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Found 76 results

  1. Hi my name is PerkiPie and i am new to PIO. We are a famaily of 4 mum(30), dad(32) and 2 daughters (6 & 11) we are hoping to move to Perth. Hubby's skills have been assesed by TRA (in april 2011) and he was sucessfull as a Fitter (general) :smile: so now after a few wobbles of "are we doing the right thing" etc (you know how it goes!!!! lol) we are going to apply for WA SS. We are sooo excited and it would be nice to hear from people who have been there done it and bought the T-shirt..... or who are the same as us and are very indecisive at the moment, the indeciciveness isn't because we dont want to leave family etc, TBH we dont really have any. Its just the unknown i suppose. So there you go, thats us...... Pleased to meet you all :cute: PP
  2. apickerell


    OMG I had to tell someone! I just finished my second interview for my job in Canberra and It went well! They want to offer me the job! I have one more final interview and if all goes well I get the sponsorship! WOOHOO! ! God is soo good!!! Next its time to process the visa. Question. I am going to a childcare position on a 457 visa. I have my AAS and my BS in Early Childhood Education. Will I be asked for a background check? I am from the US and i know it takes time to get it. Soo excited right now!!! :biggrin::tongue::goofy:
  3. BritChickx

    Omg! Excited!

    Yay yay yay finally finally going up North!! Me and Paul have found some where (else) to wwoof, in an area called Proserpine, 20 mins from Airlie beach and a couple of hours from Mackay we were wondering what there is to see around these areas? Except the beautiful Whitsundays :jiggy: can't wait!! We're paupers atm lol but hope to do loads of the free stuff! Bob watch out :laugh:
  4. Hi guys were currently applying for our 475 visa for WA (mandurah) and would like to get in contact with anyone else on the same visa in the same place, i've been granted my professional status as Welfare Worker and my oh is a pa we have 2 kids 10 and 7.... Ss lodged 16.11.11
  5. Guest

    So excited and stressed!

    Hi was wondering if there were any paediatric nurses out there? We are hoping to come out on a 457 to Brisbane and i am awaiting response from a job interview any day. My registration is lodged with AHPRA at the moment and has been for weeks!! The waiting is killing me! Starting to get stuff together for visa as i type. Just wondered from experience how long the 457 took to go through. It says 8 weeks but also says drs and nurses get priority? Thanks in advance
  6. Guest

    Excited.....and scared!!

    Hi, Just joined the forum today and hoping that it will be a source of great support and information - taking a peek at some of the advice that people willingly give, I'm sure that will be the case. My husband and I would like to move to Oz in about 18 months (hopefully NSW), but I don't know what visa we would have as my skill is not on the shortage list, so I guess it would be a case of getting sponsorship. I've spoken to a couple of agents, and am looking at appointing one of them to help us through this process. It all looks like a giant obstacle course to me at the moment, and I have no idea whether we'd be successful or not. I suppose if all else fails, we would always have the option of going out on a 6 month visa, hopefully getting a job, and then trying to stay out there.....don't really want to go down that road though!! Can anyone let me have an idea of how likely I am to find a job down under? My skill is in Health and Safety - about 12 years now, and almost as qualified as you can get...not sure if that's really a viable career in Australia though.... Many thanks Carrie
  7. Guest

    excited !!!

    Hi, we are new to this, we are ready to go and I have a job in Ipswich starting in January. my husband and 3 kids, 17, 16 & 13 are coming to. we are going through the gambit of emotions at present... but only got the job confirmed this week and have made so many LISTS!!!!! and so little time to do it all. any advice about the area, surrounding areas where best to live and schools all gratefully recieved !
  8. Hey, very new to this so just getting used to it. My fiance and i are moving to Perth in January and just looking for some advice on costs of living, jobs, etc We are very sociable and a young couple aged 26 and 27 and would like to know what it is like in Perth, we know it's relaxed which we are happy about but still want to meet some young families and friends to have a laugh with. Lately everyone we have told is quite negative about prices and how everything is soo expensive, not sure what to think but no matter what we are on a high about emigrating. Look forward to replies as will put our mind at ease lol!! thanks x :smile:
  9. So yesterday we cleared the house, got rid of so much crap to the tip i had no idea we had all that! was meant to do our second car boot sale today but as usual in this glorious country its pi$%ing down with rain so its another day of trips to the tip this time sorting the attic, god only knows what were getting out of there! so weve sold quite a bit of stuff our bed frame being one of them so last nite the mattress was on the floor and my 5 yr old though this was fantastic so ended up in the bed with me while jamie was in her bed, the simplest things! beginning to feel extremely real now, altho a little weird moving out our house and someone else moving in while we still own it. we have boxes all the place just now but the shippers are coming 22nd august weve used john mason so we will have a week of having no furniture to sit on at all but its all part of the adventure right! so we have had a slight change of plan aswell, we are flying to brissy to stay with friends for a month and was then heading down to tassie but weve been looking at jobs and spoke with our contact at tas immigration office and employment on the island is very tight, we are quite worried that moving straight there could be a bad move so my cousins best friend is a warehouse supervisor in south brisbane and has guaranteed jamie work for however long he needs it, so were going to base ourselves therer for a bit while jamie applies for jobs in tassie, then he will fly down for a week and try and get interviews over the course of that week, then once hes secured work we,ll all head down well enjoy your sunday what ever your doing:wubclub:
  10. Hello everyone! Was browsing around the site and there are a lot of helpful things on here! I am from Illinois in the US and I am planning on moving to Brisbane come anywhere in between april-august of next year, and i am trying to figure out exactly what i need to do, to do it. Im so lost, i need guidance haha.
  11. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all, I am Kevin and I am moving to Australia on the 6th of July, initially on a working holiday visa. I am really excited about it and have been watching Poms in Paradise every week and getting hyped up! Has anyone else been watching it? My goal in Australia is to do or see at least one new thing everyday and I am going to be making a video blog about it, sort of like my own Poms in Paradise to help others making the move and also make my friends at home a little bit jealous Anyway just wanted to introduce myself here and speak to you all soon!
  12. Had to share this with you.... I will be available for photo ops & signings in August:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    So Excited...

    Yet terrified at the same time! I haven’t received my visa just yet but have just been on the immi site and everything has changed to met. I also sent a final email to my CO (Tim in team 2) who wanted one last document...looks like it could finally be coming a reality!!! Just one question, this morning when I woke, my first thought was oh my god, what am I doing. The next thought was about everything that needs to be done followed by the feeling that I am being selfish and I shouldn’t leave my parents here in the UK...(they are 76 and 75 and I went to London to tell them yesterday). Tonight, I am so delighted to be at this stage...is this what everyone else goes through? Regards Mike:wacko:
  14. Guest

    New and excited

    Hello all! I am new to the board and currently in the process of migrating to Australia. I'm a 34yo male living in the U.S.A working in senior management within human resources. So far, through the help of a Migration Agent, we've submitted and are awaiting results on the AIM & VETASSESS applications. In two weeks I will take the IELTS. Having visited Australia on numerous occassions the past six years I've always had a strong desire to make the move. I look forward to sharing stories and gaining valuable insight through this often confusing process!
  15. Alwasy wanted to move to oz since i was a kid but like evrything else never got round to doing it and always said "ill do it next year". Posted my cv on a uk site ages ago and forgot all about it, get an email out of the blue asking if i fancy moving to sydney and doing the same job i do now but for more money!! 125,000 (after some confusion)!! Sounds like a dream come true, my mrs can go across on my visa and work full time which is good and she has qualifications in travel and tourism and sales expierence !! just nervous about going and job in oz want me there asap but got loads of stuff to sort before we go like selling cars, furniture and stuff and get finances sorted out. Anybody got some good advise about making the big move?? Also need to ship over a big Snap on tool box over, no idea were to look about price of shipping Cheers Gavvo and Mellies :unsure:
  16. Hello everyone! My husband has just accepted a job offer and we'll be making the move late Apr/early May from Silly Suffolk to Sunny Perth. WOW!!!! All seems a bit surreal at the moment especially as I've only just got round to putting away the Xmas decorations and realised that there is no point to stashing them away in the loft again. So it appears packing has commenced...although as you can see procrastination has claimed another willing victim! :wink: Making the move will be myself, husband Simon, DS 20, DS 6 and DD 3... hoping that DD23 and DD20 will be coming too but they're a bit unsure at the moment. Fingers crossed they'll see the light eh! DS 25 is hoping to come out later in the year. Oh and can't leave Gypsy behind... She's our black lab. Have been scanning the Forums for info avidly all week and am sure we'll be back with plenty of ??? for you knowledgeable folks. First thing that springs to mind tho... Is it normal to feel so scared one moment then so excited the next?! Angie
  17. Just wanted to share my excitement with other fellow movers that my boxes from seven seas arrived today:biggrin: I have never before been quite so excited about cardboard boxes....it's really happening:jiggy: Great service form them so far which is fab seeing as we live on an island which normally causes problems.......anyway, just wanted to share that as all friends and family i'm leaving behind are sick of hearing about it!!:rolleyes:
  18. Been tracking my skills assessment paperwork as it has been winging its way overseas and getting excited now I can see its in Melbourne! Its taken a year of hassle to get all the documents together but once the Oz governing body send me the certificate that says my skills and experience are valid I can apply for jobs/sponsors. I have had loads of positive replies from potential employers so hopefully I should have a 457 in the near future. At last I feel like im on my way there :jiggy:
  19. God knows what you guy went through once you had your visas and was heading off to the airport with a one way ticket in your hand. I would have been strapped up and sent off in a yellow bus. I did not think excitment got to you as much when you get older but I have so say I have a very light feeling about me at the moment. I'm on nights tonight at work so I should have had a nice lie in this morning but no 5am and the lights are on, tried in vain to close my eyes but my head will not switch off. :chatterbox: I want this trip to go right so much and I have put alot of effort in to ironing out every last detail that I was thinging of changing my TRA from Fitter to project manager. I have done my work breakdown structure, estimated the cost, gant chart in hand. just need to start the project now. Oh my I am talking rubbish again it's one of several side effects of being excited I can vent my feelings here as work do not know the real reason for this trip to Aus, people just ask why you going their I'm gonna explode one day and tell the world. :chatterbox: If you have got this far then thank you for listening to me go on.
  20. sarahjl

    Very, very excited!

    I've had some great news today and thought that I would share it as it might also help me calm down a little! hehe! I had discovered that I was pregnant with number 2 shortly before all our visas were granted and we decided to have the baby in the UK. Well, my son was born in October and after getting his passport and medical done we applied for his visa at the end of January and after alot of running around getting a stat dec done I found out today its been GRANTED!!!! yippee, we can finally book our flights and then I phoned my brother to tell him only to find out that he was at the hospital with my sister-in-law and she had gone into labour! So I'm going to be an auntie as well. Sorry for the rambling but I'm really hyped after all this planning its finally happening and my baby brother is having his own baby!!! :jiggy::biggrin: Sarah x
  21. Hi, I've just received an offer to start work in Melbourne in January, and thought I'd come on here and get some more information from people who've done something or who are doing something similar to me. Luckily, as well as having my British passport, my mum's a Kiwi so I didn't have any visa issues! I'm basically on here to look for any advice about the best places to live, what to do, what not to do, things I really need to do before arriving...that kind of thing! I'm going to be working in the CBD on Collins Street if that helps with any suggestions about location of living! Anyways, hope to hear from some of you soon!!!!! Iain
  22. Hello all, we have bit the bullet and decided to settle back in Australia! Very big and hard decision as I am English and leaving my very close family behind who are pretty devastated - especially my parents and especially my Father (I have two brothers), but my husband is Australian and so we will have his family over there and we know it is the best thing for our 11 month old son and potentially any other babies we may have. The right thing for our family as a whole. So very excited! Bring on the sunshine, the bbqs and the outdoor living. Love Brisbane - not too big, not too small, sleepy but with everything you need - great shops and bars. Near the coast but with city life also - perfect for us as we are in our early 30s. Have already lived on the Gold Coast and in Brissy in the past so know what we are looking at. Feel like we are going 'home'. Just booked our flights yesterday - leave on 15 April 2010 with Singapore Air! Yay!
  23. Hi All, Just had a job offer yesterday and a bit overwhelmed with it all. We will be moving in about 8 weeks time and we have chosen Leongatha or surrounding area to go to in Gippsland. Could anyone give us any hints or tips about the area. Thanks:wacko:
  24. we are in a fortunate position to have a few options. we want to move over in March 2010 ish. We origninaly we going to wait out on a 176 but were then told about the RSMS employer perminent visa which we thought was great. However an agent is interest in mt OH and says it would be better quicker cheaper 457 visa- i'm confused don't know what to do I know its a temporary visa but in real non garbelled talk what does this mean money wise? life wise? Can we apply for a perminent visa as soon as we land? I'm getting so excited about the whole thing and don't want to get carried away! Any thoughts/opinions and advice greatly received!
  25. Guest

    I'm so excited

    Got that magic message this morning - I've got my 457 visa at last!!!! Visa approved this morning - so away now to book our flights. Will land in Melbourne on 28/08/09. This is going to be extra special, as my hubby is 50 on 21/08 so we are having huge double birthday and leaving party, lots of tears and laughter to be had. Then special celebration in Singapore, where we will stay for a couple of days to break up the flights. Many thanks to everyone on here for keeping me sane and answering my daft questions over the course of the last few months. Will post updates when we get there! Sylvia:biggrin: