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Found 16 results

  1. SARAH1974

    Etihad guest miles for extra bags

    Hi guys Can anyone help with this question (as I can't find anything on the Etihad website!). We are moving from Manchester to Brisbane on a PR visa in September 2017. We have 42,000 guest miles with Etihad. Ideally I want to use some of these to take an extra suitcase(s) with us but I've been told that we won't know how many miles we need for an extra bag until we book the flight and have a booking reference. We are sending the majority of our stuff over by sea in a movecube in the next few weeks and if I can't use the air miles to take the extra case I will obviously need to factor in sending more stuff in the movecube. Why can't Etihad just state an extra suitcase is 30,000 miles or whatever it is!! Does anyone know the answer? We have a 3 year old child so the idea was to take a suitcase of toys so she has familiar things around her when we arrive - if not it's a 3.5 month wait before it arrives by sea. Thanks!
  2. Bpremji

    Etihad 72 Hour Sale

    Hi all, Hopefully this will help someone. If your looking to fly to to Oz between the 5th November and the 14th December, from either Manchester or Heathrow, Etihad are having a sale.. http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/Etihad/uk/en/home/pages/promotiondetails.aspx?Prom_Id=2696&viewmore=VRNRC Just had a quick look: London Melbourne GBP 567 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 London Sydney GBP 649 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 Manchester Melbourne GBP 577 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11 Manchester Sydney GBP 644 05 Nov 11 - 14 Dec 11
  3. Claretjon

    Any one flown Etihad?

    Hi, Just in the process of looking at flight prices and Etihad are coming out the cheapest at the moment with some decent flight times and not long to wait in Abu Dhabi. Has anyone flown with them, especially with young children? Thanks
  4. SussexBear

    Etihad Airlines

    Close to booking flights now and they are $1200 cheaper than Singapore who we flew out with. Has anyone flown with them,what was the service like? I am not a good flier so need reassurance!!! :unsure: I am one of those people who thinks if it's well known then it must be good!!
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has flown Dublin to Sydney with Etihad Airways. We will be travelling with a one year old. How are Etihad aircraft for space, leg room etc. They use Airbus A332 (going by their website). The advantage of not travelling through London is that there is only one stop but we would have more options for airlines going through UK. Anyone out their who has used Etihad from Dublin? Cheers, downunder
  6. Hi all, I am going back home for a trip and we are leaving Sydney with Eithad Airlines and travelling through Abu Dhabi airport on the way to London. I am going to be travelling with my young son (13 months old) he can not walk yet and is TOO HEAVY (13kg) for me to carry during the transfer period. Does anyone have any experience flying with these guys? Did you manage to get pushchair onto plane ( i have a reasonably small umbrella pushchair)? Did anyone gain access to a stroller at the Abu Dhabi airport? Were the staff nice? I'm very nervous (understandably) I don't even know how i'm supposed to go to the toilet?? Any experience Good or Bad (I can prepare if it's bad) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Donna. Ps i have no idea how to change my ticker at the bottem here. I've been in Sydney for 2 years and now have a baby too. It's slightly outdated!
  7. EXCLUSIVE Sale to 6 Cities in UK/Europe from Brisbane or Melbourne Jul-Sep Check out this amazing fare from Etihad Airways & Emirates Exclusive from Brisbane & Melbourne to these six hot destinations! You will from from Brisbane or Melbourne in Economy Class to Singapore with Emirates, from here you will fly with Etihad via Abu Dhabi to any of the following cities... Brussels - Dublin - Frankfurt - London - Manchester - Milan. Stopovers are permitted in Singapore in each direction. Stopovers are also permitted in Abu Dhabi at a cost of $170 per stop. The maximum stay away is 1 month with a minimum stay away of 3 days in UK/Europe. All travel must be completed by 24th of September 2010. Due to flight schedules extra nights may be required at passengers own expense. Please note inbound travel blackouts apply for travel from Singapore to Melbourne on or between 06 July-09 August 2010. Flight restrictions may apply. Please note that this very special fare can only be booked over the phone on 1300 767 757. Full payment is required at time of booking. Please note that all featured "from" prices are based on the lowest priced routing and can differ for each departure and arrival point determined by the taxes and surcharges Departures on or between Brisbane Melbourne 21 Jul-25 Jul N/A $1599.00 26 Jul-12 Aug $1629.00 $1599.00 13 Aug-05 Sep N/A $1599.00 06 Sep-19 Sep $1629.00 $1599.00 Prices INCLUDE all pre-payable taxes. My apologies that the formatting from the media release does not carry over here,the figures in the left column are from Brisbane,the right column is from Melbourne. Cheers
  8. I know they are the new kid on the block as far as airlines go. We flew to Brissie earlier this year with Emirates and we were pretty happy with them, but my new employer has booked me on Etihad this time round (mine is not to reason why - they're paying after all. Apparently availability is poor at the moment because of the RWC) but as they are so new there doesn't seem to be much in the way of reviews. I was relatively comfortable with them after looking at their website, but looking at my e-ticket it states that it is "operated by Eagle Air". So that's it is it? I'll be sat next to the rear gunner and have to use the outside toilet, or is it better than that? Dave 8 days left, getting scary.:arghh:
  9. johnd

    etihad airways

    has anyone used etihad?. we are off to the uk in feb 2010 and their fares are really cheap, $1900,(approx), for two one way tickets. this always makes me suspicous, why so cheap?, are they no good?. the next cheapest flight was $2700,(approx), so thats a big difference. any info would be good.
  10. :laugh:G'day mates, I will try to keep this factual and brief!!! We flew out with Etihad on 6th August having moved from our house into a rental for the 2 days leading up to our departure. We were packing our cases the morning we were leaving and I was so worried we forgot something!! We had a good journey to Heathrow and had checked in online for our flights so the checking in process was very quick and easy. We were on a lovely plane but I could'nt tell you what number etc it was. We all had individual screen and on demand viewing with a good choice from tv comedies to movies such as Monsters vs Aliens and Just Seventeen. The food was typical airline food and there was a constant offerng off drinks. Be aware if you have kids you need to pre-order their meals which we didnt know so they got adult meals to their disappointment!! There are kids activity packs but you seem to have to ask for them. We flew to Abu Dhabi then 3hr stop over which was perfect then to Singapore for about 1hr and onto Brisbane. All flights were very good and we would definetely fly with Etihad's again. We stayed at Ashmore palms holiday village which was great, the staff were fantastic and could not do enough to help. We were telling them that our trip was a reckie and then we got a free upgrade of cabins!! Our cabin was a Palm Cottage and very self contained and of a good comfortable size and very clean. We were opposite the park and BBQ area. They also offer Interim stays and we think we will book when we move over for a few weeks. Thanks to Donovan for this excellent recommendation. We never imagined the jet lag to be quite so bad but we think it was because we hardly slept on the way out due to excitement but made sure we did on the way home and we were fine. While in QLD we visited Currumbin Wildlife Santuary on my birthday which is a lovely place and had our photos taken with a gorgeous baby Koala, a well worth day out. the whole time we were there the weather was FANTASTIC 21-28c and this was their winter!!! The evening were pretty chilly and it was pitch bleck by 6pm! We met up with Donovan and Traybears which was great and thanks to them for taking the time and giving us some honest advice. We also visited Movieworld and Seaworld which was great, the Shrek 4D at Movieworld is a must. We booked to swim with Dolphins at Seaworld which was magical and we all loved it and keep re-watching the DVD, bloody expensive thou. Aquaduck was fun and worth doing if not to see all the mansions we couldnt afford that belonged to the rich and famous!! Rob had 4 meetings with prospective employers while out there 2 in QLD and 2 in VIC. These all went very well and Rob was offered 3 jobs there and then and the other said depending on when we get there what they could offer but if there is a job it was Rob's, so that was a real confidence boast for Rob. One of the interviews in VIC was with Rob's current employer and there job is based in VIC and QLD which is great as we would like to live in QLD but he would prefer to stay with his current employer and will travel between the 2 all being well.They will also pay what he earns here so alk good. We flew to VIC for 1 day which was exhausting with Virgin Blue. The flight was cheap and quick. It felt like the UK when we came of the plane and we were all grumbling!! We met with LauraR and family for alovely meal, Thanks Laura. All in the all the beaches were lovely so was the state. Food shops seemed comparable to the UK and petrol was very cheap. Driving seeming better as the roads werer clearer and the drivers seemed to drive slower (this is QLD as VIC was a nightmare!!). We didnt like seeing puppies at the pet shops. We visited electrical shops and most things seemed to cost similar to UK except Dysons!!! We also visited some schools which was very usefull as they are much bigger than ours and we think it helped the kids picture themselves there. We looked at new and 2nd hand properties We were so impressed with the Oz friendliness and 'cant do enough for you' attitude. I am sure this is not the case all the time but we loved the laid back positive attitude and can see ourselves settling well in Oz. Wow that was long, I could type lots more but I need a brew!! I hope this helps and good luck to everyone trying to fullfill their dream.
  11. New Etihad Airways Sale From Australia To Europe. I have received advice from Etihad Airways of a new sale for Australia to Europe,the sale is for travel from 01 July to 30 Apr 2010 from Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane and Adelaide to selected cities in Europe including London. Fares from $1479.00 including taxes. Some flights through Europe will be on regional carriers and departures from Adelaide will include a Qantas flight to Sydney,Melbourne or Brisbane. Sale ends 13 July. PM me for more details.
  12. Understand that Etihad now offer 30kg baggage allowance to economy class passengers. Nothing on their website when last checked but in brief conversation with Etihad office in London this was confirmed. Travel agents don't appear to have heard, odnt have any other details.
  13. Guest

    Etihad airline - offers

    This may be of some use to someone out there. Etihad seem to have some good flight prices at the moment, Sydney £494 and Melbourne £550 return. There is a catch (of course) fly dates now until end June then September to end November. Book by 1st June. http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/etihad/UK/EN/home/pages/home.aspx I hope it saves someone a bit of hard earned cash! regards Michelle
  14. Guest


    Well it look`s like we`re be booking flight`s back to the uk this week,we havn`t been here long only 4month`s but the work situation has really hit us hard ,the lack of it and the next 12/18 month`s doesn`t look at all good.We have job`s to go back to and although we`re not rocket scientist or brain surgeon`s it`s work and we don`t want to gamble anymore of our saving`s hoping that something turn`s up over here.Maybe this is the right place at the wrong time for us to be here .It look`s like etihad airlines are the cheapest going back oneway and we wondered if anybody else had flown with them?
  15. Has anyone travelled with Etihad Airways? Iam just about to book our flights with Etihad Airways for our fact finding mission to Newcastle but does anyone know what they are like? I think that £2620 for 4 adults is good unless anyone else knows better. And what will the weather be like in Newcastle, March? Cheers Dill :cool:
  16. Hi! Just trying to book our validation flights. Etihad flights are the cheapest by £400 for 3 of us. We've only flew with singapore airways when we went on our reccie and thought they were really good. Does anyone have any feedback? Jo x:wub: