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Found 51 results

  1. paisleylass

    Oven Pride - Aussie equivalent?!

    Back in the UK I swore by Oven Pride to get my oven, and especially the racks, spotless. Funnily enough when I went to look closely at the oven in our new rental, the racks were bogging, covered in burnt grease. I've looked around for a good heavy duty cleaner, any recommendations? I loved OP because of the bags, they really made the job easy ) I do miss Home Bargains a bit heehee! Loads of great shops here but HB was my one-stop shop for cleaning stuff and various house-y bits.
  2. Hi All I need help, struggling to make the 60 points for a Visa 489, I can get to the pass mark if my qualifications count, but its nearly impossible to find out what the equivalent is according to this process. The qualification in question is a BTEC First Diploma in Business & Finance (this was gained in the late 1980's). Does anyone know what that means to this process or point me in the direction where I can find out? Robbo
  3. i am looking to secure a job in australia, i am am healthcare assistant/carer 21 years old, i have my NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 in health and social care also my safe handling of medication certificate, and alot of other certificates including, moving and handling, safeguarding of adults etc. i am needing as much help as possible in finding out if the uk qualifications in an NVQ are equivalent to australia's qualifications in the healthcare industry??. any help would be grateful.
  4. Hi Everybody! I'm a 27 year old lawyer who's just walked away from it all to do try and make a living off something I love - Baking. Now the thing is, I tried going there and doing the course-my Aunt offered to loan ne the money- but the visa was turned down because they weren't convinced that I was a 'Genuine Temporary Entrant'. Guess lawyers don't usually up and decide to become bakers that often, eh? Anyway, their loss, because I'll be getting qualified and then going there. Planning on doin the City&Guilds Diploma in Baking and Patisserie (IVQ level 3- I believe) as well as their Advanced Diploma in the same. The DIAC specifies a Cert III + 2 Yrs of experience for a successful skills assessment. Or if you have a Cert IV, you don't need the experience. I've read in a lot of places that the Level 3 Diploma has been assessed as Higher than their Cert IV (which happens to be a skill level 3 on the ANZSCO - perhaps that's why). I'm counting quite heavily on this last bit, but the problem is, I've seen it for other trades/professions and not for bakers yet. So are there any bakers out there who have made the move successfully or even gotten a positive skills assessment? Any tips, stories or pointers from any other tradies too will be appreciated! Thanks!!
  5. Guest

    UK Qualification equivalent

    Hi everyone I am a newbie to this site. Can anyone tell me what the following UK qualificatiions relate to in Australia, or has anyone else got these UK quals and if so what pm visa could/did they apply for. NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education (0-5 yrs of age) NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Playwork (0-11yrs of age). Would i be able to apply as an Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher. In Australia the qualification most people have for working in early learning centres and childcare centre's is a Diploma in Childrens Services and a cert 3 in Childrens Services. Any help info or past or present experience in this field or SOL occupation would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone also know if Perth WA are sponsoring for Early Childhood (Pre-primary school) Teachers. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi We are moving to Melbourne in January :jiggy: I am about to start applying for jobs and was wondering if any one can advise on equivalent qualifications. Specifically the Australian Equivalents for : ONC in Electrical / Electronic Engineereing HNC in Electrical / Electronic Engineereing Certificate In Management ( 1st year of MBA ) Diploma in Management ( 2nd year of MBA ) BS7671 - IEE 16th Edition ( Certificate in the requirements for Electrical Installations ) City & Guilds 2377-11 Certificate of Competent Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance City & Guilds 2377-12 Certificate In Portable Applianc Testing We applied for our visa via my wife so I have not had a skills assesment and was wondering if I need one to prove equivalent qualiification standards ? Thanks Gordon
  7. Having spent the last 2 years on a working holiday visa in Australia it is now time to return home & join the rat race! However, my boyfriend has actually been offered sponsorship in WA & I think we'd be crazy not to go for it. The problem is though that I had planned to return to the UK to undertake a PGCE (post-grad certificate in Education). Being almost 30 I don't want to put it off much longer, so was wondering if anyone knew my options for doing a similar course in Australia. I already have a degree so am hoping that a teaching course, much like the UK, will only be another year of study. If anyone has a suggestion of where I at least start to look Id be very grateful. Thanks Amy
  8. Guest

    Irish equivalent Forum?

    Does anyone know of an Irish equivalent to this website? Am moving from Dublin to Sydney, and would greatly appreciate some fellow countrymen/women's advice on various issues:chatterbox:
  9. Hi folks, We are expecting to arrive in WA around the end of September, and will need to a MASSIVE shop. Is there an Aussie equivalent of ASDA or TESCO's?? I certainly don't do my shopping at Waitrose, so just looking to see where other mums/wives go to do their "big shops"?? I will need things from cleaning materials, loo paper, washing powder, fresh and frozen food, to meat. You name it - we'll need it! :yes: Thanks! Catherine
  10. Hi We have our 175 permanent residency visa and we may be moving to Melbourne early next year. Hubbie is a Consulting Structural Engineer, Project Manager, CDM Co-ordinator (plus lots more besides!). He is wondering whether to do his NEBOSH this year in preparation but wonder if it is widely recognised. If not, is there an Aussie equivalent that he should concentrate his energy on? Cheers
  11. Guest

    HNC Management Equivalent

    Hi, I'm hoping you can help me, I am currently studying a HNC Management course in Scotland and I was hoping if someone could tell me what the Australian equivalent is. Please Help :cute:
  12. Hi All, This is my first post and I hope to be a regular on here throughout our journey to try and move down under. I have read lots of the posts on the forum and picked up some excellent advice and idea's and knowledge on Australia and the process of moving there. However on checking the SOL I can't seem to figure out if my job actually maps to any of the jobs on there. Me and my family have a huge desire to move down under and will do everything we can to fulfill our dream, if this means learning a new skill and trade then so be it. I currently work for a college and am the Manager for an IT Training Centre for adults. We deliver the ITQ/CLAiT/CLAiT Plus qualifications (teaching MS Office at level 2). I am also a qualified assessors and verifier (A1 and V1) and currently working towards my level 4 management NVQ and CTTLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 4). My main questions are: 1. Does anybody know if my experience/qualifications are needed in Australia as I can't figure out if it maps to anything in the SOL. 2. I have a CCJ from 7 years ago which I still pay and my credit rating is not brilliant, will this affect my application? I am 27 and my wife is 26, we have 2 daughters (7 and 3). My wife is currently not working due to looking after our children but has now started looking again, she has no real qualifications but a background as a care assistant. My wife is also willing to learner a new trade to strengthen our application to live in Australia. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. Thanks Joe
  13. Guest

    Mumsnet equivalent in Oz?

    Does anyone know is there an equivalent to Mumsnet in Oz? A forum devoted to parenting chat and advice and meeting other parents?
  14. Guest

    Perth YR 10 - UK equivalent

    I'm considering a career change when we move to Perth, the job I'm considering asks for educated to at least yr 10 or equivalent. Can anyone let me know what is the UK equivalent please? Thanks
  15. Which MPV type vehicle in Aus would be the equivalent to a grand picasso we need something with 3 full width back seats (3 kids under 6) Thank you
  16. Guest

    HNC equivalent in Australia??

    Hi there, looking for a bit of advice. In the process of getting info and researching emmigration to Australia and myself and my partner have HNC in Social Care and SVQ III in Health and Social Care, what is the Australian Equivalent to this. Googled this and found a few threads on other forums saying this HNC is equivalent to AQF Diploma but this was a good few years ago. Any info on this would be much appreciated. Ta x :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  17. I've asked people at work, been to the Telstra shop and no one can tell me if there is an equivalent number to 1471 to find out the last phone number that dialed you. i;m getting plagued with strange phone calls even though i am registered with the Do Not Call Register.
  18. Hi, there was a discussion recently on here about a company who we can contact to get english qualifications assessed to the equivalent of australian qualifications. Can anyone send me the link please? I just cannot find it anywhere. I have searched but nothing appears. I would like to get my NVQ4 assessed - but not sure who to approach. Thanks.
  19. Hi all. I'm trying to do a bit of research. We're going on our Validation trip in Feb with a view to moving out permanetly in Nov this year. I am a Treatment Room nurse in Scotland and wanted to know if there is an equivalent in Australia. I aimed to start job hunting while there if Feb and wanted to know what kind of jobs to be looking at. Any information you can give me would be really appreciated. Cheers laura
  20. Hi I really hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 years experience driving a HGV within the UK but have now moved to Victoria and need to convert my licence to their equivalent. I have my Vic roads driving licence and my original UK licence which shows what i am eligible to drive in UK. Does anybody have any information or advice on how to go about obtaining my licence in Victoria. Cheers Martin
  21. Hi all, I'm new to this. I was wondering if anyone knows about schools performance in Sydney, is there an Ofsted equivalent there? Where can I find such information? Thank you!
  22. Hi, I've been living in Sydney for a while now and working in the CDB. Ideally I'd like to move to Queensland and because of my line of work (IT) this would almost certainly mean Brisbane. Question is, I'm on approx $170k + super here in Sydney and I'm wondering what I'd need to earn for a similar level of disposable income in Brissy. On this salary we don't have a fabulous lifestyle but basically the biggest expense is rent at $800 pw and we're managing to put about $5-700pw into savings. I don't mind earning a little less to get out of Sydney!
  23. Hi Does anyone know what the Australian equivalent to the British site eingineer is?? We are currently trying to get a visa but the role of SITE ENGINEER doesn't seem to exist in Oz ...............any help woudl be apreciated.
  24. Hi all Just wondered if someone knows if there is an eqivalent to Council Tax & the jobs that go with it? I am a Council Tax officer here in the UK & we are going over on OH trade & qualifications on a 475. Does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to get into local government? Here in the UK its quite a specialized job so if we come across anyone that is experienced we are delighted to get them on board - is it like this in Australia? Thanks to any one that might be able to help/give some advice, Lynda
  25. Guest

    OFSTED equivalent in Oz

    We are moving from the UK to Oz and wondered if there is a OFSTED equivelent. We need to find a good primary school for our 3 children. In England its simple you can find out how good the state schools are by there OFSTED report. As we dont have to move to a specific area in NSW we would like to locate ourselfs based on the schools. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Lindsey :jiggy: