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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, everyone! I have been thinking of moving to Australia (Queensland) from Europe for a while now and since reading about how to find the right VISA is such a headache, I figured I can ask for help here first. I own a business and currently have no employees. I create online courses, write ebooks and work with brands. I make around 240k a year on average. In the past, I read on various forums that to get the 188 VISA you do need to have a much larger business, but it is the only one that I could potentially get. I am not familiar with legal things as I have never moved to a foreign country before and as a European, I have only travelled within the EU. I really just want a heads up if I have ANY chance of getting this VISA or if my company is just too small. I am willing to ask for professional help, of course, but it hurts no one to ask people who have actually done this before. I am grateful for any advice you can throw my way. Thank you in advance.
  2. cliveann27

    Renew NHS Cover

    New to this forum but my wife and I are returning to Europe in July after 15 years in Australia. Probably move to Uk for a few months hoping to reactivate NHS numbers before retiring in Spain or Portugal. Has anybody migrated back to Europe and if so any problems reactivating NHS cover and then using it within the Eurozone? Very excited about returning to European culture.
  3. Please help. You are the best people to help me because you know what Australia is like and most of you know what Europe is like. We live in Holland (Dutch husband, 2 young sons both born in Australia but lived most of their live in the Netherlands). In the Netherlands we have a beautiful old farm house with 4000 sqm land. We are 30 minutes drive to Dusseldorf (we are on the German border). The kids (5 and 6 years old) can ride their bikes to school, to football and to tennis. They have many friends. There is no violence anywhere around. The local village (10 minute walk) is cute and quiet. the local town (5 minute drive, 25 minute bike ride) is busy enough with nice restaurants AND (I know you understand this) proper bars where we can go with the whole family. We have heaps of festivals, bonfire nights, beer-vat rolling. you know don't you?. We can ski in Austria every year, we go to Lake Como for Spring holidays, Paris sometimes for lunch. The only negatives are 1) I am not fully "integrated", this is mainly because we are in the clichey South where friendships date back to pre-school; 2) the weather (it's the same as London) and 3) some people will see this as a positive but I think Holland inspires you to be average - competitive is definetly frowned upon. in Australia we have a house in Broadbeach Waters that we bought in February, on the canels, nice house, great pool. Australia wins for 1) the friendliness and 2) the weather - including the outdoor lifestyle. Should we move back? I have been gone 9 years (excluding the time back in Australia to give birth - no home birth for me). I used to live in Balmain, Sydney. Should we move back to our house on the Gold Coast, will I like it? (we have spent a bit of time there on holidays - I love Byron, the Hinterland, Currumbin, but we picked Broadbeach Waters because I really like being able to walk to things) Please help, it's really a hard decision. I think my husband would prefer the Netherlands but he is ok with Australia if that is what I want (he fits in anywhere easily). We are going primarily for me because while I love Holland on one hand I am not fully settled. I am so scared of ruining the great life that the boys have.
  4. The UK has more obese women than any other country in Europe, according to European Union figures. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15901351
  5. Guest

    Aussie v's Europe

    Hello! My husband and I are seriously thinking of moving to Australia after 15 years of living in London and living in Portugal for the last 3 years. Our dilemma is this: We left the UK after the birth of our second baby. We wanted a more out door life style and fresh air. We found that in Madeira but now we discover other downfalls in Portugal, mainly, looking forward our concerns are the economy, and the governments inability to invest in health and education. There is also very little "community spirit". Mainly because parents work long hours preventing after school "play dates" and children go to school all over the city, usually nearer to the parents work rather than near their homes. The net result is that kids living locally don't know each other and your kids friends are located on different sides of the city or island from one another. Our business is renting rooms in properties we own in London, so move to Australia is pretty tricky although not impossible, but we wonder... Could we find what we are looking for anywhere else in Europe, instead of moving to the other side of the world?? Or is Australia worth all the upheaval and effort?? Any opinions warmly welcomed!! Our priorities are; Good health care. We are all well but you never know what the future brings Good education system with positive outlook for the future Strong economy, or good prospects for the future A community feeling, with a village feel and some stay at home or part time mums thereby enabling "play dates" and good friend ships to form Temperate climate is really important, we find the British weather too cold and the winter too long. Madeira has a very mild winter. Natural beauty is a bonus Beach side life style is important
  6. pablo

    Europe V Oz,ever wonder???

    Ive had a visa 3 yrs now,still no hse sale,its woefull up here atm for housing market tbh,so who knows we could still be here in 2 yrs when our visa runs out??? I allways look at properties abroad,spain,cyprus etc etc,mainly i look when im on PIO,im looking at spanish properties as i type(well sort of!),i'd be a liar if i said i dont sometimes wonder why im planning on going to OZ and probably going to end up with a much bigger mortgage than i have here(IF we buy),we could more or less be mortgage free in spain for instance within a cpl of yrs,sooner if i want to refurb another hse(which i dont,had enuf of that!:mad:). does anybody else wonder if they would be better in europe sometimes? Admittedly with us age plays a part,ie im 48, do i want a big mortgage round my neck at the age when im wanting NOT to have to work as hard,to try and wind down "a bit" anyway,this isnt me having cold feet re Oz,just a contingency plan incase we dont sell the hse tbh,but i "do" sometimes wonder why im going to a place were a hse is going to cost what 3 times what i would pay in spain? just thinking out loud:goofy::daydreaming::wubclub:
  7. You couldn't make it up!!!!!!! Apparently the UK is breaching their Human Rights.:yes: 2 test cases have gone to the European court of human rights and even though they are in prison for Robbery, Burglary, dealing in class A drugs and Threats to kill, the UK have been told they can't deport them.:mad: There are another 214 Somali's also who were awaiting the outcome of this court case, some who have committed the most horrendous crimes and the UK government can't send them back either and i think to myself ............... Just how much does it take for us to say to Europe ................. ? Please feel free to put in the last few words if you can, mine are unprintable.:arghh:
  8. Hi all, Hoping that someone is able to assist with this query. I am English and my wife is Australian. Next year we plan to move to The Netherlands for us both to work. My question is, if my wife applies for and obtains a spouse visa for the UK, does this also permit work in the EU? Also, if we apply from Australia, do we actually have to move to or live in the UK for any period of time in order to be granted the visa? If the answer is that a UK spouse visa does not permit working in the EU, does anyone know whether it is possible to get an EU working visa based on marriage to a UK citizen, other than company sponsorship? Thanks for any help you're able to provide!
  9. Hello there all, I am a young gay man who is interested in moving from Europe to Australia and I would like your opinion about the Australian mentality about gays...are they conservative like the American people or they are more open minded like European people? I have been for a long time in the Netherlands and would very much appreciate if someone has any experience of the Netherlands and can give a comparison between the mentality of the people of these two countries about gays. Any opinion welcome... thanks
  10. CockneyRebel


    After a splendid 2 years in this country and looking forward to Europe next year one question always springs to mind. Why do people constantly compare the whole of Australia to the UK and claim it has so much more to offer and there is nothing to do back home? All i hear is that Australia has everything, skiing, beaches vineyards etc. but lets face it if you want to Ski you have to go to thredbo and thats several hours from Queensland. If you want all year round summer then your not going to experience it in Adelaide or Melbourne are you. Wherever you live in Australia your not going to get everything are you? So you have to travel by aeroplane. This puzzles me. Am i right in saying you can do all the same things in Europe via a couple of hours travel on an aeroplane? Noone compares Victoria to the whole of Europe do they? Am i missing something.:biggrin:
  11. I have just returned from 5 weeks in Europe - Paris, Spain, South of France, Geneva and Italy. I had a good time overall and saw some incredible sights. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in the number of beggars everwhere, particularly in Paris as well as scammers and pick pockets. While I was wary of pick pockets I was still robbed without realising until about an hour later. I had taken some old sunglasses with me on my trip and in Paris had just put them in a side pocket in my day pack. I think they were pinched around the eiffel tour. Oh well my own fault i thought for not being more careful. I needed to buy some more particularly for coming back to the Aussie summer. I'm still mad about it. I bought myself a nice pair in Geneva for about $120 equivalent. I was really pleased with them. That very same day, I think I had them about 5 hours in total and they were stolen. It happened in the Geneva Train Station ticket office when I was waiting to buy a train ticket to Milan. A tall well dressed friendly black man asked me if i had a pen as he just needed to write something down. I stupidly opened my case and took out my pen and lent forward to hand it to him. At the split second of me leaning forward to hand him the pen I'm sure a black girl on my left snatched the glasses. I was completely unaware until about an hour later. Anyway, its good to have a rant as I'm still mightily angry at myself for being so foolish to fall for that trick and at the low lifes who do this sort of thing. It is a shame that Europe has so many people like this that blatantly target tourists.
  12. Australian Needs US and European Migrants Put out the welcome mat, our country needs these people. MILLIONS of skilled workers are without jobs in the US and Europe, but their loss could be our gain. THE economic crisis engulfing Europe and the US presents the federal government with an opportunity to bolster Australia’s over-stretched skilled workforce. Yet populist policy is driving against it by triggering a poll-driven cut in the migrant intake. As the Australian economy surges towards full employment, Canberra is failing to seize the moment and attract exceptionally qualified people from troubled Western economies suffering double-digit unemployment. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tells Focus the government “does not target workers from specific countries”, which doesn’t sound like good policy… …..Recent trends in immigration show Australia’s intake of permanent settlers is moving away from taking migrants from English-speaking countries and that the intake from advanced economies such as the US and western Europe remains abysmally low, despite the desire of many of their citizens to emigrate. Immigrants from Britain and NZ, traditionally Australia’s biggest countries of origin for immigrants, were eclipsed by China and India in the six months to December last year. In the previous 12 months Britain had been well ahead of China, but it is now ranked second, followed by India.
  13. Guest

    Police check Europe

    Does anybody know how i go about getting a police check done for Spain and Andorra ? I worked summer seasons in Ibiza and winter seasons in Andorra from 2000 until 2004 so have acumulated more than 12 months in each place and DIAC ask for police checks for countries youve spent 12 months or more in. Any help please ? Thanks Ed
  14. Britain supported the help with 13 billion dollars, but refused to sign up for the 378 billion support, now they have been told if they run into trouble they are on their own. "There is not a two speed Europe but a three speed Europe. You have Europe of the euro, Europe of the countries that understand the euro ... and you have the English," he said. "The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don't want to show solidarity to the euro zone, then let's see what happens to the United Kingdom." Europe tells Britain not to ask for help in a crisis - Telegraph
  15. kernow43

    Flight rip offs to Europe

    The cheapest BA return economy ticket next week was quoted as $7500 but soars to nearly double the price on some days, with customers warned that many of the quoted prices have “only one seat left”. In one instance BA has a single economy fare of $8217. Air NZ had a price of $9000 return economy. Travellers stung with expensive flights | Courier Mail
  16. The world's two biggest wine producers are scaling back their investment in the UK following punitive tax increases by the Government. 55pc of the price of a £4.32 bottle of wine – the UK average price – goes on taxes. Around £1.60 goes on excise duty, 65p on VAT and 11p on the Common Customs Tariff. A bottle of wine has increased by 25pc since Labour came to power in 1997, the duty on it has increased by 53.3pc What with pubs disappearing daily, what future is there for the drinking man? Tax rises drive wine makers out of UK - Telegraph The Government's share of what we earn has nearly doubled in value since Labour came to power. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/how-budget-affect-me/7485899/Budget-2010-Tax-has-doubled-under-Labour.html The same will happen here in Australia if we don't get rid of these incompetent Labor party. Especially NSW & Queensland
  17. Hi All When I met David Wilden in London, I asked him for the names of the DIAC Officers who are the Regional Directors for Asia or wherever it happens to be. Since Mr Wilden is DIAC's Regional Director for Europe, I presume that they have Regional Directors for other places as well. Mr Wilden refused to tell me any of the relevant names. I also asked him for the name of the senior DIAC Officer in Australia who is helping the International Students and Student Graduates? Mr Wilden said that there is nobody doing that task but that if demand was sufficient, DIAC would appoint an Officer to look after that group specifically. Mr Wilden CANNOT cut the red tape and get somebody a visa quickly. Please be very clear about that. All that he is able to do is to contact somebody at the ASPC, from whom he is able to discover more of the details than if the applicant contacts the ASPC with a PLE. Mr Wilden then informs the applicant about what is happening and his replies stick to the point. He does not send General Waffle got up as Advice. That said, I feel very guilty that the British and European applicants seem to have an advantage - because of Mr Wilden - which at the moment is not available to people of other races and from other places. Numerous British and European applicants on PiO have told me that they feel guilty as well. We can all understand that the junior staff at the ASPC, who send the replies to most PLEs, are not senior enough to be told very much in the first place and they are very restricted (by DIAC) in what they are allowed to say because they are not senior people. They have been given maybe half a dozen scripts to send out (written by someone else initially.) The juniors have to choose the one of the [six] standard replies and send the one that seems the most appropriate to the applicant. Often the reply is no use to the applicant at all. It does not answer the questions that s/he actually asked. I found out about (and found) Mr Wilden because I made a fuss to the Australian High Commissioner in the UK. I wrote to him and told him that the British applicants on PiO have had enough of Minister Evans and his constant chopping and changing, so I was on my way to London for a meeting with the Aussie High Commissioner to the UK to thrash the whole thing out. The High Commissioner knew about Mr Wilden. I didn't. I didn't even know that DIAC have Regional Directors in different parts of the world and I don't know for sure that they do. However it seems reasonable to me to suppose that if there is one for Europe - which there definitely is because I have met him in the flesh - presumably they do have similar people for other parts of the world as well. The way to find out about this, and hopefully to find the relevant man for your own parts of the world, seems to be to complain to the Aussie Ambassador or High Commissioner in your own countries. The Embassies seem to be the way to find the people like Mr Wilden. If you want to complain and to try to get something done in your own countries, I suggest that your letters to the Ambassadors/High Commissioners should say as follows: You are members of Poms in Oz (give them a link so that they can find the forum.) Send them a link to this thread as well and ask them to read Gollywobbler's first post on it. It is not fair that applicants in Europe are able to get better service from DIAC than is possible in other countries. Ask for the name and direct contact details of your local equivalents of Mr Wilden. Please remember in your letters (sent by e-mail in most cases, I imagine) to confirm that it is perfectly OK for anybody from your local Aussie Embassy and/or for anyone representing DIAC to communicate with you by e-mail. This is important. The Australian Govt know more about how insecure e-mail is than I do and they will not use it to communicate with anybody unless they get the specific OK from the person concerned. They MUST be authorised to use e-mail, I think. Please also think about the logistics, It is hopeless if 100 people from India all write to the Aussie High Commissioner in India. It is much better if all the people in India band together and you find one spokesperson for all of you. I appreciate that India [say] is a huge country and visa applicants live hundreds of miles apart. If necessary, I can arrange for Rob (site admin) to create a separate sub-forum for the Cat 5 applicants from India. We don't seem to have a lot of members from the People's Republic of China as far as I can tell? I think we may have quite a few Cat 5 members from the Philippines but I am not sure? Whereas I don't know what these "internal/external checks" are in any detail, your local equivalent of "Mr Wilden" would not be allowed to tell you everything but he could certainly tell you more about it all than I could, for example. I would be grateful if anyone who is interested in my idea could please reply to me, ON THIS THREAD, NOT VIA PMS or e-mails. I am only allowed 150 PMs and I already have about 85. I am not going to reply to a load of PMs or e-mails either when one reply from me, via this thread, is enough and everyone can see what is happening. If my ideas won't work, please feel free to tell me what refinements are needed. Many thanks Gill
  18. Some good fares to be had at the moment for 2010 Earlybird UK and Europe flights. There are some restrictions on some of these fares,and earlybirds require some land content but there are still some bargains. My friends at Best Flights are handling these bookings so if anybody is interested give them a call. New Singapore Airlines UK & Europe Earlybirds & Qantas Global Sale
  19. Anyone seen this? Britain is the worst place to live in Europe (despite our big pay packets) | Mail Online
  20. My friends at Best Flights have given me details of a sale that combines flights on Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airwys & Japan Airlines . Fares as low as $1579.00 including all taxes and charges. The sale details are as follows. Details Sale to 50 Cities via Asia & Japan Oct 09-Aug 10 Information Looking to travel to Europe but wish to visit a few exciting Asian cities along the way? Then look no further! This fantastic fare is valid for travel through to August 2010! Hurry sale ends 31st of October 2009! Check out this Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airwys & Japan Airlines combo which allows travel to the UK & Europe via Asia and/or Japan! The possibilities are endless!! You can choose to fly to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Osaka or Nagoya with Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines. You will then pick up a Finnair flight to any of the following cities via Helsinki... Amsterdam - Barcelona - Berlin - Brussels - Budapest - Bucharest - Copenhagen - Dusseldorf - Ekaterinburg - Frankfurt - Gothenburg - Geneva - Hamburg - Helsinki - Ivalo - Joensuu - Jyvaskyla - Kiev - Kajaani - Kuusamo - Kittila - Kokkola - Kuopio - Istanbul - Stuttgart - St Petersburg - Tallinn - Turku - Tampere - Lisbon - Ljubljana - London - Madrid - Manchester - Milan - Moscow - Munich - Oslo - Oulu - Paris - Prague - Riga - Rome - Rovaniemi - Stockholm - Vaasa - Vienna - Verona - Warsaw - Zurich. Not all cities are available on all airlines, options will depend on flight routings. This fare requires you to fly with Finnair in both directions between Asia and your final destination. There is a maximum stay away of 5 months. You are allowed to stop in Asia in each direction as well as Helsinki if continuing on to another European destination. Please be aware that flight restrictions may apply. A non-refundable deposit of $165.00 per person is paid at time of booking. Full payment is required within 3 days of booking confirmation and as by no later than the 31st of October 2009. Please PM if you are interested in booking this fare and I will pass on the details of how to make reservations. Please note that I am posting this as a service to PIO members only,I will recieve no commission for this and accept no responsibilty for failures on behalf of third parties.
  21. It was announced last night that Germany and France are already emerging from the recession. We ,here in Britain are lagging behind as usual ,with unemployment to rise to 3 million,before a recovery in 2010 . Signs of recovery in the uk are there though, housing sales up 23% in June. As an aside , i feel Europe through Germany and France will be the global mover in the 21st Century, and will knock the US off top spot. We have some bright minds on this form,in relation to economics ,so i would be interested to hear their opinions
  22. New Etihad Airways Sale From Australia To Europe. I have received advice from Etihad Airways of a new sale for Australia to Europe,the sale is for travel from 01 July to 30 Apr 2010 from Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane and Adelaide to selected cities in Europe including London. Fares from $1479.00 including taxes. Some flights through Europe will be on regional carriers and departures from Adelaide will include a Qantas flight to Sydney,Melbourne or Brisbane. Sale ends 13 July. PM me for more details.
  23. My partner lodged the de-facto spouse visa application offshore in London in March. He is a UK citizen. I would like to know is he free to travel to/fro countries within Europe (eg. to Amsterdam or Paris) while waiting for his visa application to be processed. Is he required to inform the CO whenever he travels outside of the UK? Note that he is not travelling to Australia, just travelling within the EU countries. Thanks
  24. Here's one that will really put the size of Australia into perspective ---Its massive! :eek: