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Found 27 results

  1. When I applied for my 457 my eldest daughter did not want to come but after 1 month of me being here she joined us on a year working holiday visa. Just wandering if I can add her to the 457 as she is dependent on me and if I can how do I go about it? I have read one entry that says you have to fill 1066 form. Does that mean she fills it out or do I do it and add her as the dependent with my other daughter who is on my existing Visa. Essentially is it a new application which has to be agreed to by my employer? Many thanks Sonia
  2. srg73

    Existing condition.

    This is a bit personal however here we go. I was taken into hospital a few years ago in very poor health due to possible maleria following a trip to South Asia. I recovered to full health however a consiquential find was made resulting in a lenthy period of observation and quite a few chest x-rays etc. The conclusion is that I am in good health however my diaphram in my chest is deformed resulting in 1 lung being larger than the other. There is no immediate or long term issues, its just one of those things and my lung capacity has been passed as very good etc? Can you see this being an issue with the medical exams especially with chest x-rays being required. I intend to get a copy of my most recent x-rays from where I was discharged in mid 2011 and maybe a copy of the discharge letter? Thanks S
  3. I was looking at buying an existing business over in Australia.I have been to the westpac bank today and because the only collateral that we have is our UK property they will not be able to loan us the money .My partner works full time and earns around $100000 per year ,we were willing to put $15000 down and get a loan for the rest.Is there any other way around this . Regards
  4. Hi everyone, I had submitted my PR application (Visa 885) in early 2010 and my application is probably in Cat 4. Recently my company informed me that they were willing to sponsor my PR application if it would speed up the processing time and wanted me to find out what they need to do and their obligations. Does anyone know what needs to be done? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question and any help or inormation would be very gratefully recieved. I have a current application lodged with South Australia for State Sponsorship. I have had my skills successfully approved. I havent applied for the 176 visa yet. I just wanted to know how easy it would be to add my girlfriend to my application. She also has a 4 year old child from a previous relationship that would need to be added also. Is this possible? Many thanks for your help.
  6. I am concerned about how all of the recent movements (and especially more recently emails from states such as ACT evaluating suitability of candidates of even existing SS's - see positing "State Migration Plans - Numbers to be limited") will affect my existing granred visa subclass 475: I am particularly concerned about comments such as "It may be that the states can withdraw sponsorship for people already sponsored..." and "I think all the states will be forced to make life and death decisions concerning the people they have already sponsored as well as the ones they want to sponsor now" My situation: - I applied for my SS through SA sometime in 2008 and was granted not long thereafter - I applied for Visa Subclass through DIAC Jan 2009 - Visa granted 1 July 2009 - Visa activated 6 March 2010 - Visa valid from 6 march 2010 to 5 March 2013 (3 years, in which time I have to live in SA for 2 years, and work there for 1 year) We returned to the UK and plan to settle in Aus approx May 2011 (which means we will miss the 2 year living requirement by 2 months, but will hopefully rely on obtaining a visa 487 which applies if you "...need more time to meet the residence and/or employment criteria for a permanent visa, you can apply to extend your visa...you will be granted a Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 487) that expires four years after your first provisional skilled visa was granted", which means we will be okay till 30 June 2013, which means we will be able to fulfil the 2 and 1 year requirements for PR My question is: All this talk of SS being re-evaluated based on possible employability in states, and threats to excisting SS's. Does this apply only to existing SS with no visa grant from DIAC, or can DIAC turn around and withdraw the immi visa completely
  7. Question i think for Gill, so thanks in advance. I would be interested to know what timescales would be involved if i was to apply for a temporary ENS visa over my existing GSM 176 Visa. This is my current timeline: GSM 175 Visa Lodged December 2009 SS - VIC approved February 2010 Current occupation on SOL 3 so at priority 3. If on SMP for VIC will move up to Priority 2. Big question is when will SMPs be released? If another 2-3 months and then my occupation is not on the list then I will stay in priority 3 and be dealt with in date order after all the other applications which could be another year or so. Therefore I am considering flying to Australia next month to try and find an employer who will temporary sponsor me until my GSM 176 is granted. The big question is though what timescales would be invloved in getting an ENS visa? Would this be the same timeframe compared to the SMP's been released soon and i move to Priority 2 processing. If so then there would be no point but if an ENS could be approved within a few months then it may be worth it although there would be more costs involved. Many thanks for any advice.
  8. Guest

    Hairdresser with existing WA SS

    Hi all PIO like so many others i have been following a lot of threads regarding SMP lists and waiting patiently for them to be released. Up until recently i felt like the Aussie dream was all over for us (Hairdressers) but have been really encouraged by recent threads. I see that Hairdressers are high priority on WA list of occupations in demand which has got to be good news for Hairdressers. We lodged our 175 visa in june2009 WA SS granted in Aug 2009 Sept 09 changes everything on hold ever since:arghh: Can anybody out there offer any advice or comments on what will happen to Hairdressers with existing SS :hug:Sarah
  9. We have been granted visa subclass 475 (provisional immigration visa via state sponsorship) valid for 3 years, leading to PR if live in designated area for 2 years and work there for 1 year. Mutterings are regarding temp visas and how they might not lead to PR, but it always say specifically students. Do I have anythomng to worry about regarding my existing visa 475, as the ultimate goal is of course PR.
  10. hi .. everybody . i am new to this forum. i have question in regard to my 885 application which i lodged in oct 2009 with ielts 7 each. my occupation is cook. i was working in restaurant as a cook but i lost my that job. could anyone please tell me is it going to affect my application as i am not working in my field. now i am looking for job in my field of study but having difficulties as i am on bridging visa .
  11. This might sound like a daft question, but we have 475 state sponsored visas, activated on 10 March (3 year clock started ticking then), granted 1 July 2009 (been told extension possible until 4 years post this date). We are back in the UK sorting out everything before our move in June 2011. That gives us 2 years to make the 475 visa 2 year live requirement and the 1 year work requirement (therefore definitely relying on the 'to 30 June 2013' into account). So we have our visas, they have been activated, and we have been told that the extension is not a maybe, it must be granted even if there is no way that the 2 year living requirement cannot be met. I am just however concerned that all the current changes will also in some way affect existing visa holders. Am I worried about nothing?? :confused:
  12. Hey guys, Let me tell you that these changes are pain in the a** for me. I did not apply and waste my 4000+ dollars for this crap. Now that there is a rumor that there might be new point system and probably new pass mark. What happens to existing applicants? Do they have to reevaluate their applications according to new point system and have to meet new pass mark? I mean they can say that now that you applicants don't meet new pass mark, you all are rejected. Just like what they did with pre-2007 applicants. Officially, I have wasted my estimated 3-4% lifetime in this mess... :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  13. Guest

    Existing visa applicant 475 SS

    Hi all, I am 475 SS (SA) sponsored file submitted on 5/12/2008 (status of file commenced/ meds recd) but after this new list issued by DAIC my agent told me to wait bcuz i am not in list and earlier i was not in CSL... How will this State spon help if our Cat is not in SMP. Does it mean that existing applicants with SS approved now wait for another approval from DAIC and that would be SMP...If we comes under SMP then they will process our applications if not then what??? This Aussie immi system is crap...I would not suggest anyone to go for AUS .. Canada has lots of best options and they don't change rules like aussies does every time.....:goofy: Don't know what will happen next may be another list is coming up...
  14. The New SOL, how does it affect the existing applicants, will it make it any quicker?
  15. Guys, I am here on a post grad visa, arrived at the end of October. Due to the nature of my girlfriend/Life partner/whatever's job, she did not come out with me, the plan was for her to get more experience in her present job before moving out here with me. She is a graphic designer. Anyway, I am looking to find out if she can be added to my visa as a defacto partner - we comfortably meet all criteria set and then some - is this possible? if so can someone advise on best course of action. I have had mixed messages previously re: this issue, and would like some clarification. If not possible, what do you reckon our options are? I'm out here for another 3.5 years and are very keen to explore any avenue. What course of visa applications 1. look best for potential employers? 2. look best to the immigration dept. in oz? 3. enable her to work fulltime and take advantage of our situation? I look forward to your responses. Thank you
  16. Hi all, Would love some advice on whether it would be more feasible to add a defacto to my current visa application or to wait for my personal application to be cleared before applying for a partner visa. To those who have done so, could you provide some examples of documents provided to verify the relationship status. If I was living with my partner while on holiday in June 2009, could I count the 12 months requirement from there or from the date of her arrival in Au (Nov 2009). She could not leave due to work commitments, serving her 3 months from resignation date. So we were apart for nearly 5 months. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Cheers:wink:
  17. loubylou475

    What happens to existing 176?

    Hi all. Well, 2.5 years after beginning our dream to move to Australia, we seem to have acquired a golden ticket! OH applied via Seek for a job despite having no visa. The large company contacted him, arranged a couple of interviews here in the UK and a teleconference one with them, then offered him the job, along with complete relocation package. I think we'll be going over (to Perth) on a 457 as this is the normal way they work but I was wondering what to do about our existing 176 (family-sponsored) as I believe it can't be granted whilst we're in Australia?? If all goes well we should be sponsored for PR too in the next few months. Unsure if to leave the 176 standing or if to withdraw it? Thanks, Lou:confused:
  18. Guest

    Can We Buy Existing Oz Company?

    Hi all, Probably a simple question with a simple answer ( but one that eludes our brains at mo! ).... Our Uk company has been approved as sponsors for me to start new branch in Queensland but does it have to be from scratch or can we invest in existing company and use our name and sponsor details? Only reason we ask is that an existing similar business is up for sale in the region where we intend to set up. Any advice welcome. Many thanks. Prawny4.:biggrin:
  19. Hi, this is my first time on Poms in Oz and Im looking for a little help!!! I have submitted a Skilled Migration (175) visa application and understand that I may be facing a long wait now!! My question is... I now have a job offer in Queensland and I want to know if this can somehow be added to my exising visa application to speed up the process time or should I go down the route of a sponsored visa application?? Please help me if you can!!!!!!
  20. I am a subclass 176 (SS) non csl applicant of April 2008 . Since my application is under process with the DIAC, do i have to redo my IELTS again . please advise. regads,
  21. Future of Migration It is important that we take stock of what has happened and look forward to the future. DIAC has a sophisticated computer system that can prepare reports Under individual headings or combination of headings. FOR EXAMPLE • By agents • By sub-class • By occupations • By Country Hence DIAC officer at all times had access to various models. The Minister has made a determination indicating that a new on-shore GSM and off-shore GSM will be announced shortly. The 23 rd Sept announcement and the MODL review gives a clear indication that DIAC has a number of models in mind and was seeking input from the public including registered Migration Agents. It is a fact based on statistical data that the Independent off-shore GSM and Off-shore GSM did not target labour shortage. It is a fact that there was a lack of “checks & balances” of the State sponsorship. It is a fact that both off-shore and on-shore GSM was scammed. In my opinion Timelines for both on-shore and offshore announcements has been finalised. In my opinion there will be two queues • Old policy • New Policy I am sure DIAC will give an applicant an opportunity to move to the new policy if it is advantageous without payment of fee. They have used it in the past with Reg 2.11. I think the time to change the Minister’s mind to revoke his decision has past. I think it is time to make a submission to the Minister on behalf of POMSINOZ how to manage the old policy applicants rather than keep them in a queue for an unspecified period. REGARDS GLENN PEREIRA
  22. Guest

    Existing medical condition

    Dear all, I have an existing medical condition which requires regular tests and I need to take medication for the rest of my life. 1. Will this affect my chances of moving to oz? 2. Will I need to pay for treatment over there? If so , at what cost...treatment and prescriptions Tracy
  23. Hello folks Is it possible to change my existing application from 175 visa to 176, I intend to bring in this change to enable a speedy processing of my existing PR application (applied in Jan'09) - IS IT WORTH IT ?? Please advise about the same and the process involved..DOES THIS MEAN A FRESH APPLICATION OR CAN I USE THE SAME APPLICATION, Thanks and Kind regards Hap
  24. My husband is a bricklayer and over 40 we applied in october 08 for sponsership at that time it was just for the extra points and had to wait till his trade asses in feb for our sponsership confirmation which we got in febuary but we have now learned that victoria is no longer sponsering bricklayers, will his sonsership still be valid i read on here that other states plan to honour existing sponserships will that apply to all states.. We waited so long for sponsership..if anyone has any knowlege of this id be very greatfull.. Cheers helena
  25. Guest

    Existing medical conditions

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and only at the begining of my journey to oz. It would be fair to say that I have a lot to learn about the migration process and inspite of looking at the migration web sites, I still find myself very confused by it all. I wounder if any of you can answer a question that is worrying me? My 11 year old son has a heart condition (VSD), he is generaly well and is not needing any treatment at present, however he will need surgery in the future to correct it. Has anyone had a similar experience or does anyone know if this would prevent us from being accepted on medical grounds? I have searched the forums but have not been able to find any conditions similar and would be grateful for any info or links that you might be able to suggest. Thanks, Claire.