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Found 15 results

  1. Nothing on the channels and noticed this documentary on tonight. Think its about the 2009 attacks. Will be watching it as moving to Sydney next year.....
  2. Hi everyone, I'm going to a careers evening in London in a couple of weeks at a recruitment agency. Heres the information if anyone else would like to go. http://dmtrk.net/t/9FS-IP4F-D81E1L0D21/cr.aspx
  3. Guest

    Evening entertainment

    Well, we're in the process of emigrating to Brisbane (457 visa permitting), and we're pretty excited about the whole thing, but I did wonder... ...what do you do in the evenings if it gets dark at 6pm, and everything shuts? Is there more of an early rise, early to bed culture, or as soon as night falls does everyone lounge in front of the TV or xbox like we do in the UK for 9 months of the year?
  4. Guest

    skills australia need evening

    Hi Is anyone going to skills australia need evening in london to be held on 06/06/11? I am going tomorrow and wandered if anyone else here going as well. I am not sure what to expect but hopefully it will be of some use:yes:
  5. Guest


    Long time listener, first time caller :biggrin: I'm over on the Poms in Adelaide forum and thought it was about time I joined over here rather than lurking nameless. Me, married to an Aussie, 2 year old child and currently living in the UK. Planning to move back) to Adelaide the end of next year all being well. I'm sure you'll be seeing a bit more from me round the forum now I've registered. I'm one of those can't resist forums :eek:
  6. Anyone up for it? Meeting up with a few other expats so feel free to join, Will be there for about 19.00/19.30
  7. Guest

    good evening peach

    or is it morning where you are--ive just noticed your active--so you must be moding--are you nervous/unsure/wary--just how do you feel on your first official tour of the moderating peace party:wubclub:if you dont reply ill take it your wary:wink:
  8. Illawaralad

    Evening all

    Hi guys and Gals Been in Oz for over 2 years now, and as name suggests we live in the Illawara, in Wollongong to be specific. Had ups and downs like everyone does I suppose, but still having fun, am on a 457 and going for PR as I type That's about it for now, hi again Steve
  9. Guest

    Hi, Hello, Good Evening!

    Hi everyone, 29 year old Brummie who moved to the far south coast of NSW in October '08. I've settled fairly well although I still miss home almost daily. My Aussie OH suggested that I may feel better if I talk to some like-minded Brits who love the new life Down Under but still suffer the pangs of missing home. The forum looks big and intimidating so I'll go and have a bit of a walkabout to see what's what. Found it via a search when Googling for 'British chips' embarrsingly enough! Hope to get to know a few of you soon.
  10. Guest

    Good Evening

    Hi, thought I would pop in and say hello. We have got our Visa's and are franticly trying to sell the house, unwanted belongings and get out to melbourne as soon as. I'd be really grateful for any advice on where's good to live and where's not so good! Hoping to be working near melbourne CBD and don't want a really long commute. Paul, Tara and Kids.
  11. Well Ive had a great Saturday evening Not!!! Brit Lad aka Jake decided to go out with his mates jumping on there bikes (Jakes has no brakes mind) he does a 3 foot jump falls off landing on the top of his head. Had an ambulance get him put on a board with a collar given oxygen then took to hospital. Result 2 and a half centimeter cut on the top of his head which has been glued together then 2 hours observation (he was only checked once!!! The paramedic said he was very lucky the way he had fallen he could have severed his spinal cord... Lets hope he sees sense now and stops jumping. We had told him not to ride his bike, but as usual they never listen..:wacko: Main thing is he is fine just has a headache !!! Love Julie xxx
  12. Guest

    evening all

    Hi Guys, thought i'd give you all an update, Sorry haven't been on for a while , hope you are all doing well and the whole evil process is going smoothly!!! We are at a stand still now, went through all that stress of the process to get our visa, then breathed a huge sigh of relief that the hard part was over (didn't take in to account that we would be trying to sell our house at the worst time in 20 years!!! Had a few viewings and one rediculous offer, Our final date for activating our visa is 27 th september, we had hoped to have well sold the house by then and sipping aussie wine on the beach!!!! Back to the real world..... We decided last week after watching the price of flights increase week by week that we had to make a decision as to when we would go and face the reality that the house probably wont be sold by then, anyway we have booked to fly out 31st August, if the house sells it'll be for good if not it'll be a 2 week holiday!!! I came up with a fantastic idea that I could stay out there on the beautiful sandy beaches and start living the Aussie life and Kate could come back to uk and sell the house, she didn't answer me, by the look on her face I don't think she agreed I think she was actually going to hit me!!!!!!!!! Anyway thats our update, getting sick of waiting, the worst thing is not being able to do anything , at least when we were going through the process we were kept busy with filling in stupid forms , now it's not in our hands feel useless, That explains why haven't been on for a while, trying to be patient and put it to the back of my mind, Wont be long now hopefully. Good luck everyone,
  13. Question in the title, do they has dark evenings in there winter, Silly question prehaps but i just dont know the awnser. Please help, im so feed up with dark nights and cold dark days, how is it in melbourne:unsure: Thanks any replys helpful. Never been and full of questions Regards Tracey, TRAcey Seems TRA is on my mind :arghh::biglaugh:
  14. Guest

    An Update..bad evening

    BRING IT ON!!!:biglaugh: Just had a phone call from the solicitor contracts have been exchanged!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO What was all that for........some people like to mess others around. Anyway gonna have a good weekend now. Thanx guys to everyone who posted me messages of support. a very happy Beckyx:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  15. :cry:Found out at just after 5 pm this evening that the people buying our house have pulled out..............****************, sorry. The solicitor was waiting for some form from their buyers to be faxed thro this am but it didnt, so she just pulled out, we have signed cotracts, all direct debits cancelled and final bills sorted, as we are or where moving on monday,most of our stuff is being stored at the inlaws, we are sleeping on mattresses on the floor and living out of boxes and suitcases, my boys are upset and me and my hubby want BLOOD.........sorry to rant but.......bring me sunshine and a bottle of vino(or 2) a very upset, angry Beckyx:cry: