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Found 107 results

  1. Jackboots

    real estate uk

    Just a thought were selling our house in the uk and have allways used www.rightmove.co.uk but ive just found another site called www.welcomehome.co.uk in case your needing them for a browse . so if its any help all well and good :wink:
  2. Guest

    estate agents

    does any of you over in perth have any web address for estate agents,please send links if poss many thanks neil:wubclub:
  3. I am an Estate Agent in the the UK and am looking to work in the same role when I get to the Gold Coast next year. Does anyone have any experience of Real Estate Agents in Aus and is there anything I should know apart from the fact that I will need to be qualified as they are licensed over there.
  4. Hi, We inspected the Panorama estate in Glenfield, Sydney and liked it. We are a small young family of My husband, 2 year old son and myself. Does anyone know how is life in Panorama, Glenfield.. We had heard Glenfield is one of the suburbs to be avoided, but, after visiting Panorama estate, we kind of liked. The budget suits us well.. We have a fixed budget of 450,000$. These are the points which mainly attracted us: 1. Within our budget. Its a semi detached 3 bed/2 bath/2 garage house. 2. Close to train station 3. Only 50 mins travel by train to City for work. 4. Look and feel of the whole estate. 5. Heard there is a good catholic school in Prestons, or nearby. Please let us know what you think about it. //Shilpa
  5. Anyone else experienced this sort of rubbish? We have just left our grotty smelly house in Greensborough which we treated with respect in spite of the fence falling down, a large collection of wood being left in the garden for a year, a leak in the hallway that was never fixed, a leak in the garage that leaked constantly and ruined all our stuff that was in there, a garage door that was falling off, ineffective heating, a urine smelling kitchen cupboard and numerous other ailments. We always paid the rent on time and never caused any issues. On moving out the agent has decided we need to pay for a cleaner, a handyman and a gardener to get the place "up to scratch" (a bulldozer would be more appropriate). She expained we needed to do a "a bit of weeding" and pointed out there are scratches on the polished living room floor. My argument is that we have lived there for a year, a carpet would get worn and it is surely understandable that a floor will become marked, were we supposed to float around for a year? We just found out today the gardener has quoted $385! To pull some weeds out! It seems the landlord/real estate agent treat our bonds as a Christmas bonus. On top of this, our new house (which does not smell of urine) was advertised for $440 a week and an invitation to call the agent for an appointment (ie not an "open house") I did this, arranged my appointment, and to my astonishment they then decided to advertise this time as a time for any other potential tennants to have a look. We got the house and were about to sign the contract when the agent decided they would actually charge us $450 a week!! If we refused to pay then we would lose the house! Having moved in I put the key in the shed lock and it broke (thats my fault and I have to pay to repair it). the airconditioner does not work (we reported it and its like talking to a wall, they sort of listen, and then do nothing), the blinds dont work in any of the bedrooms, you have to physically pull at them (which breaks them which will presumably be our fault and will result in the landlord getting new blinds at our expense). They have not even bothered to replace light bulbs that have blown! Overall renting over here is a thoroughly awful experience.
  6. A major problem today is that the media and the blogosphere are dominated by the 1 percent. The 1 percent control everything, and they control the news that they drip fed to the masses, to the 99 percent. It was revealed recently that the Australian real estate industry actually pays shills and spruikers to 'talk up' property on forums and blogs (yes even blogs like this one) to plant positive spin, to post as if they are one of the 99 percent when in fact they are the 1% pretending to be a normal blogger. Watch this for evidence, it includes a video that Bernard Salt probably wishes was never recorded: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, or a paid property spruiker Are your eyes open yet people? Don't believe what you read, anywhere. The problem is the 99 percent don't read blogs like this. They don't find out the truth. So pass this on, pass the message on to everyone. Tell your friends what's happening. Make them read this article. Make then watch the Bernard Salt video (he's a public figure, they might have heard of him, they might listen to his scheme and revolt against it). Above all, remember, the 99 percent are fed lies by the 1 percent and this is a huge obstacle we must overcome. But in time, the truth must come out. It always does. We are the 99 percent.
  7. Hello again!! We are still in Bali but trying now to complete our application to estate agents remotely before we arrive in Canberra early december... the tricky thing is we have no idea where is best to concentrate our search and which agent to choose! We only know that we will be looking to live nearish the french/ australian school of Telopea, or at least on the right side of town to the school. Any advice on areas down south? Any big and busy estate agents you would recommend?? Is Red hill good, very expensive? Our budget, probably around the 600$ a week. We chatted to Peter Blackshaw on Skype, nice guy and seems busy but i know he has a lot of people on his books... Can't wait to actually see the place. sophie.
  8. AndyW

    Estate car

    Any recommendations for cheap second hand estate cars? Anything to stay away from? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, our flat is going up for sale now and in the estate agents contract it says the following: However, in the event that you have exchanged unconditional contracts but the sale will not be completed (for whatever reason) the Commission is to be paid to us on the date on which completion was scheduled to take place. Is this standard procedure? In this current property climate I don't trust things really and don't want to end up paying an estate agent money and still have a flat that is not sold. How likely is it to 'exchange unconditional contracts but the sale will not be completed' ? :mad: Any info or advice on this guys? Cheers
  10. So it looks like it is actually going to happen!!! We will be looking to be living within a 30 min drive from Armadale WA. Having read many posts about estate agents being uninterested, rude etc has anyone on here found a good and helpful estate agent (do they call them real estate) and if so could you recommend one for the areas around Armadale. Thanks Jayne
  11. Guest

    Estate agents commission

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me, roughly, what is a typical estate agents commission on a sale in Australia? We are thinking about selling up this time next year and heading home, our place is currently valued at $475k. Thanks D
  12. Some people will know that we are in the process of trying to sell our house and get over to Oz by October at the latest. We put our house on the market five weeks ago and we have had several viewings (after changing the pricing strategy for selling our house to an offers over situation). On Tuesday night we had a viewing and the first thing that the guy said to my OH is 'Oh, I hear you are emigrating, what's your timeline'. When OH said that it depends on what offers we get on the house he seemed to kinda lose interest and within minutes he had left. Wednesday morning came and I got a phone call from the Estate agent saying that he had made an offer £7000 less than we were hoping for. (Our neighbour sold a few months back and got what we are estimating ours will go for). We turned it down hoping that this would force his hand to increase his offer slightly and meet us halfway - which on Wednesday he wasnt prepared to do. So that was that - or so I thought. :no: This morning I get a phone call from the Estate Agents (not my regular contact) who told me that 'I was silly not to accept this guys offer and that we would shoot ourselves in the foot if we didnt take it and he saw something else that he preferred and put an offer in there.' Apparently he called their offices this morning asking them to get us to reconsider. Houses in the area are all priced in the same price range and we have the added advantage of having a stunning Amdega conservatory added to ours. I really felt that I was being 'bullied' by this guy and told that the buyer was totally in the right to offer what he was offering and that we shouldnt expect anymore. When I asked if we could get the guy to meet us half way the EA said that we would scare him off. He also said that we could accept the deal in principal but continue to market the house. My question is: whose side should the estate agent be on? The buyer or the seller? :confused:
  13. Hi All, in a pretty dire situation, rented a house in Townsville for $800 pw 3 months ago, we moved in and every thing was faulty - no cooker for 2 weeks, insect infestations, faulty elecs, faulty aircon I could go on and on. Repairs never being fixed etc so went throo RTA for a mutual termination of tenancy it was that bad. (waste of time - we got put out of meeting due to us forgetting 1 email - evidence). Any way, then got a solicitor $600 and for 1 letterand fax stating we had grounds for mutual break lease, solicitor said yes thats it we can now get anothe houser, as its a mutual break lease end off . and we will not be pursued for the rents for the remainder of tenancy (4months). We Get another house, old agents refuse to give us a ref, but still got the house on grounds of we had loads of email/legal proof of the fight we had and how vindictive agents were. The Old Agent stand us up on handover day then complain to our lawyer we didnt hand back keys? They didnt acknowledge our termination form 12or 13? Then send us an eviction notice 2 weeks after we move to the old address? even tho we gave them new address? and are now pursuing us for rent till they get another tenant?. Lawyer says ignore-_easier said than done, the bill is now standing at $2700?!, our bond weve been waiting for is worth $3000 we owe them last 2.5 weeks rent approx $2000, so they are cranking up the bill as I type, hitting us with maintenance costs till they re-rent,we paid a bond cleaned to value of $600 garden $200 and told them we could pay the $2000 as soon as bond release or they can take it out of bond. I could scream, how on earth can people get away with this, the more I speak to the more have never seen their bond? Is a lawyers letter no legally binding over here, so confused, could do with advice from a ex-realestate or something. Please advice as its just plain getting us down now and spoiling everything:arghh:
  14. Lauren82

    Estate Agents Moan...

    Sorry needing to moan.... We have been trying to sell our house since August 2010 but having no luck. The first agent we signed up with went bust within 6 weeks so we were moved to another agent with the same contract/fees. They never really seemed bothered and we just had the 1 viewer through at xmas time. She loved the house - apparently wanted to buy it but then she went and bought something else. Grrr! A few months later, I did a bit of a mystery shop on the agents and wasn't impressed by what I found. Lack of enthusiasm to 'customer' coming in. Minimal visual impact of our house. I then said who I was and all sort of promises came to improve the displays etc. but at this point I thought too little too late. On the same day I went around a number of agents in the area and must say I found the same from them all. Shocking lack of enthusiasm. One even sat with the door locked and tried talking to me through the glass!!!!! - they should have been open for 30mins by then. However one agent was open, busy, enthusiastic and so I got them round and we agreed a fee and got them on the case straight away. All the staff sounded so keen but when we were signed over to them the enthuiasm stopped. Everything fell silent. I checked on all our online advertising and found a number of problems. We weren't on rightmove. On findaproperty we had 6 images 2 of which were of the front door and 1 of the downstairs loo... it didn't not show the house at all for what it really was. (I showed some friends and they couldn't stop laughing.) And on their own website our property wasn't searchable. So I politely put forward my suggestions. 4 weeks have now passed. I have called them 5 times they have called me a few and nothing has changed. Usual excuse being we are waiting for the I.T. department to get on it. If anything things got worse. Just had an email this evening saying they are now not advertising on findaproperty either (apparently too expensive) and our monthly activity report only shows 2 sets of details being emailed out!!! That is not going to get our house sold in this market!! Now don't know what to do. Do I complain?.... or will this make them hate me and try even harder not to sell our house. We really want to move to Australia in the Summer but need the house sold to do this. Can't drop the price any more and it is at give away price already - just nothing is moving around here. On a +ve note we did have a viewer who is really keen and wants to make an offer but has a house to sell themselves.... so what are the chances of that coming through. (And haven't we seen this situation before!?)
  15. Hi all, We have moved out of our rental in Melbourne - and we continue to have a issues with the estate agent that is managing the property. Basically, we moved out over 2 weeks ago now. The house has been inspected by the agent and owner, and both are in agreement that everything is tickety boo and we are due our money back. So 2 weeks ago the estate agent said she would email us the forms for the bond recovery. Still nothing. Have phoned and left messages, and have emailed asking for the forms - she is "never in the office" when we phone, and is not returning our calls. And naturally, no one else in the office can help us, not even to send the forms through. So my question is - what now? There is no question that they could change their mind about refunding us the bond with any ease, as we photographed EVERYTHING and submitted a very detailed condition report - and did the same when we moved out. I want my money back, I want the courtesy of having my calls returned - but then I feel that I cannot run them up the wrong way as I need them as part of my rental history when I am applying for properties here? HELP PLEASE!!!!! Thanks Jules:wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Estate Agents

    Hi All, My husband is an Estate Aent and has been in the business nearly 20 years. We know it isn't a skilled trade, but wondered if there are any other Agents out there that would be able to tell us if it is easy to get a job in this field, maybe with sponsership. We are looking to go to the gold coast. Thanks :biggrin:
  17. Hi guys, This is my first post and in my mind one of the most important questions for me really. I currently work as an estate agent in London and have done for five years + now, I have done very well and recently ran my own office. Australia is really appealing to me but I have no idea what I would do for work out there, does anyone know if it is possible to get a job in real estate out there? Or would I need to look into a sales job where hopefully some transferable skills would come in handy..... I am really keen to give it a go out there but I want to be working straight away and in a decent job. Any help would be very much appreciated guys!! Lee
  18. Guest

    building in a new estate

    Has anyone built a house in a new estate? They seem to be making amazing increases in value for the small initial outlay. would love to here your experiences. They seem to be on small block now - 400 - 450 sqaues - does this feel to small - would love to hear from those who actally live in one. I like the community feel of the estate - but does it get abit much - or does it eventually feel just like living in a street anywhere? Is it noisy - I realise it is not like living in the country, but is it VERY noisy? Jenny
  19. Guest

    building a a new estate

    Hi everyone We are looking at the option of building in a new estate. Has anyone out there done this? What are the pros and cons in your experience. we need to choose a piece of land - any advice on positions within the estate NOT to choose? If you have done this anywhere in oz, I'm sure your experiences would be very valuable to me! Just to fill in the picture, we are looking at Allens farm which is being built onto the eve estate. There is a good secondary school in there already and supermarket etc. I checked out the traffic this morning, and that looks absolutely fine to. Most of the development in berwick/cranbourne north is nearly complete, so i think the 6 lane main road getting to the motorway onramp will be able to cope fine. Questions i have are: is it noisy living on a new estate? Will 430 sq with a 25 square house feel like I am hemmed in? Any advice in your experience, on the KIND of people who buy into these plans - looks like quite a mix of first home and second home buyers, range of cultures but 90% cacasian, main age group late 20s early 30s. both working. If you have done it - are you glad you made this choice. Also, as everyone on the estate is new - might be a good way to meet more people? thanks in advance to everyone who contributes their experiences.
  20. seaangel

    Newspapers - Real Estate

    Hi there. Which newspaper is it that has the real estate in on the weekend? We visited recently and meant to bring one of them back with us! Thanks very much. :notworthy:
  21. Hi everyone, We are moving out of our rental in a few weeks. :jiggy: When we moved in, I did a detailed condition report – basically because the place was really grubby and they were trying to pass it all off as brand new and sparkling!! :policeman: I included photos of how bad it was as well – cobwebs in the cupboards, marks all over the walls, scratches on the floor, filthy kitchen, cobwebs in all the windows, the garage was another story altogether!!! It was really bad, no word of a lie. Now, we know that the agent withheld the previous tenants’ bond because of this all. The main reason they kept the bond was the walls, which all need repainting. This has not happened – partly their fault, and also partly ours. In fact, nothing has been done in so far as cleaning ANYTHING with the witheld bond. Anyway – the point of my post - now the estate agent has sent us what I believe is a standard letter, instructing us on how sparkling clean the property has to be when we leave if we want to get our bond back. The house is clearly much cleaner than when we moved in, but it is not up to the standards required by their letter. And they warn that they will withold the bond if it does not meet their standards. Am I right to feel aggrieved at paying to have the place professionally cleaned? Should I have to pay for the cleaning? Am pretty grumpy over it all!!! So while I am having a rant, can I also ask, is it normal for agents to tell you when they are coming over to inspect, - No courtesy call, could we arrange a mutually convenient time etc - we are coming on this date between these times, and if you are not there, we will let ourselves in!!!! :mad: I just find it so rude!! Especially as I have family staying with me at the moment, and they are leaving on the day the agent has decided to come over!!!! Ah, the joys of moving :cry:
  22. Hi All. Has anyone recently sorted a rental house out in the inner east melb area (Hawthorth/box hill/Canterbury/surrey hills/balwyn/mont albert) If so can anyone recommend a real estate company as having some difficulty finding contacts there I'm planning from Auckland NZ at the mo, with a view to move in 3/4 months. Thanks in advance.
  23. Guest

    Estate Agents In Scotland

    Can anyone recommend any good estate agents. I have had one out so far but they didn't impress me. I am in the middle of gettting the house ready to go up for sale, hopefully over the next few weeks. I have been reading recent threads regarding selling the house and it looks near impossible. I live in the Motherwell area any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Suz :wacko:
  24. Looking for a reliable agent to help my wife and I. We'll arrive early Dec 2010 and need a furnished rental for a couple of months. Focusing on Mandurah currently. It's only the two of us, no pets, no smoking, very clean and responsible. Thanks.
  25. Guest

    Need Estate Agents Brisbane

    Following my last post about Ascot, New Farm, Bulimba, Fig Tree Pocket etc etc - can anyone recommend good estate agents I can speak to personally about specifications? Not getting quite what I need from net searches and relocation is imminent. Thank you! Alison