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Found 17 results

  1. immiconsultant

    Mistakes in EOI

    Hi everyone, I have received visa invitation for SC 189. But I realized, after invitation is received, that there are following 2 mistakes in my EOI: 1. Country of birth is mentioned incorrect. 2. Starting date of employment is mentioned incorrect (This employment is partly claimed and luckily points for this part are not claimed). Unfortunately, this was my last chance to get an invitation because after that round my age points are reduced. Now the question is, how should I proceed for Visa Application? Should I correct both mistakes while submitting Visa Application? Both mistakes do not affect my points.
  2. I entered all the details it asked for and I got stuck at Page 4. One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant cannot be identified. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  3. Dougi1985

    EOI points mistake PLEASE ADVISE!

    Hi, Ive been in oz for 18 months and currently on a 457 visa. I've done my Ielts, skill select, police check, medical every thing. I get 65 points for the 189 visa and my skill is on the list: 15 for a degree 30 for my age 5 for UK work experience 5 for Australian work experience 10 for my Ielts i submitted an EOI got an invite straight away for civil engineering technician and applied straight away and paid the $3500 fee and uploaded all my documents then noticed I had 70 points after everything was sent off. At first I thought this was a nice bonus but eventually realised I had misinterpreted one of the questions. In addition to my degree I have an NVQ level 4 which vetassess stated in my skill select that it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma, so when listing my qualifications I must have ticked something that said it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma and the system assumed that I had studied it in Oz, which gave me 5 extra points. I rang the immigration department and two different people told me 2 different things, 1 person said withdraw right now and hope you get a refund and then you have to wait 60 days to submit and other EOI (even though the last one I submitted has been suspended since I applied for the 189 visa) the other person said sit tight and plead with the Case officer I get and hope they let me off as I may not have needed the extra 5 points anyway. What at should I do please??? The timing for this is terrible, as I think I'm heading for redundancy and I've watched my house mates on a 457 visa go through the same an most couldn't get rehired and went home. Time is crucial and I don't have 60 days to wait really or wait for a case office to just refuse me after a month or so. Can I submit another EOI for the exact same visa, skill etc whist I wait to see what happens with my current application just incase it fails any advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Is anyone else having problems resuming an applicaiton on the WA website? When I try to open our application to complete it, the webpage cannot be displayed...
  5. whichway

    Blue screen error

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to fix my computer. I have now started getting this blue screen error all the time which is shutting down and restarting my computer. This is since the computer guy has been to clean it up (which cost me $300 for a clean up, 2GB RAM and a seagate portable hard drive) It didn't do it before so he says it must be one of the programmes. But to get it fixed by him would just be more hours and more labour $$$. I know he should fix it cos essentially i think he caused it but it's not happening that way. I wish I'd just bought a new computer but now I have paid for the extra RAM and the $300 of course. I also can't use my friggin hard drive, I don't know how to look at what's stored on it, as the usual obvious methods are failing. Do I need a back up programme or something? I have looked online but am an idiot. Any help very gratefully recieved:biggrin:
  6. Once I have completed with the application, I couldn’t do the payment step during the 176 visa application. Has anyone come across this problem before? Howmuch did DIAC charge you when you lodged your application in £? I want to make sure that I have got enough money on me. Please advise me…. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, we have been working on our online application for the past week and kept saving it each time. However, tonight we are going to submit it and pay and when we tried to log in as usual, there is a error message in red saying something about :from 1 sept 2007 the subclass for which we have completed the online form has been closed blah blah blah. IS it their website or does this mean we have to start all over again??:arghh: I have gone back to the DIAC's website and it is defo the current and correct application we are using. Why have we been able to log on all this time and not tonight. HELP :arghh: Boesman
  8. I am applying for Visa 176 family sponsored. However i received this message after filling up some of my sponsor info via online document. This is the error message : The following errors have been encountered: 1) Departmental systems indicate that you are unable to make an application for this sponsorship online. Please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre at egsm.aspc@immi.gov.au So far, have not got response from the centre yet after 1 week of email. Any idea why? By the way, is there a limit for sponsorship under my uncle's name?
  9. Guest

    Have I made a massive error

    I have not yet mailed back the form confirming my WA SS. I applied for my 176 in April. Am I still Cat 4.... With Weddings/Moving to Aus/Everything changing every five seconds, It completely went out of my head.......have I made a VERY costly error........ Say it isn't so............
  10. Hi there Is anyone having trouble opening the last page of the summary: spousal visa thread, have tried 5 times and it keeps throwing us out of PIO and comes up with an error, we can open other reads just not this one!! Thanks guys, have we missed something................. Any advice appreciated:confused:
  11. To all those real and pseudo Migration Agents out there I would like an opinion on the following: Can you make an appeal to the Minister of Immigration if you have grounds that the immigration process has been unfair and that due process has not been followed, requesting that the Minister grants you the right to have the error redressed. We came to OZ in October 2007 on a 457 visa. I was 44 and a Land Surveyor on the then MODL and the SOL and the CSL. On arrival I contacted a migration agent and prepared a sub class 176 PR application. This needed, I was told, a positive skills assessment from the Institute of Surveyors Australia. When contacted they said they could not give me a positive skills assessment against their criteria. My 45 birthday passed in march and in May by perseverance I received a positive skills assessment from the same body; without changing my academic qualifications and by doing no additional work that should have effected the criteron. I simply joined a trade association in the UK that had links with the Aussie one. I later had my academic qualifications assessed by two universities as being equivalent to the famous Australian 3 year degree: the original criteria. In short they made a mistake, due to inadequate procedures and training. My family have suffered major losses as a consequence. By the time I got the correct result I was over 45 and loss my chance to apply for PR and have been left at the mercy of unscrupulous Australian employers trying in vain to secure 856 ENS sponsorship. They sack you the moment they cannot defer the decision any longer. This has cost me 18 months of my life. I have also been injured at work and made redundant whilst on work cover, due to a loophole in the 2009 Fair work Act (I earned more than $108,000 at the time). We are now being forced to return to the UK due to the inability to find work. All this could have been avoided with PR. Any help or views appreciated.
  12. This is interesting in light of the current debate about such things as student visas. 6000 student visas restored after legal glitch | The Australian If anyone is interested the text of the Federal Court ruling is here:- http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/FCA/2010/162.html
  13. In one of my reference letters, the start date is incorrect and overlaps the period where I was working for another company. It is a period of 1 month and, even though I filled the skill assessment form with the correct starting month and the assessment body correctly counted the extra month only once as part of the previous employment, I thought it would be better if I inform them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps.
  14. Hi guys, Just to let you know, make sure YOU know you have enough points before you apply for a GSM visa. When I filled out my 175 application online it gave me 5 points for having studied 2 years in Australia. It should NOT have because the course and dates I filled out online were only 10 months in duration. It seems to "automatically" add at least 5 points to your application if you have done ANY study in Australia, and I believe it faulsely caculates this based on the type/level of degree that you are required to input. In my case it was a "Graduate Diploma" which is listed as post-grad education above a bechelors degree but below a masters degree. Maybe Gollywobbler can give some advice as I noticed a few other posts here recently about improper points calculation by the DIAC website when applying. Luckily I had a buffer of a few extra points. Don't always "trust" what their system tells you; make sure you know you meet the criteria yourself regardless!! Cheers.
  15. Guest

    Admin error at aspc

    Hi all, we got an email last week apologising that due to admin error our application had been overlooked!!!!!! (We had phoned the previous night to find out what was going on). We now have case officer but i am begining to think they have lost documents as they have requested stuff that we have already sent. They have also requested form 80 Character assement to be compleated, has anyone else done one of these? It asks for most of the info that is on your application plus a list of all the countries visited in the last 10 years, names of anyone you know in Australia, it seems endless. More fuel to add to our frustration. Paul & Lou :arghh:
  16. Guest

    Error on Medical Forms

    Hi, I know this probably sounds ridiculous but it is niggling at me!!! We have our medicals on Friday and whilst filling out our forms in readiness to take we made two mistakes so just crossed them out and wrote them in the correct place. Do you think this is acceptable or is it like when filling an application form for a job - doesn't look good with mistakes!!!! Any suggestions??? Thanks, Paul, Chelle, Josh (7) & George (2):wacko:
  17. Guest

    Error On Police Checks. Help!

    My OH's Police check arrived back today. He has two prior convictions from 18 years ago. Quite minor, not too worried about it. However OH was looking at it and it has his occupation down as an Estate Manager on 27 Jan 2007. This information is totally incorrect as he was bricklaying at this time. He was an Estate Manager over 3 years ago. Does this mean I have to ring the Police people and get them to amend their records and issue a new Police check?:arghh: Any help would be appreciated please? Thanks Claire