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Found 32 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    No Excess Baggage Fee

    JETSTAR check-in staff at Cairns airport will not charge travellers for excess baggage on Friday. The action, dubbed No Weigh Day, is the first industrial action the airline has faced in its eight-year history. The Australian Services Union said yesterday the Qantas-owned carrier’s check-in staff would waive excess baggage fees for 24 hours in protest at stalled workplace agreement negotiations. The No Weigh Day will affect passengers at airports in Cairns and also at Sydney, Melbourne, Avalon, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Excess baggage fees will be waived between 3.30am on Friday and 3.30am on Saturday. ASU Assistant National Secretary Linda White said workers at the airline had been negotiating a new workplace agreement for the past 12 months covering about 400 employees at seven Australian airports, including Cairns. "The decision to take industrial action was a last resort but management has left their workers with no other option," Ms White said. "They’re not interested in listening to workers’ reasonable requests for a fair pay rise. Rather, they are looking to push wages and conditions in the industry to new depths. Our members just want Jetstar to value their work. "This Friday, ASU members will send a message that it’s time for management to start seriously negotiating with their workers and valuing their work. "We’re happy to say that this will have no negative impact on passengers, in fact it will be a bonus." Some passengers immediately took to social networking site Twitter to welcome the decision. "Jetstar won’t charge excess baggage fees this Friday … time to take Aunty Gloria in Adelaide that Banana Tree Pot Plant I got her," one person wrote. Jetstar said it was disappointed check-in workers were taking industrial action which is estimated to cost the airline $50,000 in lost fees. No Weigh Day comes as Qantas faces its own industrial relations problems. The airline’s ground staff, engineers and pilots have all carried out recent industrial action.
  2. Guest

    Excess baggage!

    Hello, Hi There, after 18 months from start to finish we have just recieved our 176 sub class state visa for Victoria and are looking forward to moving to Melbourne in January. When we recieved our visa we had some information telling us about discounted filghts and extra baggage allowence as we are emigrating, does anybody know what companies do this and how you go about sorting it out? Thanks alot James and Hayley
  3. Peemacgee

    sending excess baggage via courier

    We are moving to Sydney on 19th October, out household items are going via pickfords. But we are going to be sending a couple of cases roughly 40kg in total via courier. Stuff like clothes we need for when we get there but not the ones for travelling. Wondered if anyone else has done this or could recommend someone Cheers Paul
  4. We are hoping to move to Canberra in August this year - we have already used our extra allowance as we have validated and now we will be stuck with 20kg as hoping to fly with Singapore (will try and get the extra 5kg some have got ...) Our things will be shipped 2-3 weeks before we fly, we are then stopping off at Singapore and expect to be in Canberra for 6 weeks before our shipping arrives. We think we are going to need more clothes and shoes (including interview outfits) and possibly a printer for job/house applications etc so are considering sending a box over early with these items in. Sevenseas will charge £120 for one tea-chest box. Has anyone else done this or do you make do with what you can put in your case?? Maybe I'm overly worrying!! Any tips appreciated!!
  5. Just havin a little panic, now we're due to fly out on Sunday, ( one way ) We're approx 2kg per suitcase ( x5 ) overweight, and was wondering if anyone had got away with paying the charges. Not sure how much Quantas would charge us if we were pulled on it. Would be gratefull for anyones experiences regarding this. Chris x
  6. bit of a rant as a first post and a question to see if there is anyway around it. I am flying out to Perth next week on a 457 visa, my company has booked the flights and i fly BA Heathrow to Hong Kong, then Qantas Hong Kong to Perth. Now the thing is that i am going to be without a container and my stuff for a good couple of months and only have 23kg allocation. I want to take a bike with me on the flight and with BA that is no problem just pay £32 in advance for a 23kg extra bag, i thought that there would be something similar, though looking at there website, it looks that i will have to pay $612.50 for the same bag! How can there be a ten fold increase in baggage fees from one carrier to another, its crazy! i doubt it but is there anyway to get the Qantas fee reduced? i just can't believe that they charge that amount to have another bag in comparison with BA! Cheers WN
  7. Hi there, My husband and I are moving back to the UK in July this year. We've got a bit of stuff to ship, but not much - no furniture, just books and clothes and some kitchen bits... Can anyone suggest a good, inexpensive company to ship about 10 tea chests? I'm having trouble finding any through Google searches, etc... Thanks! JK
  8. My husband has just been granted a two year training visa, working in Perth, the contract started on 1st April but as there is so much to tie up we plan to arrive at the end of April / beginning of May. I have received several quotes for shipping some of our furniture which is around half a container, but as this will take a few months to arrive I would like to take excess baggage with us so that we have enough to last us till then. Can anyone recommend the best way to take an extra say two large suitcases, it looks like we will be flying with Qantas. Any advise would be great - thank you :biggrin:
  9. I've just been doing some searches re excess baggage and thought I'd share with anyone who may be interested. (all prices are from UK to Sydney) Excess Baggage | Baggage Shipping | Student Storage | Mini Moves | Student Shipping - £80 for 1st case the £30 for each case after (20kg). U-Bag - Excess Baggage Shipping Services - £176 for 2 suitcases 20kg to Sydney Airport. A lot extra if it is delivered to your door. Intercargo £110 – 2 suitcases 20kg each http://www.wedelivertheworld.co.uk - £233.00 (2 x 20kg cases) door to door Shipping - if you are planning on travelling without taking furniture and just cases, bike and standard boxes. https://www.sevenseasworldwide.com - door to door 70 days on a ship. All of the above give you online facility to get quotes so you can play around with figures that suit you.
  10. OK, this is a little tongue in cheek, but in all seriousness it could come in useful for some. Most of us, if not all have often got to the airport and with some slight trepidation we approach check in, 'Did I pack my package right, God, I hope I'm not overweight, at a tenner/twenty quid per kilo overweight I am going to get well and truly stung here',:mad::shocked: Worry no more my friends, no need to stress or concern yourselves. Just purchase the Scotee Sev Carry On coat and your troubles are over: Carry-On Coat™ from SCOTTEVEST/SeV - Carry-On Coat with Hidden Pockets - The Ultimate Carry-On Coat for Travel The link can explain it far better than me. Ok, so you will look like a flasher on a bad day, you may well get arrested for looking like a radical terrorist as you approach the check in. You won't be able to sit down because of the laptop that is now hugging your bum. You will NEVER be able to find your mobile phone in all the pockets, and loose change, well you can forget that. As I said, this is a bit tongue in cheek, but seriously, for a little discomfort in the terminal you can take it off once thorough customs and of course leave it off in the aircraft. Have a look at the clips and videos, it really is truly amazing what you can get in it. BUT, I have an idea that it won't be too long before the airlines will start to clamp down on this, never one to miss an opportunity to sting you. But until that time comes think seriously fellow PIO'ers, this really could save you a packet in excess baggage. I would like to say, I have no affiliation with the company in question, though any recommendations after you have tried the coat would be appreciated,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. There again, maybe not, I don't want to be help responsible for any 'accidents' you get into, i.e., broken back because of the weight, arrests due to a suspicious look, or any other hap hazard event that 'could' result from wearing such a device.:shocked: Cheers Tony.
  11. Was back in the UK in July and needed to ship a carton of extra presents, that people kindly gave us, to Brisbane. Used a company called Excess Baggage Company which came up in a Google search, we were short of time and they seemed pretty on the ball in the UK. We were quoted 8-12 weeks but we only received it yesterday (18 weeks) and the contracted company Excess use in Brisbane were totally useless. They were rude, late and a shambles. The delivery side were incompetent but very efficient at asking for money. Be warned. On the whole I wouldn't ever do it again you pay when it leaves the UK and pay again when it arrives, its a con. Cost us about $250 to ship about $300 of goods.
  12. Hello; My husband and I fly tomorrow morning. We are with BA from Manchester to Heathrow and then with Qantas from Heathrow to Melbourne and we booked both flights via Qantas. We have secured the migrant fares so have 40kg each but we are probably 10 - 15kg over between the two of us. I tried to pre purchase excess baggage on Qantas website as it's cheaper to do that than that wait for the airport but found I couldn't so I called and they said that because my first flight is with BA I won't be able to and it would be BA that would charge me for any excess but the operator I spoke to wasn't 100% sure if it would be BA rates or Qantas rates. BA rates are cheaper and do it per extra bag up to 23kg and Qantas do it by total weight across unlimited number of bags. BA rates would be cheaper for us followed by Qantas online. Qantas at airport rates are far too high and I would have to re pack if I knew for certain we'd be charged those rates and I'd also be fairly upset that I couldn't take advantage of the cheaper online rates simply because of the BA domestic flight that Qantas sold me! I then called BA and they also didn't seem too sure either as too which rates the airport crew would use. They said they'd honour the 40kg each Qantas has promised but didn't really know what they would do for the excess and suggested that they would probably use their rates but like I said, they didn't sound definitive or confident and pretty much said best thing would be to go to the airport. Anyone else been in the same situation and can speak from experience or knows the answer? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum but i'm guessing wont be my last. I am moving to Sydney for at least a year in August. I'm not taking any large items with me e.g. furniture, but do have a large amount of 'excess' clothing etc probably approx 10-15 cubic foot. Can anyone recommend any companies for this purpose? Many thanks Lianne
  14. Guest

    excess Baggage

    Hi I have just moved back to Australia and had some excess Baggage that needed to come home with me - after searching the internet and getting a load of quotes i decided to go with excess baggage company. if you decide to do the same BEWARE as some will hit you with numerous charges at the Australia end that they dont tell you about..... so far i have been hit with storage fees (an extra $170) when asked why the answer i received was that we could not clear my bags in time because we are busy!!! I have now also been told that I have to pay another $200+ just to have the honor of picking it up at there warehouse at the airport. If I had known about all of these charges i would have chosen another carrier that had an all inclusive home delivery option which was cheaper. Let this be a warning to anybody looking at Excess Baggage shipping.
  15. Guest

    Excess water bill

    Hi All This is a quiery.... weve just had an excess water bill for $170.00 for the term sept 09 to march 10 for a family of 4 no pool and retic on bore..... NOW is this a normal amount?? As I thought excess was nowhere near this figure!!!!:err: AND the rental agents (the ****holes that they are) only sent bill thursday pm at 6 and we recieved friday am at 11... they want bill paying in full by this wednesday!!!!!:realmad: Even tho when I rang water corp they said ALL bills are sent out 1 month prior to payment :arghh: We are doing a water check overnight to see if we have a leek.. if that not the case me thinks its 2 minute showers hahahhahahah I just need advice on what others pay... cheers in advance xxxxxxxxxxx
  16. We've had a few shippers in now, and Robinson's are looking the cheapest but we don't necessarily want to choose on cost alone. Has anyone used Robinson... What you're experience? Also, I've read on all the quotes we've had that these do not include any customs charges at Oz. What is this for? How much can we expect to have to pay as hidden costs on top of the shipping? Also, I've been looking at options for shipping some excess bags via air to get their quicker. (work clothes mainly). I reckon 3-4 standard tea chests. I've had prices ranges from £300-£900. Anyone got any recommendations on this front? thanks in advance. Andy
  17. Guest

    Excess Baggage

    I know that some people have just a few things to send when they move and I have just used a great company called Worldwide parcel services Parcel Service , Europe, USA, World and UK I sent over a huge holdall weighing 17kg (filled with lots of lovely next clothes and a tin of quality street , thanks mummy!) and it cost just under £98. It took a week to arrive and I would really recommend them. You do need a printer though, you have to print off several copies of the paper work. But well worth it, regards Michelle
  18. Hi, I have already made the move to Melbourne and now trying to arrange for some of my possessions(10 boxes) to be shipped across. After reading some the posts on this site and others on the web, it is a daunting process as some companies are much better than others and others that just have bad reps. I was looking at Simpsons, but have seen a lot of bad feedback mostly down to stuff missing or goods damaged on arrival. I got cold feet about using them! I am looking at the following companies: Crown(consistent good reviews but expensive) Excess baggage F+N worldwide John Mason(who never responded to my inquiry) London Baggage Company Has anyone had any experience of some of the ones above, ie Excess baggage, F+N worldwide Thanks Steve
  19. hi all just wanted to see if any one has used excess baggae company before and would like to know what they are like or if anyone else has any other recommandations for excess baggae sgioment it would be great : )
  20. Jackboots

    anyone used excess?

    hi anyone used excess international shippers, just had quote and impressed so far?
  21. HI. Well the visa is lodged and we are going over to OZ in April 2010 for a month to visit relatives and check out the job situation. We are looking to hire a car for a month but they all seem to have such huge excessess. I was reading in a post that ordinary resident car insurance is cheaper than in the UK so why is holiday car rental insurance so high? It's triple the price we have ever paid in America. Some companies offer to pay back your excess if you make a claim but I am so sceptical and think that they will try everything to avoid this. We can't afford to have AUS$3,ooo swiped from our credit card for the time we are out there. Smaller companies seem to offer cars that are up to 10 years old! We are flying into Brisbane . If anyone could give us some advice or recommend a rental company it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Helen
  22. Guest

    Help- excess baggage.

    Hello all, We fly tomorrow night and we just can't wittle the luggage down to 20 kg's each. We've seen a firm called "excess baggage company". They have desks at all the main terminals. I've had a look on their website and can't find too much info on what to do. So i'm guessing you just turn up with your extra suitcase and check it in. Has anyone had to do this before? If so could you reasure us, as we don't want to be stuck at the airport with a spare bag. Thanks.
  23. We've got a few quotes on removals and the general consensus is that we have 1 x 20' container + some excess. One quote reckons about 60 cubic foot excess at a rate of £5.60 per cubic foot. Has anyone heard of a better price for sea freight excess baggage for 60 cubic feet?
  24. After finding out we can only get 20kg luggage each on the flight (don't have unstamped visa), I'm trying to work out the best way to air freight a few of the kids' toys over to keep 'em busy for a month before Santa delivers a few more goodies for them. I reckon about 20kg of stuff. I see Personal Porter charges £143 + £70 for a 23 kg bag (£9.13/kg) door to door; our packers charge £9.05/kg + £100 for door to door (£14.05/kg for 20kg); Royal Mail charge £21.01 for a 2kg parcel, so could split things down a bit and send toys separately. Anyone found a better price?
  25. Hi, have been looking at flights and their dreadful baggage allowances. :arghh:. i took 25kg on a 2 week holiday so i'm finding it hard to comprehend fitting my whole life in a 20kg suitcase. From what i can gather, if going on a permanent visa (as opposed to my 457) I may be entitled to double allowance but as this isnt the case, i wont be. having looked at the various airlines, BA seems to be the only one who offer a standard charge of 25quid if you go over the 23kg they offer. every other airline seem to charge per kg and the charges are ridiculous. correct me if i am wrong there. anyway, we aren't shipping things over via large containers as renting out our house etc however its obvious we cant fit everything in one case each. have other things to take which are heavy e.g. books cd's, extra clothes, shoes (of course) etc. there are a few companies that offer shipping boxes at a reasonable price for that reason. reckon we only need 2-3 boxes actually and should cost about 300 quid. does anyone have any experience of doing this and using these companies? Thanks, Michelle