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Found 27 results

  1. I am getting very confuded about the work experience element of the new points test due to come in July 2011. Will I get any points for work experience if I have three years work experience in the past five years - but 18 months of this was gained in Australia - which was more than 2 years ago so I cant get the Australian work experience, but can I still use this experience to get points. I would assume that I would - otherwise it would imply Australian work experience is less relevant? I would need to get 8 points for my ILETS test if I my work experience doesnt count - which is not impossible, but I would prefer not to have the pressure of getting such a high score.
  2. I have 2 yrs left of my visa, am looking at moving to Brisbane from central QLD, to get a job with sponsership to gain resadancy, any one know if hairdressers needed in Brissy
  3. Guest

    work exp dilemma?

    Hey guys, hoping someone here can help me with a slight dilemma regarding work experience for SS SA. According to acs website they are looking for minimum of 2 years work experience (which i dont have,i currently have 1 year). On the otherhand the website of SA immi are stating 12 months. Do i have to meet both these requirements? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Hi, anyone know of a mechanic getting sponsorship in WA!!!!
  5. Hi I'm a 44yr old with over 25yrs exp. Clean, fast, reliable and hard working. Preferably looking to join existing gang to learn the ropes or team up and and form new gang. Willing to travel anywhere in Brisbane area. Barry 0479157211
  6. Eng32

    3 out of 4 years work exp.

    How to prove 3 out of 4 years woek experience, also what do DIAC look into when they verify this??:wideeyed:
  7. After completing 2 tears study in Dec 2009 + almost 2 years of work experience, I applied for a 485 Grad Visa then an 886 Family sponsor. We are on a BV A at the moment, + just been assigned a case offiicer for the 485. I have been told we would apply for WA state sponsor which is very fast but I have not been working in the industry since end of Dec 2009 as we have had a baby. Can anyone tell me the specific criteria with ref to work exp etc + if we are able to apply for state sponsor on this? Also have been told by someone massive threat to 886 in Cat 5 - they cou;d be cancelled anytime!?? Cheers
  8. Hi, my visa was granted yesterday :jiggy: and I am planning to move out soon. I am looking to see if anyone is looking to hire a fully qualified joiner/carpenter. I have extensive experience in all aspects of joinery work. Please feel free to ask if you need to know anything or you know of any positions. Thanks :notworthy:
  9. Hi peeps, Me again, Our co asked for further work exp evidence which I uploaded with our form 80 last night. I just logged on to check our progress on DIAC and next to work experience it used to say "requested" but now says "not applicable" Im scared I've buggered something up now! Help! Has anybody else had this? Thanks guys n gals xx
  10. Name is Jon, 35yrs old and already have PR visa. Have a degree in Electronics & Communication. Over 10yrs exp in Maintenance engneering with FORD motor Company. Has been a Maintenance Manager and has exp with air-con, water systems and Trains too. So, he's looking for Full-time work. Will consider FIFO. And can be there asap!
  11. Hello to every! I've so far done a few days research on immi.gov.au site about different visas options but have come up trumps. The site seems to contradict itself and is rather confusing! Maybe it’s just me... I know I can't apply for the 175 visa as my profession isn't on the SOL list so I took a detailed look into the 475 state visa (no relatives down under). Regional and state sponsorship might be the only way I can see for me to get into oz and work towards residency. A problem I did see was I took a skill assessment point test and passed the 475 & 176 visa. I received 80 point for both but then i look into the requirements for the 475 and it was I need 100.. I'll give a little info on myself as there might be someone who can point me to what I should be doing; 25 yrs - NVQ 3 kitchen and larder - NVQ 3 Customer service - 7+ years of experience - 2 years spent on a working holiday visa Thanks Jonny
  12. Hi everyone, This question for my brother who lives in INdia and both husband wife got 9yrs experience as a primary teacher,my brother's wife qualification is B.ED under Social studies and language subjects..........is she eligible to apply PR and how many ielts bands she need to take............does she need to do MA in english too......as she is teaching english and math too in school as a primary teacher Thanks
  13. Hello guys, I have applied as a 167 category in November..... I have uploaded last 5 years payslips....3 years bank statements.....2 years tax documents....2 companies appointment letter.....1 company resign letter.....2 increment letter.....visiting card, company card, list of ongoing project and finished project...2 companies exp letter..... is that enough ???? up to October I have uploaded salary slip and bank statement...but each month I am receiving bank statement means just received bank statement and salary slip of November...so should I upload this or whatever uploaded is enough....and if I upload for November month then continue for dec..jan..feb...till online status for work exp changed to "MET" ???:confused:
  14. Hi, I'm a 23 year old quantity surveyor, I have experience in refurb with my first firm and surfacing / minor Civils with 2nd. I'm up to HND construction with my qualifications but I think my work cv speaks alot better as I've had quite the opertunty for high value works and a quite a range of contracts for what you'd probably expect from someone at my age. I've got a visa so I'm just after what is the process to finding jobs over there while still being in the UK or any tips to how much current work is out there, will I be ok with my background and anything else you have to offer. Thanks
  15. I am on a 475 visa in SA. Plan to apply for 887 (permanent visa) next yr. I have a question about work exp - 1 year full time. Currently I am self employed and running my own business with ABN (found it difficult to get a job in SA so started working as a Freelancer) and just paid my Taxes with my TFN. My concern is I am not getting 35/wk work. Some weeks are short and some are more. Also I bill all clients on a per hour basis. All invoices mention the number of hours per client per project. I like running my own company now and been doing for 1 yr now and its started to grow. But I am still concerned about getting my PR Visa. So does anyone know if the invoices with number of hours, tax file records is enough information for the visa office to apply for 887 and get my PR visa? :unsure:
  16. Good morning all! I am currentley studying (and enjoying very much) towards a city and gulids Level 2 in hairdressing , doing my level 3 in sept, my question is if i get a job this summer working 20 hrs a week, along side me doing my level 3, will i be able to next summer 2011 after 12 months working 20 hrs a week be able to apply for a permanent visa?? Another question!! Does it require all people on visa to validate or can just the main applicant?? Thanks ever so for your time Tasha xxxx
  17. Guest

    175 - recent exp evidence

    Hi folks, Sorry for gatecrashing ! Hope you'd spare some time and let me have your opinion on my situation. I am in India. I have MODL assessment and with that have accumulated 120 points. But I am finding it difficult to provide evidence of recent 12 months' experience. For the last 2 years I have been working in my current company. I can't ask my current company for references - in fact, I have not even disclosed my plans to them. What to do to show recent 12 months of experience ? Here's what I have got - 1) 457 visa approved recently for my current company for the role of Software Designer. But I continue to be stationed in India only. 2) Internet printouts of my salary slips with digital signature of HR. 3) A two liner experience certificate from my HR with digital signature (was submitted for 457 visa) 4) Offer letter from Indian HR for Australia assignment with digital signature. It has the following relevant lines - "duties would be analysis, design & development and maintenance of software or offer services towards software quality improvement" "normal working hours as per company policy" 5) Form 16 and tax return for the year 2008-9 (not for the current year 2009-10) 6) Superannuation statements with digital signatures 7) my business card with my designation mentioned Will it suffice ? Or do I still need the detailed duties on a letter head from HR ? Joy
  18. Can anyone please clarify the difference between SPECIFIC WORK EXP. and WORK EXPERIENCE. I think for bith we have to provide work references, pay slips, employment contracts etc. Than what is the diff. between the two.
  19. I just saw from another forum that if an accountant have more than 3 years experience they will put in to CSL without getting IELTS 7 bands. But need confirmation regarding this. if any one have idea regarding this please reply.
  20. hello everyone i need your help. today i have got a co for my 176 appl and he/she requested further information 1. Please provide evidence of employment in a skilled profession for a total of at least 12 months over the last 24 months (prior to your lodgement date of 19 April 2009). The evidence you provide must cover the entire period. Include as much of the following evidence as possible: a) Pay slips covering the period of claimed work experience, b) Taxation Documents i provided reference,work contract and 1 payslip in englisch already. is it alright to send the other 12 payslips in german or do i have to translate them? 2. Please provide futher evidence of your defacto relationship (Please refer to the attached information sheet, which details types of documentation required). The evidence you have provided to date is insufficient for our purposes. i provided a tenancy contract, a statement and flightticktes already. so what else can i send diac. is it sufficient to send some statements of friends and family? i hope someone can give me a clue what to do. i become a bit nervous that something is wrong because i thought i provided enough information already (work experience and relationship) thnks in advance thomas
  21. Hi, I'm currently gathering together info for 175 Visa - Bricklayer. Regarding evidence of recent work experience; my OH works as a sub-contractor & has been in work for the last 10yrs + bricklaying. The evidence asks for exact work date etc in each job but he works for so may different business's we cannot give exact dates. Would it be sufficient evidence to include employer refs, payslips for various jobs throughout the last 4 yrs & bank statements to coincide? Any info much appreciated as going without an agent, so muddling through! Thank you! :smile:
  22. Guest

    3 out of 4 years work exp

    Hi I have a question a friend of mine has been looking into going to Australia and has come across a stumbling block. firstly the 3 out of 4 years work exp on 175 /176 visa would this include maternity leave? She has worked 3 years and been on maternity leave for last year if so this is fine, but if not how strict would it be if she is a matter of weeks over the year. she is under 30 looking to go to Queensland and is a pre primary teacher I hope this makes sense Any ideas please Thanks Erinfay
  23. hi, we are trying to put the TRA through, what a nightmare, so much paperwork,:twitcy: but we just keep telling ourselves it is all worth it (IT IS!!) 1) Is there anybody out there who's qualification is a Higher National Diploma, which included a lot of practical training, who passed TRA on pathway B or C? I am applying for TRA as a fitter, my qual is HND in Mech Engineering, I was employed by the same employer who also sponsored me, I did 18 months of practical formal training (all fitter type skills), and lots of classes at a college. They are willing to say I am competetent as a fitter even though they classed me as a mech technician after I finished training. I worked for them for 6 years, first as trainee and later as technician/fitter. All my experience after this - 8 years - was as mech maintenance fitter. (i did a BSc Mech manufacturing degree recently but not related to exp, so not even worth mentioning at this stage) Is there anybody who also did this (no formal apprenticeship, almost over-qualified with theory), and put it through? would really like some advice, please. 2) As I was a fitter/technician trainee, do I put on the form I have done an informal apprenticeship, even though I don't have a formal fitter certificate? I only have a certificate stating I passed my National Diploma with all results and also a statement/list of all practical modules (which was fitter training) I have done with my employer. Will this be enough? Sorry for so many questions!:err: Bianca's hubby thanks
  24. Looking to come ova to beautiful OZ Gold Coast, my husband is a self employed painter with 20 years exp doing mainly high end new builds but also refurbs on listed building he has city & guilds. We are worried whether he could earn enough currently £30-35k but we have 3 young kids so we are especially nervous of the move. He would gladly go back on the cards if the money was there. Can anyone advise us ? Many Thanks B x:jiggy:
  25. I would really like to hear from anyone who has gone on a 457 visa and is having a positive experience over there in Oz... Although, if you have had some bad experiences that you think I would benefit from knowing about please share them... Thanks Guys Emma :chatterbox: