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Found 16 results

  1. SophieTheSoph

    Do car boot sales exist in Australia?

    Moving into our first apartment in Sydney and need to get some cheap and cheerful secondhand stuff. In the UK we used to do this at a car boot sale, but I can't seem to find the equivalent here, only individual 'garage sales' which are too small really. Does anyone know if car boots exist here? And if so, has anyone been to one anywhere in Sydney? Thanks! StS
  2. .......in the minds of family and friends back in the UK? For example, emails... There was a time when I'd take ages to reply to emails from friends etc, basically cos I was lazy and disorganised. Nowadays I'm at the other extreme, if friends email me from the UK, I reply almost immediately and then wait up to 2 or 3 weeks for a one line reply! Yesterday I sent a very lengthy email to all my family with pics. So far, no response. For example, Facebook.... I joined this intially with the aim of keeping my family up to date with photos etc of our kids. After 3 years of minimal or no feedback from them to all the photos I've shared, I've pretty much given up. For example, phonecalls.... I think I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of phonecalls I've had with my brother, likewise my sister and best mates. I suspect I'm not alone in this. It honestly feels like they've 'moved on'. Anyone else feel like this?
  3. [YOUTUBE]td1rMpsVr9E[/YOUTUBE] :yes::yes::yes::biglaugh:
  4. Hiya This might be a long post so please bare with me! My wife has nearly qualified as an ODP (She did the 2 yr diploma course, here in the UK) and I am a time served Diesel Mechanic. We are hoping to apply for our 457 visa soon, and we r deciding between Perth and Melbourne (Perth will be where we decide if i am honest) the only prob is we cant find any info for the wife with regard to jobs in oz for her. Do ODP's exist in oz? will she need to have further training to transfer her qualifications to australian standerds? Any help will be gratefully received!!! TIA Map1079
  5. Hiya, My very first post on a forum.....ever so hope I do this right!! My husband works in telecomms as a cabling engineer and I'm trying to research the job market and salaries for cable engineers / installers or fibre optic engineers but just cannot find any information on this line of work. If anyone can give me any information or help with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you J
  6. Hi I am possibly looking at training to become a chef. I would really like to learn this trade in Oz and hopefully stay there afterwards as I understand you can stay on if you are qualified!!! Now the hard part, is there any places that offer "free" apprentciships or fairly cheaply preferably in WA. Your help would be much appreciated Wes
  7. The recently opened Victoria Skilled Sponsored Application does not have Code 176..only 886 and 487 are listed as : Skilled - Sponsored (886) visa Skilled - Regional Sponsored (487) visa Does anyone know if we can select the Skilled - Sponsored (886) Visa even though we are offshore or should we wait till 176 appears ? I lodged my application today using Skilled Sponsored (886) and I hope I have not made a mistake I will regret.
  8. Guest

    Is csl still exist?

    DIAC confirm that new SOL will Come in effect on 1 july 2010 and CSL Revoke. IS CSL STILL EXIST?
  9. Hi everyone, I am currently a self employed Bathroom fitter, I am multi skilled and qualified in plastering, wall and floor tiling, plumbing etc. I have tried to find this job on the Skills in demand list but it doesn't seem to exist? If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be most greatful as I can't means test my skills to apply for a visa. Cheers Rich.
  10. Hiiii, I am planning to do an ACS skills assessment for PR to Australia. I have 6+ years of IT experience and currently in US for past 2 years. I have worked for 2 years in my first company and I have my experience letter to prove that, but I don't have any other kind of documents (like pay slips, business card, etc). Unfortunately the company does not exists now but I do know one of my previous colleagues who is willing to give me a reference. Since the company itself does not exists I won't be able to get the reference letter on the company letter head. Kindly suggest me what documents should I submit to prove my first company experience.:confused: Any help is appreciated. Kiran
  11. Guest

    Does my job exist?

    I know there are many clever people on PIO so i am throwing this question out in the hope one of you can answer this. :notworthy: I am currently working as an ofsted officer and have been for the last year. I led to believe that there is no single regulatory body in Australia and each state has their own but what i really need to know is if my job even exists. If it does what is the actual job title?
  12. Hi, I am new to this so I hope I am doing it correctly. Can anyone tell me if Australia have Classroom Assistants please? My wife is doing this as her normal job in the Uk but I am not sure what Australia would class this as in the skills test for her Visa ( we have to use her visa as although I am a qualified engineer I am 45 so believe I am "too old" to apply myself). Many Thanks
  13. hi there I am a Brit living in Ireland with ozzie husband and am applying for a spouse visa. I need a police check for Australia and went to the post office today to get an 'International Postal Reply Coupon' and they do not exist here! Does anyone know what I should do as it states that you need to send one for them to send you back your police clearance cert. Has anyone been in the same boat? What to do? thanks lally
  14. Guest

    CPVers - CO's DO EXIST

    It's not a myth - COs do exist ..............AND WE HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had a phone call from our agent to say our CO has asked for our Assurance of Support to be arranged. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! Just burst into tears...........it's finally happening and because we haven't told anyone what we are up to, I had no one to tell as I can't get hold of hubby and son here is on holidays................ you guys are the next best thing. Don't know what to do with myself, want to shout it out in the office, but can't............ooh, I'm babbling. Think I'll nip outside for a coffee and fag to get myself together. Love you all - but most of all I love that nice Mr Immigration Man!!!! Jean:wubclub:
  15. Hello All Believe that Quantas do a "special" on Migration Flights? Does anyone else know about this please? Any Info gratefully recieved.........checking it out because A: Member of FF Programme and B: Believe there is increased baggage allowance for migrants? Thankyou!
  16. Wendy don’t worry, far from having the stuffing knocked out of me, like a little boy who has just discovered Father Christmas doesn’t exist, I’m fine really. Infact I’m quite happy and looking forward to our move to Melbourne next year. Well prepared now and aware of what to expect. Couldn’t be happier, beautiful city chosen, nice area decided on, funds all in place for a new home, funds all in place for wife’s new salon, golf course round the corner, bar in clubhouse, wads and wads and wads of $’s in pocket, retired from the husstle and bustle, and still only 45, no work needed, life's just one big holiday. Naah Can't agree with you, I think old Santa does exist after all Sweetie, Cheers :biglaugh: