the televised memorial service in Melbourne. These events will be located in Warragul, Churchill, Yarram, Myrtleford, Beechworth, Bendigo, Pakenham, Diamond Creek, and Yarra Glen. Together for Victoria will be a free, non-ticketed event. People from bushfire-affected communities will be provided seating within Rod Laver Arena. Additional viewing areas will be established in Hisense Arena and the surrounding area. Free transport arrangements will be provided for people from bushfire-affected communities as required. Travel on all metropolitan trains, trams, buses and V/Line services will be free between 9am and 3.30pm for people attending the memorial service. For more information about Together for Victoria, call Information Victoria on 1800 136 762. Gates at Rod Laver Arena will open at 8.30am on Sunday.
  19. Well... The OH and I pottered along to the Magistrates Court this morning for our 09:30 appointment. We turned up 20 minutes early as we were told this would speed things up as they could get it all stamped etc beforehand. I was expecting to go sign my Stat Dec in some office with a bored lawyer etc. Not the case!! At 10:20 ish we were called into an actual court room (first time I'd ever been in one, stopped dead at the door in shock with the OH shoving me saying "go in then" in a stage whisper they must have been able to hear at the other end of the room)... there was a legal advisor, a stenographer and 3 magistrates in there!!:shocked: :err: I had to (and so did the OH) go into the witness box and be sworn in, then read out part of my stat dec (and they're the relationship ones so not really what you want to be reading in what felt like a room full of people) and then got warned about the consequenses of telling fibs.... then I signed it (after the magistrates had given permission for me to sit down to do so...) then it was the OH's turn. Definitely NOT what i was expecting!! However the whole thing for all the photocopies, and the kerfuffle with the Magistrates only cost £25... Didn't get out til an hour and a half after we arrived but hey... I can't see how they can argue with its signatories! Bless them, they said just to make sure, they would sign and stamp every page of the stat decs too Anyway - thought I'd post this in the hopes of reducing the complete bewilderment and terror of anyone else who is summoned into a courtroom for this when they're not expeciting it! F xx
  20. Yesterday we hit our six month anniversary since we arrived and how much harder it has been than we ever expected. I actually hit a point where I felt like I was grieving. My head told me we'd done the right thing, but my heart wanted to run home to familiarity. I have never felt so isolated. A lot was probably to do with being alone with OH at work and kids at school. My parents came for 2 1/2 weeks end of November beginning of December and I kept crying the day they left. I wouldn't go back though because I feel priveleged to be able to live in such a beautiful country and wish I could bring all my loved ones to be with me. We got what we hoped for when we came here. More time as a family, more time out doors and a bonus of being/feeling much more healthy without the polution levels of the UK. We have found a wonderful school for the children and I could never take them back to the place we left. Yes, some things are a pain and the TV advertising drive me potty, but the hardest thing was pulling through the....homesickness I guess. OH is still struggling a bit. Misses his carp fishing and is struggling to find anywhere local where he can catch anything. If anyone knows of any good fishing spots in the Adelaide area that don't require a boat, would very much appreciate hearing from you! Cara
  21. I am getting fed up of being expeced to work long hours plus Saturdays A survey in 2007 showed that almost a half of full-time employees work more than 48 hours per week.) A standard working day (without overtime) for a blue-collar worker is from 7 or 8am to 4.30 or 5.30pm, while working hours in most offices and shops are from 8.30 or 9.30am until 5.30 or 6.30pm, with an hour’s break for lunch. I have noticed that artisans work at least 50 hours a week over here without blinking an eye, what are your hours in Oz? anyone under 40 hours full time a week?
  22. I kinda thought this would happen, can the moderators give a reason? And once again, if this is a public forum, why are we not allowed to discuss matters that can severly impact prospective immigrants. if anyone is thinking of using an agent and wants to know which one im talking about mail me to mypomsinozmail at googlemail dot com
  23. Hi, We sent our application off to the TRA on the 29th Jan by the royal mail signed for service. We were only able to use their tracking service whilst it was in this country, once it left the country we were told to use the Auspost tracking service. We tried this every day but it came up with nothing, after reading one of the posts on PIO forum slagging off the Parcelforce/Royalmail service we got really concerned, we kept trying Auspost but still no result, so we tried ringing TRA direct after 8 days. We were so relieved when they informed us that it had arrived that day. I just wanted to tell anyone who has used, or is planning to use this service, that it is really quite good and not to worry. 8 days is an acceptable time to deliver to the other side of the world. Kim