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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, My partner and I will have been living together for 12 months in July and want to apply for the Partner Visa (de facto). I'm Spanish and he is Australian and we are living in the UK. We don't know whether to apply offshore or move to Australia and apply from there. We both have stable jobs but we both feel we are not progressing and want better opportunities in Australia. We are concerned about the difficulty for me to get a qualified job (graphic designer) while I'm on a Bridging Visa. We would like to move around January 2020 to Australia. His UK visa expires in November so he would have to renew it if we decide to apply offshore. Our options are: A) Apply in July for 309 visa and pay for his visa in the UK with the potential risk of having to stay in the UK for over another year. B) Move to Australia when his visa expires and I'll go there on a tourist visa – eVisitor subclass 651 which doesn't have the condition of no further stay – with the risk of not getting work rights on the bridging visa when I apply for the 802 partner visa on shore. I read it is possible to ask for the right to work but I don't think it is guaranteed. Most of the jobs offers that I'm seeing right now require Australian citizenship, permanent residency or rights to work on an ongoing basis. I'm not sure if the bridging visa or even the temporary partner visa would satisfy this requirements. Which route is best to take? Thanks!
  2. Guest

    European Van Lines

    Hi, I was just reading a forum post which says EVL have gone into liquidation. I had seen them at the end of March and they picked up my boxes to move from UK to Oz. I am now in Oz and today got a bounced email from them. I am now worried about my goods, does anyone have any advice for me. I have emailed bar.co.uk but is there anything else I can do? Greg
  3. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=36172
  4. Just looking on their website...all sounds fab...but has anyone used 'European Van Lines International Ltd' removal company??!! I like to go on advice...not just what their website says. :huh: Thanks in advance Jenny
  5. Exile

    European Restaurants

    One thing I am amazed by is the volume of European style meat+beer style restaurants in Sydney. There's the Belgian bier cafe (x3), the Lowenbrau (in the rocks), the Bavarian bier cafe (x2), Prague (potts point), and IMO the crème de la crème L"a Boheme" in Balmain, which is pretty much my local Personally I absolutely love it. Though I do now have a certain level of sorrow for pigs. They feature in pretty much every dish. La Boheme for me represents a tremendously good value place to eat. The food is delicious, huge and the atmosphere is brilliant. In an ironic twist, the thing that I would miss if I went back to the UK was the availability of such numerous Germanic/Dutch.Czech eateries in close proximity, without having to jump on Ryanair and visit the country in question! There are also a few good French places around too. Le Grande Boeuff in Rozelle being my current favourite. There was a great one in Leura in the Blue Mountains with an argueing French couple. The food was divine but the atmosphere was a bit of a trainwreck! Might have been called The Goblet or something similar, I dont recall Anyone got any favorites or similar recommendations? (Sydney or further afield)
  6. Hi all, Being new at this forum I will introduce myself later on at the introduction forum. But for now I have an urgent question of which I hope anyone here might know the answer. My husband is an Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, we have been applying to jobs in Oz for the purpose of obtaining an employer nominated regional visa. Finally we've found someone that could be interested but the bottleneck is how soon my husband can start working after arrival. In other words what should be done to convert his European licences into Australian licences and how much time that will take. His licences and qualifications are all assesed by TRA. Is there any Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic on this forum who knows the way to go from here. We will be gratefull for you answer! :smile: Marika the Netherlands
  7. Australian Needs US and European Migrants Put out the welcome mat, our country needs these people. MILLIONS of skilled workers are without jobs in the US and Europe, but their loss could be our gain. THE economic crisis engulfing Europe and the US presents the federal government with an opportunity to bolster Australia’s over-stretched skilled workforce. Yet populist policy is driving against it by triggering a poll-driven cut in the migrant intake. As the Australian economy surges towards full employment, Canberra is failing to seize the moment and attract exceptionally qualified people from troubled Western economies suffering double-digit unemployment. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tells Focus the government “does not target workers from specific countries”, which doesn’t sound like good policy… …..Recent trends in immigration show Australia’s intake of permanent settlers is moving away from taking migrants from English-speaking countries and that the intake from advanced economies such as the US and western Europe remains abysmally low, despite the desire of many of their citizens to emigrate. Immigrants from Britain and NZ, traditionally Australia’s biggest countries of origin for immigrants, were eclipsed by China and India in the six months to December last year. In the previous 12 months Britain had been well ahead of China, but it is now ranked second, followed by India.
  8. I appreciate Australia is more closely tied to Asia for trade but can anyone enlighten us on what the job prospects are like for someone who has held previous roles as an Executive Assistant and in Marketing that utilised languages such as German, French etc? The other half is fluent in these two and naturally English but she can also hold her own in Spanish and Italian. As we are most likely going to be based in Canberra, I guess this may limit her multilingual prospects a tad.. Gracias por adelantado (thats about the extent of Spanish this boy knows!) :cute:
  9. Hi there! Does anybody know if a Playstation 2 console and an Xbox 360 will work in Australia? They both use the PAL system, so I'm assuming they will, but want to be sure before we cart them all the way across the world. If the answer is yes, then I'd also like to ask if there is any modification required to be made in order for them to work there? Cheers and thanks!:twitcy: