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Found 13 results

  1. OzDreamSeekers

    Hints and tips

    Hey Today we become homeless and we are less 4 weeks from selling our business and 38 days from flying to the Sunny Coast. Would appreciate your hints and tips around the following: 1) What was the one thing which you wished you had done before leaving? 2) If you had one piece of advice for us, what would it be? 3) What was the most important thing you did before leaving? Thanks in advance. Adz
  2. hey anyone either with kids or without,, we have a load of different things to do this weekend were we live(uk ireland) with our children. apart from the cool wet conditions to put up with it would be great, my question is :idea: do the things you do with familys like meet ups and activitys with children ,are they way better in australia ,or is the good wheather a major factor in making normal things seem really good ,.,,:unsure:if that makes sense,,and even people with no kids too
  3. Irishgirl1

    How exciting

    Hi I just wanted to start this thread as I am too lazy to reply to everyone:shocked: But it seems to me that there have been alot of People's Visa's coming through in the last week or so Even people saying they have CO SO I JUST WANTED TO SAY TO EVERYONE WHO HAS THERE VISA CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW JOURNEY IN OZ:jiggy: And to those who now have CO it should not be too long now I know the waiting game can be stressful and take along time but it will all be worth it in the end Laney x:notworthy:
  4. Guest

    How exciting!

    For the first time in almost 20 months I have just bought my kids an ice cream from the dee di van that comes round your street, you know the ones with the annoying music. We were so excited, how sad is that! Vanilla dipped in chocolate dipped in 100's and 1000's, times have changed from a bit of spiders blood on vanilla when I was a kid. Anyone else get the dee di van near them or are we the chosen ones :biggrin: Michelle
  5. jen16

    Exciting or mad???

    Hey Poms in OZ I am new so hope this is in the right place!! So here is the dilema. we are a young family with two wee ones aged 5 and 3 dreaming of oz. I spent a year there in 2003 and have loved it ever since. trying to talk hubbie into going there on a 457 visa for 2 to 3 years. we could never emigrate as extremely close to our families and know that we could never leave them for longer, scaredy cats I hear you say but the truth im afraid:biggrin:. Hubbie is a mine deputy with so many qualifications in the industry i wouldnt know where to start! In some websites this is on the skills shortage list but not on others??? Not really sure what my question is but just an insight into the mining industry I think. My husband works on one of the remotest mines in scotland with a car and boat journey but looking near Newcastle or Port MacQuarie would be ideal! Thank you so much for reading!!P.s if you are in Oz enjoy the sunshine. It has been raining here for 3 weeks!!!!! Jen x:jiggy:
  6. Guest

    Exciting Times

    Hello Everybody I have not visited this site since 2007 as i have been busy with waiting for my Visa to be approved before getting my hopes up of living in Oz. Now it has finally arrived :biggrin: my family will be moving over early April next year we will be initially locating ourselves somewhere in the Brisbane area. Generally could anyone give me some advice on where are the best places to live, eat socialise and meet new friends etc...
  7. Guest

    Exciting times...hello

    G'Day All Were only coming over, Visa's now evidenced, removals are booked, flights are booked, house is sorted in Oz. Toowoomba here we come.....:cool: Tony and Hil Arrive 21st June. :biggrin:
  8. Hi There, We are just in the process of applying to move to oz...I'm 29 and a PA and my husband is 33 and a Quality Manager, we also have a daughter of 7months..we've done the points thingy and qualify for a skilled visa. I have a few questions if anybody can help:goofy: 1. Has anybody sucesfully applied who has pre-existing medical conditons 2. Has anbody moved who has a dog..and how do you go about moving your dog over to oz with you? Thanks for your help Bex & Stew
  9. Guest

    It's all so exciting

    hi, good news today our agent has told me my o/h has passed first stage and is booked onto the july practical..I realise we are still such a long way off,But started all this in january and this is our first piece of feed back from australia. My husband is a carpenter and booked to do practical in London,Anyone else?Any feed back on practicals most welcomed love Natasha and rob
  10. Guest

    Its Soooooooooo Exciting!!!!!

  11. Guest

    Isn't this exciting!

    Hello All Having only just decided to take the plunge and move our family from Cornwall to OZ we are very new to all of this and will prolly be asking a million questions you seasoned members have heard over and over - sorry about in advance! We are a family of 4 - Mum, Dad and 2 children (aged 11 and 4) and were thinking of moving to Perth (then I heard the IT jobs were a lot harder to get there and OH is a developer) so am a little stumped on which area would suit us best??? We are going for a 175 visa - what experience of timelines do any of have for one of those? Look at me.... :chatterbox: and now I'll shut up and let someone else speak :smile: Sally
  12. The Broughtons

    How exciting...

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any more exciting than actually moving to Australia... It does - I've just clocked up my 1000th post! WHOO HOO! Oh yeah and it happens to coincide with the day I collect my brand spanking new car (with personalised FIZZB plates in case anyone missed that snippet of info in previous posts!). EXCITING OR WHAT?!?!?!?:jiggy: Felicity:cute:
  13. Well, its not quite as exciting as everyone elses news of visa's being granted BUT......... We got an e-mail of acknowledgement with a file number today............ so meds booked in two weeks, awaiting police checks reply (requested two weeks ago) so I wont be long behind you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jiggy: :jiggy: :jiggy: :jiggy: Well it made me happy any way !!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx